Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Wednesday - Week 1

What an evening of football! I've not had a good fantasy points day at all, but it's been a great evening none the less.

Burnley beat Man Utd 1-0 in the shock result of the season already - there goes my clean sheets for O'Shea & Foster, Alexander subbed 2 minutes before I get my clean sheet, Rooney booked & Valencia on the bench. Bad fantasy night indeed, but a fantastic effort from the "minnows"!

The result that obviously pleased me the most is Tottenham. Unbelievable result & performance, a 5-1 win and a Defoe hattrick. Really tempted to get him in but....

...Torres is off the mark for Liverpool as they kicked in to gear with a 4-0 win vs Stoke - we all know what happens when Torres gets going. Assists for Gerrard & an impressive performance from Glen Johnson. Between Torres & Defoe I think I'm gonna go for Torres before his value increases - Rooney is to be dropped after tonight. He was booked & did little else, so I expect his value to drop down to below 18.00 anyway.

Finally, Birmingham beat Pompey 1-0 with a last minute penalty, Benitez on the bench again, not too much to get excited about.

How did it go for you? Better than for me I'm sure! Who are you getting in? Who's to be dropped?



Anonymous said...

With the monster game Defoe had today, and Torres getting himself going What do you think about Roo,Lamps and Utaka switched out for Torres, Defoe, and Ireland/Pienaar? Would this be a good swap or am I looking to much into todays games?


mehicoradio said...

i went ahead and swapped Bent out for Defoe after seeing his goals.

I'm glad i booted Valencia for next week already. Taking the chance and kicking Rooney out to bring in Torres. Rooney was awful today with a near Red Card and 6 shots, none on target (according to ESPN). Plus the supporting cast looked pretty weak.

If i had the money i'd almost be a bit temped by Johnson since it seems he'll be allowed to advance and not kept back like expected

Assistant Manager said...

Hi CP - Defoe is a difficult one, but definitely go for Torres.

I was about to drop Adebayor for Defoe, but looking at the fixtures, Defoe has a really tough game vs West Ham & Adebayor an easier fixture at home. I'm in a nice situation where even if I don't get Defoe & he scores I'll still be happy as a Spurs fan!

dan in detroit said...

temporary squad now looks like this ... i put defoe AND torres in front with drogba. MF looks like Lampard, milijas, modric, rodwell (hoping he replaces lescott. back line is as follows ... bassong (might switch to givet), vermaulen, and wilk. definitely subject to change ... what do you think? too risky?

rwlwhite said...

there seem to be a lot of people jumping on bandwagons here. one thing i've always learnt is never to drop a player like rooney on the back of one poor game for someone like defoe after a good one. man u brought this on themselves by letting carrick take the penalty (lord knows why when they have someone who is supposed to be the best finisher in england on the pitch). if that goal had gone in, i think it would have turned the game on its head

i know with yahoo fantasy football it is sometimes important to barn door players, but sometimes its a good idea to stick it out with players as well. we've all had the moment when we get rid of someone who then goes and gets 2 goals and an assist while their replacement gets booked or only plays 15 minutes

Nujra said...

ended the week on 197.5 :( soo close to my very first 200 point gameweek. if alexander had been kept in for a few more minutes...

Nujra said...

johnson with a goal and 2 assists in last two games.. (neither assist counted in fantasy footy, but he won the penalty and he pretty much set up ngog's goal today)

Anonymous said...


Defoe was just fantastic tonight and all the better for me as I had him in my squad, I knew he wouldn't do well in the first match but just knew the Hull game would gift a goal or two..

He's staying there aswell as I can see a goal at the Spammers..

So happy with the 5-1 win..Top of the league Ma

Crazylegs Kev..;-)

bean said...

put g.john in for bosingwa, and brought in palacios for SEB

Anonymous said...

Missed the barn door because I was in Chicago watching the Spurs 5-1 win at a pub! Also, it was great that everyone clapped when Manure lost.

While the barn door is a good strat, it should be taken with a grain of salt because you are playing yesterdays results, if that makes sense. I mean Defoe might not get a goal for a couple of weeks now, but Rooney could score in 3 straight, etc... At least I'll have time to think about my team now.


Spurs Fan from the States.

bean said...

only problem is i brought in Boaz for Foster to free up cash to fit Fabregas in on Saturday. after the drubbing by Spurs I'm not too excited about My Hill. And now i'm left with 1.61 and an empty spot...

bean said...

I agree on the barndoor comments, you want to have players WHEN they score, not AFTER they score. Unless you're playing the matchups for the next week, i woudn't get too carried away. Or I guess if it's players like Torres who tend to "kick into gear" as said above and go on a more consistent scoring run, or a player you want to invest in longer term.

Matty LC said...

Moved up to 38th in the YFFL league, thank god for El Nino and PALACIOS and by the way Malouda can Eff himself for all I care, what a flop..

-Matty LC AKA Pro Stars AKA Prem League fan from MISSISSAUGA

mehicoradio said...

Being especially a gameweek which some teams didn't play two, i BD'd some players before their prices went up so i could later decide if i want them or someone else.

Example, One of the reasons i picked up Defoe is then i can look at who is the better option between him and Bent. Had i waited i wouldn't have had the choice without dropping another player from my team. Now i'm able to easily just drop Defoe and pick up Bent is i decide i'd rather have bent

Anonymous said...

AM: Whoa this week is hard to decide between some big names. I am so sad to consider a team without Lampard as I feel even away Chelsea will win out and Lamps could score big, however, without that penalty he looked less like he did the season before. I have thus concocted a team w/o Lamps and have yet to save changes:

Wilk, Vermaelen, McCartney
Arshavin, Milijas, Ireland, Jimenez
Drogba, Torres, Tevez

Think Jimenez looks better at home to Spurs than Gomez home to United? (set aside your loyalty lol)

Any thoughts mate?

Dropped 1,900 places from 753 to 2360 there abouts as Burnley upset United (extremely happy it happened reality wise but gutted YFF wise)
finished 181pts very good almost reached 200.


Anonymous said...

After a measly 8pts from 5 players in the latest game and dropping from 79th to 180th i've decided to make wholesale changes.

Here's my week 2 line up.
Wilk, Bassong, Vermaelen
Milijas, Gomez, Arshavin, SWP
Torres, Drogba, Eduardo

If i go for fillers i can possibly get either RVP, Lamps, Fab, or Gerrard in there somewhere.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Here's my team so far for week 2. I missed the BD for todays matches, but luckily I already had Torres slotted in.

Myhill 1.93 (starting to get nervous on this!)
Bassong, Vermaelen, Wilkinson
5.51, 6.02, 4.84
Fabregas, Milijas, Fellaini, Deco
14.69, 5.54, 7.48, 7.75
Rooney, Drogba, Torres
17.15, 10.76, 15.74

I've got 2.59 to play with. Not looking like I have a ton of options to tinker. Gomez for Deco? Maybe some filler to shoot for Arshavin? Any ideas?


bean said...

@mehicoradio-good point, i like to do that with players that i know are now injured so you know you have to get rid of them, or players that you don't have much or any discount on, so it doesn't hurt to drop them. then pick some good ones on the barndoor and you can always swap them back or out for another option.

@kellz-this second batch of games was also bad for me from YFF perspective (we have very similar teams) but happy about the suprise win by burnley. you're still a few notches up from me in the Twilight Zone : ) ...and my two cents is Jordi home to ManU, manu has looked a little shaky and spurs are looking great.

Assistant Manager said...

Hi guys,
Agree with all the comments regarding "points chasing", which is signing players on the barndoor just for the sake of it. I've picked up Torres for Rooney because I feel Torres will go on a run now, starting with a deflated Villa @ home, but other than that my team is the same as it was on Monday...

Week 2 Team

I'm not saying I won't still make changes, but they will be more thought out than just shoving people in as quickly as possble on the barndoor.

p.s. I really had a bad night pointswise - down to 4000th overall, time to fight back this weekend!


Naning said...

After picking up 168 points in matchday 1, I landed on 194.5 after yesterdays games. United kinda fucked my week up as I had 5 players from their team.

Naning said...

Week 1 evaluation:

Foster(6.38) 13p - Returned his value, even tho I had expected 20p from him. Time to change keeper this week.

Evra(10.48) 21p - Performed pretty much as expected. Maybe expected about 25p. Won't keep him tho.

O'shea(7.38) 7p - Dissappointment. I expected a lot more from him. Then again, I expected him to play to the right, not as a central defender. Will be traded.

Bassong(5.51) 18.5p - Awesome! Performed well over expectations. Mainly thanks to the goal. Cheap, will be kept for sure.

Richardson(8.41) 6.5p - Big disappointment. Almost as bad as Valencia, and won't get a second chance next week.

Valencia(11.74) 8p - Played okay against Birmingham. Don't shoot as much as he can/should and is far from worth the money. Traded instantly

Modric(8.84) 11p - My third midfielder didn't do what I expected of him either. It's quite clear that my weakest picks were in the midfield. Traded even tho I think he will start performing pretty soon.

Milijas(5.60) 19p - A really good pick, all thanks to this blog. If I hadn't found my way here I hadn't found this diamond. It has been mentioned before here on the blog, but everything in Wolves goes through him. He scored 19 even tho he was subbed early in the second half in the midweek match. Season keeper.

Rooney(17.43) 27.5 - Started very good against Birmingham, but was aweful last night. Expected 35-40p from him, especially after the nice start. Torres takes his place next week.

Drogba(10.76) 39.5 - 40 points, with two yellow cards, and costs just under 11. Should have done better against Sunderland, but is still week ones top fantasy scorer. Will compete with Milijas for the "Bargain of the year"-award.

Rodallega(7.38) 23.5 - Just like Rooney he started wonderfully but followed up with a weak performance. The difference is the price. He's one player cheaper than Rooney which makes him one of the better picks this week.

Overall: More or less all the Man U players suffers from the teams bad performance against Burnley. All of them scored high in the first game just to follow up with just about nothing against burnley. Sad but true.
Tottenham is looking good this season. After the Liverpool-game I thought Liverpool was underachieving, but maybe they just faced a very good Tottenham.

Other than the midfield, I'm very satisfied with my start in this years Yahoo Fantasy Football. With 194.5 points I find myself at 803. Halfway through the week I was placed 43. The only pick I should have done otherwise was probably Richardson. Other than him I feel I was on the right track.


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