Thursday, 20 August 2009

Everton For Week 2?

Jack Rodwell scored twice for a vastly improved Everton victory in the Europa Cup tonight, with Louis Saha also weighing in with a brace.

The result will boost the Toffee's confidence before an away game at Burnley this weekend, and Rodwell costs just 3.55; a possible filler bargain? It also raises some other players with improved confidence as options - Saha, Jo, Baines, Fellaini, Cahill, Howard etc - many of them reasonably priced.

Something to think about...


Anonymous said...

I brought in Rodwell for Utaka after the perfomance today, he's cheap enough so why not especially vs a promoted team. With the extra cash i could swap Lamps/Wilk for Gerrard/Givet. Good idea?


bean said...

gamecast said Rodwell took a knock and was taken off in the 77th. Not sure if it's really a knock, or if Moyes is saving his juice for the weekend.

bean said...

also from gamecast (and projected points if it was an EPL match):

Saha - 2 SOT, 2 Goals, 3 FW = 21.5 points
Rodwell - 2 SOT, 2 Goals = 20 points
Osman - 3 SOT, 4 FW = 11 points
Pienaar - 2 SOT, 1 Assist, 1 FW, 1 FC = 10 points
Fellaini - 1 Assist, 1 FW, 2 FC = 3.5 points
Baines - 1 SOT, 1 FC (but was a set piece shot) = 2.5 points
Cahill - 1 FD, 3 FC = (-1) point

just food for thought.

I wonder who will be rotated? Especially Saha/Jo

Anonymous said...

I just read that he took a knock during the 57th min but continued to play until the 73rd and even had a shot or 2 after the knock. Hopefully hes good to go for the weekend, I guess ill be checking the injury report before finalizing my team.

Anonymous said...

Note on Baines, you forgot a clean sheet 8.5pts then :D

bean said...

oh yeah, good point. also, all the phantom points.

Kellz said...

Yea Baines would be nice, but only under 10mil for me. Don't want to risk a clean sheet taken away by a determined Burnley side @ home. Plus looks like Cahill popped into the slot, makinf Fellaini less desireable for me, opted for Hunt, Hull didn't look bad at Chelsea and Hunt has scored in each game now, meaning he will do shit against Bolton, but thats the risk right?

ToffeeDave said...

Ok im gonna help out all you helpless folks who don't follow the pride of merseyside. Cahill was playing in the "slot" against the czechs because it was not going to be a physical aerial battle and more forward motion...unlike the burnley game. Take my word for it, Everton are gonna be crossing ALOT and fellaini is gonna be more advanced to get his huge 200cm tall body in the air. Baines will collect 15+ points and fellaini if he can get a goal 20+. Rodwell is a great filler at 3.55 giving him only 2 blocked shots or 4 interceptions to get his total back (huuuge value) I for one am fielding 5 everton players this weekend. Jo will probably play as the lone striker as he was a sub midweek giving him a rest for saturday. Look for Baines to pick him and Fellaini out and get 5+ SOT.......In depth enough for you?

I also have Fabregas in my team as I see all the play going through him once again with Arsenals new formation

ToffeeDave said...


remember what I said about Osman playing great against bad teams? This match was exactly what I'm talkin about. He should have scored at least once which would have had his fantasy points skyrocketing

bean said...

@ToffeeDave - any idea if Lescott will have his "attitude" adjusted by the weekend and get back in the squad? In which case Neville would go back to midfield and Rodwell might be on the bench? or is Lescott gone?

ToffeeDave said...

As I am not an insider I don't know 100% but in my humble opinion, lescott is going. After reading reports that Moyes wants 4 new players with only 11 days left I have to expect him gone. Moyes is gonna pick up hopefully Senderos, Steven Taylor, Ever Banega and Vladimir Bystrov> also there was some French bloke named stephan sessegnon who has a tonne of skill and would be amazing in the pl.

Eric said...

Hey everyone, loving the discussion! It's soo good in fact that I can't seem to make up my mind haha

I think I've narrowed my options down, here goes.

Team 1
Vermaelen, Wilkinson, Seabass
Cesc, Milijas, Fellaini, Gomez
Drogba, Torres, Adebayor


Team 2
Vermaelen, Wilkinson, Baines
Cesc, Milijas, Fellaini, Gomez
Drogba, Torres, Tevez

Team 1 looks a little safer to me on paper, depending on how much burn Tevez is given. Picking up Howard now at his price/upcoming schedule should be a good move, since I wasn't able to snag Given pre-price update before.

Any advice? Not sure what I can tinker with in the midfield. Would of course love to somehow try and fit in Lamps or Gerrard but don't see how it's really possible without gutting the entire lineup.

Kellz said...

ToffeDave: Sounds like an Everton fan letting his passion for his team get the best of him or the smartest YFF player ever! As a liverpool fan I laugh a bit :D

Okay I will friday trade if I see Fellaini predicted in the slot in which Baines would also feature.

ToffeeDave I love the enthusiasm, except you will never be Liverpool FC!

Ash in Oz said...

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the comments, loving the information. Tapped into Neil and Jeremy last year, but happy to find an even better blog this year in Assistant Manager :)

It's killing me being in Oz football wise at the moment as most games are on late saturday and sunday night, so after a few pints on a Sat night I find myself watching the big screen in a British pub with blured vision, while trying to focus with one eye closed! This being the case, regardless of my state in the early hours of Sunday morning, it is impossible for me to Barn Door players, which I am sure might affect me through the course of the season.

Trying to make a couple of tough decisions and had some questions for AM and anybody else interested in helping me out!

Current team:

Bassong Richards Vermaelen
Gomez Milijas Fellaini Arshavin
Torres Bendtner Drogba

1) How can Richards not be considered a must have for everyone? Considering Price/Opposition?

2) Howard/Drogba or Given/Tevez

3) Also considering switching Rodwell for Fellaini to allow cash for Adebayor?

Any suggestions? All the best from the other side of the world! Cheers, Ash

Assistant Manager said...

Great comments everyone, thanks for really getting the blog going!

I love Toffee Dave's confidence...I imagine if Everton do go and beat Burnley 2 or 3 nil he could well find himself into the Top 50 on the Leaderboard.

Eric - liking the balance in team 2.

Ash - Thanks for the kind words. In response to your questions...

1) I think Richards is a great option, but some people have Bridge at discount and he is a slightly better pick if you can afford him.

2) Hmmm, really tough one! Probably Given & Tevez, but to be honest there's nothing between those 2 choices!

3) Good move in my opinion.

Ash in Oz said...

Cheers for that AM

Cooler said...

Hi guys.

Who do you consider the best midfielder for week 2, under the price of 11.00?

Currently sitting with Deco at 7.75 and have 3.1 left to use.

Thinking about perhaps using it for changing Bent to Adebayor, or Alexander for Richards, or dropping Deco for someone else (Rodwell?) and improving both defence and forwards.


G said...

I added rodwell so I can get Gerrard instead of Arshavin

Bassong, Wilkinson, vermaelen
Milijas, gomez, fabregas, gerrard, rodwell
Drogba, torres

Bought all players at their lowest cost except Gerrard. I believe most of my players are season keep except Fabregas, Gerrard, Rodwell, and Torres.

I think I will be away from internet on Saturaday and I hope I will not miss the barndoor much.

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