Saturday, 15 August 2009

Week 1 - My Team


O'Shea Bassong Alexander

Valencia Lampard Milijas N'Zogbia Mokoena

Rooney Drogba

So, this is what I settled on. N'Zogbia is my hunch, Valencia was going to be swapped for Malouda but then I had a dream last night (yes, I dream about Fantasy Football) that Valencia scores vs Birmingham, so he now stays. Mokoena is my regrettable filler.

After weeks of chopping & changing I'm not even that pleased with it - but it is what it is! Good luck to everyone, I'm off down the pub for a day off football!



Anonymous said...

Exact opposite here, I dreamt of Malouda scoring a brace for Chelsea, so Valencia was off loaded...
+1 for O'Shea, I see him starting both games for Man Utd.

- Nicolas

Anonymous said...

I´ve been thinking about Valencia/Malouda for weeks. Settled for Valencia, and afterwatching first 40 minutes of the Chelea game I feel that it was the right move. Lets see if I´m that pleased after 90 minutes...

Best of luck!

SR said...

Hi AM,

Very similar lineup from down here in Melbourne.

Decided on Gomez instead and put Rodellega in a 3-4-3. O'Shea, Bassong and Sonko(had to sacrifice somewhere!)

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

wilko is playing ......there goes easy cs....i wish burnley scores somthing....even an own goal from sgt.wilko

Anonymous said...

Well good news on this front, Malouda has another game to make up for his last of Fantasy production (However in reality he played extremely well). Valencia has all the makings of scoring huge, but I had too weak a defence with him so I had to free up the extra 1.5mil to afford a decent back line.

Oshea, Bassongm Givet (assumed Wilk would be benched - DoH!)
Lamps, Malouda, Milijas, Gomez
Drogba, Rooney, SEB

Good news is Drogba more than paid for his price in the FIRSR GAME! I wanted 20pts total out of him and he quadrupled it! He will be making up for my weaker picks. Currently in the top 15 of 40+ in most of my leagues with 49.5 pts

Keep up the good work, I'll chip in my 2 cents here and there AM!



Anonymous said...

Possible BD: Suggestions? I am looking at Arsenal as my major pull source, However Everton look like a good bet and hopefully they get hammered making Baines cheaper (does he still take kicks?) Also BD Ireland and K2 but I don't know what I am going to do with them, just on the precaution I want them later this week.
Any other suggestios based on results? (Rodgella did score on United last season :D worth a punt after his goal?)


Anonymous said...

Quick question... can you buy/sell players as much as you like during the week or are you penalized like some other fantasy sports games? For example... if i start buying players now and decide on wed to switch am i screwed for the week?

Anonymous said...

Unlimited buys before the next weeks deadline, means make as many changes as you want no penalty!


Anonymous said...

so its a good idea to start buying players now before their prices go up?

Assistant Manager said...

Guys, im in the pub, just checking the blog. For all the people asking, check the post before this about WEEK 2 PREVIEW. It will explain all. Be quick before the values go up.

Anonymous said...

with cana & catermole on the pitch ...sunderland def looks decent bargain to me....any thoughts

Anonymous said...

Nice deals with Jordi Gomez and Milijas both at 5.54mil scoring 11.5pts in just the first game. They already satisfied their prices so its only up from there :D


PS: BUY BUY BUY barndoor still open!

Dave said...

Tough luck about Rodellaga, AM, that one must hurt a little after you had him in your line-up for long stretches leading up to the deadline. Still, Valencia should cover that nicely. Sadly, I went for Malouda instead and he laid an egg (3 pts :( ). Ah well, there is a second round of games to make up points.

How about those 2 hyped new boys - Milijas and Gomez - both came through with 11.50 points, which is a great return for an outlay of 5.60.

Dave said...

BTW, I think Koumas coming back from the YFF dead is worth noting...But Wigan is facing ManU next week, so I am not sure their players are worth hanging on to.

Dave said...

Re: Barn Door - SOME considerations before the prices are updated.

Given (6.10) - City home to Wolves. Maybe grab him before his value increases if you like that match-up, and before we see what Foster does tomorrow.

Fabregas (14.69) - Arse home to pitiful Pompey. Gunners are shredding Everton right now, Fab has 2G and 2A and Arshavin has done nothing of note.

Vermaelen (6.02) - good match-up, cheap cheap, just scored a goal, and may yet record a clean sheet. For this price and the number of clean sheets Arsenal will get over the season, he is this year's Bosingwa.

Ireland (11.95) - nice price and nice match-up. Scored today and at the centre of City's attack.

Lawrence (8.64) - Stoke @ Brum. He returned a nice 12 points today through a variety of ways and takes set pieces.

D. Bent (9.62) - Sund home against BBurn. He's in great form and cheapish against mediocre opposition.

And if you already have them at original prices, Drogba and Milijas (4 shots, 2SOTs, 2CW, 3SCs) are worth hanging on to IMO.

There are more, but these are my main ideas based on price and match-ups next week. All subject to change LOL, especially depending on midweek games.

Hope that helps...

Dave said...

I also if Saha might be worth a punt next week...?

Anonymous said...

Almunia with win, CS, and does he get credit for an assist for the 5th goal?

Dave said...

No CS for Aluminium after Saha's 90th minute tap-in goal LOL. He may get points for the assist I think. I recall in past years that YFF keepers that managed to assist on a goal ended up with extra points, but not so sure anympore after they tweaked the game last year. Anyone else recall lat year how it worked??

Anonymous said...

@7:54pm: Almost CS points for Arsenal, would have launched Vermealen even higher up.

BD: I jumped on Ireland, Bent, Fabregas, Vermealen, and Given

Sticking with Milijas, Drogba, Gomez, Lamps, Wilk, and Givet for now


Dave said...

Points are in, prices updated, Barn Door closed!

Douchebag United said...

Who are people leaning toward?

Right now team looks like

Foster 6.34 (6.49)

Dunne 7.12 (8.73)
G McCartney 5.89 (8.05)
Vermaelen 6.02 (8.18)

Milijas 5.54 (6.80)
Cesc Fabregas 14.69 (18.72)
Song 4.64 (4.65)
Valencia 11.10

Van Persie 17.47 (18.42)
Bent 9.62 (11.15)
Drogba 10.66 (15.67)

Considering spreading the wealth and picking up Torres @ 16.00 and Wright-Phillips/Ireland by dropping Van Persie/Valencia

Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

I really think you should wait with the Valencia switch until BOTH Man U games been played. Barn Door is harder in a doublegame week I think, I just picked up Vermaelen and Micah Richards. Playing it cool at the moment...

I´m no fan of Man U but I really think Valencia is perfect for the rightwing. Tomorrow will tell a little bit more.

Good night from Stockholm,

Anonymous said...

However Nani will be vying for a start aswell. So for me Valencia/Nani had a very good chance of splitting the games and starting one each. Even though Malouda fell in YFF terms, he was the sure starter pick out of the 3


Assistant Manager said...

There's some confusion over Nani & Valencia. Nani plays left wing & Valencia plays right wing, so they aren't vying for the same spot. I blame the media.

After the Charity Shield they all reported that Nani took Valencia's place. This was incorrect. Nani played left wing, Park took Valencia's place on the right. This was because Valencia was the only United player to play the full 90 minutes of their friendly (vs Valencia funnily enough) just a few days before.

Saying that, I do I expect Park to play in United tougher games (Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool) where they need some who will run & get stuck in. However, I expect Valencia to play both games this week.

Assistant Manager said...

Also, thanks for all the comments on the barn door picks. I personally picked up Given, Vermalean, Wilkinson, Givet, Fabregas, Gomez, Ireland & Adebeyor... holding Drogba, Milijas & Rooney for now, although Rooney will probably be swapped out.

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