Sunday, 16 August 2009

Sunday - Week 1

That's a bit more like it!

Manchester United have beaten Birmingham 1-0. Rooney popped up with a match winning goal & 5 shots on target, a clean sheet for Foster along with 3 saves & a clean sheet for O'Shea. My only disappointment was Valencia who didn't do too much, but I still expect a good 50-60 points from the game. Much better!

Now onto Spurs v Liverpool...

UPDATE @ 6.00pm

So pleased with how today has gone, plenty of points and a win against Liverpool - I LOVE FOOTBALL!!!! :)

114.5 points so far with Bassong's points to come and then the midweek games, the planned for 200 points for Week 1 is now perfectly possible. I'm 6,700th overall and still not in the Top 50 in the Blogger Leagues so there must be some managers in the league who are really high up the overall leaderboard.

Thanks for all your comments, Torres did nothing so his value will dip & I may well snap him up. Would love Gerrard in too but can't work out how I can afford him.

Hope your teams are all doing well!



Dan in Detroit said...

Glad i stuck with Rooney and Drogba!

Douchebag United said...

It will be interesting to see how Torres does today, he was a player I was considering against Rooney.

Stay with Valencia or sell him off against Wigan next week? Time to get Rooney back now that he's a bit more affordable?

Anonymous said...

That was a pretty good match. Any thoughts on the value of Christian Benitez? looked pretty good when he came on and should be starting soon (once healed)

Also if you don't mind a week 2 question, who the best GK option? Given, Howard or Hart? or someone else?

Dare to Devil said...

Yeah glad i stuck with Rooney & Drogba too. Rooney looks very lively today. Guess I will be keeping him for Week 2 as well. But Valencia is disappointing though, any alternatives for a straight swap?

Dare to Devil said...

mehicoradio : I would say Given, with an improved defence in front of him I expect plenty of CS. Though I must admit the price of Howard is a bit tempting ^~^

Anonymous said...

city middies look lively against wolves next week....valencia not looked relaible...may be needs little time...let his price drop another 1 or 2 :)

G said...

Arshavin,Fabregas, gomez, Milijas
Drogba,Van persie, Blake
*I picked van persie and dropped rooney yesterday before the price change.

I am thinking to make the follow adjustment before the price change
?, Wilkinson, Vermaelen
Nani ,Fabregas, gomez, Milijas
Drogba, Rooney, Vanpersie
Any thoughts?

G said...

Continue from the previous post

Should I drop Blake,bassong, Arshavin for Rooney, nani, 1 filler defense?

Anonymous said...

Rooney is known to get hot and go on streaks. Against Wigan who si to say Rooney cannot again score? I'd bet Arshavin gets some great chances against Pompey however. For me, it seems Rooney will have the better opportunities being the target man up top, while Arshavin is more on the wing. Bot hare great picks for week 2, tough call but go for Rooney, but don't pick Nani, leave SEB



Anonymous said...

Would Arshavin be a better choice over lampard? Thinking of goving with him as it frees up the money to add Given into my squad.

Arshavin seems more likely to get points against Pompey, but Lampard is Lampard and usually pretty good. Leaning towards Arshavin for the cost and the match-up

Anonymous said...

Of the Match-up, Arshavin looks better. However your right Lamps is Lamps and will probably be the top points scorer again this season contested by Arshavin. Both are great picks, Arshavin might be the better option this week, BUT wait until you see Lamps in the 2nd game, he could have a screamer and score big then you wouldn't want to drop him. He did score 40pts vs Fulham last season in their 2-2 draw.


Anonymous said...

why are the matchfacts not showing on yahoo???

Anonymous said...

i do think myhill is agood option

Anonymous said...

mccartney verm gardner
milijas gomez fabregas arshavin
drogba bent rooney

okie or not guys?

mudwalkerz said...

135.50 points with bassong goal etc still to be added... great start of the new season :D

Naning said...

Hehe. yea, tell me about it ;)
I'm at 146.50 with Bassong and Modric's points to go be added.

Anonymous said...

man was it me or did liverpool look very unimpressive?

Any guesses on how long til Yossi is First team? seemed to look fairly good out there, though i may be off on that

Anonymous said...

AM I am gutted. Pre-season showed us the signs. Rafa is not buying well in the x-fer market. Our team has no depth. To be perfectly honest we didn't look good enough to win today. I said this last year, our defense has a problem with ball watching. Bassong should never have scored that goal if the defense was actually marking. Its still very early and Liverpool will recover.


Assistant Manager said...

@5.22pm - looks good!

Congrats to Mudwalkers & Mehicoradio, great start, but I'll be doing everything I can to catch you :)

Kellz - correct, Liverpool will get better, they were very poor. How is your team doing?

mehicoradio said...

will the Bassong goal count as a game winner and set piece goal? (would get 15 points from just that goal is that is the case)

Hopefully Malouda, Valencia and Lampard look much better in the 2nd game. Really let my team down. Wilko was a steal though

Assistant Manager said...

Bassong's will be a match winning goal, but not a set piece as it has to be direct (free kick or penalty). I expect between 15-17 points for him.

mehicoradio said...

too bad Gomes gave up the penalty, else could of have gotten clean sheet points as well

Anonymous said...

@ mehicoradio

mate u want to win the league on the first day :)

mehicoradio said...

looks like Bassong ended up with 15 points

Modric only with 6.5

Nothing beat when you decide to spend on the midfield, only to have your cheapest midefielder be the best of the bunch (and only at 11.50 that) :(

At least the personal group i'm in with some friends i'm destroying them right now

Anonymous said...


O'shea, Bassong, Givet
Lamps, Malouda, Milijas, Gomez
Drogba, Rooney, SEB


Assistant Manager said...

Nice, 129.5 points for me so far...

Anonymous said...

Hey AM you know whats funny? The fact we were so undecided about Malouda or Valencia and in fact both produced low fantasy points. From this stand point I think Malouda and Valencia cash could have been spent better else where! But both have good match-ups to come on tue/wed so cross your fingers!


Eat My Goal said...

Finished with 137 points today. Not bad. My team was

Foster (14 points)
Bassong (15), O'Shea (7.50), Sonko (0 - cheap filler)
Lampard (7), Milijas (11.5), N'Zogbia (6), Malouda (3)
Drogba (39.5), Rooney (28), Ebanks-Blake (5.50

I'm going with Fulop in goal for week 2 because he did well this weekend, and he's up against blackburn at home and rovers dont look like they have anyone who can get them the goals this season!

Team for week 2 (subject to change):
Bassong, Sonko, Vermalen
Milijas, Arshavin, Ireland, Fellaini
Drogba, Rooney, D. Bent

mehicoradio said...

124.50 here

Bassong, Bosingwa, Wilkinson
Lampard, Milijas, Modric, Valencia, Malouda
Drogba, Ebanks-Blake

Week 2 looks like (so far)
Wilko, Bridge, Vermaelen
Milijas, Modric, Malbranque, Arshavin, Palacios
Drogba, Rooney

Likely going to look for someone to replace Malbranque, either a forward or mid. Palacios is my risk play, threw him in since he was cheap (nabbed before the costs updated)

Anonymous said...

137.5 points ... my highest one-week total ever!!! And that's without Lampard or Valencia contributing up to expectations. I feel like I've struck gold. Thanks again for a fantastic service to us Yahoo Fantasy Football players. Looking forward to a very productive season.

O'Shea, Wilkinson, Bassong (!!!)
Valencia, Lampard, Cattermole, Utaka
Ebanks-Blake, Rooney, Drogba

Assistant Manager said...

Cheers Bill, glad you've had a good start!

John said...

Currently have the following for week 2 :
Thinking about swapping Malouda for Valencia before todays match which would leave me with all money spent. Thoughts?

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