Saturday, 22 August 2009

Week 2 - Saturday

Well, really not a great weekend so far...but very very glad I didn't swap Adebayor for Arshavin at the last minute.

I only have a match winning goal from Adebayor & 2 clean sheets for Wilkinson & Given as anything of note. Fabregas & Milijas were both subbed at half time, nothing from Ireland or Gomez, while Vermaelen didn't keep the expected clean sheet. I reckon I'll be on around 40-50 points so far, which to be honest is pretty rubbish.

Of course I'm annoyed I dropped Rooney, but it was for Torres & he could still get me a good return vs Villa. Also, the spare money from dropping Rooney paid the extra for Adebayor, so it's not the end of the world.

I've only got Torres, Drogba & Bassong to go - i'll need them to do something a bit special to get me up to a par score of 80 points for the week.

How have you all got on?



Anonymous said...

Regret dropping Rooney.. Sigh..

Tony said...

I took a chance this week mate, but my Man utd will pay nice:

Seabass, Verm, Richards
Arshavin, Nani, Gomez, Milijas
Drogba, Rooney, Bent.

Bent and Arsh did nothing, but still worth holding IMO

Anonymous said...

Vermaelen didn't have a clean sheet, but he gave the assist for Gallas's goal, and had a couple of shots on target, so I'm not going to drop him just yet.
I knew I shouldn't have bought Milijas back, but I'm not dropping him now because of his great schedual ahead. At least I gave up on Hunt, which got a yellow.
I also had Fabregas and Bent, but I think they both will get some phantom points. And of course my big hope - Given and Bridge.
I hope It will all improve tomorrow, because I have five more players - Noble, Palacios, Defoe, Bosingwa and Drogba.
I just don't know whom to buy on the Barn Door now (especially because I tend not to pick players who play against arsenal, and anyway ManU have a difficult schedual ahead of them).

Good luck everyone!

Anonymous said...

I regret dropping Rooney too, did so for Arshavin... I just have Drogba and Lamps tomorrow, not looking good:
Verms, Wilko, Richards
Milijas, Gomez, Arshavin, Lawrence, Lamps
Drogs, Bent

BDed Rooney and Nani at the moment, but contemplating a team that will have Gerrard and Lamps in Midfield, while a slightly weaker team at Striker...

Spurs Fan from the States

Benji said...

whats up english people. I envy your quality game here in the states. definitely going to a villa match in a month when I visit ;)

my lineup did ok...nothing like first week. decently close to the top10


Bosingwa Bassong Vermaelen

Nani Benayoun Boateng(didn't play til '82 raar!) Deco

Drogba Rooney Bent

my worry is who to pick up next week. much more speculation than the first two matchweeks...

Jamie said...

Glad I kept Rooney and dropped Fabregas, hopefully Lampard and Drogba will rack up some points tomorrow. Clean sheets for Given and Richards are good. Bit disapointed with Milijas and Tevez.
Barn Doored Adebayor for next week against Portsmouth who were weak today against Arsenal. Also got Defoe, Deco and Lucas. Good buys in your opinion?

Anonymous said...

sud i keep fab or go for rooney

Jamie said...

6:02, I would go for Rooney, because Fabregas was brought off at half time today so may be an injury doubt? Get Rooney early before his price goes up which it will after getting 28.5 today.
Fabregas has gone down by 1.73 points to 17.82 so you will not be losing a discount.

Anonymous said...

10 points for Vermaelen!
But only a half for Bent and two for Milijas?
That's terrible! I'm getting 41 points from 6 players, and that's poor. Now I need Drogba and Defoe to deliver hatricks (and I'm an arsenal fan!!!).
But I'm still not sure about dropping Bent, because he has a game against Stoke next week. And eventually, Hunt did get one more point than Milijas, even with the yellow.
Now I'm frightened...

Anonymous said...

Somewhat similar team to AM.





Glad I switched out Tevez for Adebayor on Friday. To get the money to do it I also switched Bent for Fellaini, which may yet prove to also be a positive move. Like AM, there have been some positives and some negatives. Seems that nearly everyone had Fabregas this week so I'm hoping that if he hasn't put up much for me I won't lose much ground to everyone else. Glad I didn't reach for Arshavin, though I still believe he will be a good buy most especially if he goes down any further in price.

Benji said...

Hey would you guys want Bent/Fletcher or K2/Mok for next week and knowing how much k2 will rise

Dare to Devil said...

Manage a decent 77.5 so far with a team of

Evra Verm Wilko
Milijas Moke Fellaini Lamps
Rooney Drogba Bent

Moke got a 6.00, he really made my day.
Banking on Drog, Lamps & Fellaini tomorrow ^~^

Jamie said...

Got 64.5 with 5 still to play.

Richards Bassong Ayala
Lampard Mokoena Palacios Milijas
Drogba Tevez Rooney

mehicoradio said...

only at a weak 42.5 so far with 4 left to play. Right now Mokoena is my best middle, but still got Lamps to play.

Wilko, Verm, Bassong
Lampard, Mokoena, Milijas, Gomez
Drogba, Torres, Bent

Struck lucky and for week 3 i have the cash to go out and grab Adebayor (which i did). Moving Verm out for Richards (match-ups) and thinking about going Deco over Jordi, depending on what happens tomorrow

ToffeeDave said...

SOOOOO UPSET!!!! I had Nani, Rooney and Foster last week and like an idiot decided not to stick with them. Also convinced myself not to buy Quedrue. There goes 83.50 points from those players...Weeks like this make me want to quit YFF. I hope so much that my Blues crush burnley so I can get some return on my points. Not to mention Torres better get me a hat trick.

bean said...

I lucked out with Boaz in goal. stuck with rooney, and still have drogs and torres. wish i didn't jump on the fab bandwagon. looks like he may be out with hamstring pull? wenger said it could be 3 weeks or he could play this wednesday. I could see him coming up big in the big match against manU next weekend, but who knows. Is this going to be a niggling injury all year?

bean said...

tempted to jump on the Nani bandwagon, as I think his price with go up quite a bit, but hard to predict the manU v ars match. and manU has a tougher schedule for the next few weeks. but seems Nani could be the key man in midfield.

chris m said...


Just watched the Wigan/ManU game. There was a play at the beginning where Rodallega hit the bar off a pass from Gomez, which would have given me a goal and assist and screwed everyone who had Foster. So close.

Why was Milijas pulled at the half? He and Gomez yielded on 5 pts today which has me thinking about my midfield. Gomez looked good until he seemed to fade late. Still may keep him.

So, end of day I have 59, thanks to Vermaellan, Given and Rooney.

Still in tomorrow with Lampard, Drogba, Bass, Modric, and Paintsal who I tried to get rid off but had mechanical problems.

So if the Chelsea guys do anything I still have a chance of staying top.
One observation is that Man City looked shaky as hell. They really need to pick up Lescott which the announcers said might happen tomorrow. If that happens, then I think Dunn sits and Bridge, Richards and Given all look better.

Any bets as to when Torres pulls his hamstring?

chris m/velvet underground allstars #1 for a few hours more

greginho said...

i did well. i was the one who asked if i should load up on my forwards and let my midfield slide and it paid off.
vermaelen, given, bridge
fabregas, milijas, gomez, cattermole
drogba, rooney, van persie

i am at 102.5 points with drogba to go. i got an assist from my filler cattermole and he was my highest scoring middie. unfortunately he is gone for stevie g next week! i will miss his 7 points.

Brian said...

What do you guys think of Myhill? I have Howard now at 7.76, but Myhill has gone down in value after a good week. It would let me go from Jordi to Arsh in the midfield. Worth the risk? Or should I be thinking long term and keep Howard at value the rest of the year?

bean said...

i'm interested/excited to see what these next few weeks bring. ManU v Ars, ManC v Ars, Tot v ManU, ManU v ManC, Che v Tot. Sept. should be pretty fun. puts a tangle in the YFF brain though.

bean said...

@Brian - Very happy with his 22.5 points this week, not sure i have the guts to stick with him. as someone said before, i'm stuck in the MyHill/PRob trap.

bean said...

Also, Arsh could go back to scoring points if Cesc is injured

Ian Sanderson said...

Looking good....

82.5 points with Bosingwa, Bassong, Palacios, Drogba and Defoe still to come.

Kellz said...

Robinho next week is my pick over K2. Robinho gets more phantom points and when he scores it will be big.

46.5pts so far with Baines, Fellaini, Drogba, and Torres left to feature. Dropped Rooney for Torres, however my team still has the ability to get within 80+ points, I would be extremly happy with that.

Good luck to everyone

Eric said...

You and me both Kellz =P Here's hoping I can get my head wrapped around Week 3!

bean said...

somebody left the barn door open

teletico said...

I have a bit of dilemma....rooney/gomez or adebayor/deco(or another midfielder values around 10)

would appreciate any input...I see man u has a tough schedule ahead but also realize the potential for rooney fantom points...or lack thereof for that matter.

I was happy with adebayor today...however he should have netted 2...

let me know what you think?

Kellz said...

BD Robinho over K2 (unlikely he will score 3 times in a row and Robinho looks fired up to get his first goal of the season and looked great against Wolves)

Nani is a good BD pick even against Arsenal. Always go for the home team, however I foresee an Arsenal victory, Nani produces fantasy points

Possibly consider Hunt, made good points today however lost many to YC and FC, but he gets involved and will score

Wigan aren't the strongest squad so maybe Osman/Fellaini as 9-10mil middies?

Hope that starts the gears turning

Good luck!

Nuwa said...

what a great games for MU and Arsenal this weak. too bad that i chose rodallega rather than rooney. drop foster for kirkland was the worst decision. hopefully drogba do some magic to increase my point.

for the next weak my lines up are;

wilkinson, bassong, givet
gerrard(buy at 21.86),deco ,milijas , m. brown
rooney(buy at 18.05), drogba, eduardo

give some comment AM..

Kellz said...

@Nuwa: for the cost of brown why not BD Moke? put up 6pts in a 4-1 loss, hes now playing regularly and Brown doesn't

Anonymous said...

regret dropping rooney.. hopefully drog will perform and got 20 points tonight.. currently have about 80pts.. :p.. quite dissapointed with fab and milijas.. :(..

Anonymous said...

Do you think I should keep D. Bent in my squad for the match against Stoke?

Nuwa said...

@Kellz: you think so??? maybe i should try with mokoena.. how bout my GK? will foster perform during MU vs arsenal?? should i change to others? myhill maybe?? or cech??

please give some comment

for the next weak my lines up are;

wilkinson, bassong, givet
gerrard(buy at 21.86),deco ,milijas , mokoena
rooney(buy at 18.05), drogba, eduardo

Jamie said...

@Nuwa, Put in Mokoena, he is a great filler because he can also get a few points. I would put either Cech, Gomes or Given depending on how much money you have. Defense looks alright but you could consider a Chelsea defender as they are almost certain of a clean sheet against Burnley. Good midfeild but consider palacios against birmingham. Strikers also good but I would not put in Rooney and Eduardo because against each other I dont think they will score as many, consider Defoe maybe or Adebayor/Robinho.
What do you think of my team?





rwlwhite said...

I told you all it was gonna be Myhill's week. 22.50 points, for a keeper that cost me 1.33. Thankyou very much!

Assistant Manager said...

Thanks for all the comments guys. It seems all the people who stayed on the Man Utd bandwagon will be the managers who take big leaps up the table (when the points are finally update properly!)

I'm still deciding who's coming in on the barndoor, got a few players in mind, Defoe is obviously tempting, and Chelsea of course.

Really hoping for hattricks from Drogba and Torres! :)

Anonymous said...

anyone know when the points are going to be updated, I can see what my players have but not the overall number?

Naning said...

Damn them United.

42p so far with Torres, Drogs, Deco and Bassong yet to play. Can't say it looks too good this week.

For next week, I dropped Bent, Jordi, Arsh and Bridge for Moke, Lamps, Wilk and Robinho. We'll see how that will work out. Might try and find a way to get Gerrard instead of Lamps, but I'm not sure yet.

Anonymous said...

i'm sticking with bent & fab ...if fab is injured then robinho may 3rd week team


with +3.5 still to spend

donno how serious is fab's injury....guys do u have any update on it?

Assistant Manager said...

Rumours suggest Fabregas will be out for 2-3 weeks with a hamstring problem.

Jamie said...

Really need your advice AM,
This is my team for week 3:

Bassong Ayala Stearman
Lampard Mokoena Gerrard M.Brown
Drogba Robinho Folan

As you can see I have both Lampard and Gerrard, however I had to bring in Mokoena(1.13)Brown(1.89) and Folan(2.08).
Do you think this is a good idea or do you think I should get Rooney while he is cheap. This would mean dropping Gerrard and I would still have to use a below par midfeilder.
Another option is to have someone like Lucas in midfield(5.85) and have Defoe upfront. What do you think is the best option?

Anonymous said...

swapped fab/mccartney with bos/robinho

hoped this move pays

Assistant Manager said...

Jamie - it's not worth having both Gerrard & Lampard if it means 3 fillers. Lose one of them & strengthen your other midfielders & striker. Defoe is a great option. Rooney is Rooney, never a bad buy, but not the best fixture.

Jamie said...

Thanks very much AM, good advice, got defoe, milijas and lucas.

Anonymous said...

Stearman(5.96) or Mancienne(6.26)

Anonymous said...

I´m still pissed at Ireland and Adebayor. Really sloppy in front of the goal. I had a bad feeling about this week and that feeling seems to be motivated. Thank god for Boaz...//F

Naning said...

So. Time to ask for advice again.

Lampard, Mokoena or Pienaar, Modric?

And Defoe or Robinho?

Dave said...

Thank goodness Defoe came through with a goal and 2 SOTs, taking the sting out of dropping Ade.

@ Naning - Lampard & Moko. And why not both Defoe AND Robinho?? Robinho has been getting nice phantom points so far with CW, FW, SOTs, so he's due for a big score once he bags a goal or two. And dreadful Pompey should oblige. And we all know Defoe is a streaky YFF player, so why not ride him while he's firing?

Can you afford Rodwell (3.65) as your cheap filler? He seems to be a starter for the moment and is miles better than Moko.

Dave said...

For those interested in the Chelski formation today, here is what the team website says FYI:

"Carlo Ancelotti retains the 4-3-2-1 formation used successfully at Sunderland but makes personnel changes.

Nicolas Anelka and Frank Lampard will be the two players fielded behind Didier Drogba. Florent Malouda comes into the deeper midfield three with John Mikel Obi taking over from Michael Essien in the centre.

1 Petr Cech
17 José Bosingwa
6 Ricardo Carvalho
26 John Terry ©
3 Ashley Cole
13 Michael Ballack
12 John Mikel Obi
15 Florent Malouda
8 Frank Lampard
39 Nicolas Anelka
11 Didier Drogba",,10268~1765917,00.html

Anonymous said...

Is it time to jump ship on Milijas and Jordi Gomez?

I have a way of getting both Lamps and Gerrard in with no fillers. Just sell Nani and Rooney and get strikers in 7s and 6s. I don't know if that worth it. Got Nani and Rooney but 2.45 left and not sure what to upgrade, if anything. Still probably gonna stick with Milijas and Gomez.
I could drop Nani and a cheap striker for Robinho and Mok's. But I don't know if I wanna do that either. I need the prices to update and also see what Chelski does.

Great win for Spurs!

Spurs Fan from the States

mehicoradio said...

hearing supposedly Lescott headed to Man City finally.

anyways, gutted i went with Bent over Defoe, that cost me some points :(

Anonymous said...

@AM: Ouch, went for Baines/Fellaini guessing there was no way they could lose to Burnley and hardly anyone would have them. Major bust.

Dare to Devil said...

Drogba scores! But Lamps seem to be having another quiet game. Ballack & Drogba have been stealing kicks from him & he doesn't seem to be as trigger happy as before. Hmm....

mehicoradio said...

Lampard finally got a shot on target at least, still pretty quiet though.

Meanwhile Drogba now has a goal and an assist, and looks to be around at least 18 points as of right now

Dave said...

Also interesting is that with Johnson crocked, Dempsey has been playing as a second striker, and Duff took a couple of corners. Maybe something to watch down the road...???

mehicoradio said...

Well Drogba got 22.5, Lampard 6 :(. Bassong only 3.5.

I'm up o 74.5 points with just Torres to play, not looking too good for this week. Only 3 things making me happy in the fantasy world this week. 1. Mokoena getting 6 points, 2. Drogba with 22.5 and 3. Gorcuff is tearing up France again!

Anonymous said...

As I worried, my midfield bets came out awfull - Noble, Milijas (told me so), Fab and Palacios - all together got me 10.5 points. But it didn't turn out that bad (even with Bent). I was afraid about dropping from 1700 to 10,000, but eventually I dropped only (yeah right) to 4500. I have 58.5 points right now (thank god for Defoe), and I think at the end of the day I'll have about 80 points thanks to Drogba and Bosingwa (and thank god for the new 75 minuets clean sheet rule!).
Now I'm facing a problme for next week. I've already dropped Palacios and Noble, and I realy don't know whom to pick instead. I realy hope Fab will recover until next week (some reports say he will), becuase then I'll have to sell him with a discount of 3. I think I'll keep Vermaelen even with his Schedual, becuase he gets points even without clean sheets. And I won't bet on any ManU player right now.
So any way, my question to you AM, is should I drop Bent even If I have him on discount and he plays against Stoke?


Anonymous said...

why bosingwa not credited with CS points....he substituted @ 85 min & u only need to be on the turf 75 min to get the CS...

am i right??

Anonymous said...

Yes, I saw it too! It's a disgrace... Does anyone know how can I send a message to those who run this game?

Kellz said...

@6:28pm: Stoke are notorious for holding tough at Home, Bent might be given up for someone else, but then its who at 9 can you change? I say keep him unless you fancy other 9mil below strikers.
Drop Fabs, it hurts to lose discounts, but away to United is not a m/u I care to bet on. Could go either way but best to put money into more predictable teams (i.e Chelsea, Burnley will not win away at S. Bridge) However I did BD Nani.
Keep Verm, hes good bet to stay in my team for most of the season. But Arsenal need to stop letting in that 1 goal mixed with their 4-6 goal rout.

@6:29am: Your right, he deserves a CS, would make his dismal points much better.

mehicoradio said...

I'm a bit curious on Hunt at Hull, he'll have a good match-up verus Wolves next week

Plus looking at the stats, he has the same number of fantasy points, similar goals scored and SOT and more CW and FW then Cesc for almost half the price.

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