Saturday, 8 August 2009

Blog League 2

Blog League 1 is already full up with a week still to go until the start of the new season - great stuff guys!

As the Blog is getting more than 200 new visitors a day, I've created a 2nd league for fellow managers to join. Of course, if you've already joined League 1, there is no need for you to join League 2 - my team is in both.

Details below:-

Group ID#: 10006
Password: yahoo

One Week to go!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey. Thanks for a good blog.

atm I cant decide between owen or beattie for week 1. what do you recon?


Fidan said...

If thats your dilemma, I'd go for Beattie in the blink of the eye. Owen is far from sure to have a place in the starting 11, and beattie has a HUGELY favorizing match against Burnley and he has great record against Liverpool in PL. Considering LPool's injuries at the back...he might as well score for you, who knows...and consider this is coming from a Liverpool's fan!!!
Good luck...I hope I had just one decision to make...

Assistant Manager said...

Hi thanks for the comment! I have to echo Fidan's post - if those are the 2 players you're looking at then I would go with Beattie as he'll start both games.

I still have 7 players to decide on :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your replies. As for now. Beattie it is :P

Arteyu said...

I've already join your second league. I would want to join the first one but sadly it was already full.

Vivelaliva said...

Im in...


What do you think.?

Assistant Manager said...

Arteyu - Thanks for joining!

Vivelaliva - Looks good, nice variation with Cole, Lucas, Carrick & Bent. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi....what do you think?

Bassong, Wilkinson, O'Shea
Gerrard, Larsson, Milijas, N'Zogbia
Banks, Rooney, Drogba

Anonymous said...

i try to join group but website incorrect password..y?

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