Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Week 3 - Midfielders

After yesterday's post on strikers we move on to midfielders for Week 3. Again, plenty to think about with lots of reasonably priced options:


Lampard - Frank has not had the start to the fantasy season that most of us expected. At the tip of the diamond I think we all believed he'd already be averaging 15-18 points per match but that's not been the case. He's averaging over 11 but he's lost a few set pieces (Drogba freekicks & Deco/Malouda corners) which may well be affecting his only 1 goal so far. However, he has a chance to improve on that vs Burnely. I personally think this is the game where he'll break out with a goal & a few SOT, so he's my top tip for the week.

Gerrard - He's still looked good for a struggling Liverpool team, taking every set piece and constantly shooting from distance (very often hitting the target). I'd love to get him in vs a poor Bolton side, but I don't think you can afford to have both Gerrard & Lampard in your team unless you sacrifice 2 or even 3 other positions with cheaper players. I'd say that if you have him at £18million then hang on to him due to Liverpool's next few matches, but otherwise I'd go for Lampard this week & use the spare £2million elsewhere. Whichever you pick you'll get a good return from them - if you can find a way to fit them both in without destroying your team too much then it's up to you to take the risk!

Lennon - If you'd grabbed Lennon pre-update then he's a great option this week. When flying at full pace he cannot be stopped, he has a surprising strong shot and he is actually capable of delivering a decent cross on occasions. He has a nice fixture at home to Birmingham but at over £12 million he's probably a touch expensive. If you do want to grab a Spurs midfielder this week then it should probably be...

Modric - He's one of my favourite players, a rare breed like Ineista who appears to have so much time on the ball - he's in for a big season. Same fixture as Lennon, but Modric has the added bonus of being almost 3 million cheaper & taking corners & side free kicks. If you are looking for a midfielder for under £10million I think he's probably the best choice this week.

Nani - Nani has often ruined weeks for me. Whenever I've picked him over the past 2 seasons he has done zero. So this season I've avoided him, and of course he's had a very decent start. I managed to barndoor him for £8 million & even though he has a tough fixture I think he can get me some points vs Arsenal. he's shooting from distance & taking the majority of freekick & corners...after his performance vs Wigan he'd be very unlucky to be dropped. I expect him to start & do well.

Milijas - A let down for the past 2 weeks (subbed both times) - I expected him to be less effective away from home as Wolves look to get some harder workers on the pitch. However, it's going to be games like this (home to Hull) where I expect him to shine in his free role behind the striker. He'll take the majority of set pieces & at just over £6 million he's a great option to fill a gap this week.

Deco - Has a good chance of starting after his great performance at Sunderland followed by a place on the bench vs Fulham. He's looked vastly improved so far (although he started well last year) and he should steal some corners from Lampard. Bargain option at under £8million.

Pederson - Outside bet here, but one that I'd think about if I had the money. Those of you playing the game around 3 seasons ago will remember MGP was a fantastic fantasy player, taking corners, free kicks, getting crosses in & chipping in with goals. He's gone quiet for a while but he looked good last weekend & at around £10million he could be quietly effective this weekend at home to West Ham.

Pienaar - See Pederson above, has begun in a similar way despite Everton's poor start. Will get crosses in & not afraid to shoot. Another outside bet around the £10 million mark.

Palacios - Good fixture and he's peformed well so far this season. His goal was his first ever in English football so he's not going to score too often & he's always likely to get booked, but he's in top form, getting tackles in and charging forward so he's a good mid/low range option at under £7 million.

Hunt - Seems to be involved in everything good that Hull do so far & whilst away from home, Wolves isn't the toughest fixture. He'll take set pieces and he'll get at least one chance, so if you fancy a bit of a gamble on a player not many will have then he could be a decent risk taker at under £9 million.

Fellaini -
Cheap, impossible to mark from corners and capable of scoring this weekend. I currently have him in my team although not certain whether he'll stay. Good value if you do go with him - Everton have to pick up soon & Wigan's good start has stalled.

Rodwell -
Bargain filler.


Hope this helps a bit.

Quick overview of the others...

Keepers: Given, Foster, Hennessey, Howard. If you're desperate like I am Robbo or Myhill, though this is not really recommended, I just screwed myself by dropping Given.

Defenders: Wilkinson, Givet, Bassong, Vermaelen, Richards, Craddock & Mancienne.

I might not be around for the next couple of days so it's unlikely i'll be able to respond to comments, but there will be Predicted Line-ups & a Week 4 Preview on Friday.

In the meantime, I'm sure Kellz, Fidan & the other regulars will be able to help you out if you have any questions!



G said...

AM, your guide is really helpful. Thanks.
This is my current team.
Bassong, verm, wilkinson
Milijas, gomez, rodwell, lampard
Defoe, drobga, torres

Should I drop gomez for Palacios?

Anonymous said...

Great blog loving reading it.

In order to fit Lampard in my team I have 2 weak spots
Robinson (GK) and Mokoena
I have Rooney at a discount of 2.62

What do you think?

1. Drop Rooney to cheaper player to upgrade team. (It will hurt to get him back!)
2. Forget about Lampard to upgrade team. (Knowing my luck he will score 30+)
3. Take the risk with Robinson and Mokoena. (I can see -points coming)

The rest of my team I am happy with.

Any advice would be great.


Assistant Manager said...

G - could be a good move.

Rick - If you really want Lampard & want to keep Rooney's discount then go with option 3.

Jeremy said...

What about Rodwell? Do u really think he's gonna start? At 4m, he's a bargain.

Assistant Manager said...

Yeah he's a bargain Jeremy, i've edited the post to include him.

Anonymous said...

@ AM -
how is this team??



Los Fantasticos said...

I'd like to agree with all the praise first off. This is a great blog AM. Some of the best comments here too.

I've currently got:

Vermaelen, Bassong, Wilkinson (since week 1)
Milijas, Lamps, Modric, Mokoena
Adebayor, Torres, Drogba

I hate having a filler in the team, but I want to keep the strike force. I could trade Lampard and get a couple of other midfielders (plus get rid of Mok) but I'm reluctanct to let go of him again.

What do people think?

Fidan said...


I love every team that has StevieG,Lamps,Drogs (and even Defoe and Modric) in it...UNLESS you have to put 3 fillers (or maybe 4 considering Givet).

I'd say downgrade Gerrard (DO NOT do that if you have him for around 18m) and upgrade Moko and esp Baird (to maybe Wilkinson or even Richards).

And finally, as we mentioned before be careful and don't get yourself trapped in Myhill/PRobbo web...

Good luck...!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

Any feedback about my lineup would be great. I'm thinking about settling with these two team:

Bassong, Wilkinson, Givet
Mokoena, Milijas, Lennon, Modric, Gerrard
Drogba, Robinho
(can't decide if I should go with Lennon or Nani)


Bassong, Wilkinson, Givet
Mokoena, Milijas, Lampard, Palacios,
Drogba, Robinho, Jo

Which do you think will serve be better?


Dare to Devil said...

AM, no love for some premium defenders? Chelsea especially looks good for a CS.

Anonymous said...

What do you guys think of Vermaelen for this weekend?


Anonymous said...

@ Fidan -

If you notice.. i have only TWO fillers.. Moko and Baird!..Givet is a cheap defender and myhill is a bargain..

and should i get robinho instead of lamps and change palacios/baird to nani/wilko(or)verma??

~ N00B

Anonymous said...

@ dan

verm for me is a season keeper...specially if u hav him around 6


Anonymous said...


I have:

Verm - Bassong - Wilkinson

I feel best to go with regular point-makers. Mok is the only filler but by having Lamps & StevieG I'm sacrificing a solid striker in either Defoe or Torres. What do you think? Worth the risk?


Ash n Oz said...

Hi you lot,

Really enjoying the blog and 'the comments' section!

I feel the need to throw something out there in regards to Man City and their players. I found them less than convincing at home to Wolves last Saturday, and I am finding it hard to choose their forward players with confidence of a good return in points. I know fantasy points don't always reflect a team's ability to gel, but I can't help but think that this will effect their chances of scoring highly. Robinho might be an exception to the rule this week and i will probably end up eating my words, but I believe they are going to find it harder than fantasy managers are predicting AWAY against Pompey this weekend. Any feedback?

I'm backing the Liverpool big boys to do the business this weekend and bounce back against a struggling Bolton side.

I'm also going with a 'hunch' Blackburn pick as one of my forwards, as well as dodgy Robbo in net!

All the best with your team picking everyone.


Anonymous said...

@ Matt
nope .... not worthy of the risk..
defoe can be more explosive than lamps currently is..sell gerrard ... or if u gt him at 18 den sell lamps and upgrade moko or tevez

~ N00B

Anonymous said...

any1 out there who has a team with BOTH StevieG AND Lamps with only 2 fillers??

~ N00B

Bojan said...

we all have 7-9 same players...

Anonymous said...


This is my team for now.


What do you guys think.

I appreciate any suggestions.


Anonymous said...


I am contemplating a team with Gerrard and Lamps with NO FILLERS. I'd have to drop Rooney and Nani though. I'd have a MF of Milijas, Gomez, Lamps, Gerrard. Then Forwards of: Drogs, Altidore, and someone under 8.15. The thing is not many good strikers under 8.15.

I could also swap Lamps for Gerrard straight up and keep Rooney and Nani. Or I could get rid of Nani and Altidore for Robinho and Moks, but I am hesitant to use fillers. I like Liv's sched coming up and might swap Lamps for Gerrard, idk... I may just stand pat too. Hoping reading these comments will help sway my decision. There are quite a few of options for me, for some reason I am not sold on Robinho, or Man City as a whole for that matter.

Thoughts? Input? Much appreciated from anyone.



SP said...

Great Blog!!

My current team:

Mancienne, Bassong, Wilkinson
Lampard, Gerrard, Abou Diaby, Mokena, Nani
Torres, Drogba

Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Kudos on the blog. I'm new to YFF (I appear to be the guy who finished off your second league), and I'm learning a lot, both in fantasy and reality.

My Week 3 team thus far:

Bassong, Vermaelen, Wilkinson
Lampard, Milijas, Palacios, Rodwell
Drogba, Defoe, Robinho

Obviously, my midfield isn't the strongest, but last week a lot of high-priced midfield talent underperformed for me. I'm hoping Defoe and Robinho can make up some ground given their match-ups.

I'm looking forward to your preview for Week 4, which seems to have a higher proportion of head-scratchers. Man City's upcoming fixtures (H-Arsenal, A-Man Utd) are going to test my allegiance to Given.


ToffeeDave said...




Secret pick/Pienaar

Benji said...

anyone hear about the bosingwa clean sheet situation. still at 2 pts...

Anonymous said...

this is an average team ..
plz give me your opinions...


if this team performs... it can perform BIG!!

bean said...

a little off the midfielders topic, but the Yak is back in Everton's squad and according to PhysioRoom Arteta is 3 days away, Anichebe 4 days away. I guess that it isn't very accurate as it has Yak 3 weeks away, but looking at Everton's schedule (WIG, @FUL, BLA, @POR, STO, WOL, @BOL, AST) and with these players returning from injury, things are looking brighter for the Toffees.

bean said...

also, if anyone has been eyeing up Wigan players, they are currently getting spanked by Blackpool 3-0 in the Carling Cup. Food for thought.

Anonymous said...

One thing about Stephen Hunt; gets the odd yellow. I like Wolves in this fixture. I like Jarvis as an alternative to Milijas, who everybody owns. By the way, nice blog here. Well done! bean - Wigan looks like relegation fodder v Blackpool. Pathetic. Sinclair looks good, though. And I do not see Rodwell starting. Just my opinion. Celtic got robbed. Enough said. (Donegal08)

ToffeeDave said...

@bean...Yakubu I dont see having a full game this week. He will get a run out in the europa cup tie and probably a substitution for saturdays game but he will be back and scoring regularly next week along with our new russian. If you wanna risk some points to save money on Yakubu should he score off the bench the go ahead but I'll barndoor him if anything

Anonymous said...

Wigan's Carling Cup starting XI against Blackpool almost looks like a different team (well, 2/3 of it anyway):

Pollitt, Boyce, Amaya, Scharner, Edman, McCarthy, Watson, Diame, Sinclair, Scotland, King

Looks like Rodallega's been sub'ed in late -- as in "too little, too late."

Naning said...

Can't wait for Arteta to come back. He's easily one of the best players in the premier league. I remember having him at a bargain price when he got injured last season. That hurt my team.

Jamie said...

what do you think of my team?

Bassong Wilkinson McCartney
Lampard Mascherano Palacios Mokoena
Drogba Defoe Robinho

Gooner said...

Great blog and comments as usual.


You are the only one I have seen with Fulop, so if he does well, you might gain on all of us who have Given. Great forward line. You pay for it a little in the midfield, but that's inevitable.

Here is my team.

Bassong, Richards, Wilk
Lampard, Palacios, Milijas

Would you complete the team with:
(1) Rodallega, Gerrard, and Moko
(2) Rodollega, Tevez, and Ireland
(3) Defoe, Tevez, Gomez

I'm leaning to 3, but will take any advice.

bean said...

@ToffeeDave - yeah, I wasn't thinking of him for this week, just wanting to keep an eye on him to pick up once he gets back to starting regularly and most likely scoring goals..

Kellz said...

@Gooner: I wouldn't add in Rodallega buts thats me. Out of ManCiteh I like Robinho, for me Ireland just hasn't been getting as involved YFF wise however Tevez could be worth it. But Jo might be a better striker to pair with Tevez leaving you to down size Ireland to possibly Modric/Fellaini/Hunt/Deco

Good luck

Douchebag United said...

Current team any advice to be had?

Foster - Risky I know but should be in line for the saves I hope, didn't get in on Given at the right price so hard to sell on Foster and go for the Myhill, Robbo route worked out last week but going forward I like Foster

Verm - Season keeper I'd imagine

Bassong - Cheap and good fixture

Richards - I know he plays wing but anything to worry with Lescott coming in?

Gerrard - I have him @ 18.99 lowest I've seen him this year and I think he'll decimate Bolton

Moks - Filler

Rodwell - Bargain

Modric - Like him against Birmingham

Drogba - Never should have sold him

Robhino - Hope he explodes

Defoe - Steady Eddy when he's hot, although I do think Keane is ready for a big game...

ace1234567890 said...

Ignore the Gunners at your own peril...

bean said...

@Kellz - I have to agree re: Ireland. Somewhere I read an article describing how differently the midfield works with Barry's arrival. It made the comparison to the Gerrard/Lampard problem on the England squad. It seems like this year Ireland and Barry are two similar players that haven't found out a great way to work together. Maybe they'll adjust, maybe not, but Ireland is not the same player he was last year..

Douchebag United said...

I didn't ignore the gunners last week and they bent me over that team is unpredictable! Which Gunners should be put in the line up because right now I have no idea...

Kellz said...

My current Team left to confuse all:
Verm, Richards, Bassong
Lampard, (secret), Milijas, (secret) Modric
Drogs, Robinho


Verm, Richards, (secret)
Lampard, (secret) Milijas, Moke
Drogs, Robinho, Defoe

Good luck all

Eric said...

Loving the secret picks Kellz =)
Can't keep things TOO transparent can we? It is still a competition afterall hehe

ace1234567890 said...

It's true Arsenal are a little hard to predict because everyone on that team has the ability to score, which is all the more positive (for the team). I have honestly not been all that impressed with Man Utd's early form, and away fixtures at Goodison and Celtic Park have not slowed this offense down. Being down Ferdinand and Van Der Sar, it could be a long day for the United defense. Arshavin got subbed in yesterday's game in the 72nd minute, and scored by the 73rd. He's been playing well despite lack of fantasy points, and I favor him to do well this week. Honestly, we all know he isn't putting up 2.75 points per game this year. The correction will come, soon IMO. I BD'd Diaby, and I will keep him, b/c at 5.28 it leave my money to be used elsewhere. No, he will not often score a brace, but what he will be is plenty adequate for his price (if you got him at 5.28). What concerns me is that Wenger may rest him this Saturday becuase he's only just returned, and already has played twice in the week, but at the discount, he's a keeper IMO. Eduardo looks real good too, should get a chance to prove himself this year.

Gooner said...


Thanks for the advice on Ireland. I think you are right.

And will you tell us who your secret picks were after the deadline? The suspense is killing me.

Kellz said...

Eh? I think your logic is flawed sir. Diaby may allow you to fill up else where, uhh erm but Gomez or Milijas or Jiminez at 5.54 is a much better bargin as each actually starts and will score much more fantasy wise. Diaby was 5.28 for a reason, he doesn't do much for 98% of the season. Yea he bagged a brace but now he will go several weeks at under 2.5 pts. Last years season stats proved that. Now maybe I am wrong, but the history states otherwise.

ace1234567890 said...

In this case, you cannot go by last year. The depatures of Gilberto and Mathieu Flamini means a starting spot is there for Diaby as long as he continues to perform. On top of that, Diaby had an injury riddled 08/09 campaign which limited him to 28 appearences. I fully expect Abou Diaby to have every chance to solidify himself at centre-midfield this season. Also fyi, I do have Milijas and Gomez as well at midfield. This has allowed me to have a front 3 of Drogba/Robinho/Defoe, along with Arshavin as the other midfielder. I am confident in this paying off.

Kellz said...

You sound confident, I guess thats good. You realize Gilberto and Flamini makes no difference to Diaby, he doesn't start in their absence, you expect Arsenal to field him over Denilson or Nasri when fit again? Maybe hes a good choice for now. I expect him to start maybe Half of all Gonner games only to total under 100 YFF points. Its my opinion you waste 5.26mil on him, but hey you have your own ideas. But none the less good luck to you, really sincerely, I just personally don't want to get on that train.

ace1234567890 said...

Thanks. Of course this is irrelevant to you and most anyone else who have not BD'd him, but I'm just saying. If it becomes appearent fatigue will keep Diaby out of the lineup at Old Trafford, I may have to turn elsewhere, but if he starts, I will field him. Also Nasri will not be fit for some time, I wouldn't worry about him just yet for YFF...
Good luck to you too.

Kellz said...

Just keep an eye out for 1-3 scorer Jiminez!

bean said...

Anonymous said...

Hey people... im new to this site.. though after visiting it, i can say for sure that im gonna be a frequent visitor :D

Just one question, What is your opinion on Nani's starting status??

If he's a regular, he'll be a keeper..

Thanks, and keep up the good work..


Anonymous said...


with Ronaldo gone I think this is the year for Nani to step up and show us what he's got. He's been amazing so far and he's a definite keeper for me

i can't seem to decide on which team I should settle for. Wonder if any of you guys could help me out.

Bassong, Wilkinson, Vermaelen
Milijas, Mokoena, Modric, Nani, Gerrard
Drogba, Robinho


Bassong, Wilkinson, Givet
Milijas, Mokoena, Nani, Lampard
Drogba, Robinho, Jo

Which one do you think has a higher chance of scoring me the most points?


Naning said...


If it is possible(doubt it is) I'd go with Jo and Gerrard. Mainly because I feel Everton will pick it up now and have some easy fixtures ahead. The same goes with Gerrad and Lampard. They should perform pretty equal this week, but gerrard has some easy fixtures coming up, and his price might rise even higher.

Fidan said...

@ Dan

Your 2nd team is almost identical as mine (only I have Torres and you have Jo, Vermalaen instead of Givet)...
I'd say go with team 2 cuz I like Lamps hosting Burnley. But if you have Gerrard for 18m keep him and go with the 1st team...cuz he has some good match-ups coming.

The only problem, I think, that "divides" the two teams is GK...I got Given for 6m, but I think that even 8m for him isn't tragedy, since I think that his value is only gonna go UP esp with Lescott and Toure in front of him. Myhill is PROBLEM...

After all is your choice...YOUR HUNCH...!!!

Good Luck!!!

Anonymous said...

As expected, the transfers are starting to come fast and furious:

In Progress or Completed:
Tommy Smith to Pompey
Huth to Stoke
Tuncay to Stoke
Sylvain Distin to Everton
Richard Dunne to Villa
Steve Warnock to Villa
Pascal Chimbonda to Blackburn

Michael Brown to Pompey
Kevin Nolan back to Bolton
Michael Turner to Sunderland
Danny Shittu looking to leave Bolton

Anonymous said...

Here's my team:

Bassong, Wilkinson, Vermaelen
Lampard, Deco, Rodwell, Modric
Drogba, Defoe, Saha

Hennessey and Saha are the two question marks (obviously). Could go with Myhill in goal but with the extra points I only see C. Cole or Tevez as suitable replacements for Saha (over Keane, K. Jones or Bent).

Anyone have a breakdown on Wolves vs. Hull? Sounds to me like a goalless draw, so does it matter who's in net?

Assistant Manager said...

N00B - I've deleted your post. Again, the advice on your new blog (give or take a couple of players & some different wording) is very similar to mine, so I'd prefer if you didn't advertise it on here. It's taken a lot of work to put this together & the fact you are also asking 2 of best contributers in Fidan & Kellz to join you is taking the piss to be honest.

I've got no problem with you starting your own blog, it's just the fact you'd already started a blog earlier in the week which ripped off one of my posts word-for-word & now the content in this new blog is far too similar again.

Everyone else - thanks for keeping the comments going, top stuff again! Been away with work for 24 hours so haven't been online until about 5 mins ago but will be going replying to comments later tonight & putting up a Week 4 Preview & Predicted Line-Up post tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Asst. Manager - I'll be a regular here. You ahve a good site here. Can't believe Stoke will get Tuncay for the assumed price. Everton could have really used someone like Tuncay. So could Liverpool, for that matter. (Donegal08)

Anonymous said...

I'm listening to talkSPORT. Cullimore and Co. They are talking about Gerrard being on his own, unlike Lamps. Again, Tuncay would have been a nice addition. So would Martin Petrov. Villa getting Warnock and Dunne - brilliance again by O'Neill.(Donegal08)

bean said...

@Donegal - big fan of Tuncay. I think Stoke needed him more than Everton. Their attack won't be so bad once the Yak is back. Yak/Jo first choice with Saha/Anichebe/Baxter second choice?

bean said...

Also a big fan of Martin Petrov, he was fantasy gold 2 years ago. Seems a lot of teams could use a left-sided winger like him, but I guess at 30 yrs. old he's gettin' up there. Would like to see him go to a team where he's a key figure in the squad, certainly he needs to get the F out of Citeh.

Anonymous said...

bean - agreed on both posts, though Everton could use Tuncay as well. Yak/Saha would be an interesting combo. Saha is still fragile, though, and seems to fill the same role as Owen at United. Anichebe will never be the default option. Vaughn is still young. Time will tell on Vaughn. I do like the Distin signing. If they can somehow poach Harper from Toon, they'll be solid on the backline. Still wouldn't mind Tuncay! Petrov being 30 - he still has pace. He'd be a nice fit for many teams, and will probably end up somewhere on the continent, versus the EPL, but you never know... (Donegal08)

bean said...

@Donegal - Vaughn is still young, Baxter is still young (but he's money in FIFA!) So they are a bit thin, especially if one or a couple go injured (Saha). Distin was a good signing. I wonder if he can get straight into the lineup for the weekend? or will it be a few days for medical and such? If he does, I would assume Neville goes back to midfield, in which case Rodwell might not start?

Dan in Detroit said...

how this looking? wanna see what everyone's thinking before i sell torres:

Verm, Wilk, Richards
Lamps, Nani, Modric, A. Young, Rodwell
Defoe, Altidore

I figure I stack the midfield this week. Young looked good against Liverpool and started against Vienna (missed a penalty though) so no long term injury concern. Villa also made some ambitious moves today proving they're serious about contending for a top 4 spot. Good? Bad? HELP!


Eric said...

Might want to check if Young is going to be fit. He took a knock on the knee last match. Didn't look serious but it certainly had him hobbling around pretty good. Never know with knee injuries too. I am betting that he will still play but might want to keep an eye on it.

Could drop him for Robinho/Adebayor/Defoe up front if you don't want to risk it.

By the way... Anyone know how Arteta is coming along? Physioroom has him marked down for the 29th.

florida said...

hi everyone, need some help here...
(robinho,palacios,milijas) or (tevez,modric,richards)?

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, really cant decide on these 2 teams any help would be great.

Team 1

Wilkinson, Vermaelen, Bassong
Milijas, Lampard, Cresswell/Mokoena, Modric
Drogba, Defoe, Robinho

Team 2

Wilkinson, Vermaelen, Bassong
Milijas, Lampard, Gomez, Modric
Drogba, Defoe, Adebayor

Any other advice would be great. Thanks in advance.

Eric said...

Hard to say. I like the balance in Team 2... but at the same time, I have a funny feeling that both Modric and Robinho are due for a big week. Purely speculative though so, it's up to you in the end. However the "safe" play would be Team 2.

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