Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Week 9 - Player Picks

Click here for my Week 9 Player Picks over on NMA

Guys; I know many AM Blog readers are still avoiding Never Manage Alone and that's not unexpected - less than 250 people have joined the new site as "members" (which is needed to enable you to post comments) so the "reply count" to posts remains far lower than we've had here since 2009.

Lots of feedback has been posted in the chat room around the fact that you're not keen on NMA because it's too cluttered etc and I don't blame you. Personally I think the site looks far more professional; I accept the transition will take a while but the fact of the matter is it's a better platform for us, it has more features to allow readers to get involved, with the biggest benefit being the "Fan Post"/"Fan Shot" facility, which allows YOU to start your own topics for more direct interaction with a community we're all a part of. 

I will never forget the support and effort you all put in to help me create what we had here, but I hope this week will see more of you move across and help us build something just as special at NMA on SB Nation. Nobody likes change, but if you don't try to improve & progress, then you're standing still. I'm looking to the future now, and I hope you will too.

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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Week 8 - Player Picks

And so it begins...

Look, I know nobody likes change, but I really feel this is a positive move for us all, so I hope you enjoy my opening post of the Never Manage Alone era!


Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Never Manage Alone is LIVE

That's right - after months of work is finally live over on SBNation!

If you're wondering what I'm talking about then please read my post from back in August explaining the collaboration:

My Week 8 Player Picks will be up here and on the new site within the next 48 hours but the full transition will probably take a couple of week as we find our feet over on SBNation ... please don't forget Week 8 is Round 2 of The Blog Cup :)


Monday, 10 October 2011

Aguero A Big Doubt For Villa

Manchester Evening News - Sergio Aguero A Big Doubt For Villa Showdown
Sergio Aguero is losing his fight to be fit for City’s clash at home to Aston Villa on Saturday.

The Blues striker has been ruled out of Argentina’s World Cup qualifier against Venezuela tomorrow night, with the adductor strain which he picked up during the 4-0 win at Blackburn last week.

Aguero joined up with the Argentina squad after picking up the injury, and was initially optimistic that he would at least be fit for this week’s game.

But the player, expected to fly back to Manchester on Wednesday, could even face a race to get fit for the Manchester derby a week on Sunday.

Damn it - I was quite confident the 14 day break would be enough, but it doesn't sound like Aguero will be risked this weekend with the Manchester derby the following week. I hold him at a £4million discount but - sitting down in in 10,000th place - I'm not sure I want to take any definite zeros, and buying him back at 10ish isn't too much of a hit when you need points now.

If I did make the decision to drop him, I might bring Dzeko in if it looks like Mancini has forgiven him, although Gervinho could be interesting if I can't stretch to Van Persie. What are your thoughts? Will you hang on to him @6 if he's only set to miss one game? Or have you already sold him? If so, who have you chosen to replace him with?


Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Stats So Far

BEST XI (3-4-3)
De Gea 92
Williams 62.5
Rangel 56
Jones 54.5
Nani 83.5
Silva 82
Young 77.5
Dempsey 77.5
Rooney 135
Aguero 115
Dzeko 95.5
Van Persie 86
Hart 77.5
Suarez 69
Vorm 68.5
Lampard 67.5
Di Santo 65
Given 65
M.Petrov 63.5
Van Der Vaart 63
Anderson 60.5
Agbonlahor 60
Rooney 22.5
Aguero 16
Dzeko 15.92
De Gea 15.33
Sturridge 15
Zamora 14.75
Adebayor 13.75
Young 12.92
Van Der Vaart 12.6
Van Persie 12.29
Nani 11.93
Silva 11.71
Lampard 11.25
Bramble 11.17
Hart 11.07
Dempsey 10.36
Ba 10

This post has been compiled without any real aim in mind, other than to see if we can draw anything from early season form. Just to get you thinking really, but do any of the these stats mean anything in terms of possible patterns?

We can see that two Swansea players are ripping shit up when it comes to defenders, and many keepers are having a great time - DDG in particular, but also Vorm, Hart & Given - which is very different to last season when most keepers struggled.

It's clear that dropping Silva or Aguero early would've been a mistake at this point, you can see defenders score far less than attacking players (der!) which seems to enforce the reason so many of us spend light on our back three. Premium midfielders are scoring well too, but strikers really are dominating the points thus far, with Rooney & Aguero ahead by miles (despite a zero each already).

Of course, we need to take "price per point" in to consideration before we can make any definitive analysis. It would be great if we had a reporting/stats systems of early values/points to see true patterns of price per point since Week 1, because player price fluctuations are so important in YFF, but we can't without some serious nerdy manual work (and I'm not sure the player values shown on the "weekly" individual player stats pages are 100% accurate anyway), so from now on we need to look to the future based on current prices.

One thing I would think is ... IF you hold DDG, Silva, Aguero, Adebayor & Rooney at their early prices of 6, 8, 6, 6 & 17 (ish) respectively, and they keep their fitness & anything close to their early form (i.e. average points), then you could have a big advantage over other managers in the next few months. But that really is a big IF, and I may be clutching at straws (because I have all four out of the five of them!) :)

Anyway, I'll be back with some more on this tomorrow, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on anything you think you've picked up on.


Monday, 3 October 2011

Aguero Boost For Man City

Manchester Evening News - Aguero boost for Man City
"Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero has revealed positive news over the groin injury he sustained against Blackburn on Saturday.

The Blues forward limped off in the first half, and with Carlos Tevez suspended by the club pending an investigation into his actions last week in the Champions League, City's striking options began to look a touch thin.

But Aguero tweeted on Monday that he had linked up with the Argentina squad and will be monitored there. Argentina face Chile on Friday in Buenos Aires before taking on Venezuela on Porto La Cruz on Tuesday."
I'm delighted at this news as I very nearly dropped him to barndoor a replacement, as I feared it could be a long term injury. I'd be surprised if he was actually risked by Argentina but the break should give him time to fully recover ready for Villa at home in Week 8.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Week 7 - My Team

 De Gea

Boyata    Bosingwa    Brown

SWP   Ramires   Silva   Nani   

Adebayor   Aguero   Rooney

I've made a big investment in Man Utd this week with Nani & Rooney and I don't feel I've had to sacrifice too much to do so. I'd like to have had a better defender than Boyata, but he should get plenty of chances to win tackles/block shots, so I'd expect him to at least return his value again. I'm feeling a big win for Chelsea and Ramires seems to be getting forward a lot recently so once his value dropped to 8ish this morning I decided to stick with him, while Bosingwa is held at 7 so it made sense to keep him for the Bolton game. DDG, Brown, SWP, Silva, Adebayor & Aguero are all held a discount and should have decent weeks. I'm pretty happy with it overall.

Please let me know what you ended up with; and good luck!


p.s. I'm getting increasingly pissed off with Chatroll falling over every Saturday; does anyone know of any decent alternatives that can integrate with Blogger?