Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Fabregas Doubtful

Thanks to Jeremy over on FantasyEPL for bringing Fabregas' injury to our attention.

Arsenal could be set for an injury blow ahead of the first leg of their Champions League play-off clash with Celtic at Parkhead on Tuesday night.

The Gunners have injury doubts over Bacary Sagna, Cesc Fabregas and Denilson, with captain Fabregas given only a 50-50 chance of playing.

Sagna took a knock in Saturday's 6-1 win over Everton while Denilson (groin) and Fabregas (hamstring) will also be assessed before the game, although midfielder Abou Diaby has recovered from a groin injury.

I have him barndoored, but a hamstring is something Wenger is unlikely to risk this early in the season. If Fabregas is out tonight & still 50-50 by the weekend I'll be making moves to get Arshavin in his place somehow.

It's one we'll definitely keep an eye on.


Dare to Devil said...

Thanks AM for the quick updates. Will need some advice on my Week 2 team, currently having

Given - great keeper with an improved defence in front of him.

Evra - will keep his place even after the other crocked defenders return to the team. Besides, it's always good to hv a Man Utd def in your team

Vermaelen - cheap & plays for Arsenal. Season keeper

Foley - sold Wilko to BD Verm while keeping Foley in my team. Not the best of move in hindsight. Should I get Wilko back? Will he be guaranteed a place for Stoke?

Lampard - Solid performer. Keeping faith in him.

Milijas - cheap & take kicks

Jordi Gomez - unsure bout this as Wigan will be facing Man Utd

Moke - filler

Valencia - looking to replace him but miss the BD for Ireland. I am considering Dirk Kuyt. I remember him to perform quite well fantasy wise last season. Comments?

Drogba - season keeper

Rooney - see above

All comments will be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Keep up the good work AM ^~^

Assistant Manager said...

Looks ok mate, but I believe Foley has picked up an injury (as has Ebanks Blake - they both miss the Wigan game tonight) so keep an eye on that. I'd get Wilkinson back in to be safe.

Other than that it looks good but you should try some switching around to get an Arsenal player in - this would mean getting rid of Evra or Lampard I'd imagine, it's up to you to make that decision!

Anonymous said...

Will players' performance in the champion league affect the market price as well?

Anonymous said...

Any feedback for my week 2 team would be appreciated :
(Let's assume Fabs & Denilson are fit for now )

B. Foster

W. Bridge, T. Varmaelen, M. Richards
7.35, 6.02, 6.47

Denilson, L.Valencia, F.Fabregas, A.Mokoena
9.14, 11.1, 14.69, 1.03

C.Benitez, Van Persie, D. Bent
6.39, 17.47, 11.23

Thanks allot

Gutted I got rid of Drogs, didn't cross my mind how much of a bargain he would be @ 10 for the season.

Team Crispy
YFF League 2

rwlwhite said...

no, champions league performance doesnt affect premier league fantasy football, although any injuries suffered may rule players out of their next league game
as for fabregas, i think wenger is just wanting to rest him as an away game in glasgow is not as important as the home leg, and we have enough decent players to make up for him not playing celtic. expect him to be fit for the game at the weekend i say

Anonymous said...

I almost say Arsh is the better pick week 2 playing up towards a striker role. But if Fabs stays in the slot he could come out with another big performance.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if this is old news (and FWIW), but Yahoo! has added Jozy Altidore to Hull's roster at 6.37.

He's having work permit issues but there's a chance he'll play as soon as he's able.

A sentimental favorite for us Yanks, and a big young striker who can hold the ball and find the net.

Anonymous said...

dear sir,
which one is better?
team 1,
mccartney vermalean gardner
milijas gomez fabregas arshavin
drogba bent rooney

team 2,
mccartney vermalean wilkinson
milijas gomez arshavin lampard
drogba rooney benitez


mehicoradio said...

curious, has anyone found a site with the all the stats (like CW and FW and SOT?) for helping BD since yahoo won't?

Anonymous said...

Yes, ESPN SoccerNet runs matchcasts with individual stats. Click on "gamecast," then "complete stats."

mehicoradio said...

by the way looks like Cesc should be fine for week 2.

Have to check over there, thanks. Hopefully my re-grabbing Lampard (which work since i got him at a lower price) + Bent and Jordi will be worth it

rwlwhhite said...

Cesc played tonight so looks like he should be fit this weekend. I'm still gonna pick Arshavin instead of him though because Arsenal are at home where he seems to do better, and also because he hasn't done much in the first 2 games of the season, he will want to get off an running against a week Pompey side. I can see at least 20points coming from him this week, and I barn doored him, even before his value went down, so I have a little extra to spend elsewhere now!

Fidan said...

My (two) team/s for week 2:


*-means he is in my 2 week team FOR SURE...!!!

Now, here is my little problem. Should I keep believing that Lamps will hit big as he did last year at Fulham (as Kellz mentioned) or should I go for ArseShaven, who I believe will come good against Pompey. That would allow me to swap either McCartney or Wilkinson (depending on starting status) for Baines at Burnley (and btw, who scored 9pts in 1-6 defeat to Arsenal,not bad, eh)...

SO, choices are:
Lamps/Wilkinson (McCartney) or


Anonymous said...

If you drop Lamps pick up Rooney if you already dropped him leave it. Fabs/Arsh could be really good this week (hoping both can score), but I still think you should go one or the other and keep Lamps, he takes kicks and Fulham aren't an improved squad, in fact they now throw in UEFA cup games in europe and they will be depleted, I think Chelsea will win out with Lamps doing well, but damn they have yet to keep a clean sheet against much weaker sides.


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