Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Tuesday - Week 1

Only 2 leagues games tonight, but lots to think about.

Chelsea do what they always do with frightening efficiency, with Lampard back on the scoresheet from the spot. Apart from the goal from Bent (again - proving a great move pick if you had him for Week 1), Chelsea were camped in Sunderland's half, controlled the game and 3-1 was a fair result. Deco scored and played very well so could present another option, although I won't be barndooring him. Drogba won a penalty and missed a sitter, Ballack scored but looked poor overall. Malouda was on the bench and there was no sign of Anelka.

I'm now really tempted to get Lampard in before the values go up, but not sure I can find a way to get him in. I must admit, Chelsea look good.

Great result for Wolves and I bet that has well and truly knocked the stuffing out of Wigan after their fantastic result vs Villa. Not many points for fantasy managers with Wigan players, & none at all unless you picked up Keogh or Wolves defenders. Not sure yet how Milijas performed & Ebanks Blake didn't play due to injury.

If they can't muster a point vs Wolves, it really puts me off Wigan players for Week 2 with a home game vs Man Utd...and what could Rooney do against them?

Finally, Arsenal in the Champions League. Vermaelen looked outstanding, Fabregas looked fit and was fantastic again, Arshavin was quiet, Van Persie disappointing. I'm still not sure between Cesc & Arshavin but I'm more convinced than ever that Pompey are in for a hiding this weekend.

If you're looking at the barndoor right now, Deco, Lampard & Bent are the 3 players you'd want to get in. I think I'm sticking with what I've got for now. Still lots to think about before the weekend...roll on Wednesday night's games.

UPDATE - I've moved on to 166 points, in to 2,108th place overall & 7 players still to play tomorrow. Things are on the up!


Anonymous said...

Trying to decide between Lamps/Cesc/Wilk or Arsh/Ireland/upgraded def. Coming into today I was leaning towards Arsh/Ireland but after todays games i may stick with Lamps and Cesc.


Anonymous said...

Go for Lamps Cesc, Arshavin will score points, possibly more than Cesc, BUT Lampard will score more points than Ireland. Also, if Ireland didn't score, his point total would be 3.5 and I rate Blackburn down with Wolves, so he might score but not as much as Lamps (who takes kicks, penatlies, etc).

Rather disappointed in Drogba today, but he already scored his major points so overall I am very happy


rwlwhite said...

So far for week 2 i'm looking at

Bassong, Vermaelen, Sonko
Milijas, Arshavin, Ireland, S.Hunt
Drogba, Rooney, Bent

Sonko will stay as my cheap def filler, think Milijas will stay for the season as he is cheap and I think everything goes through him at Wolves. Arsh/Ireland I have faith with, Arsh will come good this weekend as he will want to make a point at the first home game of the season, and Ireland is a consistent performer and Citeh's main attacking midfielder now. I have a dilemma between S. Hunt of Hull who scored last weekend and plays bolton at home, and fallaini who plays burnley away. It's a toss up between the 2 so i'll see what hull do against spurs tomorrow before i choose. front 3 are gonna be the best 3 this season i feel!

Anonymous said...

Just because Torres didn't score in his first match doesn't mean he won't be up there as well, still scored 13 goals while out long spells last season

Ian Sanderson said...

I've brought in Bent for Owen although may swap back before the weekend.
Currently on 272 points (1317th) with EIGHT players playing tomorrow. Was 260th before today's matches.
I'm a bit Man U heavy at the moment, but that may not be a bad thing at this stage.

Anonymous said...

Currently in 753 place with 179.5 pts with Foster, O'shea, Bassong, and Rooney to go. Anything 200 or + makes me very happy as it would mean the perfect start to the season cost/point wise!

Thinking my team needs some more Citeh, only fielding Given at the moment. But my dilema is whether to drop Jordi/Cattermole for Mok/Tevez.

Good luck tomorrow lads!


mehicoradio said...

Milijas got 8 points today i think. (an assist and some other stuff)

I went ahead and swapped my team out again opting for Lampard/Bent/Mokoena/Micah over Arshavin/Modric/Palacios/Bridge

Right now at 163 points, moved up 3 spots to 2,483 overall. Still have 5 to play.

Anonymous said...

Should i swap in Fellani and lose Mordic.
Looking at Everton's fixture he could be in for over a month of very winable matches.

I'm now on 198.5 pts an 71st overall, moving up 171 spots. Still got Foster, Bassong, Wilkinson, Mordic & Roo to play.


Anonymous said...

Up to 19th overall. Best position ever! And I doubt it will last haha...not bad for a "Yankee". I'm "Street Disicples" in the league btw.


Assistant Manager said...

Great work everyone, we've got some managers really high up the table, I'm really pleased and hope some of it is as a result of advice on the blog - nice work!

I decided not to barn door anyone last night - very nearly brought Deco & Bent in for Gomez & Adebayor but decided against it. I think Gomez & Milijas might be season keeprs for me, holding them at just 5.66 each and they are capable of returning 5-10 points pretty much every game, even when they're on the losing sides.

Looking forward to tonights games with 7 players to play...could pass 200 points for the week. Anyone who gets more than 200 in Week 1 should be very pleased, it's a great start.

Anonymous said...

Any other cheap fillers out there besides Sonko in the back, Mokoena middle and Folan up front?

Darn the "barn door" anyway. My proposed new lineup now puts me 0.04 in the hole. Maybe I need a Blackberry.

Anonymous said...

sunderland have a great fixtures till late september & bent is a must one....last night i dropped rooney :( & bring back lamps :)

i hope united will perform poor with opponents like wigan(a),arsenal,spurs(a),city

i still had dilema on fab/arshavin...currently with 177.5 pt

Anonymous said...

Wigan just got out performed by Wolves at home. Its hard to think they will mount anything against United, we'll see how United do today and if Rooney can keep the ball rolling. What you have to remember is now rooney is playing in his prefered central striker role, so he will be the one to crank the SOT and goals.

Is it almost safer to go with Fabs at discount and BD Arsh next week if he does well? I don't think you can lose with either.


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