Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Week 3 - Strikers

With plenty of strikers having great fixtures this week it's really tough to call, especially with so many in form & at reasonable prices. I've written a short analysis on a selection below that I hope will help you (and me) make some decisions.


Drogba - The guy has started the season in unplayable form. He's quick, he's shooting from distance, he's linking up the play & he's scoring goals. As the highest point scorer so far & at under £13.5 million he should be in everyone's teams for the game vs Burnley. Top pick for this week.

Defoe - Readers will know what I think of Defoe. When he gets on a hot streak he scores for goals for fun. He's looking as sharp as I've ever seen and again represents fantastic value considering his points return so far & a home fixture vs Birmingham. Spurs have 4 strikers so I expect him to be rested in the Carling Cup tomorrow night, but he'll be back this weekend. Great pick.

Torres - He's not playing well for a team that have started badly, yet he's scored 2 in 2 and is the 5th highest points scorer. I believe he's the best striker in world football and he has a nice fixture at Bolton. However, I would not recommend him at his £18.25 million as there are better options. I have him at £15 million so he's easier to keep, but that doesn't mean I definitely will.

Rooney - Dropping Rooney after the Burnely game could prove to big one of my biggest mistakes. He has a tough fixture vs Arsneal and I fully expect him to pick up a booking due to the nature of the rivalry between the 2 sides, but I wouldn't put it past him to score a couple in his current form. Again, not someone I'd go for at £18.99 million but if you've had him since the beginning at around £16 million then i'd probably be keeping him.

Adebayor - The classic 1 shot, 1 goal striker. He'll probably score vs Portsmouth but he doesn't get involved as much as other top forwards. He's still a great pick but I've decided that Defoe was more likely for a higher points return.

Robinho - Now here is a pick I really like for Week3. Despite the fact he's playing left wing I have a feeling he could explode vs Portsmouth. Unlike Adebayor he picks up points for crosses, multiple shots from distance, corners won & he'll take free kicks & penalties. I regret not grabbing him at £13 million but even at his current price he still represents fantasic value. If I drop Torres for anyone then it'll be Robinho.

Tevez - The least exciting of the City strikers for me, but because of his price at under £10 million it makes him an interesting option if you want to invest more in your midfielder or a premium striker.

Anelka - Never a bad pick but I never pick 2 strikers from the same team. Seeing as Drogba is cheaper & in better form, Anelka isn't on my radar. Remember the people who picked Arshavin AND Fabregas last weekend? All your eggs in one basket almost always backfires.

Bent - Not for me this week. Almost went for him last week and glad I didn't after his 0.5 points return. At £10million he's not the worst option but there are better & an away game at Stoke is always tough.

Jo - An interesting outside bet for Week 3. Everton will win a league game soon and it'll probably be at Goodison. Wigan go there on the back of a hiding & I just have a feeling that Jo could get a couple this weekend. I don't think I can fit him in but if you're looking for a sub 10 striker and don't fancy Tevez then he's a decent gamble pick.


I hope that's given you something to think about & maybe helped a bit. From the comments on this week's posts it seems a lot of people are picking very similar teams with only 3 or 4 different players.

For that reason I'm not going to go in too much detail on Defenders as pretty much everyone has a combination of Givet, Vermaelen, Wikinson, Bassong & Richards...but I will be writing a similar post looking at Midfielders tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Great read and some top picks there AM

Can't do better than your first 3 this week..

Crazylegs Kev

Conswaila said...

Once again, you have out done yourself
This is excellent ,cant wait for da midfield section
Whats your thoughts on RVP, racking up points and hasnt scored yet

Anonymous said...

Okay, so here's my team so far:
Vermaelen, Bassong, Bosingwa
Lampard, Milijas, TBD, TBD
Defoe, Bent, Drogba

I'm pretty happy so far, but I would like AM's advice about the 2 blanks - I have 14.46, and I found out that my best options are Rodwell/Modric and Deco/Fellaini.
I'm leaning toward the first, and I'll probably go with my gut this time (last week I went with the most logical and least "gutty" option, and failed), but I'll still be glad to read your advice.

Assistant Manager said...

Thanks guys!

RVP - not someone I'm considering but you're right, he has to score soon. Gutsy pick if you go for him!

@7:14pm - Yeah I'd probably go Rodwell & Modric, but I'll analyse Midfielders properly tomorrow.

ToffeeDave said...

My strikers are Robinho Drogs and Jo. I picked them before you made your post and figured you got most of it right. I have Defoe users failing miserably this week. Birmingham's defence is no pushover and you'll regret if you have him. My hunch pick this week is gonna be Lescott. I have a feeling he will be raring to go and I smell a good 10 corners for Man C. and lescott used to pump those in for my blues. Adversely, I hope he blows out his knee in the 89th minute so he gets me clean sheet points, a goal, and rubs it into Man C. for paying so much for a defender with a bum knee.

P.S. I agree I have a very good feeling Everton are gonna get a kick in the backside and Jo will lead the line pumping in those goals...How are you liking the 346893476 posts on every topic haha. Well on ya mate

Assistant Manager said...

ToffeeDave - yeah I know what you mean about Lescott, similar to how I felt about Berbatov when he left us. I like you strikers choice although of course I disagree about Defoe...but we shall see ;)

RE: the 346893476 posts, I'm really pleased with the response, it's just the small number who start having a go at me if I don't respond to them all individually!

Good luck this week mate :D

ToffeeDave said...

Cheers, you too.

Kellz said...

ToffeeDave's predictions:

"Ok im gonna help out all you helpless folks who don't follow the pride of merseyside.. Take my word for it, Everton are gonna be crossing ALOT and fellaini is gonna be more advanced. Baines will collect 15+ points and fellaini if he can get a goal 20+. Jo will probably play as the lone striker as he was a sub midweek. In depth enough for you?"

Breakdown: (1) Jo on bench Saha starts
(2)Baines: 5pts (3)Fellaini: 0.5pts (4) Everton loses to Burnley 0-1

New prediction:
"Defoe users to fail miserably"

Breakdown: ToffeeDave another good prediction - will it come to pass?

Just having fun with ya from a Liverpool fan :D
Good luck to you, both our boys need to kick into gear.

Fidan said...

@ Kellz and AM

I enjoyed your HUNCH picks...I too have one of my own...!!!

Given (obvious)
Verm(almost obvious),Bassong(nice value),Richards(TBC)
Milijas(nice value),Lamps(obvious),Moko(inevitble),NANI(my, and I'm more than sure,Kellz's and AM's hunch pick for this GW3)
Drogs(obvious),Torres(almost obvious),Robinho(another "hunch" pick)

How does my team look like...!!!

@ ToffeeDave
I'm sorry to burst your bubble but I read your new boy needs some time before getting on the pitch so maybe save that hunch pick or yours for next 2 or 3 weeks. I'm considering him too...Good luck

See you, fox...!!!


Fidan said...

@ Kellz
I sooo agree with you. ToffeeDave talks like a fan should do, but...not a Fantasy player...!!! So, next time we will take those words with a pinch of salt...

Any changes Kellz...???
I'm not sure have you got my email in your Yahoo acount...

kellz said...

@Fidan: you team looks really strong, I wish I didn't drop Torres for Defoe, however it still seems like a good bet. I hardly check that acc, i'll do that though.

Fidan said...

Ok, thnx...!!!
This Torres thing. You seem to have abandoned your own rule - STRIKER WON'T SCORE 3 Games IN A ROW. Ooor, maybe AM did some mind-messing up with you...:D.
To be honest I'm not sure with Torres either. Looking at his scoring records, it seems that vast majority of his goals come in Anfield, but I'll stick to him since he hosts Burnley next week and I have him for some discount...!!!
The only dilemma I got is wether Richards can keep his spot, with Lescot in picture. The second one...I officially HATE Moko. Nothing personal, but I hate my every team when Moko figures there...SO maybe I'll have to do something about him too come Friday...!!!

ToffeeDave said...

@Kellz...Ya haha I forgot to post later that week because I posted that before the europe game I think, so as soon as I saw saha scored 2 goals I knew he was going to start as moyes is one to do that(rodwell also started) and if you check my team I had 5 Toffees in it. I dont know if it was wrong of me to boast Jo and fellaini then not pick either haha, and no one expected burnley to win 1-0 against man u and everton. Just an anomoly

Assistant Manager said...

Great banter guys! :D

Kellz - I had purposely not brought up ToffeeDave's previous predictions regarding his team as I'm sure he felt bad enough with how Everton have started! Me & Dave are only 1 point apart in the league so we've both had okay starts, but both made mistakes.

Fidan - some decent guesses there ;) I really like your team...makes me pissed off that I dropped Given, but then to have kept him I'd need to have Mokoena in, and feel the same about him as you do!

Anonymous said...

Any word on Saha starting this weekend? With my luck it'll be 3 SOT for Saha and 3 tap-in goals for Jo.

Anonymous said...

Pfft ... guess I should have read the above first. Hope they're right.

Jamie said...

what do you think of my team?

Bassong Richards Wilkinson
Lampard Milijas Mokoena Cresswell
Drogba Torres Defoe

Any advice on improving my midfeild, perhaps bringing in robinho for defoe?

ToffeeDave said...

DO NOT PICK SAHA!!! Billthegrunt if you want an everton striker pick Jo. the only way I see Saha starting is if he plays in europe and gets another brace or Jo gets injured. In 2 weeks your lives will be easier as the YAK will be back to full fitness.

P.S. Kellz and AM Defoe got lucky with his goal against west ham. Im surprised Cole didn't get an assist for it to be honest. ;) cheers

mehicoradio said...

i'm glad liverpool been bad so far, but that still won't stop me from pointing out that Torres is still a better option then Defoe in my opinion. This week, you'd have a case they both are equal. To say he's been bad is a little off, fantasy wise. 6 shots on goal in 3 games, 10 shots total, Liverpool been heavy attacking the past two games, AND he doesn't really share his goals with anyone (well sometimes with Gerrard).

Plus after this week, Tottenham is playing Man U and Chelsea, while Liverpool is playing Burnley and West Ham

Kellz said...

mehicoradio: and what team is it that you support?

Douchebag United said...

Tough week to select after tough results last week!


Bassong Vermaelen Richards

Gerrard Mokeana Rodwell Palacios

Drogba Rooney Defoe

Very tempted to sell on Gerrard and replace with Lenon, and Ireland, even tempted to sell on Rooney and replace with Robhino?

Fidan said...

@ Douchebag Utd

I'd keep Gerrard, if you got him for around 19. Can't argue with Rooney, but...he has a really tough match up and you have some good options for less money (i.e. Robinho,Ade or even CCole, I know, I know...). And with the spare money you can upgrade Moko or even Palacios...

Anyway, good team...!!!

Good luck...!!!

Conswaila said...

Ok Guys
Need a bit of help

Given ( not going anywhere )
Bassong, Vermalen, Wilkinson (al got cheap )
Milijas ,Ireland, Palacios,Modric
(really want Lamps in here )
Drogba, Defoe, Torres ( I like these )

And before you say it commish, Yes i am a Gunner ( Ya wouldnt think it with my team )

Ok how to get Lamps in
Only way i can see is Modric & Ireland out
Lamps & Mokena in

What people think ???

Or go for SWP & Malouda ???


Max said...

my week 3..

verma, wilko, bass
milijas, modric, lamp, moko
drog, defoe, robinho

*still have 2mil for robbo switch to myhill.. but i guess i'll hang to robbo and see saturday if there's reasons to drop him..

*not enough cash to swith defoe to torres (1mil less).. therefore i'm sticking with defoe for now..

*will BD lamp for gerrard, and most probably defoe & robinho for torres and another striker..

*might drop all my tottenham player for week4..

any advice?..


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,

My team

Drogba, Defoe

Most of my team is already on discounts and I would like to keep them.. esp pool players @home to Burnley next game

need some advise here, should i
1) swap A.cole(discount @10.44) for modric
2) swap A.cole for Essien/Deco and upgrade Mok to Rodwell?
3) stick to my current team - cole shld get CS and att pts agnst burnley


Douchebag United said...

What do people think?

Rooney/Palacios or Robhino/Modric?

Kellz said...


Conswaila said...


brian said...

My team this week:

Verm, Givet, Wilk
Gerrard, Milijas, Nani, Mok
Drogs, Torres, Robinho

Do you think I should make any changes anywhere? I could get Defoe instead of Robinho. And also could trade in Robinho and use the surplus to get a cheaper striker (Jozy?) and upgrade Mok. Or should I keep as is this week and look to BD some players next week?

I'm way behind in my league, so need to make up some ground.

mehicoradio said...

@Kellz; i root for Arsenal because i like the players and their style of play.But when it comes to fantasy, i go by the stats when looking at players.

@Cons, if your going to make a change i'd say Lampard/Mok be better then SWP/Malouda. Plus Lamps/mok should be starters.

@Clar, I'd probably keep it the way it is, Chelsea get Burnley this week, and Stoke the next.

Alkemizt said...

1)Which is THE BEST attacking Three??
2)Should i bring in Defoe/Modric for Torres/Palacios??
3)Should i bring in Defoe for Torres and upgrade Moko??
4)I hv StevieG at 18.. should i swap him 4 Lamps??

@ AM - Relevant 2 ur earlier post..

" Assistant Manager said...

N00B - I particularly echo Kellz's point (2) & (3). You change your team too often...make decisions, then sleep on them & see how you feel the next day. "

I DO NOT change my team often..I hav 1 TBC team dats SAVED.. i pencil down the other possible teams on paper(i repeat PENCIL to PAPER)
after i am sure that one of the possible teams is really good...THAT'S wen i ACCTUALLY CHANGE my team on d comp....until den its on paper..
anwayz thnx 4 d advice n please answer my questions..


Assistant Manager said...

I see most comments have been replied to (cheers guys!) but to a couple of latest ones:-

Brian - I like your team, it's really down to your gut whether to swap Robinho, but I feel you'll have a good week if you keep it how it is.

N00B - I know you don't physically change your team in Yahoo, but what I meant is you change your mind so often. Yesterday you posted 7 or 8 different teams in the space of a day.


1) There are no definitive "best three". You're replying to a 700 word article detailing the pros and cons of the top striker options, so you can now decide who YOU think are the best three. Use your own judgement, that's the point/fun of them game! :)

2) I lke Defoe so Defoe/Modric for me.

3) Only if you afford can to. Nothing wrong with 1 filler if's it's helping you to strenghten elsewhere.

4) I'd take Lamps over Gerrard this week but if you have Gerrard at 18 then be careful as Liverpool have some great fixtures coming up so you might not want to lose that discount.

Alkemizt said...

@ AM .. how would it be if i fit lamps n gerrard in the same team??

Assistant Manager said...

@ N00B - I'll be posting a Midfielders article up later today which should help answer that question.

Alkemizt said...

@ AM -
thnx a LOT m8ey..
i hv never told u that this blog ROX have i??
it does!! i played yff last year but couldnt understand how it worked so my team remained d same d whole year..:P :D

and also... why is'nt any1 cheking out Eduardo..
he's a lot cheaper n id bound 2 hv some phantom points IMO.....whatdya think?? and also .. whats ur current team lookin like..????

and also in hw many hours will the middies list be ready coz i got school in 3 hours tym n i am sleeples for d past TWO days!!
its 4 30 in the morn here.. :D


Assistant Manager said...

Thanks mate - it'll be posted up much later tonight...so go to bed! :)

Anonymous said...

@ AM
what is your current team made of??


Assistant Manager said...

Hi Sam

GK: Myhill
DF: Bassong Wilkinson Givet
MF: Milijas Lampard Nani Fellaini
ST: Drogba Defoe Torres

But in no way is this final.


Anonymous said...

My team as below:
Salgado Carr Wilkinson
Lampard Palacios Young Rodwell
Drogba Defoe Piquionne

Any change?

mehicoradio said...

@Noob, if you don't have Torres at a discount i would go Defoe/Modric but then BD Torres in my opinion. Defoe gets the easier match-up this week, but Torres has the easy schedule the next two weeks after this.

If you have Gerrard at 18, definitely keep him 3 easy fixtures coming up.

I haven't gone for Eduardo since as of right now it doesn't seem he'll get the start. Still i'm watching to see as the season goes on, if Wenger starts letting him play out there more.

Anonymous said...

i've got a few questions..

1)are you not gonna rope in robinho??

2)looks like your "over-thinking" things again..lolz..:P

3)accordin 2 ur post u say torres may not be worthy?? and robinho is a pick that u reali lyk for Week 3 ??sow whats with torres in the team??

4)are you sure that both Defoe AND drogba are gonna continue their streaks?? and wat bout torres? is he gonna bounce bak???

5)and i go with N00B... how come Eduardo nt in ur list..hes SHIT cheap at 8.XX.. n ropes in an avg of 14!!..with him u can upgrade the midfield ryt??

6) AND FINALLY....which three forwards are YOUR gut pick?? i noe dat u hv been tellin every1 2 follow THEIR hunch picks... but what about yours?? so WHO ARE YOUR FORWARD GUT PICKS??
(sorry 4 shoutin.. jus wanted 2 make sure u notice.. :D)

7)i noe that this is off topic.. but is myhill a gud bargain??

Sorry 4 d trouble caused..


Anonymous said...

@ mehicoradio
whats your team lukin lyk??


Assistant Manager said...

Hi Sam

1) Haven't decided, hence the "in no way is this team final"

2) Probably

3) I like 4 of the strikers, but only have 3 spaces so it's a decision i'll need to make. I dont want to lose Torres' discount.

4) Not 100% sure but confident nonetheless.

5) Eduardo isn't certain to start and has a very difficult fixture.

6) The 3 I have in my team at the moment.

7) Myhill is cheap for a reason. He's a bargain if he gets positive points.

mehicoradio said...

@Noob, my current team is:

Wilko, Bassong, Richards
Lampard, Moko, Milijas, Deco
Torres, Drogba, Robinho

Robinho due to the phantom points. I feel Drogba is a keeper even if he doesn't score, he seems to be the target-man striker for Chelsea right now. Torres i have at a discount so i'd rather keep him over Defoe due to Torres's easy match-ups in the next two weeks.

Midfield i have Lampard at a discount so he'll stay, Moko as the filler, Milijas as i think AM or someone had said before, everything goes through him. Deco may or may not be there in the end, have to see the starting 11.

Wilko due to the discount, Bassong due to fixtures, Richards also due to fixtures

Given due to fixtures and his form.

Anonymous said...

@ AM
Thnx 4 d advice...

when is the mifield thread likely to be posted??

~ Sam

Assistant Manager said...

10 minutes ago ;)

chris m said...

Ah. Back from the beach, and still top of the table, another tropical storm forecast for tomorrow blew me, and Obama off of Chilmark.

I hate being first. Too much pressure. I am #18 in the world, down from my brief time at #1. If Lampard had done anythng I would still be there. That, is absolutely too much pressure.

Only change I made this week was to add Richards, dropped Paintsal. This due to fixture, and the presence of Lescott in the middle for City. This also makes Given a helluva of alot more attractive.

This may be Lampards last week. If he doesn't score big vs Burnley he is gone.

I am sticking with the Rodallega/Gomez combo from Wigan. They have come close a couple of times. My thinking is that an assist/goal combo is like a trifecta, beaucoup points.

For some unknown reason I like Rooney against Arsenal. He is playing with real fire this year. He clearly needs to be the man and is stepping up. The danger, as cited above, is a red card. But I think physically ManU will beat the hell out of Arsenal. 2-0 ManU

Modric needs to score some points for me.

I am psyched. In the US Chelsea/Burnley is off at 7:30 am on ESPN2 in HD. Yeah!

Chris m
velvet underground allstars

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