Friday, 21 August 2009

Week 3 Preview

I know many people are still looking at their Week 2 teams (including me!) and there will be another post later today with predicted Week 2 line-ups. However, this post is a preview looking at the barndoor for Week 3.

Firstly, the fixtures...

Saturday, 29 August 2009
Blackburn v West Ham, 15:00
Bolton v Liverpool, 15:00
Chelsea v Burnley, 12:45
Man Utd v Arsenal, 17:15
Stoke v Sunderland, 15:00
Tottenham v Birmingham, 15:00
Wolverhampton v Hull, 15:00

Sunday, 30 August 2009
Aston Villa v Fulham, 16:00
Everton v Wigan, 15:00
Portsmouth v Man City, 13:30

As we discussed last week, you first want to look at the stand out fixtures. Chelsea at home to Burnley, Liverpool at Bolton, Tottenham at home to Birmingham, Man City at Portsmouth immediately stand-out.

Wolves at home to Hull could be a good fixture to look at, plus Everton vs Wigan (depending on how they bounce back this weekend) but Villa v Fulham, Blackburn v West Ham & Stoke v Sunderland are all tough to call.

It's difficult to really recommend new players for Man Utd vs Arsenal, but if you have players at big discounts you shouldn't just drop them. I'll never forget dropping Ronaldo 2 seasons ago as Man Utd were at Arsenal. Ronaldo scored 2 that day and I had to buy him back at almost 5.00 extra. That 5.00 is the difference between Milijas & Mokoena, so please don't make the same mistake I did.

So here are my players to look at. Please bare in mind that not all these players will definitely start, some are to keep an eye on and consider depending on injuries/team news etc. Of course, a lot also depends on who performs this weekend...

Chelsea - Drogba, Lampard, Deco, Malouda, Bosingwa, Terry, Ivanovic, Cech

Liverpool - Gerrard, Torres, Kuyt, Benayoun, Johnson, Ayala, Skrtel, Insua, Reina

Tottenham - Defoe, Modric, Keane, Lennon, Palacios, Bassong, Cudicini/Gomes

Man City - Adebayor, Robinho, Tevez, Ireland, Wright-Phillips, Bridge, Richards, Given

Wolves - Milijas, Ebanks Blake (if fit), Mancienne, Craddock
, Hennersey

There are of course other options from other teams. You have Rooney, Berbatov, Valencia, Nani, Van Persie, Arshavin, Fabregas, Vermaelen, Bent, Richardson, Cahill, Jo, Fellaini, Baines, Carlton Cole, Young, Milner etc are all options, but my main focus will be the 5 teams detailed above.

My top tips at the moment...

Keepers - Given, Hennersey

Defenders - Bassong, Ayala

Midfielders - Lampard, Milijas

Strikers - Defoe, Drogba

Who will you be keeping an eye out for?



Remedial Spastics said...

Rodwell doubtful - knee problem.

Neville possibility, Ferguson: "Gary Neville played 15 minutes at Burnley and he could be ready too, and that gives us experience at an important time after defeat on Wednesday. Experience is important. And the kind of experience that Gary brings is great for us"

buyit said...

i really need help for which striker is most likely to play for man city,

Kellz said...

K2, Robinho, and Tevez will all play

Assistant Manager said...

Kellz is right, I expect them all to play.

The earlier injury scare has been calmed by Hughes in a press conference this afternoon. Man City's owners will want to see all the big guns on display for the first home game of the season. It's cost them a fortune & they'll be expecting the team to make a statement to the rest of the Premier League.

Naning said...

Time to barn door Howard anyone?

mehicoradio said...

i'm probably going to be looking at Palacios and Lennon in the midfield. Want to check what goes on with Gomes as well.

Looking to see what happens with Tevez as he's the cheapest of the Man City forwards, Kind of curious about Saha.

My biggest problem is i need to go cheap in defense (very cheap) to be able to upgrade on Mokoena. I may go with Givet and replace Bent with a cheaper Forward.

Going to watch Deco as well, right no i'm thinking i may switch out in week 3:



Core wise its going to stay the same: Lamps, Drogba, Torres

Jamie said...

my team at the moment:





I still have 1.26 points in the bank and want to use them but I cant think where I should improve. Any advice?

Anonymous said...

AM, with the big team lotation going on, between Nani and Deco, who do you think has a better chance of playing this coming wkend?

Anonymous said...

what about Milijaš subed on HT? I don't like it

Anonymous said...

Hey AM,

Here's my team if you want to comment. I'm lookin a little further ahead as well as you cant chop and change very week with the bargains starting to perform and will eventually become to pricey, nonetheless here's my team for week 3

G - Given
D - Vermaelen, G. Nevile, Givet
M - Lampard, Milijas, Deco, Mokoena
F - Drogba, Torres, Rooney

Very solid core with Lamps, Drogs, Roon and El Nino. Given is an underated keeper whilst Vermaelen looks the mustard and Milijas is performing very well. Otherwise the rest will change week to week. Your thought's?...

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