Thursday, 6 August 2009

Alberto Aquilani

Liverpool are set to put the finishing touches to Alberto Aquilani's £20 million transfer today, and he certainly provides an interesting fantasy option.

He's likely to start the majority of games, probably more likely than someone like Zhirkov. due to the competition at Chelsea.

2. Benitez has stated "He can play a little bit higher than Javier Mascherano - maybe between him and Steven Gerrard." so he's sure to get opportunities to get forward, take some shots (which he loves to do) and I'd imagine he'll try his best to wrestle some set pieces from Mr Gerrard - he hits the ball hard...

3. Because he's a new midfielder he should be added to the game at around £5.6 million.

It's possible he won't be added to the game in time for Week 1 - it'll depend when the transfer is concluded (and I may wait to see how he settles before getting him in anyway), but I've seen a lot of him and I've always rated him. One issue is the injury problems he's had in the past & I'm sure Liverpool will be pushing him through a stringent medical, but if he gets through that we have another potential bargain on our hands.

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Anonymous said...

Hi A.M

Yea Aquilani looks like he could be a very decent aqcuisition if he goes straight into the database at 5.6mil

Hope he makes it for the first week as Yahoo have enough time to get new players in..

I heard a rumour that Ebanks Blake could be injured so may have to reshuffle again if thats the case..

Yep the Blog league is nearly full, looks very good aswell..

Crazylegs Kev..;-)

Gooner said...

Hey. I'm glad I stumbled on this blog. I will return often during the year. Great job so far.

Question. Are we pretty sure the barn door feature will work again this year -- you know, where you can pick up a player during a game before Yahoo adjusts the salaries? There are several players I want, but not the first week since they don't have a double. But I'll hate it if their price shoots up before I get get them for the next week.

Fidan said...

@ Gooner
Yes it still works that way so don't worry, you can get Vermalaen, Arseshaven or who ever you want on Saturday or Sunday afternoon...!!!
Best of Luck

Assistant Manager said...

Hi guys - as Fidan says the "Barn Door" will be there (whether we like it or not!) and to really stay ahead you have to take advantage. I'll be running a feature each week on players to try and pick up before values change.

8 days to go until the 1st deadline!

Assistant Manager said...

Aquilani - official statement from Liverpool: "The player will now continue his rehabilitation from an ankle operation under the guidance of Liverpool's medical team and is expected to be fully fit in approximately 4-8 weeks time."

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