Sunday, 9 August 2009

What Did We Learn?

Chelsea have just sealed victory in the Community Shield, on penalties vs. Man Utd after it ended 2-2 at 90 minutes. You can never take results in any friendly too seriously, but have we learnt anything as we approach the first week of the Premier League season? Well, here are some random thoughts...

Lampard - Will always get a great chance to score at the head of Ancelotti's diamond, even if he's done nothing for the other 89 mins...& he'll almost always take it. Great penalty too. He's in.

Rooney - Will be playing a central role, took his only chance really well on his left foot. Really tempting to find a place for him in my Week 1 line-up.

O'Shea - Should now start at right back for both United's Week 1 games. Great option for 2 clean sheets at just over £7million.

Foster - Looked VERY nervous & made some errors, but as Kuszczak didn't get any game time Foster looks sure to take Van Der Sar's place. I may reconsider Kirkland though.

Drogba - He'll dive around as always, but he dropped deep, looked dangerous, strong, quick, set up the 2nd goal. At his current price, I think everyone should be looking to have him in for Week 1.

Nani - Started on the left wing (despite Sky saying he was to start on the right). Looked dangerous & good strike for the goal, although Cech should've saved it. Could well have forced himself into consideration as United's left winger, but went off with what looked like a bad arm/shoulder injury, so keep an eye on him.

Zhirkov - Knee injury, not even on the bench, so surely even less likely to start next weekend.

Valencia - Started on the bench and did nothing when he came on. I'm still confident he'll be the first choice right winger ahead of Park (who started), but he's no longer a 100% pick for me (he was before today).

Anelka - Didn't seem as comfortable as Drogba in the 4-4-2.

Berbatov - Nice touches, but lazy. Will probably still start ahead of Owen because of his hold up play.

Carrick - Could be United's new penalty taker.

Ivanovic - Is not a right back.

Bosingwa - Is a right back & will start the season there for Chelsea.

Evra - Should never take another penalty again. Looked good going forward though & took some set pieces. I may look to free up some £££ for him but he might be a touch expensive.

What are your thoughts. Has today's game made you have 2nd thoughts about any of your selections? It certainly has give me something to think about...


Anonymous said...

I almost hoped that Rooney would play bad this evening because I don´t have the money for him. But I think I have to now for week 1. Espacially considering Man U match- ups. Otherwise, Drogba for just over 10 is a most and Foster is still a clear pick for me even though he didn´t look good.
I´m still along way to a first 11...

Anonymous said...

Foster is by no means a replacement for EdvS. He has had some really shaky moments in United's preseason run, hes more of a place holder. Makes me like Kirk a bit better as I could afford a slightly better defense.
I won't drop Zhirkov just yet because of the price jumps but will most likely when his injury is confirmed and probably won't be playing week 1. Probably gonna move him out for Blake and go 3-4-3.


Anonymous said...

@5:56pm: Even if Rooney did bad it wouldn't affect his price as the Community Shield is still preseason. Only bad games in the regular season affect price. Plus Chelsea have the squad to win the league this year and Rooney will be playing against two promoted sides who lost to league 2 teams in their preseason. If he can score on Chelsea he better score on those teams, hes a "must have" in my book.


Assistant Manager said...

@ 5:56pm
Yeah I hoped Rooney would get sent off or something so I wouldn't need to worry about him! :) Agreed Drogba is a must.

Hi Kellz - Yep, that small price difference between Kirks and Foster is annoying, I could upgrade another player if I go with Kirks. To be honest all today did was confuse me!

Assistant Manager said...

Kellz - I think "5:56pm" meant if Rooney had a bad game he wouldn't have to worry so much about not having him in his team...after the goal he really wants to get him in but can't afford him. It's the exact dilemma I have.

Anonymous said...

Yea I see that now. But in any case as I stated b4, if Rooney can score on Chelsea then Rooney can score on Burnley and Birmingham, so no matter the outcome of the Shield, I was gonna keep him. The price jumps are def annoying!

Assistant Manager said...

Absolutely Kellz. I'm going to have to drop Torres to get Rooney be honest I'm not that annoyed as I don't really like picking players who I think might score against Tottenham. I may get points from it, but I don't get any joy.

Anonymous said...

Lol good point. I am gutted I have to pick Rooney over Torres, being a Liverpool fan. It has been a disappointing pre-season to say the least and I must admit I am a bit worried for the start. I honestly hope Spurs do well this season, just not the first game ;D


Dave said...

Good observations, AM. You echo my thoughts on Foster: he was shaky. Could have been more aggressive when punching out the little floated ball from Malouda, instead he let Drog batter him and it fell kindly to Carvalho. Also, Foster arguably should have parried Lampard's goal - he got two hands to it but could only push it against the post and in. Did not exactly impress Capello I imagine. Still, I have to think Fergie sticks with him.

It's worth mentioning that not only did Drogba set up Lamps' goal, but had several SOTs himself, looking lively, which bodes well in YFF terms.

And Rooney - well taken goal, and I expect him to have many chances over the two games in week 1 to earn big fantasy points. Scoring/making the most of one chance against a strong Chelsea side simply tells me that he will do very well against a couple of promoted teams.

Malouda looked good again for the Blues IMO. His end product did not yield much that would translate into YFF points today, but he was highly involved and really attack-minded - running at defenders, getting balls into the box, etc. Seems his confidence is much higher than last year. On today's evidence, is it enough to entice a switch over Valencia????? Hmmmmm....Would Lamps, Drog, FloMa be too much Chelski, would there be enough points to go around?

Where's the love for Carvalho, AM?? ;) Sure, perhaps not a super YFF pick this week due to his relatively high cost, but he is undoubtedly a top-shelf defender. He reads the game so well and is much better than blood-n-guts Terry at playing the ball out of the back.

My 2 cents...

Assistant Manager said...

Cheers Dave - funnily enough Malouda didn't really impress me today...but nof course neither did Valencia!

Do you think Carvalho has grabbed his place back from Alex on that performance? I should've mentioned him really, as I also rate him as a better defender than Terry...see my previous post on the subject!

ToffeeDave said...

I was about to say something in terms of Carvalho but you guys covered it for me. I straight away went to check his fantasy price after the game and decided I'll stick with 6mil defenders haha.

fidan said...

I know you said you weren't impressed by Malouda, but for fantasy purposes he presents a great value of money, he puts a lot of crossed, wins some corners, tends to assist some and he CAN actually score coming in the middle...I think he just pushed Valencia out of my team... Only...if Nani's (who seems to get a nod ahead of Valencia for the first team) injury is bit more serious and Valencia gets his starts in the first two games. We shall wait and see, but Malouda is in pole possition, surely...!!!

SR said...

As Zhirkov's place in the starting line-up is becoming more and more unlikely, I am considering moving that position up forward with Rodellega a likely replacement. There has been much talk about Milijas and Jordi Gomez throughout this forum.. and whilst you take pre-season form with a grain of salt, has anyone got the 'late mail' as to how they are performing pre-season?

Anonymous said...

I don't think you can judge Valencia on this game, he was subbed in. Case in point it was Chelsea today, next week it will be Burnley and Birmingham. Given his point spread (7pt game ave with Wigan) does anyone really doubt Valencia could not score over his price in pts no with United? Stick with Malouda, leave me with all the Valencia pts :D

@Fidan: just wondering where you have seen that Nani will get the nod over Valencia? Would be good to know that is going to happen.

Cheers and good luck!

Assistant Manager said...

I don't think Nani is in a position to challenege Valencia, as Nani plays left wing and Valencia right wing. If anything it's Valencia vs Park, but it's a battle I expect Valencia to win.

NOTE: Nani is also going to miss the start of the season after Ferguson confirmed he dislocated his shoulder yesterday.

Fidan said...

When you put your best eleven to face a tough's side (Chelsea) best eleven...and there is no Valencia, what else does it leave to understand...I know he has a great points output but, if it weren't for this issue of Nani's shoulder, I'd definitely pick Malouda...That injury HURTS me more than Nani I think, :P!!!

Decisions, decisions...

@Kellz...maybe I won't let you have Valencia's pts just for yourself :P:P:P!!!

Anonymous said...

@Fidan: No Valencia in a glorified preseason match doesn't invoke worry. Against Burnley and Birmingham I expect Valencia to start and do quite well. However Malouda vs Sunderland and Hull is also a good matchup and would expect Malouda to do well also. Question of who you like more I guess :D


Fidan said...

I'd like to have them both, best version...but, if I have to choose then it will be the match-ups decisive. In that aspect I think SBruce can manage to lock his defensive even against Chelsea...soooo, it's Valencia then...I hope Malouda sucks, otherwise...:D
By the way, which option you think would be better>>> Scotland, SEB or McFadden??? oooor Edgar/Jimenez

Anonymous said...

Ebanks-Blake out of the strikers. He only needs 2 SOT each game to pay you back pts to price. Jimenez is a better 2nd week pick rather than week 1, better just to grab players with a double. Edgar/Gomez would be better


fidan said...

@ Kellz...Ok, my mistake...I forgot to mention that the options are>>> Sonko/JScotland,SEB or McFadden and Edgar/Jimenez...Thnx for reply

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