Sunday, 16 August 2009

My Early Week 2 Team

Things are looking up. I've finished the weekend with 129.5 points, 4,549th place, far better than the 37,000th I was in last night!

This is the team I have currently for Week 2:-

Given - Home game vs Wolves, only cost 6, good value pick.

Vermaelen - Goal on debut, easy fixture, only cost 6.

Wilkinson - Looks to be a secure starter and bargain at under 5. Wish I'd got him in for Week 1.

Bassong - Hero! What a debut, he stays for sure.

Ireland - Will no doubt cause Wolves problems, but may still be swapped out for an alternative to free up points.

Fabregas - Back to his best, but I'll make a decision between him and Arshavin.

Milijas & Gomez - Poor fixtures but great value, so both will probably stay.

Drogba - Season keeper for me.

Rooney - This is his big season.

Adebayor - Good fixture, but could go.

I'm fairly pleased with it. I was so tempted to force Gerrard in before his price jumped, but decided against it as I'd need to put 2 fillers in to free up the cash. Ireland could still go, Torres could still come in for Adebayor...a lot will depend on midweek performances.

Who did you snap up? Any regrets on players you missed?



Fidan said...

I didn't realise I sold Bassong before the kick-off and barndoored McCartney of Sunderland...I regret it already :S...!!!
Preliminary team for week 2

Verm,Sagna,McCartney (whose place will da Silva take btw)
Milijas,Fabs,Gomez,Modric (due to changes)
Drogba,Bent,RvP (maybe be subed by Bendt and invest more on Modric)

See you all...soon I hope...
79 pts on Saturday
149 after Sunday...!!!

Hope you come good AM...and btw Bassong (being a Lpools fan) NEARLY broke my heart!!!

mehicoradio said...

i regret not grabbing Verm before the price jump same with Given (whati get for not paying attention)

was able to grab Rooney after the match and before his price jumped up, which allowed me to basically bring in both Given and Arshavin.

Also nabbed Palacios before the price jump, which freed just enough for Verm (at the current price). Not expecting much but hoping for a good reward.

Looking at possibly dropping Malbranque for another player, not sure who yet though.

Agree on Drogba, unless takes a major turn for the worse gotta keep him all season here as well.

Anonymous said...

Gotta say great team, I had to drop Bassong to free cash for Fabs. Now I have 10 slots filled with 1.65mil left for a defender meaning I have to drop someone to make my 11.

Wilk, Vermelaen, (open)
Lamps, Milijas, Gomez, Fabs
Drogba, Bent, Rooney

Even with Fulham as Chelsea's next match, I will keep Lamps, he scored 40pts last 2-2 draw with Fulham


mehicoradio said...

hmmm still can't decide at the moment if i want to replace Malbranque with Jordi or Chucho

Anonymous said...

Gomez plays in the slot, and still only 6.81mil even against United he only needs 2 SOT which is possible given United's defensive problem right now, probably not a goal though

John said...

What you think about Tevez for week 2 fixture?

Assistant Manager said...

Hi John - Tevez is a great pick at under 10.00, he's an option I'm still considering.

John said...

Thanks for your help last week .I stand at 172.5 for week 1 so far.My lineup was as such :

Naning said...

My week 2 team so far is:


Given(8.51) - Sadly I didn't get him until 8.51, but he should still be the best choice for week 2.


Bassong(5.50) - Cheap, might pick up a clean sheet, and who knows, maybe he'll be Tottenhams top scorer ;)

Vermaelen(6.02) - Once again, Cheap. He should get a clean sheet.

Bridge(7.35) - City has an easy game next week.


Milijas(5.54) - Looked pretty good yesterday. Feels like he's got more to give.

Arshavin(15.81) - Feels like the best pick of the arsenal players. Should destroy Portsmouth.

Jimenez(5.54) - All he needs is 2 SoT. SHould be able to get that. Might get switched tho...

Pienaar(11.40) - He's simply awesome. Burnley isn't.


Drogba(10.66) - 40 points this week. Need I say more?

Bent(9.33) - Sunderland hosts Blackburn, and Bent is the one supposed to score the goals for Sunderland this season. Let's hope he continues to deliver.

Robinho(13.97) - City has an easy match when they host Wolves. Robinho feels slightly overpriced tho and might get switched for Tevez or Eduardo, depending on the midweek matches.

Naning said...

Oh. Need I say I could've performed so much better during the barn door? :/

Douchebag United said...

Team at the moment...

Foster (6.34) - I know his match isn't as tasty but hated to lose him considering he is MAN U's goal tender

Vermelean (6.02) - Missing on this guy would have been bad...
McCartney (5.89) - Will have to watch his starting status
Bassong (5.66) - Had him at 5.50, sold him and bought him back before the big price update

Fabregas (14.69) - Big acquisition yesterday lots of debate on whether to go with him or Arshavin, Arshavin does play up more? It will be one of these two
Gerrard (18.99) - Couldn't avoid the temptation, but he does have a tasty match up versus a Villa in seeming disarray and he did score a hat trick against them last year.
Fellaini (7.40) - Call it a hunch, but I do like how he plays forward and I think Everton will looking for redemption against Burnley
Mokeana (1.03) - Everyone's favorite filler

Drogba (10.66) - Feel sorry for all of those who didn't have him this weekend
Bedntner (8.97) - Value play her I will have to check his status but he seems to play well against lower competition
Robhino (13.97) - Many are urging me to sub for Adebayor and it might be a plausible move.

I'm going for deversification hoping I picked correctly...

Anonymous said...

This week I currently stand on 143 points in 871 place. After barn door tinkerings for week to so far we have:-

O'Shea, Insua, Vermaelen,
Ashavin, Gomes, Milijas, Fabregas,
Bent, Drogba, Rodallega

Still looking to make changes, mainly at the back. Insua had a poor game and returned zero points & will O'Shea start? Still have a spare 3.8 to play around with though, so will have to wait and see what happens mid week.


greginho said...

i am set at the back and need advice on my forwards and mids. i barn doored the arsenal guys and gomez so it looks like
van persie

a middie for 5.24

the question is, should i have invested so heavily on the forwards. i can switch fagregas and upgrade the unpicked middie. should i leave it or change my team, as the midfielders have been stronger the last couple of seasons?

Nujra said...

just thought I'd point out that the person that is 1st in yff AM league #2 is #2 overall...

Mikey said...

Barndoor was good to me. Lineup as of right now:

Arshavin,Gerrard,Modric,Mokoena(1.03 - Nice!)

Should I dump Modric for either Milijas or Gomez? I have a feeling those guys might be skyrocket in price in a couple of weeks.

Assistant Manager said...

People's teams are looking good, I'm regretting not snapping up Gerrard before his price went up.

Mikey - I'm Modric's biggest fan but I can see Milijas being a better points scorer in yff.

Greg - it looks strong, i'd leave it as it is and get a cheap middy for the final spot.

Anonymous said...

I' regretting not snapping up rooney before his price went up.

mine is a bit messy...

bassong,wilkinson,j. o'shea,shawcross
hunt,ireland,koumas,fabregas(bought at 14.69)
d. bent,rodallega

please comment a bit AM

Assistant Manager said...

@11:57am - I like Fabregas, Bent & Rodallega. I would think about swapping Kirkland out with a home game vs Man U. Also, how much did Shawcross cost you? I would downgrade him and spend more on another Arsenal, Man City, Liverpool, Man U or Chelsea player. Can you afford to get Tevez/Adebayor/Drogba/Torres in?

G said...

Wk1 - 153points
Bassong, wilkinson, o'shea
Gomez, lampard, miligas, malouda
Drogba, rooney, SEB

Good that I dropped torres for Rooney
Regret dropping gerrard for lampard
Thanks AM for the advise for gomez, miligas.
I guess I should keep SEB for the season since 2 shots will be enough for each games.

Bassong, wilkinson, vermaelen
Fabregas, gomez, milijas, nani
Rooney, drogba, SEB

Picked nani since arvashin's price won't change until sat, this give me the room to add torres for SEB if both torres/nani perform well in game 2.

Assistant Manager said...

Hi G, glad you had a good start. I also wish I had Gerrard still and will consider Torres too if he looks better on Wednesday night.

Anonymous said...

from 11.57am - i spend 9.24 for shawcross... and still got 3.4 left. if i sell shawcross the i'll hv 12.64. with this for sure i cant afford to buy;

drogba ( 15.93 )
torres ( 15.74 )
adebayor ( 13.4 )

but affordable to buy;

tevez ( 9.21 )

what do you think??

Anonymous said...

Week one lineup:

O'Shea, Wilkinson, Bassong
Valencia, Lampard, Cattermole, Utaka
Ebanks-Blake, Rooney, Drogba

Rooney, Drogba and Lampard are untouchable of course, and with 2.15 extra points to play with would love to squeeze Torres in there, even if it involves going cheap at three other positions.

Utaka played dismally vs. Fulham, and only a big reversal against Birmingham can save him now. Too bad, he's a cheap midfielder who can win corners, cross and score goals (in theory), but it looks like he's failing when Pompey need him the most. David James needs to slap him upside the head.

Thinking of dropping Cattermole too, as he's not a scorer and is due for a yellow card (one every three matches last season), or worse.

Can't see tampering with the back line at this point.

Kirkland is out for a cheaper option (probably Myhill or Robinson) if I want to land Torres.

Possible new lineup:

Myhill or Robinson
O'Shea, Wilkinson, Bassong
Valencia, Lampard, Mokoena, another cheap midfielder (Babel, Song, Brown of Wigan)
Torres, Drogba, Rooney

Does this sound like a good strategy -- pack as much quality as you can into your lineup early while prices are relatively low, and gradually use your extra points each week to build up the weaker positions?

Anonymous said...

I barn doored Lawrence, Vermalean, Bent, and Given. I also got Arshavin, but I sold Rooney (Saturday) to do so. Hope I am not regretting this but, in my 3rd year of fantasy EPL, I am starting to believe the best way to win is have 2 star middies as opposed to stacking ur forwards. Forwards can go flat (like Torres yesterday. SPURS!) any time, while Middies (esp those who take set-pieces) will have a better chance at the phantom points. Though this is my best start to a season, 152 points, and hopefully I can finally beat my friend. Last 2 seasons I have lead at midway point and he has come back to win.

Good to know why SEB only got me 5.50 points, he's injured (hamstring).

Great Blog and Go Spurs!

Spurs Fan from the States

mehicoradio said...

Kind of wondering whats your thoughts (or others) on going for a few big names paired with some low price fillers or only a couple big names and a lot of mid-tier players?

I'm running into the problem that i can go with either:

Wilko, Micah (possibly Mensah?), Vermaelen
Milijas, Arshavin, Cesc, Mokoena, Modric
Drogba, Rooney


Wilko, Bridge, Vermaelen
Milijas, Arshavin, Modric, Palacios, Fellaini (or Jordi)
Rooney, Drogba

Assistant Manager said...

@ 3.40pm - Get Tevez ahead of Shawcross without doubt, then maybe upgrade a midfielder with your left over cash.

Bill - I like your team and think you have a good strategy, but you really need to try and get at least 1 Arsenal player in if you can.

Spurs Fan from the States - Great start, you have similar barn doors picks to me also. Goo luck beating your friend this year!

Mehicoradio - I can't pick between the teams. I think Given is the better pick but I like Cesc & Arshavin. Team 2 has the better balance I suppose.

mehicoradio said...

Curuious question should Sunderland add Mensah (which it looks like they will) where do you rate him?

Assistant Manager said...

Hmmm, not really sure who he'll replace. I've seen him play a few times and he's never really impressed me - I wouldn't be surprised if he's perhaps being signed as back up and therefore I can't really recommend him.

Anonymous said...

AM: Suggestions?
Week 2:
Wilk, Vermaelen, W. Brown
Arshavin, Gomez, Milijas, Nani
Rooney, Drogs, Robinho


Wilk, Vermaelen, W. Brown
Lamps, Gomez, Milijas, Peinnar
Rooney, Drogs, (Bent/Tevez)


Assistant Manager said...

@8.28pm - Team 1, really nice balance...just watch out for Nani's starting status after the problems he's been having with his shoulder.

Anonymous said...

Big question for week 2 is which Arsenal Middie. Fabregas looked amazing and if he can keep that momentum going hes golden. Plus I have him now on the BD. However Arsh is just a tad under 16mil and has proven his ability to score major points and goals (um 4 against Liverpool?) I guess the major decision is which one will out do the next. My guess is the safest bet is to keep Fabs at the BD price and opt for a BD on Arsh next week if he does well.


Anonymous said...

Anyone have any thoughts?
Team 1: Given, Wilk, Verm, Givet, Milijas, Gomez, Arsh, Fabs, Jo, Rooney, Drogs

Team 2: Given, Wilk, Verm, w.Brown, Milijas, Gomez, Nani, Fabs, Robinho, Rooney, Drogs

Good luck guys! Having best season so far!

Anonymous said...

Week 1 = 157.5pts 219th overall - MY BEST EVER START!! So thanks for everyone's tips & tricks!!

Wk 1
Wilk, Bassong, Boss
Lamps, Gomez, Milijas, Mordic
Drog, Roo, Banks

As i'm an Aussie at i don't usually get to use the old barn door. I'm either out on the town getting wasted or curled up in bed. There is no in between for me. So unfortunatley i missed on Vermulen who i'd pencilled in as a season keeper.
Here are my Wk2 change/Team

Wilk, Bassong, Givet (was Boss)
Milijas, Gomez, Mordic, Arshavin (was Lamps)
Drog, Roo & Torres (was Banks)

I've weakened mt D a little but i think it might be worth it.
What's everyone else think?


Assistant Manager said...

Kellz - I think I'm gonna stick with Fabregas...I'll see how Arse got on vs Celtic as you never know, injuries could end up making our decision for us.

@2.00am - Team 2 for me, I like the Robinho pick.

Straky - Good strong team, I wouldn't be too worried about the defence, you've still got 3 players who should start, and no fillers.

Anonymous said...

AM & co, thanks for all your tips!

Here's the week 2 team so far, any thoughts would be appreciated.

Vermaelen Bassong Givet
Lampard Gomez Milijas Piennar
Drogs Torres Tevez

im not sure about the tevez pick, thinking about maybe swapping piennar for modric and upgrading tevez abit. what are your thoughts on tevez?

cheers, marcos.

Anonymous said...

Thanks AM for your advice. Maybe trying to get Torres into my lineup was too ambitious, when there are so many new value players I could snap up before they go double digits.

"but you really need to try and get at least 1 Arsenal player in if you can."

That would be Vermaelen, IMO, for O'Shea, who's always a risk not to start. Too bad I missed the barn door.

A cheaper option with a big upside up front would let me add some real scoring options to my midfield (Hunt, Gomez or Milijas sted fillers like Mokoena). I really like Rodellega but should I pick him up this week? Wigan were scary good against Villa, and I wonder what they could do at home vs. Man. U.

Assistant Manager said...

Hi Bill - sorry, I meant 1 Arsenal attacking player...but if you don't want/can't afford that's cool. Rodallega is still a good pick, he scored vs United at the JJB last season and he's in even better form now. Remember, United weren't that impressive on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm ... I can actually add Arshavin AND Vermaelen if I go with Mokoena as my 4th mid and put Folan up front w Rooney and Drogba. Definitely worth considering. Thanks AM.

Anonymous said...


dropped bent at discount to fill in fabs at discount, now looks like Bent is a must have against blackburn, he scored against Chelsea, hes on fire if you ask me (no matter if it wasa poaching goal)

Naning said...

Yea. I dropped bent at a discount earlier, just to put him in again tonight. He feels like a must against Blackburn. Stupid move, but shit happens.

I also barndoored Deco. He's looking pretty good if you ask me. The big question is whether he will be playing tho.

Backup plan is Larsson against Stoke. Should be able to get some decent points.

Anonymous said...

anyone considering caleb folan as a filler this week at 2.52?

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