Thursday, 27 August 2009

Week 3 - Transfers

Firstly, thanks for keeping the great chat/comments whilst I've been away for the past 24 hours. I had planned to sit down tonight and reply to them, only to find that all our regular contributors had answered everything for me and done an excellent job. Thanks to Kellz, Fidan, ToffeeDave, Bean, Donegal, Naning, Dan, Ace, Bill, John, Eric, Douchebag, SP, Ash, Jeremy, Dare To Devil, G, Rick, stlram01, Bojan, Bradley (and everyone else) for all your comments & replies.

I'll have Predicted Line-Ups & a Week 4 Preview (which will actually really be a Week 5 Preview as there is an international break next week, so no Premiership games) posted tomorrow at some point but I reckon that everyone has most the information they need for Week 3 with my Preview, Midfielder/Striker analysis & the hundreds of comments already posted. Personally, my last 2 decisions are my final midfield spot and whether I go with Myhill or Robbo...I'll make my mind up tomorrow at some point.

The fact that everyone posting their teams up seem to have at least 7 similar players, yet are still fretting over the last few positions is exactly what I want. The blog has helped you build a core but I never wanted to pick your whole teams for you, just give you ideas and let you act on your own hunches to make the BIG decisions for your team each week. I think it's working well, especially as many of you are ahead of me in the Blog Leagues! :)

Special thanks to the Anonymous poster at 6:25pm tonight who posted today's transfer news. I thought I'd comment on some of the transfers/rumours.

Tommy Smith to Pompey - I used to buy this guy on Championship Manager about 10 years ago! Creative forward who could be quite useful although Pompey will struggle. Likes to shoot, good penalty interesting to see how he'll step up.

Robert Huth to Stoke - Could be decent if he enters the game at a reasonable price. He's often injured & loves a tackle (and a yellow card), but he & Shawcross will win everything in the air for Stoke.

Tuncay to Stoke - Really exciting! I love Tuncay, great attacking player and can really wrack up the points in fantasy terms. Could be a good move by Stoke and certainly a player to keep an eye on.

Sylvain Distin to Everton - Great move by Everton and only £7 million in fantasy terms. Could be a real option if Everton sort out their bad start.

Richard Dunne to Villa - Good signing for Villa but a bit expensive at the moment at alomst £9 million.

Steve Warnock to Villa - I'm a big fan of Warnock, he could be good at Villa if he's given the left back slot, but again a touch expensive at the moment.

Pascal Chimbonda to Blackburn - Can score decent points as an attacking fullback but won't get many clean sheets at blackburn. There may be better options at £8 million.

I'm sure they'll be plenty more signings to comment on before midnight next Tuesday!



ToffeeDave said...

What about our russian Diniyar? I didn't know about Tuncay which is nice. And considering all my toffee defenders are 8+ Distin is gonna rise in value and rack up those clean sheets as soon as we figure out the defense. I'd say barn door him but does anyone know if Distin is a right back or a center back? I'm not too sure whether he was bought for cover in the middle or if Hibbert finally got replaced (hopefully)

Assistant Manager said...

This was just in response to today's transfers Dave, Diniyar will be someone to keep an eye on for sure.

Distin is a towering Centre Back mate, so I imagine he'll partner Yobo until Jagielka is back?

bean said...

Could Distin get straight into the squad this weekend, Neville back to the midfield and Rodwell back to the bench?

Gooner said...

Dunne to Villa means Richards is safe, right?

bean said...

@Gooner - don't think Dunne leaving effects Richards, it's more of the rotation between Richards and Zabaleta/Onuoha. It seems as though Richards has been favored so far this season. I would guess it to be Richards, Toure, Lescott, Bridge. but you never know with Richards playing today he might need a rest at the weekend?

bean said...

C.Palace v. Man City today:

SWP - 1 SOT, 1 Goal, 1 Assist, 1 FW
Tevez - 3 SOT, 1 Goal, 4 FW, 2 FC
Ireland - 1 Assist
Adebayor - 2 SOT, 1 FC
Robinho - 1 SOT, 1 FD, 1 FC
Given - 8 saves

(doesn't include phantom points, but gives an idea who performed today)

Anonymous said...

Huth took a few free kicks for Boro in his day. Something to consider, along with his height and power in the box on corners! ToffeeDave - Tuncay would have fit nice on our wing, hey?! Good for Stoke, though. And Tuncay. HE did well for me every year in Fantasy, and in the Euro Fantasy League - no one seemed to pick him in Euro Fantasy. bean - your assessment of the Toffee weekend changes makes sense.(Donegal08)

bean said...

Huth likes a hard tackle too: 39 Fouls Committed last year + 5 Yellows

ToffeeDave said...

I never rated

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

A.Cole and G.Johnson
(discounts at 10.44 and 11.01)

or swap them with Robinho and Wilkinson?


Jeremy said...

Hey guys,
What do you think of these 2 options?
Mascherano, J.Terry, W.Bridge
Johnson, Bosingwa and Rodwell


mehicoradio said...

@ clar, Personally i like Johnson, been very attacking so far at Liverpool and if they ever get a clea sheet, he'll probably get some good points. Robinho and Wilko could be good as well, though Cole is more likely to get a cs against burnley then Wilko against Sunderland. IMO both would be good options, Really up to which you feel more safe with.

@Jeremy, i like the Johnson, Bosingwa, Rodwell one more, mainly as i feel safer in saying all three will start. Johnson been getting good points so far. Bosingwa has a good CS chance (and should have gotten one last week), and i don't know much with Everton but i would assume Rodwell is more attacking then Masch usually.

as i like to warn, pure opinion though, i could be totally off haha.

Fidan said...

Ooouch!!! Another one missed by Rafa...TUNCAY.
I don't know wether it was the issue of money, but Tuncay has everything Rafa looks for in a player. Commitment, hardwork, speed, good vision and can notch one goal or two, coming wide from midfield.
Though, I never picked him last season...but, surely someone to keep an eye on...!!!

@Clar - I'd say, follow your senses with this one, as the difference between the two is very tricky and I can say very MODEST...!!! Hunch,hunch,hunch...!!!

@Jeremy - The choice depends on your reflection...Do you trust more in fantasy points from defensive point of view or the atacking p.o.v...
You got
1. Masch - who likes to shoot once in a while, but is a hard tackler and very familiar with cards (and he is away, and with the task of turning things around, don't forget)
2. Terry - if he can't keep his CS...he won't score much pts for you (ahhh, how I miss Mourinho's era, just a joke ;)
3. Bridge - can score some fantom pts but...a touch expensive...!!!

The second choice...SEE the opposite of the above mentioned...!!!
I'd personally go with the second choice, but that's just me. I don't think you'll lose much by either pick...!!!

You want to hear a funny thing?
I didn't make a single change since Monday. I deserve some kind of award, don't I??? :D

Good luck to everyone...!!!

Dave said...

Any love for Pedersen this week? I think he's being slept on, and is due for a big game...

Anonymous said...

My lasting emory of Tuncay is of him rubbing his scalp raw after missing another easy shot for Boro.

Sticking with Hennessey and Saha this weekend, sted Myhill and Tevez. Late changes always come back to haunt me.

Anonymous said...

In more transfer news:

In Progress or Completed:
Michael Brown to Pompey
Alessandro Diamanti (Livorno striker) to West Ham
Kagisho Dikgacoi (S. African midfielder) to Fulham

Kevin-Prince Boateng to Pompey
Jamie O'Hara to Pompey (on loan)
Richard Cresswell to Watford (which I know will break some hearts here :) )

Although Tuncay's unable to play this week (unlike Huth), he's now in the system for 1.00. I presume that won't stand. Plus, his position is listed as "_singular," which is a new one on me.

BTW, to those of you who were waiting for Bosingwa's points to be corrected for last week, I hope you're happy. Now that it's been done, I dropped 326 places. :) (Well, for me make that a :( ).


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why ff will not let me choose Tuncay - they don't have a position listed for him it just says "singular" where it would normally say his position.

Anonymous said...

If you could choose between denilson, arshavin, or eduardo for this week which one do you think is most likely to play against man u?

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