Monday, 24 August 2009

Week 2 - Monday

Well, only 1 game tonight but another shock result. Villa have beaten Liverpool 3-1 at Anfield with goals from Davies, Young & a Lucas OG. Torres replied for Liverpool & Gerrard had plenty of SOTs but also conceded a penalty.

I'm expecting around 18 points for Torres as he scored and had 2 additional shots on target, but he was also booked for dissent (again). That should mean I grab around 100 points for Week 2 & that's not bad seeing as I made plenty of mistakes.

So now all the games are in, how is my early team looking for Week 3...?


Bassong Wilkinson Givet

Milijas Lampard Nani Fellaini

Drogba Defoe Torres

Yes, I dropped Given & Vermaelen. Yes it could be a mistake. But at the moment I'm trying to change things up a bit as I need to gain back some ground.

Defoe, Drogba, Milijas, Lampard, Bassong & Wilkinson will all stay provided they are set to play for their sides. I feel they all have great match-ups this week and provide a nice balance. Defoe & Drogba are both bang in form with great fixtures, Milijas should play 90 mins at home to Hull, while Bassong & Wilkinson have great chances of clean sheets.

Torres & Givet will probably stay too. I know Liverpool have started badly but Bolton could represent a great chance to bounce back, plus Givet is dirt cheap.

Myhill, Nani & Fellaini could well be swapped out nearer the deadline. SWP, Modric & Palacios are options, but I left myself short on options in goal unless I go with the terrible Paul Robinsion - which I really don't want to do.

I'm obviously missing Man City players as I dropped Adebayor for Defoe & as I write this I realise more than ever that I should've kept Given. Robinho & Tevez are both great options too, but where to fit them in? Having none of these guys could be a mistake with a lovely fixture vs Portsmouth so I may look to re-adjust somehow. Not sure how at the moment & but it would probably need to be Torres dropping out.

What's your team looking like? Remember, you can check out my Week 3 Preview here...and they'll be another post up later this week with more detailed player analysis.



dan in detroit said...

so far i'm looking like this:

verm, wilk, alexander
lamps, nani, ashley young, mokoena
defoe, drogba, altidore

whadda ya think?

Assistant Manager said...

Hi Dan - Young's looked like a knee or ankle injury...could be a bad one. He limped off but was clearly in pain. Any twist could be 2 or 3 weeks, so wait for news. Other than that it looks good, Altidore is a nice hunch pick that few others will have.

Mike B said...

It's looking like...

Verm, Bassong, Richards
Arshavin, Modric, Jiminez, Deco
Drogba, Rooney, Eduardo

I know i hould really be playing Arsenal defenders and Man U Strikers but i don't wanna loose either really. Also i'm considering swapping something around to get Robinho in there, but again, i just get the impression Eduardo is gonna be firing em in.

We shall see.

Any thoughts on my picks anyone?

(p.s, i was looking at Young too before tonight, but i think that knee looked a tad sore, i'm steering clear for now me thinks)

dan in detroit said...

thanks ... anxiously awaiting news on ashley young. might switch out alexander vs. chelsea but he looked solid and is cheap as hell. jozy looked great and has a decent match-up ... a little american bias there too i think. LOL!

Kellz said...

My head is in my hands. Come on boys pick it up!

Anonymous said...

Right now I have:

Verms, Richards, Wilko
Lamps, Milijas, Gomez, Nani
Drogs, Rooney, Altidore

Have 2.45 left at the moment.

Toying with some options. Could drop Lamps and Altidore for Robinho and say Lennon. Also thinking about getting rid of Gomez for maybe Jimeniz. Also waiting to see if Gerrards price drops. Going to need to see Jozy is starting first. I BDed Jozy and a little American bias. I also do not want to drop a premium middie, since I believe any team will suck without one, i.e. Lamps. So I might just stick with my team at the moment, Unless I can upgrade Gomez, bought him at 5.54 have 2.45 left, so 7.99?

Thoughts AM?

How long you think our Spurs will stay in form?

Spurs Fan from the States.

Alkemizt said...

my team is looking like this..

StevGer/Nani/Mokoena/ [OPEN]

i hv got 7.15 left..
whom should i go for??
DF -
MF -

plz help..
the prices are slowly going up now..

Dave said...

Nice recovery after a rough start this YFF week, AM!

My early doors line-up is looking like this:

Verm, Richards, Givet
Gerrard, Nani, Milijas, Rodwell
Drog, Defoe, Robinho

I like to think I have the ManCity angle covered with Richards and Robinho (who is due for a goal), and Gerrard may turn into Lamps before week's end.

My only question mark is Nani - will he start, or suffer Fergie's rotation?? Surely that goal & assist last week earn him another start, right? Right? Because when he plays, he seems like a stats machine.

Alkemizt said...

my team -

should i swap rooney for lampard or torres??

Ian Sanderson said...

I'm currently standing at 47th overall (before tonight's game) so will probably make minimal changes.
However I have 4:3:3 formation with Evra, so may swap him.
Sticking with Rooney, Drogba and Defoe up front.
Just checked, back down to 80th.

Dave said...

@ Alkemizt - for that $$ remaining, definitely take a MF, they are more likely to score points. Koumas or Gomez would be my suggestions. They seem to both getting some decent phantom points, and maybe with an SOT or two, or even a goal, they could be a steal.

Alkemizt said...

Heres d revised edition of my team..
i hv almost completely changed my team and might be a black sheep out here with 3 ManYoo players.. they are most likely 2 play as SAF wud want his xperienced personnel 2 take on noes how my team will perform??..all depends on ManYoo's domination (hopefully) over arsenal....or else...i jus hv 2 move on and never take dat gamble again..


bean said...

@alkemizt - i think the ManU gamble is fine in MF and Attack, but might want to stear clear of defenders, especially Neville, IMO. I could see ManU taking this match, but there's a good chance the Gunners put a few in the goal as well. maybe Wilk instead?

bean said...

also, there seems to be better options than Scholes out there... Rodwell, Sidwell, or even Catermole?

matt said...

at the moment i'm sittin on #704 overall, which is fairly incredible for me. 105 points this week.

gw 3: I'm looking at this. any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

verm wilkinson alexander
lampard lennon milijas gomez
torres drogba altidore.

most of those are nailed on, but I'm not sure about alexander or altidore. any suggestions for alternatives?

Alkemizt said...

@bean -
whoa dude!!
same thots!! i just swapped them before coming n checkin if any1 commented n i guess i swapped jus in tym coz i hv onli .01$$remaining.. lmao..

as the saying goes ...
great minds think alike..!!

n also is d price update over??? coz there aint much of a change..

BTW.. wats ur current team??


Fidan said...

My team won't change too much... I got rid of Fabs Wilkinson Bent and McCartney and picked Bassong, Richards, Nani and Robinho on BD...

So my team looks like this for GW 3:
Verm,Bassong,Richards (maybe I'll get Wilko back)
Milijas,Lamps (I'll stick to him for now),Moko,Nani

Any thoughts, suggestions???

Hasta la vista

Alkemizt said...

@bean -
but i got a big hunch of ManYoo demolishing an arsenal team without fabregas,adebayor,toure!!
n im illusioning scholes playing a part too as he generally fires in big matches..!!

From a delusional ManU fan..hehehe..
but i do sincerely hope n i jus NOE dat dey gonna blow arsenal 2 bits n pieces..


bean said...

@matt - i love seeing altidore do well straight away, but I wouldn't count on him doing that consistently. I still think he's going to need to adjust a bit. At that price HRod could be an alternative, or Saha?

@Alkemizt - that's pretty funny. not sure if the updates are for sure complete. I too thought there would be more of jump in price for Nani, Rooney, Adebayor, Lennon. but I think YFF usually takes 3 games or more for a player to really jump based on a good streak.

Right now my team is:

G.John, Verm, Bass
Milijas, Nani, Lennon, Mok
Rooney, Drogba, Torres

but I just barndoored Nani and Lennon (in for Cesc and Fellaini) to have the options if their prices jumped, but I would like to get Lamps in there, which would probably mean Lamps, Milijas, Rodwell, Mok

I'm tempted to drop Torres or Rooney to get one of the bandwagon strikers for the coming week3. But sticking with my forwards worked out well for me this week, so that has a good chance of remaining as is.

Anonymous said...

I have 2 spots and im trying to pick 2 out of Nani at a discount, Modric at a small discount or Tevez which 2 do you like and am i missing someone else in the same price range?


matt said...


very jealous that you have robinho in, and that looks like a good team. personally i prefer wilko, but thats just me. care to take a look at my team?

bean said...

I could see ManU v Arsenal ending in a nil nil draw or 1-0. Seems to me a lot of times the biggest matches have a tendency to disappoint. Scholes does seem to pull a hammer of a shot out of his ass in big games every once in a while, but the rest of the time he seems pretty useless (fantasy wise). add to that the SAF rotation risk.. Will he put out Scholes/Fletcher? Carrick/Anderson? Fletcher/Carrick?

Anonymous said...

Fillers? What are your thoughts on fillers.
I used fillers in a bunch of leagues last year and it kinda paid off. Some defender in Spanish league got at 1 and he peaked at 10, also had Milito at 10 and he peaked around 25. Those aren't really fillers since they ended up playing but still. I am hesitant to use fillers in for my team for some reason.

I could drop Nani and Altidore for Robinho and Moks? Or I could drop Lamps for Gerrard and keep Altidore and Nani?

Thoughts? Anyone?

Fidan said...

@ Matt

I love your team too. But...Alexander (@Chelsea)...and I'm not sure about Altidore either. Maybe you could get Richards and play 3-5-2 with Jimenez in the middle. I'm sure you can afford it. But hey, last week I told a friend to drop Diaby, so what do I know. Maybe Altindore will be your Last-week's Diaby...

Good luck...Nice team throughout...!!!

matt said...


thanks fidan. richards is certainly a good idea, i'll see if i can afford him. thanks

Anonymous said...

evry1 chek out dis blog~~

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm all through whining. 74.5 with Torres added in, and if that's my worst week I'm doing alright, but I'm glad it's over.

Here's what I penciled in (and I mean penciled) for next week:

Vermaelen, Wilkinson, Bassong
Lampard, Mokoena, Rodwell, Deco
Drogba, Keane, Defoe

May switch allegiances and go with Myhill to free up points for my terrible midfield.

Back line continues to punch above its weight so no reason to change it.

7.5 points from my midfield last week was abysmal, so tore it up completely. Burnley is due for a spanking IMO and Chelsea is just the side to do it. Not happy with the quality of the midrange midfielders available, but may juggle things to get Ireland or Ballack in there.

May drop Keane or Defoe to make way for Altidore and beef up my midfield even more.

And AM, friends don't let friends choose Paul Robinson in goal.

Max said...

mine.. still adjusting..

verma, wilko, richards
milijas, fab, hunt, moko
drog, adebyor, defoe

*robo because blackburn at home against west ham.. but might change him to myhill if someone can seduce me to change him.. :p

*might change verma since mu at home.. ars might not get a clean sheet..

*might change fab bcause many said that he's injured..

*might change hunt.. just for the fun of it.. kidding, i have extra 7.4 to spend..

can anyone advice?..


mehicoradio said...

My team for week 3 is:

Wilko, Bassong, Richards
Milijas, Lamps, Mokoena, Jordi Gomez
Drogba, Torres, Robinho

I'm dropping Richards with Lescott at city UNLESS its guaranteed he'll start. not sure for who yet though, maybe bridge (if i can afford him)

Also what with all the iffyness on Liverpool and Torres. I like watching them lose, but i can also see the stats:

Away at Tottenham: 9 shots, 3 on goal
Home to Stoke: 21 shots, 14 on goal
Home to Villa: 24 shots, 11 on goal

Am i going to start buying Liverpool defenders? Not in a million years, but i'd have no problem bringing in Gerrard or Torres as they've both been fine. Remember they gave up two goals today on Lucas heading it into his own net and giving up a penalty.

Now i didn't get to see the match so they may have been things there the stats don't show, but Stat wise Liverpool looked like they were more unlucky then terrible.

I kind of want to get of Jordi, but can't get anyone who is worth it thats under 8.5 :(.

Max said...

why everybody ditching Adebyor this week?..


Anonymous said...

any suggestions for my team?
0.99 left

Kellz said...

@Max: good luck with dropping Vermaelen just because he has the possibility of no clean sheet, keep in mind that Arsenal have had no clean sheets in league play and yet Verm has scored 18pts and 10pts @6.02mil respectively. I guess what I am saying is that Verm is a player who scores points beyond the clean sheet so why on earth would you drop him. When he hits that clean sheet expect 15 or more points.

You should have an attacking Chelsea player from the midfield, drop Fabs for Lampard, better match up.

Most people are looking at Robinho because he produces almost the same amount of pts as Ade even w/o scoring. This means he gets phantom points and when he does score (and he will) his point total will surpass Ade's. I would expect 20+ points from a Robinho game in which he scores, unlike the 2 goals Ade scored yielding 13.5 and 15.5 pts respectively.

Dangerous to get into the Myhill/PRobbo trap. Use the extra cash to buy Given/Howard/Kirkland.

Otherwise Hunt could be a good pick, Milijas for now, and your backline looks fine.

I will keep my eye on the Lescott position as either Richards or Dunne could be sent to the bench.

Anonymous said...

This is my team so far:

Wilk Bassong G. Johnson
Gerrard Lamp Deco Palacios Rodwell
Dragba McCharthy

I am hoping Deco will be starting and Blkburn coach will not mess with McC starting him on the bench like last wk. Costed me a lot

Any suggestions I will greatly appreciate them

Max said...

oh yea, i totally forgot lescott is in mcity now :p.. but at 10pts, he's still expensive for my team.. we'll have to wait and see how he perform (if he play) first week with other mcity players..


i will drop richards.. and keep verma.. chelsea players for DF perhaps..

swith ade for robinho..

fab might be dropped.. chelsea, mcity, liverpool in mind right now :p..

i dunno bout GK.. my hunch still wont let me change robbo.. and myhill my second choice.. please help!..

thanks kellz for the advice.. which team u think will perform great this week?

Doctor Teeth said...

My suspicion is that Hughes will drop Bridge - not Richards - to the bench as a result of Lescott's arrival at Man City. Week in/week out, Richards has been an almost automatic starter for the Citizens pver the course of last three seasons, he (like Lescott) is an England international, etc. Bridge has really never been able to consistently start for a need to go back to his days at Southhampton to find a period where he was regularly in the starting 11.

Salivating at the thought of the points Robinho could rack up this coming weekend...I can't help but think back to his hat trick last year shortly after he joined the Prem. Tevez is a significantly cheaper option and tempting but I thought he looked subpar against Wolves...perhaps an unfair assessment as he needs a game or two to find his legs/groove. He could be an absolute steal and keeper for the seaosn if you can pick him up now for under 10 mill.

Still waiting for Modric to break out with his "I have arrived" game of the season...he easily could have had five or six assists off of free kicks/corners in the first three games if his teammates had converted. COYS!!!

Eric said...

Looks like a lot of us are on the same page.
My mostly complete team for Week 3.

Vermaelen, Wilks, Bassong
Milijas, Lampard, Modric, Moke
Drogba, Torres, Robinho

Still have 2 points to play with. Am considering switching Torres in order to boost my Midfield, but have him at a 15.74, so probably won't. Not dead-set on Myhill, but don't see any options atm. Had Howard and Fellaini last week thinking Everton would be fired up and ready to bounce back... but we all know how that turned out!

Modric looked really good the other day, but am considering Jiminez as he looked to be getting into the swing of things as well. Re-picked up Seabass @6.15 as well. Any suitable replacements for him you think?

Eric said...


As for the Liverpool/Villa match it really just looked like Villa was playing exceptional position defence. They really shut down 'pools playmaking ability.

Alkemizt said...

@Eric -
SeaBas for Givet..
and with the spare money u can upgrade moko..
and i suggest u wait until modric finds his form.. u can get in palacios/hunt/milijas/jordi/jimenez in mf
or givet/verma/McCar/carr/TMears

My team's looking like ..


how come no1 has Zamora?
and i mite switch rooney at the last moment for.. MrkTay/AshYoung/Robinho.. any other thots??

am open 2 ALL suggestions..

ToffeeDave said...

NEW EVERTON SIGNING, AND THE YAK IS BACK!!!Big news on the toffee front, we just signed Diniyar Bilyaletdinov(I dare you to pronounce it) who is like Milijas but +1. A great winger with a wicked left foot. Pick him up next week before the Fulham game as he is sure to get time and snag those ghost points and maybe a goal

Anonymous said...

Alkemizt - No one has Zamora because he always shows promise but never ends up delivereing except for 1 game every 2 months!

Here's Mine:
Robbo (only so i could afford everyone else)
Bassong, Wilk, McCartney
Lamps, Milijas, Hunt, Jiminez
Torres, Drogs & Defoe


What's everyone think
I had a shocking week with 72.5 pts and dropped from 150th to around 3600th!

Assistant Manager said...

Wow...I wake up this morning and already 40 comments! As I've said before it's difficult to reply to everyone but luckily everyone is helping each other out and all the replies are excellent.

I think Nani will start after his last performance...Ferguson will have learnt from dropping half the team for the Burnley game.

I'm currently sitting 5,360th so not too bad.

Really tempted to get Robinho in for Torres. It's a move i'll look at nearer the deadline.

Toffee Dave - We'll keep an eye on Bilyaletdinov. Do you think he'll take set pieces?

Starky - I might go for Robbo ahead of Myhill myself, even though I know he's rubbish (as BillTheGrunt stated :). As I wrote above I'm really regretting selling Given. I like your team a lot mate.

Doctor Teeth/Eric - I have a feeling this could be the week Modric really takes off, so I will be looking at ways to get him in my team. Also considering Palacios or Hudd if I can't afford him. Fellaini is likely to be the one to go.

stlram01 - Robinho could fire big so maybe him & Moks.

Max - See my Robbo/Myhill problem above, same as yours! I like your team, Kellz is right, Robinho can score as highly as Adebayor without goals. He's seriously in my thougts this week.

mehicoradio - Great team, but Gomez to Deco maybe? Rested vs Fulham so should play vs Burnley.

billthegrunt - Don't go for both Defoe & Keane. How about Keane to Tevez & upgrade a midfielder? Thanks for the comment on Robbo :p

CP - Nani & Tevez but to be honest I can't see you going wrong with any combination of those 3.

Ian - Great work on the Top 100 mate, keep it going! What's your best finish?

Kellz/Mike B/Fidan/Matt/Bean/Dave - Thanks for getting the chat going. All who have posted them up have really strong looking line-ups but you're having the same issues as me with many of your choices.

I hope that's everyone replied to in some way, sorry if I missed anyone out but it's a huge amount of comments to go through. I'll go in to more detail later in the week on player analysis. Remember we have the Carling Cup tonight & tomorrow so this could throw up some injuries or some players who weren't on our radar.

Finally - Alkemizt/N00B...I can't really offer you advice at the moment as I've noticed you've created a new blog where you've literally just copy and pasted my "Week 3 Preview" post. A bit out of order & foolish to do this AND THEN POST THE LINK ON THIS SITE! Please delete this and I'll then be happy to comment on your questions.


Naning said...

I have a feeling about modric too. He looked promising last time, but didn't really reach all the way. This time, he just might. Problem is I can't afford him. I will have to pray to god he doens't perform as Tottenham host Man U in week 4 and visit Chelsea in week 5 which might get his price down to just above 8 before Burnley and Bolton.

Bojan said...

MY week 3 team:

+ 0,82 to spend

by now I have 266,50(153+103,5) points, and I'am 6,628th

you said that you are 5,360-what about points?

Nobody wants to put in Chelsea defender(s), why???

What abou Milijaš being changed last two games?

btw, GREAT BLOG!!!

Assistant Manager said...

Naning - I'm the same mate, if I move Torres to Robinho I'm 0.09 away from affording the Fellaini to Modric swap. Very annoying!

Bojan said...

Still I'am not sure about Carvalho, Myhill and K2

Assistant Manager said...

Bojan - I have 271 points...can you believe just a 4.5 points difference puts over 1000 places between us!? Shows how close the league is doesn't it.

I like your team, a few different players that other won't have been picked up like Pederson, Terry & Carvalho. The reason people don't have Chelsea defenders is because of their price, but don't let that put you off if you think they'll score well. I would personally choose just 1 of the 2 out of Terry and Carvalho and swap the other for a midfielder.

Milijas has been subbed in tough away games but I expect him to play in easier home games like Hull this weekend.

Bojan said...

"As we discussed last week, you first want to look at the stand out fixtures. Chelsea at home to Burnley, Liverpool at Bolton, Tottenham at home to Birmingham, Man City at Portsmouth immediately stand-out."

I don't see how game Bolton-Liverpool is in same line like thesse three. I would be a very hard match for both teams, with Boltons hard defending to get a point...

What is your(s) prediction for three teams most likely to get clean sheet...

Assistant Manager said...

Bolton have lost 2 games to Hull & Sunderland, scoring zero goals. I know Liverpool have had a poor start but I think they will win 2 or 3 nil.

I think all 4 teams could get a clean sheet, but it's not easy to predict. Spurs are yet to keep one this season & Chelsea conceded against both Hull & Sunderland. I'd say Man City are the most likely.

Max said...

my week3..

verma, wilko, bassong
milijas, hunt, stevieG, moko
drog, defoe, robinho

money: 1.07mil

*robbo is staying.. (thanks kellz & AM for the advice)

*might swap hunt for someone else (malouda, modric, masherano, koumas, deco in mind)..

*might still change bassong.. anyone can tell why are we picking him up?..:p

advice pls..


Anonymous said...

Max: Bassong is a certain starter in a team doing well playing against struggling Birmingham!
I'd take Modric over hunt any day.

My team: 4-3-3 ....couldnt find any valuable low cost midfielder this week.

Foster- tough game but he should at least get some saves. Might switch for Robbo though. United has games against tottenham and man c coming up.




Will stick with the liverpool players, have them on discount plus week 4 they have burnley at home...Which SHOULD be a easy win :P


Anonymous said...

Ok maybe a little unfair to call Birmingham struggling. But anyway;)

Im just having trouble getting out of the 4-3-3 formation. Maybe I have an overbelief on getting clean sheets.

I also have 1,42 to spend.


Assistant Manager said...

Hi Andy - do you think Ebanks Blake will start? I thought he was still out with a hamstring injury.

Nothing wrong with 4-3-3 if you have good defenders. Glen Johnson is probably as good as any midfielder at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Hi AM.

I'll have a look towards the end of the week with Ebanks. Physioroom says he'll be back on the 29th and with Wolves struggling to get goals I think they might push him to play...butt ill wait for the reports come friday.

Yes thats my idea to with Glen Johson, almost a midfielder. A little worried though, I think Villa closed him down rather efficiently last night...

Thanks for a great blog :)


ray said...

my team for week 3
with .87 to spend any suggestions?

Assistant Manager said...

Hi Ray - looks fine, obviously Mok is weak but it's strong elsewhere. Is that Kuyt rather than Kurt upfront?

Bojan said...

Hi Ray - I see goals on both sides in Man Utd-Arsenal game, and even a draw... You have Foster for cc 6,40, and now he is 8+, so I see your plan, but I don't like to be a slave of some player to save 2M, but that is yust my opinion... I had foster for first two weeks but I sold him... Now I'am on Myhill, but still thinking about Kirkland and Robo

Anonymous said...

So - today is the big day. Today Wenger will announce how bad Fab's injury is. I, as an owner of him and of course as a fan of Arsenal, hope it's not that bad. But a man has to have a plan B, so Lampard is on standby.
I'm going on a vacation on Thursday afternoon, so I won't be able to change my team afterwards, and I probably won't be able to BD any of the players of Saturday. Well.
I'm keeping Drogba and Defoe (of course), and even Bent - he's a great striker and Sunderland are doing well.
Given won't move an inch from my squad, and for now Vermaelen and Milijas too. I'm keeping Bosingwa, hoping Yahoo have noticed the error about his points.
And now for the problem. I wanted to know if you, AM, think like I do - I thought about swapping Fab for Lamps in the case he's really injured (knock on wood), but then I still have 2 free spots in midfield with little money to fill them. So I thought about swapping Bridge for Bassong to free some money, so I'll have about 14.5 for the 2 spaces. Do you think it's a good plan?

Jeremy said...

hey AM

vermaelen dunne terry
modric ballack milijas mascherano
defoe torres drogba

what do u think of my team? my only worry's myhill but he should be alright agaisnt a weakened wolves team?

Assistant Manager said...

@12:35pm - Yes I think you should downgrade Bridge if it gives you an extra couple of £'s to spend in midfield. I also expect Fabregas to be out for a couple of weeks.

Hi Jeremy - It looks fine but I'm not sure on the Mascherano pick. Also watch out for Dunne - he may not start if Lescott has signed in time for the weekend.

Anonymous said...

palacios/hunt for roger johnson??
is that good??

PS :- im srry 4 d trouble i caused you & i hv deleted it... m aint gonna happen again.. trust me! but plz advice..


Assistant Manager said...

Hi N00B - Thanks, apology accepted :)

I think Palacios could do well this weekend, so not a bad your current team up & i'll let you know my opinion.


Alkemizt said...

@AM -
i hv not decided my current team yet..
here are my possible listings... if possible why dont u suggest a that team..
plz help me form a team with these players








Max said...

got the most expensive midfield.. gerrard @ 21.29.. i'm still open for changes and can basically get any midfield there is :p..

any advice?.. already have milijas, moko and modric btw..


Assistant Manager said...

N00B - I'd go with Team 2
However but get Rodwell in ahead of Mark Davies.

Max - I really think lampard could score big this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Rate my team pls...



Anonymous said...


any thoughts about my current lineup would be much appreciated.

Bassong, Givet, Wilkinson
Milijas, Mokoena, Lampard, Palacios
Drogba, Robinho, Defoe

still can't decide if i should bring in Given though. that would mean replacing Palacios with another filler


Assistant Manager said...

Brad & Danny - your teams are very similar to mine with 8 players the same, I think they are both fine.

Danny - I'd avoid adding another filler, Mok is enough!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the feeback AM :)

Dare to Devil said...

Hi AM, you are doing a great job running this blog. here A great source of fantasy info...Here is my team for Week 3

Verm Wilko Bosingwa
Lampard Milijas Moke Modric
Drogba Bent Rooney

My only worry would be Bent after his paltry return of just 0.5 last week. And as a Spurs fan, what do you think of Modric fantasy wise?

Thanks ^~^

Anonymous said...

week 3 team... let me know

verm givet richards
mok gerrard arshavin deco
tevez drogba robinho

deco, richards and givet idk about

is salgado gonna play immediately

thanks - glenn

Assistant Manager said...

Dare to Devil - as I've said I think Modric is due to have a great week soon & it could be vs Birmingham. Team looks good.

Glenn - Arshavin wouldn't be someone I'd have in with an away game at Old Trafford. You could swap him to soemone around £10 mill and upgrade Mok.

Dare to Devil said...

Thanks AM for the comment. I think I am pretty much set on my current team. Looking forward to your next post. I attribute my good start to the season to the great advice given on this blog ^~^

Alkemizt said...

hey AM..
how would it be if i could fit both lamps AND gerri in the same team??


Anonymous said...

"His scan was quite reassuring as he has no muscular strain but it will take a few days to settle down. There's a chance he'll be fit for Old Trafford."
So has spoken the mighty Wenger. It means Fab will not be out for 3 weeks, but I'm not sure he'll be affective on Saturday. I think I'll replace him anyway, because I can't take this chance, and even if he plays, it still will be against ManU. As much as it hurts me to give him with a discount of 2, I think I ran out of choices...
May everyone find the strength to deal with it.

Alkemizt said...

Hey AM -
Check out this team!!
IT ROX!!(atleast i think it does..):P

Myhill {1.33}
Bassong {5.50}
Givet {4.73}
Baird {3.58}
Gerrard {18.99}
Lampard {19.84}
Palacios {6.74}
Modric {9.24}
Mokoena {1.61}
Drogba {13.45}
Defoe {14.99}

TEAM VALUE = 100.00

Should i swap Defoe for Robinho??

Or is my Team 2 itself okay??

plz advice..

ToffeeDave said...

to AM...No he wont. Arteta will be back in a couple weeks and he just doesn't take them. Maybe some corners. he is like Zhirkov but a more offensive/less defensive player. I can't wait to see how good he is in the epl.

Kellz said...

My advice for anyone new to the game is to use the 4-3-3 sparingly and focus using the 3-4-3 or possibly 3-5-2 if no strikers are fancied in the m/u. Better to have a preium midfield than defenders as they will score more points (with the expection of a good handfull of defenders which will cost you major $$$ that will weaken your midfield choices.


Verm, Richards, (hunch secret)
Lampard, Milijas, Moke,(hunch secret)
Drogs, Robinho, Defoe


Anonymous said...

@ kellz -
hows this team??

Defoe/Robinho ??

and this team..


wich of the 2 teams are better??


Anonymous said...

dropping given & verm doubt haunt u through out the season....unless they suffer some kind of injury


Assistant Manager said...

Toffee Dave - Cheers for the info

RAZ - tell me about! :(

N00B - which team do YOU think is better? You've got 2 good teams there, I say go with your gut! :)

Kellz - I also have a midfield hunch pick that I won't be revealing :D

Afrikan said...

Carvalho, Wilko, Verma
Nani, Lennon, Milijas, Rodwell
Drogs, Defoe, Robinho


Kellz said...

@Noob: Here it goes:
(1) I personally don't want to get into the Myhill/Probbo blackhole so I will always suggest going for Given/Foster/Kirk/Howard or maybe a preium pick now and then. Myhill will eventually implode and give you a -15pt day as well as Probbo.
(2) Pick players based on matchups, once you pick your players let them be for a day or so. Constantly changing your team like I see you posting here will eventually lead you pick around the points - not good.
(3) Never have more than 1 filler, so team 1 has Moke and Baird. Baird will not start and will most likely get you nothing. Spread out your money to field a strong overall team instead of relying on 5-6 premium players. Its the players you sometimes don't expect that score huge.
(4) Go with your gut on what YOU feel is a good pick.
(5) I like team 2 and Robinho

Good luck to you!

Assistant Manager said...

N00BS - I particularly echo Kellz's point (2) & (3). You change your team too often...make decisions, then sleep on them & see how you feel the next day. And definitely no more than 1 filler!

Mike D said...

AM - I took your advice and went with Defoe...need your advice on a few items...

Gerrard/Lamps - lamps at home vs burnley looks good although Im a [suffering] pool fan

Torres/Robinho? I have Torres at around 15 at the moment...but robinho def wants to score.

Richards/Givet? Givet is cheaper and not sure on Richard's status with Lescott joining the team...what are your thoughts?

ranked 241 with 314 pts...did I mention Im from the states? (youll never see dempsey or altidore on my squad)

Kellz said...

MikeD: Ouch, being a pool fan and a yank myself I have to say Mike you comments are off putting. have some faith in our National team players in the EPL.

Pick Lampard home to Bunrley first, then BD Gerrard for the next 2 matches.
Keep Torres as Liverpool have a string of 3 winnable matches. fit in Robinho along with Torres if you can.
My guess is Richards will keep his spot unless stated otherwise. Dunne or Bridge might suffer. Keep any eye out but i'd stick with Richards for now.

Mike D said...

Kellz....thanks for the advice...however:

Our players will never be up to par with the rest of the world...not in my lifetime at least. I mean, look what happened to your boy howard week 1. Also, take note of our last macth with Mexico...if someone like Dos Santos (who I take nothing from, but hes young) can tear us up like that, I have very little faith in them going against the best of the world in premiership..

I think I might take defoe this week over torres, then fit him in against burnley next week.

richards sounds good and lamps is in. Thanks man, much appreciated!

Kellz said...

Uhhg MikeD you don't sound like you really understand our National team at all. And really thats America's fault because we have put so much more interest into Baseball, Football (american), and Basketball, even Hockey. Confederations Cup showed many things:
(1) when we play our style and play as a unit we can beat anyone. The 2-0 win over #1 Spain proved that
(2) even after losing a man we went into half time 1-0 up on Italy, even though we lost 3-1 that was a product of 10men and Italy's class, but we proved we could put together a good run against a top 5 team.
(3) You really think its Howards fault Everton lost 6-1? How bout slack man marking by the defenders. If the defenders do their job the keeper shouldn't have to do anything but take goal kicks.
(4) Jozy Altidore can score on any team on his day, he is one of our strongest young prospects and will only get better.
(5) We may have lost 3-2 in the final to Brazil. But hey thats BRAZIL. We lost 3-0 to Brazil in the qualifying rounds and yet still managed a 2-0 half time lead in the final.
(6) The United States is still ranked in the top 20 by FIFA (were 12 or 14th)
(7) Your life time must be pretty short, lets wait and see 2010.

If you don't like it move to Canada and see how their national team looks.

Sorry Mike you just gotta have more faith

Mike D said...

The US did an excellent job of buying their way into the Confed cup an american you should know how money talks...its a reality, not a we play SO WELL in the Confed Cup after losing to Costa Rica at home (go Ticos!) and then to Mexico afterwards...I guess they only accept pesos at Azteca stadium...bribes didnt go Confed Cup was a joke in my opinion...either teams were paid off or just didn't take the US seriously at all...granted they're professionals, so you treat them like amateurs and sure, they'll score a few goals here and for FIFA, we all know their formula for rankings is a bit off. Either way I guess we'll see in SA next year...but unless Ronbinho and Ronaldo get their US citizenship sometime soon I doubt they'll do anything at all. sorry faithless when it comes to US futbol...have a great understanding of the game as Ive lived in central america for 5 years...hence the reason why I can bash those fools left and right.

Kellz said...

Right because the United States gave money to Brazil to beat Italy 3-0 and to Egypt so the US would win 3-0. Your just spreading nonsense. Seriously move back to Central America and live in poverty.

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