Saturday, 29 August 2009

Week 3 - My Team


Bassong Wilkinson Mancienne

Lampard Milijas Modric Deco

Drogba Defoe Torres

I'm pleased with my team, with one why have I gone with Paul Robinson?

Well, as everyone who reads this blog will know I made the mistake of selling Given, but there's not time to dwell on that. I left myself only a few points to buy a keeper which meant Myhill or Robinson. I know 99% of people picking a budget goalkeeper this weekend will go with Myhill, so seeing as I find myself quite a bit off the pace in the blogger leagues I thought I'd try something different & go with Robbo.

Blackburn have't been playing that badly & have a chance of getting something at home, while I expect Wolves to beat Hull. Of course, if it backfires I could find myself even further behind but it's a risk I'm willing to take in order to get myself back in to contention.

The rest of my team is pretty straightforward...I fancy Chelsea & Tottenhams win, hence 6 players from those 2 teams, plus Torres to fire vs Bolton & Wolves to do well. I have been unable to squeeze in any Man City players which is a bit of a worry, so I'll need to hope Pompey can pull off a shock (unlikely).

So that's my Week 3 team - who have you gone for? Good luck to everyone!



Anonymous said...

hey.. there is still 3 minutes for the dead line... someone can copy your team mate!!


Assistant Manager said...

Hey Sam - I have players at big discounts so it would be impossible for them to change it exactly with only 3 minutes to go :)

What's your team?

Dave said...

AM - for what it's worth, ManCity's next 2 matches are tough ones (Arsenal, ManU), so I imagine many folks will dump Given and his price will decrease somewhat, so you'll be able to buy him back (if so inclined) in a couple weeks at a more reasonable cost.

I actually like Robbo and do fancy Rovers to get something from this match - I even gambled on MGP myself. I think Hammers are ripe for the picking after that midweek nonsense.

I've gone for:

Verm, Richards, McCartney
Gerrard, MGP, Milijas, Moko (LOL!)
Defoe, Robinho, Drog

I may regret dropping a pre-update Nani :( ...

Good luck this week...

mudwalkerz said...

Bassong, Vermaelen, Wilkinson
Lampard, Milijas, Gomez, Nani, Jimenez
Rooney, Drogba

just to have something slightly different of the rest.. I might be paying for it, but liverpool have some great matchups, so why not Reina I figured.. and he ll never get as low again .. I hope :D

Assistant Manager said...

Cheers guys

Dave - I had noticed Given's fixtures so it softened the blow. I dropped pre update Nani for Modric so feel the same way. Nice team mate.

Mud - Really like the Reina pick, gutsy. Again, nicely balanced team.

Good start for me, Deco, Lampard & Drogs all start for Chelsea :)

Max said...


verma, wilko, bass
milijas, lamp, modric, moko
drog, defoe, robinho

actually have a hunch of getting robbo too.. but i dropped him this morning.. hopefully i wont regret it.. :p..

the barndoor still open.. what u guys reckoned?.. am thinking to bd gerrard for lamp.. and drop all my tottenham players.. any ideas?..

Dave said...

Taking a look at week 5 - based on current values before today's matches and subsequent update, and based on the players I have at a discount, I've been able to construct a line-up that contains Gerrard (vs Burnley) AND Lamps (@ Stoke) without too much garbage filler. It looks like this and I would be pretty happy with it right now:

Robbo (home to Wolves, so maybe not so bad of a pick)
Verm, Richards, Givet
Lamps, Gerrard, Gomez, Moko
Defoe, Drog, D. Bent

--> of course, I need to analyze the match-ups and performances today, but as a starting point, I think that would be pretty good.

Anonymous said...

@ AM -

my week 3 team...


i know i know... C.Cole,Queudrue... they're my hunches... all-in-all... if the team can perform BIG!!

~ Sam

Anonymous said...

my week 5 yeam...


~ Sam

Douchebag United said...

Is it strange that I find it a major victory just to have Deco on my team and in the starting line-up! A friend of mine claims that you guys across the pond have a better idea of who will be in the starting line-up better than we do in the states. Is there a newspaper that prints the starting line-ups in the morning over their in England and has it in their morning papers?

Max said...

finished barndooring.. :p.. trying a 3-5-2 formation for week5.. but still 2 weeks for changes..

am going to sleep now,so, see u all tommorow for the results discussions.. good luck all..


Fidan said...

My Week3 Team (started relatively good)

Milijas,Lamps (1 SOT,2 Ass),Moko,Nani
Drogs(2 SOT,1 Ass),Torres(hoping for a hattrick :D),Robinho

BD-ed Gerrard in a blink of the eye (for Lamps) and Bent. Got rid of Robinho and SeaBass... Still have one spot to fill (ready to upgrade Moko)...We'll see...!!!

Good luck

Assistant Manager said...

35 points for me from Lampard, Deco & Drogba...not a bad start, need goals from Torres & Defoe in the 2nd half now.

Kellz said...

My hunch defender was Stearman. BUT I friday traded to Insua figuring Liverpool could keep the clean sheet. WRONG! Figured Jiminez would nick one at BlackBurn, WRONG!

Verm, Richards, Insua
Lampard, Nani, Milijas, Jiminez, Hunt
Drogba, Robinho

Good luck guys

Assistant Manager said...

Clean sheet for Robbo & Wilkinson, Goal for Torres & a last minute winner for Spurs, not bad. Nothing from Defoe & Modric though. Decent day, but reckon I might regret swapping Modric for Nani...

Anonymous said...

@ AM

my week 5 team..


@ AM,Kellz,Fidan..Please help me with these..:-
(1)Should i keep Torres or swap him for Rooney?
(2)What should i do bout Deco/Rodwell??
(3)Is McCartney gud? If not ..whom should i swap him for??
(4) Should i stick with Myhill???
(5) Should i stick with Bassong? {I got him at 5}
(6) Hows the team overall?? {Open to any and every suggestion}

~ Sam

mehicoradio said...

my team

Wilko, Bassong, Richards
Milijas, Lampard, Mokoena, Deco
Drogba, Torres, Robinho

Torres should get at least 21 points from today. Right now got 34.5 from Drogba, Lamps, Deco. With Torres's points i'll be up to (at least) 55.5.

And wow i wish i had gone with Lennon, 5 shots on goal and a goal, at least 22 points right there

ToffeeDave said...

Nice team got you a good 91 points but you didn't listen did you. I told you Defoe wasn't as hot as everyoe made him out to be and he got lucky last week, you stayed with him and I guess you paid for the 0 points he got :D. im glad I got rid of Modric last second hehe. Tottenham for 5th?

Dave said...

@ Sam - drop Myhill, Hull are not strong away from home and visit Sunderland next match. You can get Robbo for less and with a home game againsy Wolves.

mehicoradio said...

update: Torres with 24.50, Wilko gets 10.

Right now got 79 points, with 4 players to play, 3 of them for Man City. total points will be around 345.5 when added. Feeling pretty good so far into the season. This blog has certainly been a help, thanks.

@ ToffeeDave, haha indeed he wasn't. I got rid of Modric though after like week 1, he just isn't collecting the fantasy points like last season imo

Anonymous said...


8 Players-51 points.. :'(
3 Players- ?? Points .. :'(
am i alone or is there someone i can share my sorrow with??

~ Sam

mehicoradio said...

@Sam, to answer 1 i would keep Torres. Liverpool get Burnley at Home, then west ham away, then Hull at home before facing Chelsea away.

Rooney will have tottenham away, City at home, stoke away and then Sunderland at home.

i agree with Dave on Robbo looking at the stats, Wolves have only scored two goals so far

#2 i'd probably drop deco if you can get someone pretty good in place of him. He'll face Stoke, Tottenham, Wigan and Liverpool coming up

Overall i think the team is pretty good. Gerrard and Torres are basically the entire liverpool offense it seems (along with Johnson) so pretty good points there. I like Drogs, and Verm seems to be pretty good at getting points. Nani and Deco have both looked good (points wise) when allowed to start.

Douchebag United said...


Option #1 S. Hunt/ G. Johnson/ M. Richards


Option #2 G. Givet/ Arshavin/ Milijas

ToffeeDave said...

Douchebag go with option 1. Way more reliable stream of points. Though I would suggest swapping. Richards for wilkinson as soon as you can.

mehicoradio said...

argh, I don't what going to be worse, Arsenal blowing the game, or Man U fans acting like they won it (when its OBVIOUS Arsenal blew it).

Only thing making me happy is the good fantasy output so far this week.

Jamie said...

my team for week 5:

Johnson Givet Stearman
Lampard Deco Mokoena Cattermole
Drogba Torres Bent

I swapped Reina/McCartney for Robinson/Johnson, do you think this is a good move? What other improvements could I make?

Anonymous said...


So far I have 48.5 points from 8 players, if that makes you feel any better. I'll pick up a few points from Verma, and then I'll have to pray for Given and Robinho to bail me out tomorrow. Unless Robinho scores a hat-trick, at best it's going to be two "par" weeks in row. Sigh...


Anonymous said...

@ Bradley -
atleast u got robinho and given mate..
ive got only richards.. :( ... i hope he scores his 1st prem goal tommorow..and gets a clean sheet

and BTW.. a par week is when u score atleast 90 to 100 points.. sou your waaaaay below "par"...
so am i.. :(
lets jus hope jesus shows mercy on thou..

~ Sam

Dave said...

@ Jamie - I think you should downgrade Johnson in order to improve your MFs of Moko & Catt - they are basically wastes of space with fouls/cards waiting to happen most weeks. I would not expect Johnson to score every week, so you can get similar "regualr" defender points for half the cost. And TBH, unless you already had Stearman, it feels like points-chasing (plus he's going up against your GK).

My 2 c

mehicoradio said...

anyone got an opinion on going for Cesc week 5?

If his price drops enough i may be able to go:
Wilko, Bassong, Givet
Milijas, Lamps, Cesc, Deco, Mokoena
Drogba, Torres

mehicoradio said...

EDIT: Sorry can't figure out if i can remove or edit my post :(

Actually with Givet price increase, Cesc needs to drop over a pound for me to afford him.

However, how about MTay? I can replace Deco with him and have around 7 million to spend on a forward or middle

Anonymous said...

is everton/wigan match cancelled??

Mike B said...

Bad bad bad saturday for me...

Bassong 3.5
Modric 0.5
Jiminez 2
Deco 9.5
Drogba 12

Just awaiting points for Verm, Rooney and Arshavin for the day, hopefuly that will at least soften the blow as the rest were truly pathetic haha.

All i can say is, Tevez, please score a hat trick, Given please keep a clean sheet, and Richards, play like you used to for England all that time ago.

Mike B said...


Only 8 points for Rooney! That seems a little harsh, he had a good game, won a penalty and then scored it!

Also Arshavin scored a blinder and got 12 points!

This has gone from bad, to worse hehehe.

Eric said...

Done ok so far... 78 or so points with Robinho and Richards left to play.

Did a couple BD moves for week 4/5.
Swapped Lampard for Gerrard, and Myhill to P.Robinson. Also switched Robinho over to Bent, and dropped Modric.

The usual suspects:

Vermaelen, Wilkinson, Givet?
Milijas, Gerrard, Gomez?, Open
Drogba, Torres, Bent

Still have 10.72 to play around with. Have got Bilyaletdinov holding the open spot for now, but unsure if I will keep him. Not entirely sold on Givet for this week either. Seems like a tough week to predict.

Anyone care to share their wisdom? =)

ToffeeDave said...

Not a bad week. I have 45.5 points with all these left to play.

SWP (swapped out lennon for him URGH)

With everton almost guaranteed a clean sheet and Man city 4+ goals im thinking this will be a decent week. Im going to be not using any Man. C players next week.

G said...

kitson started for sunderland, 1 G, $4.89, hull next week
a bargin?

chris m said...

Robbery!!!!! (Hey Mike B I agree)

Lee the thug Bowyer slashes Modric, takes him out of the game before the half, Modric ends up with .5pts. (For spurs fans, Crouch coming in for Modric won them the game, no consolation for me.)

Rooney, creates a penalty, makes it, ends up with 8 pts. The overweight and out of breath Arshavin hits one shot and ends up with 12 pts.

Seabass loses a clean sheet to a screw up by Cudicini.

59 pts with 4 to play tomorrow. If Rodallega and Gomez come through I just might stay on top of AM's group 2 but will definitely slip out of the top 20 on the overall leaderboard. Unless Given comes up with a clean sheet and 20 saves, and the Wigan boys combine for a hat trick.

Big decision for the next couple of weeks is to drop Lampard/Rodallega for Torres and a discount midfielder. No idea as to who and how many pts I'll have to play with.

Mike B said...

I've been toying with the idea of swapping Given for Robinson giving me 5.68 spare to spend on upgrading a midfielder.

I currently own Arsh, modric, Jiminez and Deco.

I don't wanna get rid of Arsh as i think he's liable to score big in any game, the other 3 just aren't doing it for me though.

Problem is, even with that extra 5.68 million, i can't find anything i like the look of. Grrrr.

Any thoughts on a barn door midfielder at around 11 to 14 million people?

I had a good 1st week, an ok 2nd week, and a god awfull 3rd week LMAO, i see a trend here that needs to be stopped in it's tracks!

Mike B said...

Also, has anyone heard more about the Modric injury? All i can find is that Redknap says "it looks like a nasty injury on the side of his right calf".

Could be worth getting rid now and finding sombody on the barn door me thinks.

Ian Sanderson said...

Mike B,

You've got 2 weeks to think about the possibility of wholesale changes.
Week 3 has seen me drop from 36th to 806th with only Richards to play.
It's made me realise that unless you are holding big discounts, shuffling your players is essential.
I think only Drogba is guaranteed to keep his place in my team.
49 points boo hoo!!!

Eric said...

Having the same problems with my midfield at the moment. Can't quite decide on anyone in the 10-12 range. Will probably wait out the rest of the weekends matches to make some semblance of decision. For some reason I'm leaning towards Cahill vs Fulham. I guess that depends on if Arteta makes it back too...

Also anyone hear any rumblings on if Zhirkov is going to be back soon?

Mike B said...

I'm curious about Zhirkov, he looks like a good player, i've watched a few vids on youtube and i reckon he'll score well if he get's a regular spot on the left. Although i suppose Deco is actually scoring ok considering his price.

Nasri and walcott should be back in the next few weeks too.

Another i was thinking of is Diaby, i know he cocked up good and proper today, but he looks good on the ball and i can see him coming into his own this season, i will reserve judgement for a while yet though on that one.

Mike D said...

OK...could use some advise here:

Basically trying to decide on my midfield/forward combo...

option 1
gerrard, lamps, gomez, moko
drogs, robinho/k2, eduardo


gerrard, gomez, hunt, moko
drogs, robinho/k2, torres

any suggestions? comments? thanks!!!

Jamie said...

my team for week 5:

Johnson Givet Stearman
Gerrard Lucas Mokoena Cattermole
Drogba Torres Bent

What do you think? I am a bit unsure of Lucas and was thinking of swapping him for mikel, although not sure if he will play. Can you suggest another midfielder valued at 5-6, cheers,
Any other tips would be welcome

bean said...

@mike b./chris m. - harsh/robbery? rooney had 1 shot, a goal, a yellow card, and a foul committed. guess it would have been a bit better if it was the match winning goal, but i guess diaby took care of that for him. will diaby get the match winning goal points :) ?
i'd stear clear of diaby. like others have said, he's been in the 5-6 price range for a reason. he either disappoints when he plays or gets rotated, I don't see him producing much.

midfielders - i think as fantasy managers we will be pulling our hair out even more in the upcoming months trying to anticipate rotations. with zhirkov/j.cole coming back for chelsea and cesc/walcott/rosicky/nasri coming back for arsenal, who knows who will play!?

in 10-12 range? not many that stand out too much considering the next couple of weeks matchups.. l.lawrence(10.56), ballack(9.82, but see above), MGP(10.93), pienaar(10.78). not exactly the cream of the crop. its seems unless you're in on gerrard at a low price, there's not a lot of great options on the low end of premium middies.. maybe looking to more bargain midfielders with good matchups that are guaranteed to play?

tough week for team selections, and a lot of time to mull it over.

Eric said...

@Mike D
Liverpool's match vs Burnley makes Gerrard/Torres look nice, as does Mr.Lampard vs Stoke (although Stoke have proven to be a tough nut to crack at Home.) I think that the Man City/Gunners game could go either way, and is hard to call. So much offense on those teams... Hunt has been consistent, and I expect him to play well against Sunderland.

If it's possible I'd look at Rodallega in place of Eduardo and go for Team 1. If not I think I'd go with Team 2... but it's very close.

Nice... I made that easy for you didn't I?? Haha

Eric said...

"Tough week for team selections, and a lot of time to mull it over."

Too much time! I'm gonna be mulling all week. Hopefully I'm able to keep it under control and not tinker toooo much.

bean said...

@Jamie - midfielders in 5-6 range? not a whole lot exciting there, maybe Sidwell(5.75) playing @B'ham, Jimenez(5.68) disappointing this week but some people seem to like him, V.Grella(4.52) if he'll play, Rodwell(4.05) but most likely won't get starts now that neville will be in the midfield mix and arteta soon back, k.henry(5.85) seems to at least get his value, O'Hara(4.08) if he's gonna play, and of course the big wildcard if he finds his way to fitness is zhirkov(5.56) which everyone and their cousin will put into their squad once he's fit. Will he find a starting spot in the chelsea midfield ahead of malouda/deco/ballack/j.cole/essien/mikel? if i was ancelotti I would play lampard(deco) at the tip, ballack(j.cole) on the right, zhirkov(malouda) on the left, and essien(mikel). but i'm not ancelotti and i would guess these players will be continually rotated

Mike D said...


thanks for that...makes sense actually. I was thinking about stoke being a little tough at home and ive been alternating lamps/gerrard each week...impressed with stevie g (partly becaue I'm a pool supporter) and lamps has yet to truly impress me (just worried about that explosive week hes bound to have)

this is the first week i've considered them current strategy has landed me 104 overall so maybe I should just stick with that!

plus my allegiance to pool draws me to the golden boy who continues to be their primary (and sometimes only) scoring option up front each week..

im just drooling over robinho after seeing him last week (on the verge of a 20+ week in my opinion)...could just see it in his eyes..he wants a goal...or three..his greed rivals that of defoe at times (well maybe not that greedy)...hes bound to rack of phantom points either way I suppose...just concered about their upcoming fixtures with arsenal and man u, although they may be more concerned with k2 and tevez, being former players for the respective opponents...

hunt has proven to be solid week in and week out no matter what the final score is...consistency at his price is key.

this being said I think i've decided on option 2 for now.

thanks again my man....anyone else with something to add or contest, feel free..

good luck next [next] week


chris m said...

Hey Bean

Yea, I know. Rooney's stats weren't really there. Which points to a problem, after thinking about it, with ManU. They just don't have a creative midfielder to get him the ball. Hmmmm?

Regarding your midfield problem. Mine too. I have loved Rosicky for a long time. He and Modric are almost clones. But will he play? I don't know Zhrikov, but based on the buzz and his press, he would seem to be Chelsea's Arhshavin. But again, with Deco starting, with Malouda and Kalou on the bench, and Cole coming back too, who the hell plays. The only certainty in Chelsea's midfield is Lampard. So I am staying away from Chelsea and Arsenal. As I am staying away from Man City's front line, especially when Santa Cruz comes back. And especially since Robinho is shooting and not passing every time he touches the ball.

The only sure things so far are Drogba, who is possessed, and Rooney, who as alluded to above, needs someone to get him the god damn ball. I would love to see Modric on ManU, Rooney would have 30 goals at the end of the year. Valencia, Nani, et al just aren't going to get it done.

I am going crazy trying to figure all this out.

Chris m
velvet underground allstars

Mike D said...

While I'm around, might as well ask about my defense


Givet, Mccartney/Richards, Wilko
Gerrard, Hunt, Gomez, Moko
Drogs, Torres, Robinho

I know there's no big names on the back line, however I was going for value here...

What do you think about richards vs mccartney...I was moving towards mccartney due to the fixtures, but always open to suggestions.

Also...I have the option of replacing robinho with bent or tevez (probably bent over tevez) which might make sense with the upcoming fixtures...but not sure I could do much to improve my midfield with the extra funds...

any thoughts?

PS...please dont advise me against myhill...he's the man...even if he gives up 3-4 goals, he only needs 7-10 saves to come out even or on the plus side, which is good enough for me considering I got him at 1.33 mil. (consider jensen today...3 goals allowed + 12 saves = 11 pts) as long as he doesnt pull a pepe every other week, hes OK in my book...

thanks again in advance!

bean said...

@chris m. - Rooney I think is still a good pick (especially at discount) but it's just that tendency for fouls and cards that hurts him sometimes. only getting one shot and nothing else does too, but this was a big match, i didn't expect a lot of shots getting on target. I think he will serve you well if you keep him long term, especially being the penalty taker.
-i really like Rosicky as well, I just don't ever see him being NOT injured. I think he'll come back for half a game and be re-injured like the past four times.. when was the last time he played? like 2 years ago?

@Mike D. - I'd say Gerrard, Hunt, Drogs, & Torres for sure stay, the rest you can tinker with.. Not sure about Robinho/K2, guess we'll see tomorrow, but vs. Arsenal not so sure. With the defense, Givet & McCartney seem good with their matchups, Richards & Wilk not so much. I know Stoke are good at home, but to Chelsea? I like MyHill as well, he always makes tons of saves, but there will be the negative weeks here and there. But seems similar to Jensen as you say, even in a loss comes out in the positive (as opposed to PRob-lem)

Mike D said...

@bean - good input...I was worried about wilko, but figured the blues would send enough business his way to at least win some balls/block some shots...ill happily concede the clean sheet though....only way I can really improve the def is to drop robinho and use some funds to upgrade...

Another quick thought (I probably shouldnt be thinking this much, but want to consider all options)...


my thoughts...

robinho is greedy which equals phantom pts...hunt is consistent all around, but both have 2 tough fixtures coming up

bent has two attractive fixtures ahead, lennon has two tough ones but is playing well.

this will be my last request for advice...thanks again.


Kellz said...

Sorry for anyone asking for advice I have been driving all day from Seattle, WA missing the barn door because it was my birthday and my girlfriend took me out into the city for vacation :D

My recap:
(1) Glad I Firday traded Modric for Hunt
(2) Stupid to Friday trade Stearman for Insua
(3) Verm and Nani did alright with points glad I kept them (nearly paid back the 6.02 and 8.84mil I spent)
(4) 60.5pts still in the top 7500
(5) Still have Robinho, Richards, and Given to play. Lets hope for a win and cleansheets!

Everyone who has Torres for the love of god keep him. I can't imagine why I dropped him for Defoe then subsequently dropped Defoe for Robinho/Hunt. Thanks ToffeeDave! Spot on!

For me its whether or not I want to sacrifice to get Torres back after already getting Gerrard for Lampard, who is still extremley valuable just not hitting the 20+ games.

Good luck to anyone with games tomorrow! I get one more day off before back to work!

bean said...


Kellz said...

THANKS! At least Liverpool got me a birthday win! Albeit a sloppy one!

bean said...

not a bad birthday gift

Kellz said...

To be quite honest it doesn't look like we have the team to win teh league on current form. However I would be extremly happy to win an F.A cup, Carling Cup, or possibly CL. As long as we can get a cup win. :D

bean said...

don't sell em short yet, it's still early. it's a long way off, but once aquilani can walk, the lucas nightmare will be over. If somebody can get Rafa to play Benayoun more and maybe pick up a surprise forward/striker before the transfer window closes, it might not be so bad. but yeah, Pool is lacking depth. what happens when/if gerrard and/or torres are injured?

Eric said...

Seems like Liverpool is having a really hard time initiating the attack. They did manage to find some gaps today, but they sure are making it look difficult. A few moments during the game that reminded me of the game against Villa. Just didn't seem confident in how they wanted to advance.

Kellz said...

Thus the "current form" comment :D I have all faith we still have a concrete chance at the title

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