Friday, 21 August 2009

Week 2 Injury News

Some breaking news on a couple of websites which proves predicted starting XIs can rarely be trusted...Adebayor & Robinho are doubtful for Manchester City's games vs Wolves.

This is not good news. I thought I'd settled on a final team but now some last minute alterations may be required. But maybe I should keep Adebayor if he's only a doubt? I'll have to decide whether it's a risk I'm willing to take & it's likely to be a last minute decision incase we get some late team news.

Does this open the door for Carlos Tevez?

UPDATE - Thanks to Remedial Spastics for the link in the comments below. I've now also seen a press conference with Mark Hughes & he expects everyone to be fit despite a few niggles. I'll stick with Adebayor. Man City's owners will be there & will want to see all the big guns on display for the first home game of the season. "The Project" has cost them a fortune & they'll be expecting the team to make a statement to the rest of the Premier League.

Some additional team news from Jeremy & Neal over on Fantasy EPL

Not much new news this morning, the latest being the casualties from yesterday's Europa League matches. Those claimed Andy Johnson and will force Jack Rodwell and Steven Pienaar into the dreaded "late fitness test".

Spurs have lost Gomes for a while and so Cudicini will sit behind their make-shift back line. Presumably King will be back to partner Bassong with Corluka moving to right back and Hutton dropping to the bench.

Rio will be out for a month, but Manchester United have Vidic back. That should solidify the back-line though presumably Brown and O'Shea will be the candidates for center and right back.

Ilunga is a doubt for West Ham meaning a likely start for Spector. N'Zogbia is a doubt for Wigan. Sunderland have questions over Lee Cattermole, Steed Malbranque and Martin Fulop. The latter is interesting if it gives Gordon a chance to claim the number one jersey. Doesn't sound likely, however.

Manchester City have some mixed fitness news after their 1-0 win over Barca midweek. Adebayor, Robinho, and Bridge are slight doubts but Tevez looks good to start against Wolves. Wolves themselves are missing Sylvan Ebanks-Blake, but could have Berra and Doyle back if only from the bench.

Finally, Birmingham's Cameron Jerome turned his ankle. This may give Christian Benitez his first start, but I'm not sold on that as his play has been so limited in games and warm-ups. That being said, he's an interesting pick at home to Stoke for 6.04.
Good luck everyone, i'll be posting my team just after the deadline.



Remedial Spastics said...

More positive news:

Assistant Manager said...

Cheers RS...that does sound positive.

Shrewsbury Town FC said...

Any news on Fabregas? Played mid week but have read a bunch of posts on the 606 that he might not feature this weekend? Any thoughts Assistant Skip?

HootervilleRutabagas said...

I'm also wondering about Fabregas. There was a report that he was 50-50 for Celtic because of hamstring, but it didn't show. I'd think if there is any sort of problem, he'd be rested or limited for Portsmouth in favor of CL qualifying.

OS said...

Hello mate,
Really like the blog - great job! and much appreciated.
Bit of advice needed...
I just can't look past a high flying arsenal at championship-style portsmouth but Wenger is my fantasy nemesis when it come to team selection... do you think Arshavin is a nailed on starter?

Assistant Manager said...

I personally think Fabregas will start.

If he was really badly injured he wouldn't have played the full 90 vs Celtic once they were 2 up. He's had 4 days to recover, he's in the squad, he's the club captain, and Arsenal will want to hammer Pompey to send a message to the Premiership.

OS - Hi mate, welcome! I think Arshavin will start. I'd be shocked if he didn't, with no Nasri, Walcott or Rosicky he's the only option of width in the whole squad.

What world do we live in when players might be rested after TWO GAMES OF THE SEASON GONE?! :)

OS said...

Tough one this week...
Looks like i'm going with:
/ Howard / Verm'lan, Wilkinson, Bassong / Arsh, Fab, Millijas, Rodwell / Tevez, Rooney, Drog /

Just can't bring myself to drop Roon (ManU will bounce back and he's their best player...) or the Drog (too good a discount, too good a player).
Not 100% happy - too many goal or bust options and not enough consistent 8-10pnts kick taker types for my liking but it's just one of those weeks.
Hate the monday night games - can just see a 1-1 / 2-1 liverpool - no doubt Torres & StevieG will score ok but just too risky for my blood at the price.
What d'you reckon?

mudwalkerz said...

only made 2 changes from week 1
replaced foster with howard, and vermaelen instead of alexander.. even if it was just to have a fellow countryman in..
as for the rest.. bassong and mccartney
lampard, cana..yes i still believe in the man.. he was chosen man of the match above the chelsea match .. sure there must be more points in him than in week 1! and gomez, milijas
drogba, rooney, bent.

good luck all

Anonymous said...

Wilkinson, McCartney, Bassong
Milijas, Gomez, Arshavin, Cana
Drogba, Torres, Adebayor

Just read somewhere that Arshavin may get a rest...not sure if that has any truth to it. I got in on some player a little late, so midfield options are few. Thinking about dropping Ade for a cheaper option (tevez?) so I can replace Cana.


G said...

Rodwell/Gerrard vs. Tevez/Arshavin
Should I go for Tevez/arshavin? anyone?

Anonymous said...

I would also like to know if Arsh is getting a rest this week, as the Fantasist from Yahoo claims.

bean said...

these first weeks are always so tough.
right now i'm sitting with:
G.John, Verm, Bass
Milijas, Fab, Fellaini, Cress
Roon, Drog, Torres

or keep lamps/drop rooney:
G.John, Verm, Bass
Milijas, Lamps, Fab, Gomez, Cress
Drog, Torres

I'm a procrastinator, so I always make Friday trades.

I think Torres is hard to pass up home to a piss poor Villa (they just lost to Rapid Vienna!?), but Rooney is hard to drop because I believe ManU are going to be quite determined to prove their worth after losing to Burnley.

Fidan said...

Ok now, you little devils. You always find a way to mess up my anyway messed-up mind. So, Tevez is almost certain to start tomorrow.

Now, you will have to help me OUT with this HAVE TO :D...!!!


I know Cress won't score any point (at least not positive pts :D), the question is wether Torres can score big enough to outscore Tevez/Fellaini combo...!!!

Being a Liverpool Fan, it is actually no-lose situation. If Torres scores big I'll be happy anyway. If he doesn't I'll consolate myself for having Tevez and Fellaini...BUT, I'll lose his discount and his next two matches are really cake walk (@Bolton,Burnley)...WHAT should I do...!!!

Need some QUICK advice with this one...!!!
Good luck and...Hasta la Vista!!!

Kellz said...

Fidan, I'll stop your head from spinning. Chose Tevez/Fellaini. Citeh will look to prove something @home with their new firepower. Fellaini is a 6foot + monster and will slot in behind the strikers and be a huge target for Baines free kicks/corners. Both could score big.
But then again, Torres is Torres and could have a great night too. But safest bet is Tevez/Fellaini.

Fidan said...

Thank you sooo much Kellz...!!!

I'll keep my fingers crossed, and I'll watch Liverpool match fantasy-stress-free...!!!

See you all fox!!!

Fidan said...

But then again Kellz. Some stress makes man tougher doesn't it...No Friday Changes...I'll stick to the Rule and I'll stick to my Dangerous Kid - Billy the Kid el Ninjo Torres...!!!
Thnx anyway...!!!

Good luck to all...!!!

Anonymous said...

I know the general rule is no friday trades, but ive been thinking about bringing in Fellaini, Evertons schedule is favorable and he is a huge target in the air on a team looking to right the ship. Bringing him in would mean dropping Gomez who i have at his original price of 5.54. The only other problem i have is that I also have Rodwell and Im not sure i want both Fellaini and Rodwell. What do you think?


Kellz said...

Rodwell is a midfield enabler, meaning he will free up cash for a better player while acting as a potential point scorer. Rodwell shouldn't be relied on for points, lots of times younger players get into UEFA/European games but don't feature or excell just yet in EPL.
Rodwell's knock could mean he doesn't start or play the whole match, however there is no reason to fear having both Fellaini and Rodwell as they will not replace eachother.

Douchebag United said...

Drop Rodwell as he's nursing an injury

Anonymous said...

Gents, any news as to whether Tevez might start tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

As I warned on the Yahoo FF site - keep an eye on Fulham. Also, I am hopeful Wolves will find the same chances Blackburn did v. Citeh. Can't help it - don't like what Citeh is doing. I find Halford an interesting counter to Milijas. Worth a punt? Perhaps, for the gambler. By the way, brilliant site. Also -Hughes has almost guaranteed Tevez may not see 90. Moyes has also stated Rodwell will be eased into a regular role "slowly". Some things to consider... not to mention Craig Bellamy. - (Donegal08)

Assistant Manager said...

Hi guys

Tevez should start, I think all the new signings will feature except RSC (injured)

Rodwell is less than 50-50 to start

Donegal - Cheers mate, good luck today!

Fidan & Kellz - Good luck in your ongoing battles :)

Anonymous said...

what about pienar dude?
still cnfuse on pienar or ireland

Anonymous said...

I've read somewhere that Pienaar isn't gona be fit so i'd go with Ireland.

Anonymous said...

Ireland without a doubt!

mudwalkerz said...

mh too bad you cant have 4 strikers.. I have this hunch eduardo might be on fire today...

Anonymous said...

Mudwalkerz>>Me to,this can be a disaster...//F

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