Sunday, 23 August 2009

Week 2 - Sunday

Firstly, I know this picture is irrelevant to the game of football & the blog...but I don't care! Cricket is my 2nd love after football & I feel very proud this evening :)

Now for the relevant news. A pretty good day for me all round. England win, Tottenham win for 3 out of 3 (proud again!), plus Drogba gets a goal & an assist. I had slipped out of the top 7000, but with Drogba's points I hope to rise up a bit & get a few more points with Torres tomorrow night (hoping Gerrard doesn't do too much).

The feeling of dropping Rooney is now a bit less tragic. I dropped him so I could get Adebayor, Torres & keep Drogba (I very nearly dropped him for Bent!). Overall it's not worked out that badly at all. I'm on 80 points with Torres still to play, so considering a lot of my picks (Fabregas, Milijas, Gomez etc) backfired, that isn't a bad result. If you can pick up anything between 70 & 80 points in your bad weeks you've actually probably done pretty well considering. 75 is a "par" score each week in my opinion.

BY THE WAY...I expect Yahoo to make up for the Bosingwa clean sheet mistake, just give them 24 hours or so.

Now for Week 3. The barndoor is still open & I seriously recommend everyone has DEFOE...I'll post my full team once I've finalised it, probably just after the barndoor closes. I'm looking at loading up on Chelsea (Lamps, Drogba), really want Liverpool (Torres, Gerrard) & City (Adebayor, Tevez, Robinho) players too, but it's tough to afford AND impossible to fit them all in!

I hope you're all enjoying the blog, I genuinely appreciate the comments. I know at 7,500th I'm having my worst ever start & I'm actually behind a lot of you in the blog leagues, but I really hope you're finding the advice useful. A lot of the time I don't take my own advice & it costs me (I'm probably "over-thinking" things), but I've always been able to break things down in an analytical way. Fully hoping you're getting some benefits from reading...thank you guys!

Let me know your successes/failures in Week 2! Who are you grabbing on the barndoor?



Anonymous said...

success: only the DOG
failures: fab,gomez,lamp,ireland,milijas,bent(how can he score .5 ????)

dropped : fab,mccartney,ireland
picked: nani,robinho,bosingwa


Anonymous said...

So after I got 41 points only from 6 players of mine, I'm now on 58.5 and waiting for the points from Drogba and Bosingwa, so I should have 89 points if the clean sheet problem is resolved. I think it's pretty good on a week when I get 10.5 points from 4 midfielders. I hope Fab will recover, and if he will I think I'll keep him hoping he can do good things against the two Mans.
I think I'm quite sure right now that I won't drop Bent in spite of his poor preformance ahead of his meeting with stoke, but I'll still be glad to read your advice.

Assistant Manager said...

@7:31 - absolutely. On a week where your picks go bad it's 100% damage limitations. 89 points is pretty good on a bad's above average for sure.

Mike D said...

What do you think about Ayala for week 3? Do you think he'll stay on for the clean sheet? of should I stick with Wilk?

Mike D said...

Also...what are your thoughts on the choice between Defoe/Robinho/Adebayor?

I'm leaning towards Robinho at the moment because he looked to be in excellent form this week and you could definitely see he wants to score...

Defoe is on fire, but can you count on him to score AGAIN?

Adebayor produced for me as well this week, but not sure he'll get three in a row.

What are your thoughts...with as little spurs biased as possible? (I know...Defoe is the business at the moment!!!)

Alkemizt said...

ive got 97 points and gerrard stiil 2 play..
hope he makes the goals n pray 2 god dat Torres doesnt(Sorry AM.. :P )....

Plz temme n gimme advice bout this team..

plzzzzzzz temme dat i did d ryt thing by dropping rooney 4 defoe,..,verma for upson,.., and denilson for nani..
if not i will be damn angry as i had rooney for 18.5 and nw hes 18.9!!nd hu noes hw high his price might rise??

plzz advice anyone and everyone!!

Assistant Manager said...

Hi Mike

Spurs bias, what do you mean? ;)

To be honest mate, I know Defoe & when he feels confident he knows (whilst on that particular run) he will probably score every game. If he doesn't score, he will have 3 or 4 shots on target. He's the greediest striker I've ever seen (good for us fantasy managers) & a fantastic pick at under 15 in my honest opinion. I dropped Adebayor for him & I'm ok with that decision. Robinho is also a good value pick, but he's playing left wing. Defoe pips it for me.

Also , If Skrtel isn't back then Ayala is a great pick (as mentioned in my Week 3 Preview).

Good luck!

Cooler said...

Week 2 was horrible for me, and now I find myself in need for much appreciated advice re. budget midfielder for week 3:

Gomez at 5.54 - Hasn't really done much so far, and away @ Everton (even to they appear to stink at the moment) isn't a great matchup.

or Abou Diaby at 5.28 - Coming of a hot game, but really don't know much else about him. Matchup also difficult.


Anonymous said...

BDed Rooney and Nani yesterday plus Altidore, but have 2.45 left over. I could drop Rooney and Nani for Defoe and Robinho then use like Jimenez in middie, that would leave a MF of Lamps, Milijas, Gomez, and Jimenez. Thoughts?



Mike D said...

AM: thanks for the tip...Im really likin Defoe these days so I think I may go with him...might have to abandon him after this week due to a tough schedule but might not cause spurs have shown they can run with the best this year!

Thanks again, much appreciated!

Mike B said...

Well it' the end of week 2 for me....

Disappointing midefield performance from Arshavin again, but i dunno, i have a feeling he'll come into his own soon so i'm resisting the urge to drop him. Also i have a gut feeling about Jiminez, he's cheap as chips and looked good today, i think it's only a matter of time before he bangs a few in.

My team this week was Howard, Vermaelen, Bassong, McCartney, Jiminez, Arshavin, Palacios, Modric, Drogba, Rooney, Eduardo.

I'm thinking of dropping McCartney, Palacios and Howard for maybe a Micah, Given and a nice cheap midfielder, don't have the foggiest who yet though.

I wish i could afford Gerard or Lamps but this feeling about Arshavin is stopping me tinkering too much.

Roll on week 3!!

I scored 168.50 on week 1
Week 2 i'm got 100.

I'm pretty happy with that considering it's my first season =]

Kellz said...

AM: I gotta say I am backing Robinho for a big week away to Pompey. K2 has honestly only put up a couple SOT/Goal in the first 30min then he goes missing the rest of the game. That said, Drogba stays for sure, and we'll see what Torres does tomorrow before I decide to trade him for Defoe. I honestly have my doubts over a striker keeping the scoring streak alive for 3+ games, how ever it is a good matchup especially at White Hart Lane which I feel will be difficult for any team this season.

On the BD side:
Lampards price will fall, hopefully get down to 19mil. Deco is not a starter obviously hes being rotated, it will be interesting to see the pattern of Ancelloti's rotation, but with Lampard playing wing and not the diamond head, will his point production fall? Lets wait and see.

256pts with Torres to go

mehicoradio said...

For me The good:
Given (14 points)
Verm (10 points)
Mokoena (6 points)
Drogba (22.5 points)
Torres yet to play
Gourcuff (22 points)

Fairly good production there, Verm didn't get the clean sheet sadly though. Gourcuff is in the Ligue 1 game, but he's been soo good this year i can't help but to mention him.

The Bad:
Bent (.5 points)
Lampard (6 points)
Milijas (2 points)
Jordi Gomez (3 points)
Bassong (3.5 points)

Bent was the real letdown, followed by Lamps. Even though he still got six, need alot more from him then just 6 points, especially when i'm paying 18.97 for him.

A good game by Torres will put me over the 80 point mark.

For week 3 i've gone with:

Wilko, Bassong, Richards
Milijas, Lampard, Mokoena, Jordi Gomez
Drogba, Torres, Robinho

Really need to see how in form Torres looks tomorrow to decide if i pick up Defoe or not. I can't see myself getting rid of Robinho to bring Defoe in.

I want to switch things up by dropping Jordi, but i just can't dind anyone i'm really crazy about thats under 8.53

Anonymous said...

rooney/jimenez/roger johnson

im shit confused y'all..

help!! said...

Okay. My team REALLY blew one this week. I have 30.5 points with Gerrard/Torres to go. Arsh, Howard, Bassong, Milijas, Gomez all did nothing for me.

Im way behind in a league with a few friends and need advice. My team for next week is:

Verm, Givet, Sonko
Gerrard, Milijas, Gomez, Mok and Nani
Torres, Drogba

I have almost 10 left. The question is - should I drop Gomez, thus leaving me with about 15 and change to get anyone else (from Arshavin's price on down I would be able to afford). Or should I use that 10 to upgrade Givet/Sonko/Mok and just hope for the best. I could also go Robinho at Portsmouth...

Mike B said...

Hey as previously mentioned, i'm new to this so was wondering what the term "Barn Door" means?

I keep seeing people talking about it but have no clue as to what they're going on about hehe.

Assistant Manager said...

@10.02pm - If you have 10 spare, upgrade Sonko & Mokoena. The rest is good.

Mike B - The Barn Door is buying players before their price increases. eg. Defoe scored today, he currently costs 14, once his points come in he'll probably be 16-17. Buy him now "whilst the barn door is left open" to save money.
Full explanation here...

bean said...

-I'm enjoying the blog AM, thank you for all your assistance. it's great to see such an active blog (and no spam!)

-had a lucky week this week. midfield was not so lucky, bringing in 7.5 points combined, but Boaz came through huge and invested heavy on strikers with rooney/drogba, torres left to play. also, g.johnson left to play..

-i brought arsh in for fab, thinking if cesc is injured, arsh becomes more valuable. but if he's not injured, not sure.

-thinking of dropping rooney to jump on one of the defoe/robinho bandwagons. gotta love those matchups. but rooney at home in a big match?

-fellaini disappointed me, everton more so.

-burnley! can't believe what they've shown so far. this season's hull?

-overall sitting with 94.5 points with torres and g.john left to play.

Mike B said...

Ah i seeeeeeeeee, thanks for the quick response haha, i'm gonna get shopping, cheers buddy.

Kellz said...

Yahoo doing a very slack job this week on the BD and updates, plus Bosingwa w/o a CS even after 86min of play. Realized Defoe's price hadn't jumped yet so I dropped Torres for him, I still feel a bit shaky on it, but AM knows his Spurs!

Anonymous said...

week 3 team so far:

Given (8.16)
Bassong (5.51), Boswinga (9.34), Ayala (6.12)
Milijas (5.6), Rodwell (3.5), Nani (8.94), Palacios (6.99)

Drogba (10.76), Rooney (16.37), Torres (17.5)

1.46 pts left to use.

Its my first season, though I've done well (currently 243.5 pts, with torres to go)

Any glaring holes? Shall I make some moves or sit tight for week 3?


bean said...

@kellz - i wonder if Yahoo will do updates tonight, or after tomorrows games? you never know.. i would like to wait till tomorrow to make some decisions, but the door might close tonight.

-thoughts on chelsea - looks like right now essien/mikel and malouda/deco are the rotations. and when zhirkov is healthy and if/when j.cole comes back i would guess chelsea's midfield will be quite hard to guess, except lamps. but he hasn't been himself yet. and burnley doesn't look like they'll be a cake walk anymore..

Assistant Manager said...

I reckon the updates will be done tomorrow morning/afternoon...agreed it's a bit slack.

Chelsea will be tough to call with their squad depth, but I tip Lamps to fire vs Burnley.

mehicoradio said...

they are slacking but it could be worse, in the france and italy games you can't even BD anyone :(.

I could have the top 5 in points in France all on my team right now if i could actually make changes.

Also sad that i can't go Defoe, likely going to get a price increase tomorrow and if i drop torres now, i'm not getting him back. Too risky without seeing what Torres does imo

Anonymous said...

I also want to see to Athe M that I am really enjoying the blog. Kee up the good work!

Anonymous said...

for week 3.. thinkin of droppin foster for another goalie because MU v Ars is tough to forsee.. anyone could recommend a good gk? cheap one i mean :p..

robinson (blackburn v west ham)
myhill (wolves v hull)
kirkland (everton v wigan)
fulop (stoke v sunderland)


Lisa said...

I bought Lampard at the beginning for 18.97. I've kept him. But it seems like he is not going to get the points he got last year. What does any one think? Should I take his money and add it to my other 4.98 and spend 23 differently. I don't think he is going to be as productive under Ancelotti. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

After week 1, week 2 felt pretty tough. Given, Adebayor, and Drogba really saved me, because the rest isn't so great. But all in all I've ended up with 86 points, so like you said, not bad for a bad week is how I'll take it.

Week 3 so far



Milijas/Gomez/Ireland/Abou Diaby


Ireland's down in price, so I'm hoping a fixture vs pompey can help him get jumpstarted again. I BD'd Diaby at 5.28, so after his price doubled I figured it was worth it just to hold on to him and use my money elsewhere. Wenger seems to like him, so I hope this can be, as the manager has said "his year". I Know Defoe has done a lot, but I don't know, I just can't believe he will be able to always hold up that production. Meanwhile Robinho has yet to score, and even so he has collected plenty of points. So not only does he seem due to put one in, it could be a monster game if he does.

bean said...

cheap keeps? i guess MyHill is the best option there, seems even if they lose, he'll get some saves (except when they lose 5-1)

@Lisa - Lamps has been kind of quiet, which for me means he's due. I know Burnley's flying high, but Chelsea at home. I would keep him. Plus, they're schedule is somewhat favorable. Guess it depends on how Gerrard fairs tomorrow/today, if that's who you would be going after with all that cash.

Seems like Ireland missed a lot of chances against wolves. Robinho could be due.

It is hard to trust that Defoe will keep going, but home to B'ham could be his last spark, then score nothing against ManU.

Nuwa said...

after considered the in coming games and the last week games i hv configured this lines up;

wilkinson, givet, vermaelen
gerrard, milijas, koumas, mokoena
drogba, rooney, bent

the reasons are;

hull vs wolves
milijas will be the player maker for wolves but wolves not too good at their finishing so myhill will get many point for saving

stoke vs sunderland
bent is good at attacking and wilkinson will do his best to clear the ball for sure

mu vs arsenal
rooney is good at home but vermaelen still can clear the ball and assist for goal

blackburn vs west ham
a fair game but givet is good attacking and defending as well

chelsea vs burnley
drogba will score at least 1 goal for sure coz the game is at home. hopefully

liverpool vs bolton
at home gerrard is good as hell

everton v wigan
koumas will redeem himself

mokoena just a filler but still good to get some points

please give some comment guys

bean said...

@Nuwa - Liverpool @Bolton, if that matters.

Anonymous said...

i have a doubt...
i hv got 46 pts left and have a 4-3-3 formation..
which would b the best attacking combo of these??
please tell me wich 3 wud b the best point scoring combo... im in a fix because i dont nor hum 2 go with...
please help

Anonymous said...

What do you say about Malouda or Ballack for next week? I can't afford Lampard unless I drop Fab, and I have to be sure he's really injured before I do that. So if the greatest thing happanes and he's still fit, do you think I should go for one of Chelsea's less premium midfielders?

Anonymous said...

Congrats !
As an Indian, I know the feeling of beating the aussies in cricket.

Kind of a sad feeling that we wont see flintof again donning english color in test cricket. However, I am sure he wont miss the bus for IPL in India.

Back to football....this is my first post and i must say that you are doing a great job.....almost at par with NT & JS.

Keep up the good work !!!

I am currently placed 5th in your league (YFF2)

With best wishes...


Anonymous said...

ENGLAND!! nice 2 see aussies lose d ashes!!
i noe hw it must feel 2 beat d aussies...what a bowling perfomance by broad!! great farewell 4 Flintoff....m gonna miss him! :(

Back 2 YFF..

who are the top 3 forwards most likey 2 score points??

Naning said...

@ 10:47 am

Top 3 is hard to find. But top 5(week 3) should be Defoe, Robinho, Drogba, Torres and Rooney.

Anonymous said...

@12:23 - from 10:47 - i hv got 46 points left n 3 forward slots open.. whom should i pick??

Naning said...

Impossible to say. Follow your gut feeling. Any of the 5 are fine, really.

G said...

Bassong, Verm, Wilkinson
Gerrard, mokoena, gomez, milijas
Drobga, torres, defoe
with $2.12 left

Should I drop Gerrard and mokoena for 2 decent midfield?

Dare to Devil said...

What do you guys think bout this team

Verm Wilk Bosingwa
Lampard Moke Milijas Modric
Drogba Rooney Bent

Is Bent worth keeping?
Do not have enough funds to switch him to Defoe. But I Modric in there as my Tottenham player.

Rooney-bad matchup. But he is a big game player. Will do good against Arsenal.

Will keep Lamps for another week at least due to the opposition.


Skip said...

where can i find game stats... they had them last year.. i could see who is taking shots, SOG.. assist. etc.. Yahoo doesn't seem to have them anymore.. is there somewhere else?!

Kellz said...

Drop Fabregas, hes possibly out injured and away to United, the money can be spent better else where. Its too tough to call which team will win out or who will step up in that game. Plus is he does nothing his price will fall even further, hes still only 2mil above his original price.

That hardest thing to do in YFF is to let go of your discount players in bad matchup situations. Injury doubts and away to United tells me move on for Lampard who actually takes kicks/penalties and has a much easier m/u (However Burnley have showed they can kill giants).

Oh and one more thing guys. The Barn Door is used to get players likely to score again. Don't BD Diaby just because he scored 2 goals, his price was 5mil for a reason, he doesn't get that involved, will start periodically, and will only get you big points maybe 1-2 times this season. You then end up chasing the points rather than looking at the match ups for players likely to score as high. Diaby is facing United, do you really think he can score another brace? Great example is most of us barn doored Fabregas after his 36pt game, what has he produced after that? Don't BD for the sake of BD, go for the players who will actually get you those points, as AM stated Defoe is a good BD pick since he is at home to Birmmingham and a preferred striker.

lol sorry for that and good luck to everyone!

mehicoradio said...

Well it looks like city is bringing in more defenders. They are going to add Sylvinho, and talking with Lescott.

Who is going to be a full time starter, or are we going to see rotation?

Kellz said...

Syvinho is a 35 year old back up for Bridge, he won't start unless Citeh have back to back games in the instance of a league game followed by a cup game or is Bridge is injured. Lescott, Toure, Richards, Dunne, and Bridge are all in contention to start.

Anonymous said...

Licking my wounds today after a truly awful fantasy weekend. Kicking myself for dropping Rooney, and just 7.5 points from my entire midfield which included Arshavin and Milijas -- dreadful. Now I hoping Torres can bring me up to some measure of respectability.

AM, maybe some "dos and don'ts" for the less knowledgable among us would help. I guess an obvious example would be "don't put a goalkeeper and striker from opposing sides on your team" but there must be some other rules of thumb to follow. How about "don't expect a player to rack up two 30+ point matches in a row." Defoe would be a good example, although he played well last weekend. It can't just be dumb luck, can it? How do the best fantasy players become the best?

Anonymous said...

hey kellz... can u tell me the best 3 striker combo out of dese ..
i jus hav a gut feeling bout rooney and i dont think dat defoe can keep the run going..
but please tell me .. this is my first year and i want to know before the price-updates ..
advance thanks..


Anonymous said...

Well, the new rankings arrived, and I actually thought they would boost me higher. I hope the correction about Bosingwa will come soon. Should we trust Yahoo about it, or can I mail them a request of some kind?

Skip said...


when you get cheap keepers... I have myhill @ 1.33


i almost picked up ROBO instead.. luckily i didn't!! Myhill got 22.5 Robo -6!! whew!

so.. this is who i am sticking with him plus with Moko.. even if these guys get 2 points.. its still double there price..

Myhill 1.33, 22.5
Verma 6.02, 10
Ayala 6.09, TBA
Wilko 4.78, 7
Milijas 5.54, 2 : (
Fat Frank 18.99, 6 : (
StevieG 18.97, TBA
Hunt 8.80, 3
MOKO 1.02, 6 8)
Drogs 10.76, 22.5 8)))
Rooney 16.37, 28.5 8)))))

i managed 107 plus waiting on StevieG/Ayala still to play.

I am thinking of getting rid of Hunt, but HULL is @ Wolves.. so i like the match up..

i don't think i could drop ROONaldo, StevieG or Fat Frank.. for defoe.. i believe this Trinty is proven thru good times and Bad.. unless long injury.. i will stay with them!! *fingers crossed*.. LOL

Ayala.. if he doesn't start.. i will drop him.. and find another cheap defender.. maybe a burnley guy.. : )

mehicoradio said...

Well i'm in the 9000 range in the rankings now, gained a couple thousand spots after the point gain, 64th in YFF2 though.

@N00B, definetly hard in the first year (i'm only in my second). Personally i'd go Robinho (Phantom points)and Drogba (match-up) for sure. Personally its a toss up for me on the other 3. Rooney has a tough match-up but is an top talent. Torres has a pretty easy match-up against Bolton but hard to say what he'll do (in my opinion), and Defoe gets a very easy match-up, but hard to say if he'll keep his form up.

Bojan said...

For week 3:
Robinson or Myhill?

Anonymous said...

so shid i take
robinho/drogba/rooney (or) robinho/drogba/torres ??


G said...

Bassong, Wilkinson, Verm
Milijas, Gomez, Gerrard, Rodwell
Drogba, Torres, Tevez

I am going to gamble on Tevez so I can bring in Gerrard. One shot on goal will be enough for Rodwell even if he sub in. Any thought?

G said...

Bassong, Wilkinson, Verm
Milijas, Gomez, Gerrard, Rodwell
Drogba, Torres, Anelka

I am going to gamble on Anelka so I can bring in Gerrard. One shot on goal will be enough for Rodwell even if he sub in. Any thought?

greginho said...

for those of you wanting to drop fabregas and only have 14+, aaron lennon (12.08) is great, as tot. are at home versus birm. he might be a keeper for the season at that price. i think he will finish between 3rd-6th in rank for midfielders. he is a better pick up than ireland, who is only goal oriented, and wright-phillips, who is too phantom points oriented and tot. are playing similarly to man city. i need to see if i can fit him in.

a different issue. does anyone think that jiminez for west ham is a better pick up than gomez for wigan for short term or long term? he finally got an assist and a yellow card kept his price from going up. is wigan going to struggle more? they have a harder immediate schedule.

my team is set for next week, this would be my last change. thanks.

matt said...

lampard/altidore or defoe/lennon? without spurs bias of course :P

Anonymous said...

i hv finalised my team 4 week 3..

atleat i think i have.. ;)


should i sell gerrard and get a more cheap & efficient middie??
and is my forward combo good??
please advise...

and AM where ARE u??
u hv not advised even ONE of my previous posts?!?
do u hv a sort of grudge against me?? ..??


Kellz said...

@Noob: currenlty I am on Drogba, Robinho, Defoe. I am so dissapointed with how my Liverpool is performing this year, its like I can't even trust we will beat anyone. I have thus dropped Torres for Defoe.

@greginho: Jimenez is a great choice, I for one have already dropped Gomez, wanted Jiminez but for now he'll stay off my team. I think Jiminez will score more than Gomez this season.

@Matt: Hard no to like Lampard against Burnley @ the bridge, however Spurs are firing at all cylinders, but Lennon has the tendency to play really good one game and then get .5pts the next. I like Lamp/Altidore

Anonymous said...

i wish i didnt drop him for gerrard.. :((
i hope gerrard scores!!


Alkemizt said...

hey kellz... do u prefer robinho 2 rooney or is it dat u cant afford rooney??
plz tell me cos its a big game n u noe what rooney's capable of when he's on form.. and now that he has the centre striker role dont you think he might pip robinho??
plz not experienced or anything..jus dat i hv been following EPL for 8 years..n hv a hunch about rooney...
d problem dat i am facing is drogba and defoe..
i dont think its possible for them 2 continue their streaks ... but if they do im willing 2 risk only one.. so drogba or defoe??

sorry 4 the trouble..

Anonymous said...

I would to see Villa just one more time before I decide to go for one of their "so called" players...

Alkemizt said...

what hurts me is that even tho i BD'ed Stevie at 18.99.. he wont get me even half of it..... :(


Assistant Manager said...

NOOB - I don't have a grudge, I just haven't had time to reply...there are 61 comments & other members of the community such as Kellz are still offering great advice in my absence.

I like you team...I'm sure we'll see a Liverpoool backlash vs Bolton so keeping Gerrard could still be a wise choice. Maybe Roger Johnson could be swapped for a midfielder around 7?

dan in detroit said...

anyone know the status on ashley young? thinking about BD'ing him but not sure if the injury was serious.

Naning said...

To open up some other topic than "Which attacker will score"...

Milijas was subbed early for the second time in a row. Why is that? Is he not fit or does Mick McCarthy have anything against him? Will he get the full 90 against Hull?

What do you guys think?

NAning said...

dan in detroit:

I wouldn't BD him. It looked like a knee injury. And even tho it probably isn't his cruciate ligament, knee injuries can cause problems.

Assistant Manager said...

I think Milijas will play most home tough away games he could find himself subbed quite often as his free role can leave the team open. Hull at home is a game he should play 90 minutes in.

Who will score? Defoe, Drogba & striker force for Week 3 ;)

Kellz said...

@Noob: I personally don't want to switch my team around to afford Rooney. Yes he can get on hot streaks and yes if you have a hunch pick him. However Arsenal is a force to be had, and it was CRon who really obliterated Arsenal last season (league and CL) without him it falls down to Rooney. I pick my strikers based on match up and right now Robinho, Drogba, and Defoe all have very likable matchups.

My hunch pick is Nani, every time I say he is good I opt for someone else and he scores great points. Lets see if he can operate the wing against Arsenal, who I hope will win. But Nani is a phantom pointplayer who if scores will return huge points.

Anonymous said...

@AM -
who would be that 7 pnt midfielder whos capable of scoring points??


Naning said...


Jimenez/Jordi Gomez/Milijas

Anonymous said...

wilkinson/milijas (or) hunt/baird
quik... b4 d BD closes..!!

Anonymous said...

jimenez or scholes??

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