Sunday, 21 June 2009


Hi guys,

Firstly, thanks for visiting!

I've set this blog up as a hobby site more than anything, but I hope I can offer some useful views on Yahoo Fantasy Football, a Fantasy Premier League game I spend a ridiculous amount of time playing. This is an alternative to the excellent official blog run by Jeremy Spitzberg & Neal Thurman - I've been an avid follower for years and it is the inspiration for this blog. They are of course based in the States, so I thought there'd be no harm in having an additional view from here in the UK!

In my opinion, Yahoo have created the best fantasy football game on the net. It certainly isn't perfect but it has the most comprehensive scoring system around, which makes it incredibly absorbing, extremely challenging & very very least when things go right! I've finished in the Overall Top 500 and won my private league every season since 02/03 so I feel I have decent YFF I love to write, so starting this made sense!

Obviously we're in the middle of a boring-football-free summer at the moment, but as the (Ronaldo-free) 09/10 Premier League season draws nearer and the game starts up again you will be able to find regular updates on upcoming fixtures, player picks, who not to pick and summaries of how it all went (right or horribly wrong) for me. Of course comments in response to my posts are vital to get the whole thing moving; feedback, criticism & alternative views are welcomed, & feel free to ask me to rate your team.

Whilst I’ve finished as high as 79th in the past, I finished outside the Top 300 last season so there are obviously plenty of people who are better at this game than I am. These are all just my opinions, and they are quite often wrong, but I hope you find them interesting & occasionally useful…enjoy!


Note - If you are new to the game, you can find it at


Anonymous said...

r u spurs crew ??

Assistant Manager said...

I support spurs, is that what you mean?

Anonymous said...

Yeah but is you spurs doh?

Anonymous said...


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