Saturday, 15 August 2009

Week 1 So Far...

37,000th. Oh dear. So far I have had a TERRIBLE Week 1 in general terms AND the YFF Blog Leagues. I'm 85th out of 100 in League 1 & 51st out of 65 in League 2. The worst start I've ever had!
Team Name = Modric is God (the irony of not picking Modric isn't lost on me).

Good Stuff = Drogba (I love you), Milijas, not swapping Malouda for Valencia.

Bad Stuff = Everyone else having Drogba, Lampard playing poorly, Mokoena & Alexander getting minus points, dropping Rodallega for N'Zogbia for a hunch pick yesterday, telling people to buy Hunt & Bent in the past week but buying neither. Deciding Gomez wouldn't start.
The only good news is everyone in my team still has the chance of playing 1 or 2 games. I'm sure a lot of people are in the same situation, but I still aim to end the week in the Top 50 of League 1.

I'm off to White Hart Lane tomorrow & hope for a far better start for Spurs. How have you done so far? What are you thinking for Week 2?



Anonymous said...

Currently in 14,091 place with 81pts

Foster, O'shea, Rooney, and Bassong with 2 games
Lamps, Malouda, Drogba, SEB, Milijas, and Gomez with 1 game left
Dropped Wilk for Givet (everything said he wouldn't play!) AND dropped Valencia for Malouda, however he has 1 more game to make up for it. Valencia will be golden tomorrow - DOH DOH DOH!

Best start I've had albeit its only my 2nd YFF season. Last season I had 25pts at this week :D



ToffeeDave said...

My lineup is as follows:

O'Shea Bassong Sonko(just filler to buy my team)

Lampard Modric Milijas Nani

Drogba Rooney Rodallega(Goal of season candidate)

All in all, 77.5 points with 4 players(5 including Sonko)and they only played 1 game a piece. I think im gonna hit 200+ for the game week.

Douchebag United said...

A decent start with high hopes pinned on Man U shoulders tomorrow...

55 points with Foster, O'shea, Bassong, Valencia, and Rooney yet to go. Hoping for some action tomorrow.

Pain from from Alexander and Mokeana, although Moks was just a filler.

Wish I'd stuck with Vermelean even though he only plays one game this week. Maybe I'll get lucky and Alexander will get to take one of those set pieces he is famous for.

Wish I went with Milijas/Rodellaga (31 pts) over N'Zogbia/Ebanks-Blake (11.50 pts) at least they both get 2nd games.

I think Lamps will pick it up for game 2.

Leaning heavy on Arsenal in the barn door, looking forward to seeing Valencia tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Robinson, Bassong, McCartney, Sonko, Gerrard, Lampard, Gomez, Mokoena, Rooney, Drogba, Rodallega... 93 points with 3 players to go! Cheers=)

Assistant Manager said...

Cheers guys...Looking at the Blog League plenty of people are doing really well so far. I'm hoping some of it is as a result of my advice, even thought I didnt take much of it myself!! :)

Dare to Devil said...

Cheers...I am currently 7112 place overall & 21 in the 1st AM league with 91.50 points. A very good start with Rooney, Valencia & Evra yet to play. Looking forward to Week 2 with the team below:

Evra Vermaelen Foley
Lampard Valencia Milijas Mokoena Fellaini (hunch)
Rooney Drogba

What do you guys think? ^~^

Assistant Manager said...

Dare to Devil - very nice barndoor work, although personally I would drop Evra to Givet & then upgrade Mokoena - there are many good options for Week 2. I would also consider dropping Rooney for Van Persie.

SR said...

Hi AM,

Firstly, 89 points for me on the first night of a loooooooong season. Rodallega, Milijas and Gomez all very good predictions.

Secondly, I know it might seem like second prize but thanks very much for the pre-season insight. Don't get to see much action from the Championship here in Australia so your feedback has been a great help!

No doubt you'll bounce back!


Remedial Spastics said...

Don't worry yet AM. Nothing is set in stone until after the mid-week matches. Folks with very high scores so far have often picked lots of players only playing one game. By the time we have got through the second game there will be a lot of changes to the scoreboard (I hope...)

MyChoice Editor said...

Swap wilk for hutton, and took cattermole for filler.

80points so far, Drog, HRod, Mili, Lamp(dissaponted), Lee Cattermole.

Rooney, foster, nani, o'shea (plenty of Man Utd Gamble) and bassong yet to play.

Naning said...

Been good so far. 78.50 points with Foster, Evra, O'shea, Bassong, Modric, Valencia and Rooney yet to play their first game. Probably up for 200+ points after this week.

Red Card said...

looking like i'll have my best fantasy week since i started playing (only in my second season) already at 85 with 3 left to play

GK: Foster
DEF: Bosingwa, Bassong, Wilkinson
MID: Lampard, Milijas, Modric, Valencia, Malouda
ATT: Ebanks-Blake, Drogba

Working on a week 2 provisional team. So far gone with

Bassong, Wilkinson, Bridge
Lampard, Milijas, Modric, Pienaar, Liam Lawrence
Ebanks-Blake, Drogba

Thinking i should replace Blake, and want to get an arsenal player or two in the squad but not sure which?

Dave said...

Early doors week 2 line-up looking like this:

Wilk, Verm, Bridge
Fab, Ireland, Milijas, Lawrence
Drog, Saha, Ade

Subject to change, as there are too many Barn Door picks in there for my liking LOL.

Assistant Manager said...

As predicted, Foster, Valencia & O'Shea all start, Nani also plays.

Man Utd: Foster, Fabio Da Silva, O'Shea, Jonathan Evans, Evra, Valencia, Fletcher, Scholes, Nani, Berbatov, Rooney. Subs: Kuszczak, Brown, Owen, Anderson, Giggs, Gibson, De Laet.

Assistant Manager said...

Half Time - 1-0 United, Rooney goal, that's more like it! Nani off with a re-occurrence of his shoulder injury, probably makes him a doubt for the midweek game.

Dave said...

Rooney is having a stormer thus far - in addition to the goal, he's managed 4 other SOTs! Worth considering away against Wigan in week 2 ???? Or are Ade / RVP better picks with their match-ups??

AM - any thoughts on Myhill as GK next week? Home to dreadful Bolton, super cheap (3.47) which would allow stocking up on big guns elsewhere...??

Assistant Manager said...

Hi Dave - Rooney has been outstanding, I'm leaning towards keeping him now. As for Myhill, certainly an option, but Hull are also dreadful...could be 0-0 I suppose, but I think I'm gonna go with Given.

Anonymous said...

My week 2 team:

Vermaleen McCartney Wilkinson
Arshavin Gomez Fabregas Cattermole
Rooney Drogba Tevez

Please let me know ur comments. Thks

Anonymous said...

AM heres my thoughts:

Totally tough decision on the keeper front, first you have Howard who had a nightmare against Arsenal and price dropped to still more expensive than Foster/Given BUT playing a Burnley squad that seems to be the least likely to score of the promoted sides.
Then you have Given on the BD whos price went from 6.10mil to 8+ Citeh vs Wolves looks like a game in which the baby blues should win. However Milijas is wicked and has every ablility to knick one in. Plus Citeh have the inconsistent track record of losing to weaker sides (i.e west brom last season).
Then you have Foster which is still at 6.49mil before his points come in. Wigan has proved to be a side that can score and Rodallega has proven he could score against United. However I still feel United will win but possibly no clean sheet.
This leaves us with 3 choice keepers all within 6-8mil that have the looks of big points, its only a matter of picking the right one(s). They could of course all do well ;D (I think I need to stick with Given to afford Rooney + Fabs)

Sorry long post AM!


Assistant Manager said...

Thanks Kellz - it's given for me too!

SR said...

157.5 points for me so far.

Overall Rank of 201 !

Be good,


Assistant Manager said...

Nice one SR!

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