Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Blog Leagues Full!

I'm delighted to announce that Blog Leagues 1 & 2 are now both full to capacity with 100 managers in each.

It's been just 2 months since the blog started but we already have 200 managers in the leagues, we're getting close to 1,000 hits per day & we've had over 8,000 unique visitors from around the globe. The comments sections are really taking off too so thank you so much for joining up - it really gives the blog a sense of community.

If you're on Facebook, please add yourself to the YFF Assistant Manager group by clicking on the Facebook box to the left of this post. It will help me to put some faces to names & also allow me to alert you when I post something I feel is really important.

The season is really is in full swing now - best of luck to everyone!



Alkemizt said...

my name on facebook is
"Prajwal Isuptonogood"


Assistant Manager said...

Hi N00B, cheers for joing the group :)

maxx said...

oh, im too late. i really want to join Blog League
anyway, good luck you guys !

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