Monday, 31 August 2009

Week 3 - Sunday

Sorry for the delay in posting but I was away yesterday.

Sunday was another good day of football. Aston Villa look back in top form since switching back to their 4-5-1 formation which worked so well for them in the first half of last season. Ashley Young is finding his feet again & if he keeps this going he can get close to Gerrard & Lampard as a real premium midfield pick. Fulham have't looked the same team as yet but I'm sure Hodgson will get them back on track.

Everton have hit back, Saha was a great value pick, and Baines is becoming a top fantasy performer with the amount of set pieces he's taking...shame he costs too much now. Wigan's good start really is developing in to a mini crisis although Gomez is still returning good points.

I know many of you picked up Robinho for Man City's game vs Pompey & were understandably furious that he was left on the bench. Some rumours suggest Robinho has been the subject of a bid from Barcelona and has possibly told Hughes that he wants to leave, whilst Radio Manchester suggested he had taken a knock in training and was sitting on the bench with an ice pack on his ankle. I believe the latter to be the more likely. If you had Richards as well then i'm sure that adds insult to injury with his withdrawl before the 75 minute costing you the 6 points for his clean sheet. However, Adebayor & Given would have earnt many managers great points and this was shown as I dropped for 2000th to 4900th after Sunday's fixtures were complete.

So, I've ended the weekend in the Top 5000 with 91.5 points for the week...not bad, but frustrating we now have 2 weeks until the next round of fixtures.

I'm currently holding Gordon in goal (not trusting Paul Robinson to perform well 2 weeks in a row) with Wilkinson, Givet & Glen Johnson in defence. My midfield is currently weak, Gerrard, Milijas, Gomez & Jamie O'Hara. As I type this I see that really is not strong enough, so Johnson will probably have to go to free up cash. Up front I'm sticking with Drogba, Torres & then placing some faith in Darren Bent to get back to scoring goals at home to Hull.

With a 2 week gap there will be plenty of changes before the deadline. My more indepth Week 4 analysis will occur after the international fixtures in case of injuries. Until then, how is yout team looking for Week 4?



Anonymous said...

my team ..


:D :D

i have got 42 left and for some reason i jus CANNOT decide whom to put in....
so please tell me what to do with the 42$$..

should i go with Given??
should i go with Lampard/Moko??
should i go for givet/wilko??
u can see that im damn confused y'all...

so please pity me and tell me what to do with the remaining 42$$..

~ Sam

Anonymous said...

I had Bent from the beginning of the season. Obviously I kept him after his first 2 games, but after his half point in the last couple of games, I'm considering dropping him. On the other hand, he has a good match-up, and there aren't many good strikers in his price area.
I got horrible 66 points this weekend, and dropped out of the top 10,000. So now I have to fix it.
I usualy don't own players who play against my favourate team, Arsenal, but I have given on a massive discount, so I'll keep him any way.
For less than 4, Rodwell gave me 9 points. I think I'll keep him against out-of-form Fulham, but I'm not sure.
Vermaelen. He's in my team, no matter what his match-up is.
I just wanted your advice, AM, about Bent and Rodwell.

Kellz said...

FIrstly wouldn't say Fulham is out of form and at home could be difficult, if anything Everton are the ones struggling, Wiga nput up a good fight and Everton needed a last gasp to win.
Secondly keep Rodwell as long as he starts, hes a good filler.
Third, Bent is low price now so worth a look. However I don't think Hull are that terrible (they are on the road however). I can imagine a very low scoreline in favor of either team. I am thinking a 1-0 or 2-1. For me, that means I keep Hunt at discount. I am considering bent, but for the price of Bent you could get Saha.
Lastly I will keep Given. Arsenal will win, however Given is a great keeper and capable of making some big saves which will keep his points positive, albiet 2-6pts. But at his discount I am willing to take that.

nuwa said...

for week 5 probably my line will be like this;
wilkinson, givet, vermaelen
ballack, milijas, cattermole, m.brown
drogba, torres, anelka

what do you think AM?

Anonymous said...

Since, over the past two weeks, I've grown disenchanted with all the players currently available :), here's an update to the transfer news. Of course, it'll probably be obsolete by the time I click "Post Comment".

Kagisho Dikgacoi (S. African midfielder) to Fulham
Paul McShane to Hull City
Kevin-Prince Boateng to Pompey
Michael Brown to Pompey
Aruna Dindane to Pompey (on loan* striker from Lens)
Jamie O'Hara to Pompey (on loan)
John Mensah to Sunderland (on loan* defender from Lyon)
Alessandro Diamanti (Livorno striker) to West Ham
Segundo Castillo to Wolves (on loan midfielder from Red Star Belgrade)
Sheva to Dynamo Kiev (free transfer from Chelsea)

*on loan with option to make move permanent

In Progress:
Johnny Heitinga to Everton (Atletico Madrid defender)
Danny Collins to Stoke
Richard Dunne to Villa

Rumored or in Early Negotiations:
Daniel Cousin to Burnley (on loan)
Boudewijn Zenden to Pompey or Blackburn (Marseille midfielder on free transfer)
Diego Arismendi to Stoke (Uruguyan midfielder)
Michael Turner to Sunderland
James Collins to Villa
Manuel Da Costa to West Ham (Fiorentina defender to be swapped for Savio)

Benjani to Hull City
Amr Zaki to Pompey
Matthew Upson to Fiorentina

Any opinions/info about the players coming from non-English teams?


Kellz said...

@nuwa: As AM would say "too many eggs in one basket." Choose EITHER Anelka or Drogba and use the cash to upgrade brown/cattermole. Of Chelsea players I am looking at Bosingwa, Deco, Drogba, and Lampard (Ballack might be rotated so watch that one closely). Of Liverpool I am looking at Gerrard, Kyrialkos, Torres, Kuyt. Maybe try and upgrade someone to Gerrard?
Your backline looks fine, and Green might get you some big points as not many people have him. Definately keep Drogba and Torres.
Some other decent picks are Jiminez, Gomez, Nani, THud, Hunt, MTAY, BFAY.

Good luck

Anonymous said...


This is my team for now. It might change after the international break.

G.Johnson, wilkinson, R.Johnson
Gerrard, Hunt, Rodwell, Jarvis
Drogba, Kitson, Torres

I ended up dropping Lampard to fit in Torres.

What do you guys think?

Fidan said...

I'm seriously considering dropping Gerrard to avoid a filler and have a balanced midfield and defence...Premium players aren't REALLY producing premium displays and pts in return. In the other hand, Rodwell will find it very hard to keep his spot after Fellaini fully recovers (hence 2 weeks until next match) and Saha, with Yakubu near full fitness and Jo in there, is also very doubtful to start for sure (I have him for now for 7.1m, but will almost surely be switched to Bent).

Given, Verm, Milijas and Drogs are nailed on my team...regardless of matchups...I shipped Jordi and Saha for now, but I still have 3 spots to manage with...I'll have to wait until internationals and have a clearer view...

Good luck and see you soon...!!!

Hasta la Vista

Anonymous said...

anyone has sny suggestion between damianti or dindane?

Anonymous said...

Nani or Hunt??


Jamie said...

I'm having trouble with deciding on my team. This is what im with at the moment.

Stearman Givet ???
Gerrard Mokoena Cattermole ???
Drogba Torres Bent

I was thinking about getting a strong defender from chelsea of liverpool: johnson or cole. Then I would go with a midfielder about 5. Or I could go with a strong midfielder and an average defender. Any thoughts?

nuwa said...

@Kellz: thanks for the comments..

now my new line up will be;
wilkinson, givet, vermaelen
a.young, milijas, rodwell, m.brown
drogba, torres, saha

is this ok??

Anonymous said...

Why i got 0.00 point for jordi gomez??? WHY???!!! my team is binabad (no. 79 in YFF2 Assistant Blog)


Anonymous said...

ah... i guess nothing wrong there... i added the points.. and jordi gomez's points still count for my week 3 total.. hehe... sorry2...


monster masche said...

I'm going with:
Robinson (or Gordon, depending if the latter gets the start)
G Johnson/McCartney/Givet
Gerrard/Cattermole/Utaka/D. Dunn
Torres/D Bent/Kanu

It could end up being disastrous if Liverpool doesn't pounce Burnley. I have 3+ points left over so nothing is concrete. May drop Gerard and Kanu and pick up two more power players instead.

Anonymous said...

1.5 hours later and five transfer updates:

Michael Turner to Sunderland
Manuel da Costa to West Ham (swapped with Fiorentina for Savio Nsereko)
Stefan Maierhofer to Wolves (Rapid Vienna striker)

In Negotiation:
Tal Ben-Haim to Pompey

Robinho to Barca (ruled out by Guardiola)


bean said...

latest rumor:
M.Petrov to Spurs or Kranjcar to Spurs

ToffeeDave said...

Ok I just skimmmed through and read some really interesting points and here's my take on them.

1. Rodwell will not be dropped for fellaini for the fellow who thinks Fellaini isn't fit. The reason why (my belief) Everton are so shite right now is because of something Moyes said. Some everton players have become complacent with their place in the squad and don't expect to be dropped. Fellaini was guaranteed a spot all year last year and he hasn't shown up to a single game yet, hence the in form and full of confidence Rodwell staking his claim. Osman is another one; not even one of our top 5 midfielders but always did something and lately just invisible on the pitch. I also think this is why we are buying so many players and why expect them to get starts against fulham. Also I see a 4-4-2 formation with the Yak back to fitness. Ok now my opinion on fantasy teams :)

My season long defenders barring injury are; Verm(at 6) Wilk(at 4) and Baines(at 10)

Also my season long strikers are;
Drogba(at 10) Adebayor(at 13)

I think with so many teams having the same defenders and strikers your winning points will come from your midfield hence why not one of my midfielders has a divine right to be there. I will be picking in form players even if I have 5 mil to spare some weeks. If someone is gonna bring my 15 points for 8 mil. why spend 13 mil and maybe get less?

bean said...

@ToffeeDave - just read the article on SkySports where Moyes talks about players not performing:
"There are three or four who need a kick up the backside," the Scot said following the narrow success over the Latics.
So, I think you're right about Rodwell. Maybe Osman sits too?
Anybody have any idea when Arteta is due back?

Kellz said...

@Bean: Look to the left of the blog :D looks like 2 weeks

bean said...

@Kellz - thanks, i haven't really trusted PhysioRoom lately, but I guess it's now being updated because last week it said Arteta was 3 days away and Yak was 3 weeks away.

There are some pretty interesting players if they come back from injury: Arteta, Yak, Rosicky (really cheap), Walcott, Wes Brown

ToffeeDave said...

Kellz I think arteta has way more time than that. Yakubu was due back first game of the season according to physioroom but has yet to play in epl.

@bean: ya fellaini is sitting imo along with osman. Pienaar Cahill and Neville are sure shots for midfield roles as we continue to play that 4-5-1. I guess you have to gamble on the new Russian, Rodwell, Fell and osman

Anonymous said...

toffeedave, isn't african nations cup on this year, keeping adebayor & drogba might see you score low points

ToffeeDave said...

haha agreed anonymous person you, but I found somethign really funny. Tuncay is in the game for 1.00 as stokes forward. Meaning he has to do almost nothing and you get your point return back. If he scores a goal boom, there is ten games worth of points. Tuncay is my new favourite fantasy player.

bean said...

That's quite a bargain, think it'll stay at 1.00 until week4?

ToffeeDave said...

dont know but I've just sold rooney at his current price to use him. Now I have 17 to use to bulk my midfield up. Not bad.

bean said...

yeah, it free's up a whole lot of cash. on top of that, tuncay is a guy who can put some shots on and score.. super bargain for 1.00

Mike B said...

Haha i did the exact same thing earlier ToffeeDave, been waiting for him to become available as he was listed as singular, but didn't expect the price tag! I now have Gerard =] Bye bye Mok.

ToffeeDave said...

hahaha ya. I was waiting all yesterday cause he was singular then just gave up. Came back on to check today and BAM still 1.00. Now I have Gerrard in midfield as well.

bean said...

what a great replacement for Mok!

Nani, Gerrard, Hunt, Mili
Drog, 'Nando, Tuncay

Anonymous said...

Gotta snap up Tuncay at THAT price. Looks like someone at Yahoo activated him without giving him a value. Oops!

Doctor Teeth said...

First, allow me to vent after a brutal fanatasy footie weekend:

Yes, guilty as charged - had Robinho up front in my starting 11 this past weekend...gutted by his benching. I actually like the moxy shown by Hughes to not play the record English signing in deference to the much more active and caustic Bellamy. But still, getting a goose egg out of a nearly 15 million pound striker is nearly impossible to recover from...brutal.

Speaking of goose eggs, I also had Defoe up front...he really looked anemic against Birmingham City. Very selfish (granted, I love his selfish side on days when it pans out) with the ball and didn't move into open space well to get those poacher goals that we all know he has in him. So, that's around 26 million pounds with zero in return.

Which brings me to my backline. Gutted to not get a clean sheet out of either Micah Richards or Seb Bassong, the former because of an injury knock (he also had a goal unjustifiably called back by the ref) and the latter because of an unexplainable gaffe by Alan Hutton and Carlo Cudicini. Very dismayed.

And finally, the true horror story of the weekend - both from a fantasy standpoint but also as a diehard Spurs supporter - was the injury to Luka "Cruyff" add insult to injury, he was called for a foul as he got his leg broken which has to be a first. If ever there was a half of football to demonstrate what is often a stark contrast between true footie skill and fantasy points, Modric was an absolute magician in the first half, pulling the string every time he saw the ball to sublime effect. Just absolutely set the tone for 45 minutes. And yet, survey says: 0.5 points for your efforts. Unbelievable.

Ok, enough of the pity party. As we all know, the journey to the fantasy football crown is a marathon, not a sprint, and the sign of a truly quality manager is to overcome adversity, minimize bad weekends such as this one and rebound with a mixture of solid, foundational players and creative hunches that translate into 100+ point performances. Some thoughts along these lines:

Everyone keep your eyes on the return to action of Michael Kightly for Wolves...for those of you who didn't watch many Championship games last year, he was arguably the player of the year in the league. I hesitate to have two Wolves MFs - namely, Milijas and Kightly - on my side each week but I am very interested to see how he does in the Prem. Currently priced in the mid 5s and should be ready to play after the international break. Keep an eye out for him.

Can a Toffee fan weigh in with a prognostication as to how much Diniyar Bilyaletdinov will play for David Moyes? One would have to think he will feature regularly given that the team shelled out 10 million pounds for the Russian (who is a very similar player to Milijas...maybe better) and Everton has looked sub-par this season thus far. He is priced in the mid 4s...could be a steal if he gets regular action.

Aside from the price differential of around 1.5 million, why am I hearing no managers talk about putting Kenwyne Jones on their fantasy side for the Hull match? Maybe my having to watch a toothless Darren Bent for two years at WHL makes me a bit jaded but I think he doesn't hold a candle to KJ in terms of skill. I am inclined to fit him into my side rather than Bent.

Once I heard the transfer news, I picked up Michael Turner...the Black Cats have some great fixtures over the next few weeks (including against his now former team in his first game at the Stadium of Light!), he is tough as nails, gets a lot of SOTs as a result of corners and set pieces and I think will consistently return 6-12 points with some weeks where he blows up.

Over and out,
Doctor Teeth

Kellz said...

How could you not have Tuncay at 1mil? He was what, between 8-10mil last season? One game even vs Chelsea, i'd be happy with 1 SOT, which would triple his cost/point average! Even if he doesn't score at home, he'll definately score this season and I could see his price climb quick. What a fourtune, somebody who can actually rack up points for 1mil!

@Bean: We have the same team except for Johnson, Givet and Myhill lol

greginho said...

i have had drogba and rooney since week one. last week, i picked up abebayor, he is +2.37 for me with some tough weeks coming for man city. should i drop him for tuncay and add to my midfield which would be gerrard, lennon (or m. taylor), milijas, jiminez? i have been rolling to a respectable top 1100 with a top heavy line-up. should i break that up?

greginho said...

i was the one who talked about lennon being a more than adequate replacement for fabregas. which was shot down by quite a few of you including AM, himself. i wish i could have fit him in to my lineup last week. i went with gerrard instead. now i could fit two of them.

Max said...

i feel u greginho.. i post that adebyor will perform but end up dropping him for robinho.. and did the same with hunt for modric.. but unless we can predict the future, then this is how the game goes.. hehe..

my week 5..

verma, wilko, givet
lamp, gerrard, gomez, m.brown
drog, torres, tuncay

*thanks for tuncay 'error price (lol) i can drop moko and back to 3-4-3 formation..
*budget is tight.. unless i drop my power player, i cannot do any changes anymore.. hopefully no injuries comes up these 2 weeks..

any thoughts?..


Anonymous said...

Still time to mess around, but...

G.Johnson/Gomez or Wilkinson/Ashley Young?

Max said...


i'll go for g.johnson/gomez for the 'easy' matchup.. both homegame..

wilko might get a hard time against chelsea.. but if he perform well, he might get some defensive points against chelsea forwards.. but its a big risk to take.. a.young is okay and i think can rack up some big points.. but remember, both are playing away.. imo..


Kellz said...

@4:22am: I like Johnson/Gomez

@Max: My own thoughts are Lampard or Gerrard. So pick one and upgrade Brown. Hunt/Lennon/MTAY/BFAY/Nani immediately come to mind.

@greginho: Lennon is porbably going to still score good points against United and Chelsea back to back, but prob not as much as you would want. If hes at discount keep him. I would hope he drops price after those games so I could have him :D

To everyone out there:
- Just remember you don't have to use you whole budget. If all your picks leave you with 1-3mil left over thats fine because you would have picked players based on matchup and performance. Sometimes upgrading to another more expensive player can bring you less points. (i.e glad I chose Hunt rather than Modric who would use the left over money)

Good luck in the long week of changing your team many many times

Mikey said...

Anyone thinking of using 4 defenders this week? Any comments or suggestions on using the 4-3-3?

MyChoice Editor said...

AM seems like you have more active reader compared to Neal and Jeremy sites. It's unsurprising since your blog provide us reader in-depth football that lacking in both N&J and Fantasist blog.

I haven't made up my mind for week 4/5 lineup yet but I believe it will only be improvement on my current line up which is:

Myhill - 1.93, great filler.

SeaBass - tho haven't been performing quite like the first week, I really like the looks of him.

Richards, Bridge - Richard is fine so far, not what you called a value pick defender. Bridge netted me a good points. But maybe I'm going to lose them both for Arse match. What d'you think?

N.Mjas / J.Rod - I'm keeping them both all season. Great value. I got them cheap.

A.Lennon / S.Hunt - I love the looks of them since first week, especially lennon.

Torres - As self proclaim the kop fan, I should have at least one of the player.

K2 - A goal per game, very consistent.

Defoe -I'm gonna lose him for Tuncay, I won't say nothing more.

Last week net me 127 with defoe dish out absolutely nothing. Overall 413 so far.

Max said...

your thoughts of verma, wilko and givet for week5?.. still deciding wether to drop either one for rodwell on MF..


Assistant Manager said...

Cheers for the heads up on Tuncay guys, bye bye Bent :)


Mark said...

hey guys would like some comment on my lineup for week 5.

so far i've got -

was thinking about switching evra with maybe an upgrade in midfield. any thoughts guys? much appreciated!

Jamie said...

I recenty got rid of bent for tuncay, thanks for the tip everyone. I have alot of spare cash.

Stearman Givet Insua
Mokoena Gerrard Richardson Lucas
Drogba Torres Tuncay

I have 9.18 left over but dont know what to upgrade. I could get Reina or Cech as they aer likely to get clean sheets, or a defender. I dont know, there are so many options. Help??

Dave said...

@ Jamie (12:33) - with your extra cash, I think the choice for upgrading is obvious - you need to improve on Moko (and maybe Lucas too). Your back line looks fine, but you have 2 donkeys in the MF, so turn one into a better YFF points producer, with Moko easily the first to get eth axe. Easy call ;)

G said...

Bassong, Verm, wilkinson
Milijas, Rodwell, Gerrard, Deco
Drogba, Torres, saha
with 6.6m left

I original thought of upgrading Bassong to J.Terry but it give me a headache to fit in tuncay and i don't want to drop milijas and rodwell, who have so much potential this season.
Also, I bded deco/saha, and i think they are in good value.

Bassong, wilkinson, verm
Gerrard, lampard, rodwell, milijas
Drogba, torres, tuncay

Terry, wilkinson, verm
Gerrard, milijas, rodwell, ?($14.95m)
Drogba, torres, tuncay

Bassong, wilkinson, verm
Gerrard, milijas, get two decent mid for $23.56
Drogba, torres, tuncay

Please give me some advices, guys.

mehicoradio said...

thanks to people mentioning Tuncay's price i can get rid of Mok, my only problem is....who do i go for?

I'll have around 9.30 to spend and the team is:
Wilko, Givet, Verm
Milijas, Gerrard, Hunt, OPEN
Drogba, Torres, Tuncay

I'm using K-Rich as my placeholder for the moment but not sure if he's worth it, even with the fairly easy match-up

Fidan said...

@ Jamie
I'd say upgrade Moko to Nani (or even Pedersen if you can afford it)...And if by any chance you can do it...swap Lucas for Jordi...

@ Everyone - How come I see no love for MTay (apart from Kellz who mentioned a couple of times). He's up against P'mouth and all geared up to get a result. And remember...HE TAKES ALL THE KICKS...He's definitely in my team. This Tuncay thing brought me back to Gerrard (I had Pedersen in there, and I was more than content)...I hope Gerrard hits the button, at last...!!!

Good Luck

Doctor Teeth said...

For a manager with a fairly stalwart back line, Tony Pulis sure is bringing in a lot of defenders in the transfer market (Danny Collins just confirmed to be coming in from Sunderland)...thought that this might have been in anticipation of defenders leaving the Potters but it seems as if Shawcross et all will be staying.

What do folks think this means for Andy Wilkinson? With Huth and Collins on the squad, will he still be penciled in as a starter week in/week out?

Was already contemplating dropping AW this weekend given the tough match-up but it is tough to do so at his valuation.

Doctor Teeth said...

Fidan - totally agree on Taylor...some people here may be amazed to learn that he finished in the top five for total points in the entire league last season (fourth, if memory serves). He is a very intriguing pick against a bereft Popmey issue is deciding whether I will spread my newly found "Tuncay money" to upgrade multiple players by 2-3 million or, rather, if I will invest it all in upgrading one player.

Fidan said...

@ Doctor Teeth
I was just about to write the same...With Huth and esp Collins (can play as a left-back) is Wilko still sure starter...Not sure myself and believe me I don't pick a player if I'm not 100% sure he'll start (ok exept for Tuncay :D). That's way I'm very reluctant in picking Rodwell,O'Hara,Deco,Lucas,Saha,Wilko(too),etc...
Foods for thoughts, anyway...!!!

Dare to Devil said...

What do you guys think about Pedersen who has a easy matchup with Wolves?

Fidan said...

@ Dare to Devil
Great pick. At least I think so. I had him until this morning. With Tuncay for 1 mil I upgraded Pedersen to Gerrard. But if you can squeeze him in your team I think he'll be great against Wolves, but then he's away @Everton and home to Villa, away @Arsenal (not the best match-ups after Wolves). I'd say...GET HIM...!!!

Fidan said...

The only questions that comes to my mind for now is...
MTay/Jordi or

All of them have tough match-ups after week4/5 (exept for MTay)...!!!

Any suggestions would be welcomed...!!!

Max said...

i'm dropping one DF for an exta cash..(for rodwell in MF actually) :p

verma (mcity v arsenal)
*tough to call.. but verma is a season keeper so as everybody said..

wilko (stoke v chelsea)
*facing drog, anelka, lamp, deco, ballack..

givet (blackburn v wolves)
*easy matchup against wolves.. but still considered as filler..

any thoughts?.. whom shall i drop?..


Conswaila said...


Team 1
Sassong , Vermalen, Wilkinson
Gerard, Rodwel, Lamps ,m.brown
Drogs , Torres, Tuncay

Team 2
Sassong , Vermalen, Wilkinson
Gerard, Miliajs, Ballack, Hunt
Drogs , Torres, Tuncay

Wat people think
Dont think il touch back 4

Fidan said...

@ Max - I'd drop wilko (tough match-up and not guaranteed a spot after last arrivals). My opinion!!!

@ Conswaila - I like team2 more but watch about Wilko. And Ballack too, he's not a sure starter either. I know he had great couple of games, but he's Anceloti, you'll never know. Maybe MGP instead...!!! Just thought!!!

Conswaila said...

Cheers Fidan
Wat you think of this
Bassong , Vermalen,Samba
Gerard, Miliajs, Gomez, Hunt
Drogs , Torres, Tuncay

Doctor Teeth said...

Love the Samba pick...have been considering him on my side. He is a touch too expensive presently (becomes much more attractive if he is priced in the 8s) but the guy can rack up points. Always in the mix on corners and set pieces and routinely gets SOTs (which is vital since Blackburn is far from a lock for a clean sheet each week). Let's not forget that Big Sam regularly used him as a striker at the end of last intriguing bit of offensive skill for a back line player. Kind of a poor man's Glen Johnson.

As per my previous post, thinking of going with a stud four man back line to switch things up:

GJohnson MTurner TVermaelen CSamba

All of them can score and two will routinely get clean sheets (and I think Turner will get his fair share of clean sheets at the Stadium of Light as well).

Fidan said...

Ivan Klasnic to Bolton...
I've seen this fellow playing and believe me he IS good. He's deadly in the box and even likes to shoot from distance. Remember, he played in CL with WBremen and he scored a lots of goals. The only problem is that he has only ONE kidney (he had some serious health issues), but scored in the first game of his comeback...
One to consider, for sure...!!!

mehicoradio said...

Heitinga should come in at around 5.50 or so correct?

Trying to figure out if i should put him in and if i have the wiggle room to do it.

Also is their anyone in the 4 range as a defender that isn't a major liability? Have Wilko at the discount, but don't want to drop him if there is nothing good out there to replace him with.

Anonymous said...

Still making my insane case for The Beast. How's this for a worst case scenario v. Liverpool?

10 saves = +20 pts.
5 goals conceded = -15 pts.
Loss = -2 pts.
Total = +3 pts.

And if Liverpool come out flat he could do much, much better.

Call me daft if you want to but I think Jensen is a special case, a goalkeeper who's carrying an unproven side on his back, and who's good enough to do it. He could turn out to be a FF goldmine. Liverpool may be too soon but after that, Jensen is my GK.

Anonymous said...

More updates could follow as paper work submitted before the deadline filters through the bureaucracy.

Teemu Tainio to Birmingham City (on loan)
Ivan Klasnic to Bolton (on loan Nantes striker)
Joe McKee to Burnley (Livingston striker)
David Nugent to Burnley (on loan w/ option to buy)
Johnny Heitinga to Everton (Atletico Madrid defender)
Ibrahima Sonko to Hull (on loan from Stoke)
Tal Ben-Haim to Pompey
Mike Williamson to Pompey (Watford defender)
Hassan Yebda to Pompey (on loan Benfica midfielder)
Niko Kranjcar to Spurs
Danny Collins to Stoke
James Collins to Villa
Richard Dunne to Villa (full, official confirmation still pending)

Grant Leadbitter to Ipswich (from Sunderland)
Carlos Edwards to Ipswich (from Sunderland)
Matt Richie to Notts County (on loan from Pompey)
Ben Watson to QPR (on loan from Wigan until January)

Daniel Cousin to Burnley (on loan)
David Bentley to Man City
Nicky Shorey to Pompey (on loan)
Anton Ferdinand/Alan Hutton swap (Spurs and Sunderland)
Martin Petrov to Spurs

Wow, Pompey's been busy trolling the bargain bins.


Fidan said...

@ Bradley
Credit to you man, you're doing a great job.
Of all of them I find only these more interesting: Tainio,Klasnic,Sonko(if he plays),Heitinga(if he plays),DCollins...
The likes of Kranjcar,JCollins,RDunne are too expensive for my taste. And BenHaim,Nugent just happen to play for poor teams (esp for fantasy purposes)...!!!

mudwalkerz said...

As everyone jumped on tuncay to upgrade some others.. couldnt find a decent alternative to my midfield without sacrificing at least two of the team.. so for now.. passing on gerard and taylor.
Instead reinforced the backline a bit..
and back to cheap ass goalie.. after reina last week heh..
but still got some to spend..
only option to upgrade is milijas perhaps.. but for what.. cahill? thats as high as I can still go atm..

Dare to Devil said...

Thanks Fidan for the comment. My current team looks like this

Verm Wilko Bosingwa
Lampard Milijas Hunt Pedersen
Drogba Rooney Tuncay

Givan, Verm, Drogba, Milijas - season keeper

Bosingwa - Unsure. Ancelotti loves to sub him with the game already won.

Lampard - Starting to look like the Lamps of previous seasons. I will take him over Gerrard as I have him at discount

Hunt - A surprisingly good FF player so far. Good match up. Will be happy if he can manage 8-9 points.

Pedersen - Comes with Fidan's seal of approval. I think he will do good for the week vs Wolves.

Tuncay - Bye bye Mok ;)

Rooney - I understand why others are not picking him as he has a tough match @Spurs. But I had him since Week 1, with 4 goals so far he is staying in my team. He might just be the differentiator.

Anonymous said...

My week 5 team

Givet, Verm, Wilk
Gerrard, Milijas, Nani, O'Hara
Tuncay, Drogs, Torres

I have a little over 10 left (thanks to Tuncay), but I have almost everyone at pretty good discounts, so reluctant to drop anyone. Does anyone know how they plan to use O'Hara at Pompey?
Is he taking kicks? I know nothing about him except that N+J love him.

I could upgrade Nani to Lampard, but I reall love Nani and feel that he can only get better, so a little reluctant. Should I upgrade Milijas/O'Hara?

Mike B said...

Kranjcar could be immense at spurs stepping in for Modric, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh confusion is setting in.

Im currently at

Verm, Bassong, Parnaby
Rodwell, Lamps, Gerard, Arshavin
Drogba, Eduardo, Tuncay

Might replace Arsh with Kranjcar, and upgrade either Robbo or Parnaby. Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

@Finan Thanks.

Transfer Updates:
David Elm to Fulham (Kalmar striker)
Neill Collins to Preston North End (on loan from Wolves until Jan. w/ option to buy)

It's been an active transfer season for people named "Collins."

I forgot to mention that Teemu Tainio's move to Birmingham City is a loan with an option to buy.

Although Villa received confirmation awhile ago from the FA that Richard Dunne's paperwork had been received in time, they're still waiting to hear likewise from the PL. It's looking like they were already at the pub when the fax came in. :)

For all the talk about David James, Pompey says they received exactly 0 offers.


chris m said...

What is all this Tuncay mania. Yea, he is 1.00 for the moment until someone figures this out, the biggest bargain/mistake whatever in Yahoo memory. And if this was the old days, when you could get more for a player than you paid for him, I would take him in a heart beat. So would everyone in their right mind. But do I get rid of Torres/Drogba/Rooney, for him and throw Lampard back in my midfield. Or take Gerard with all these extra $$$. I don't think so. Upgrade my defense with Vidic/Baines?? There is no clear way right now to spend all that extra money.

Last year for Boro Tuncay had 7 goals/4 assists btw

I dropped Lampard for Torres because I still think Lampard is sacrificing his offense this season to boost Anelka/Drogba.

It seems everyone in the group has picked up Tuncay. So I will buck the trend and stay away. Here's hoping he has 0 pts and a red card. I will probably shoot myself because of this.

For Mike B above, I'd stay away for Arshavin-he was absolutely done in at the end of the last game, he can't go 90, maybe only 60. He's fat an and out of shape. And Eduardo is getting no more than 15 minutes at the end. Why him?

I too am looking at Kranjcar. And also trying to figure when Zhirkov and Rossicky are getting back. Modric would have been a keeper for me this year.

Assistant Manager said...

Thanks for all the transfer updates Bradley.


Anonymous said...

Excuse me if this question is totally off the mark, but if someone at Yahoo realizes their mistake with Tuncay and raises his price, shouldn't everyone who got him at 1 be credited the difference in their available funds?

Mike B said...

@Chris M - Eduardo because even though he's only coming off the bench, he scores well, even when he doesn't score. I reckon he's gonnna be starting soon enough. Call it a hunch.

I agree, i think Arshavin has to go, he's only there right now as a remnant from week 3. Haha he was blowing a bit at the end of the Man U match. Kranjcar is tempting me more and more.

I have Drogs, Lamp and Gerard now for week 5, then i'll get rid of one of the midfield boys and strengthen elsehwere.

I wouldn't mind investing in my defence.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Tuncay, I now have Gerrard, Torres, Lampard and Drogba.

Kellz said...

@Billthegrunt: No, you only get 100mil to spend, hence if you buy Tuncay at 1mil and his price is corrected to 9mil, you would simply have Tuncay at a 8mil discount. Once you sold him you would only ge back 1mil and have to rebuy him for 9mil.

Mike B said...

What are peoples thoughts on Benayoun? Was he a decent scorer last season?

Max said...

@Dare To Devil..

u didn't comment on wilko.. i really like to hear why u pick him.. or why u not dropping him altho he's having a tough match week5..

anyone, come share your thoughts too?..


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