Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Blog League & Facebook Group

Just a reminder - there are now only 32 spaces in the 2nd (and final) Blog League. Once it's full I won't be creating anymore as I'm already in the maximum number of groups, so join fast if you want to get involved...

Blog League 2
Group ID#: 10006
Password: yahoo

Also, if you're on Facebook, please add yourself to the YFF Assistant Manager group by clicking on the Facebook box to the left of this post. It will help me to put some faces to names & also allow me to alert you when I post something I feel is really important.

Hope you can all join!



Assistant Manager said...

Just noticed there is another free space in Blog League 1...be quick to snap it up!

Group ID#: 223
Password: yahoo

mehicoradio said...

Just joined up in the 2nd league, would join the facebook if i had one

Hopefully i can get to near the top (doubtful though)

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