Monday, 17 August 2009

Congratulations Chris M

I thought I'd put up a quick post to congratulate Chris M, Manager of Velvet underground allstars, who is not only top of Blog League 2 after the first round of games, but also joint top of the entire Yahoo Fantasy Football Leaderboard!

He had this to say on the message board after Saturday's points were in & he found himself 138th overall:-

I just want to talk some trash. At the end of day one I am top of the table with 135 pts. The trash talk is that I am an American (yea I know) who has never been to a football (soccer) soccer game. The 135 pts gets me 138th place overall, out of what, 900,000 players. If Rooney does anything tomorrow I might be top of the table overall. That would be a trip, even for one day.

Now for the problem. I leave for vacation tomorrow, for two weeks, with no internet access. So my time at the top will be all too short. So for the one day I am there I just want to gloat.

good luck to all the rest of the way.

chris m

velvet underground all stars
Of course, by the end of yesterday he was top overall, but he may well have missed this & he can't change his team for Week 2 or 3 due to his vacation. Hopefully he can look back on this post with some pride, because unfortunately he'll lose top spot by the time he returns.

Update from Chris this evening...
Thanks for the props. Here I sit, #1 in the world, and I am stuck in Chilmark Ma, typing this on a borrowed 15 yearold laptop hooked up to the net by a precarious dial up 28k connection. I feel like I am in the stone age. It takes forever to get a page to appear. So for the next two weeks I really can't do any research. I am reluctant to make any team changes less I screw it up and can't get back up. So my team will stand pat for the next two weeks.

I have to admit, when I got an email saying I was #1 overall it was a big thrill. Alas as I said in my first note, it will be an all too short stay at the top.

good luck to all the rest of the way


Fidan said...

I feel sorry for Chris M, but I hope he enjoys his vacation...And btw, what place is that that doesn't have internet access...Kilimanjaro mountain or what?

I got 149 pts, so far...!!! I'm second in my National League. Thnx God I kept Gomez and Milijas. They made up for Lamps and Malou...

I'm still regreting for letting Bassong go, yiiikes!!! Don't worry so much about Roo, I'd have dropped him anyway, considering options (Arsenal,Sunderland and ManCity), Wigan look pretty solid again in defence...I'll keep Milijas and Gomez until I'm well dissapointed in them. I heard SEB is out for some time and Milijas might as well go higher on pts these weeks.

Still one slot in midfield left to be filled!!! Arsh,Pienaar,Cahill,Fellaini...they all look good!!! I barndoored Fabs,McCartney,Verm,Given and Bent, but I'm still undecided about Lampard...!!!
See you on midweek. Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Too bad Chris couldn't leave one of us his password -- we could have at least given him a fighting chance to stay close to the top. Maybe the lot of us could have voted for any changes.

Assistant Manager said...

Yeah it's a shame, if I'd seen his post earlier than this morning I may have suggested we pick his team for him or something, but it's too late now unfortunately. Hoppefully he made some barn door changes so his team have a chance in Week 2!

Anonymous said...

AM and everyone...

New EPL (and YFF) fan here. Thanks so much for the help - this is a fantastic blog.

That said - I missed the BD (again, I'm new to this). Here's where I stand for Week 2:

Bassong, Wilk, O'Shea
Lamps, Milijas, Gomez, Modric
Drogba, Rooney, SEB

Question #1: Are Vermaelen and Given good additions for Week 2, even at their higher prices (8.29 and 8.64)?

Q #2: Is SEB hurt? Do I need to replace him? He's pretty cheap (I bought at 6.42).

Q #3: Should I sell Lamps for Arshavin (15.81)? [NOTE: I am assuming Arshavin is a better buy than Fabregas (18.87), correct?] Or hold Lamps at 18.97 for the season?

Whew... sorry for all the questions - but I have the fever... Even watched all the highlights on Fox Soccer Channel this weekend!


Assistant Manager said...

Hi Michael, thanks for the kind words!

1. Given is a great addition even at 8, Myhill may represent better value though, if you trust Hull (I'm not sure I do). Vermaelen is also good but Micah Richards could be better value if you need to free up £££.

2. SEB has a hamstring injury, will miss the midweek game & is doubtful for the weekend. Keep an eye on him. Maybe switch for Benitez of Birmingham if he's likely to start.

3. I would personally switch Lamps to Arshavin, You're correct, Cesc at almost 19 is too much.

Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

should i drop arshavin or fabregas for gerrard?or should i stand with those two arsenal middies and ignore gerrard?...
my team for weak 2..
mccartney vermalean a gardner
milijas gomez fabregas arshavin
drogba bent rooney

and one more thing mr,is it woth for me to drop bent(9.33) and buy tevez?i do think about buying man city players but looking onto their striking force during weekend games,i dont think their good enough..seems like wright philips and robinho were only supplies ball to lazy adebayor rather than pulling themselves making a shot..its so sad to see wright philips and robinho not getting upfront more like last season..and adebayor are really sucks to watch even he scores a lovely strike in the first half.he's looking too lazy just like in arsenal before..but anyway,its not fair to judge them just in just one match..i do hope that tevez will get his place sooner..
anyway,u've done a great job with ur blog sir,full with information and fast update..congrats!keep it up sir.i'm now in ur second blog's league(gelora bung karno fc) with 138 points and i think i've improved a lot after reading ur blogs..thanks i do hope getting ur comments regarding to my questions..
to all be a good manager and buy wisely..may all of u get a happy days and ur dream team..cheers..: )

-from malaysia-

Anonymous said...

Wow love the Blog. Wish I had learned of a source like this seasons ago! Week 1 went quite well fpr my standards, racking up 112 pts with some still to come. Did well to have Rooney and Drogs up front.

Got some barndoor work in for week 2 as well. As of now here's my lineup:

Given 6.10
Bassong 5.51, Vermaelen 6.02, Wilkinson 4.84
Cesc 14.69, Milijas 5.54, Gomez 6.86,Palacios649
Rooney 17.15, Drogba 10.76, Torres 15.74

Was hoping to grab soneone from Evertons MF lineup, (Cahill or Fellaini) however I decided that stretching to grab Torres was the better bet. Any suggestions as far as the defensive line goes? Or perhaps a Palacios alternative?

Thanks - Canadian Eric

Assistant Manager said...

@5:01am (Malaysia) - Good team, but if you can find a way to get Gerrard in then do so, you don't need both Fabregas & Arshavin. Bent v Tevez is up to you, go with your gut instinct. I'd keep Bent if I had him at 9.33. Thanks for all the comments, glad things have started well for you!

Eric - Nice team again, but I was going to say you may want to find an alternative to Palacios. How much do you have to spend?

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid i have to say this again, this blog is awesome and you totally rox AM keep up the good work.. Would lik you guys to take a look at my team..
Given 6.10
bassong 5.66 ,evra 10.13 ,fabio 6.15,vermae 6.02
milijas 5.54, ireland 11.95, modric 8.43
Rooney 16.37, Drog 10.76, Rodallega 7.38
Here's my team after BD(too bad i didnt have drog for wk 1 XD) and stil hav 5.51m to spend.. Can u guys gimme some idea on how shld i use the 5.51m.. Appreciate it.. :)

Assistant Manager said...

@1:26pm - Cheers! If I were you I would get rid of Evra and use his £££ + the 5.51 to buy Arshavin or Fabregas. If you really want to keep Evra, upgrade Ireland to an Arsenal midfielder with the 5.51. I really feel you need at least 1 Arsenal player in your team.


mudwalkerz said...

check on Fabregas' health this week.. I dont have him.. but Ive just read somewhere he is a doubt at least for the champions league match.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, depending on how the Fabregas situation pans out, I might have to do a bit more shuffling. Will probably end up switching him over to Arshavin somehow. Will have to make a bit of room though. Might mean having to drop someone from the front line trio :(


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