Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Buy Buy (Bye Kirkland)

In case you haven't heard, Van Der Sar is going to miss the start of the season, meaning you can now grab Ben Foster for just 6.34. He represents the bargain of the week by an absolute mile & if he performs well & can keep his place, he could be the bargain of the season.

Of course, you have a situation now where everbody is going to snap Foster up, so he's not really going to gain you points over fellow managers. However, with a great chance of 2 clean sheets in Week 1, you can' really afford to be without him as you're almost certain to fall behind.

Buy Buy Buy.

p.s. I know United have another option in Tomasz Kuszczak, but I refuse to believe Fergie would start him ahead of Foster in the league.


D2D said...

Foster looks like an excellent pick as VdS is expected to be out for as long as 8 weeks. But I am worried Fergie might rotate the 2 keepers.

Anyway, here is my team at the moment

C. Kirkland




Remaining units: 0.3

I have 3 players from Wolves, quite a gamble for a newly promoted team. But their first few fixtures looks good. I am hoping them to have a flying start like Hull in the previous season.

Anonymous said...

Hi AMgr

Yeah I jumped on that wagon last night after hearing the news..Most had Kirkland anyway so really won't be no change now most will have Foster..I'm sure it'll catch a few out though that don't follow the boards or injuries lists..;-)

Another manager here who's hoping Wolves will perform well in there first few fixtures, you have the same 3 Wolves players as me..

Crazylegs Kev..

ToffeeDave said...

@d2d and anonymous

You guys just made my life difficult again. I thought I had a perfect back 3 but then you bring foley to my attention. Now I can't decide between a reliable central defender in Berra who can score from set pieces, to an offensive back named Foley who likes to cross. I might just go with Foley simply to cancel your points gain!!!

Anonymous said...

Great blog. I look forward to following this all year.

What do you think the chances Wes Brown will start this year. Two years ago, he was pretty regular. He was out most of last year with injuries. He's cheap. If he starts, he will be a bargain.

Assistant Manager said...

Thanks for the comments!

I would wait on Wes Brown. Ferguson does like him but O'Shea did really well last year and Fergy tends to stay loyal to players until they completely lose form. I'd like to see Brown back to fitness, I've always rated him as a right back & I'd feel more comfortable with him there for England (defensively) than Glen Johnson.

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