Thursday, 20 August 2009

Current Week 2 Team

Just so you know, this is what I'm sitting on right now. It may well not change from here, but if I did makes changes then Ireland would go, along with either Drogba, Adebayor or Torres (unlikely) to get Gerrard & a cheap midfielder/Mokoena as a filler.

It probably won't happen though as it's a massive risk - Gerrard would need to have an unbelievable week to justify the loss in points elsewhere.

Thoughts? What do you have at the moment?



Douchebag United said...

I sold off of Cesc fearing that he won't be fit on Tuesday before watching his performance against Celtic and I've been slightly fearful that he'll have a big game to spite me. What do you think of this current team that I'm sending out on the pitch?

Foster 6.34 (6.85) --> Wondering if I shouldn't have been so stubborn and barn doored Given at 6.01, now it seems too expensive to switch over to Shay @ 9.xx. Tim Howard seems to be priced right but still would cause me to have to find some units in other areas.

Vermelean 6.02 (8.72) --> This was the guy I wanted from the beginning of the season and I should have gone with him over Alexander...

McCartney 5.89 (6.95) --> Tempted to trade him in for M. Richards since I have a few units to spend

Bassong 5.66 (6.60) --> Holding fast on the Totenham transfer for at least one more week

Gerrard 18.99 (21.75) --> Barn doored him at the right time and I wanted a 'Pool attacker. I could sell him off for a SWP or Ireland and upgrade around the pitch. Although at his BD'ed price it seems likely he'll stay

Milijas 6.63 (6.73)--> Lots of love for this attacking middie, seems like he should stay since he's the apple of so many's eye.

Arshavin 15.65 --> He's making me a little nervous since he hasn't done a heck of a lot in the two games I've seen thus far. I'm looking for the sensation that came on during the transfer window last January

Mokeana 1.03 (1.09) --> Filler

Drogba 10.66 (13.20) --> Seems to me people are dropping off the Drogs band wagon already although after the first game people were calling him a season keeper. Doesn't seem to make sense to drop this valuable striker

Bendtner 8.90 --> Another Arsenal player making me a bit nervous. I could switch him up but I may stick to my guns on the young gunner.

Adebayor 13.40 (13.61) --> I'm counting on this guy to stay hot. I've read that once he gets on a streak he doesn't slow down.

Remaining units .84, it is enough to upgrade McCartney to Richards, and possibly do some finagling.

Assistant, overall I like your team very balanced with a lot of scoring options. A team I would ride into battle with of course.

If I were to give suggestions these are items I would have gnawing at the back of my mind:

Ireland --> lots of players to score points on that squad between SWP, Robhino, Tevez, Adebayor, and Bellamy it is hard to dechipher who will be the top dog in Man City

Fabregas --> Reading places that he won't play versus Pompey due to the fact that the team won't need his fancy footwork. Nothing official of course just the grist from the rumor mill

Torres --> Yes he scored but I still don't think he is 100%

Gomez --> Seems like a gamble against Man U although Man U doesn't seem like Man U after losing to Burnley eh?

Anonymous said...

I am tempted to get a couple Bolton players, they are playing Hull and Hull has lost 14 Prem matches in a row, I think? I'd drop Lawrence and Lamps for Taylor and Elmander, but I still have 7 poitns left over so I don't know what to upgrade... Maybe Hull is this years Derby County or WBA?

Spurs Fan from the States

Assistant Manager said...

Hey D.U. - I like your team, not many people will have Bendtner so he could be very valuable. Obviously Mokoena is the weak link, but it's worth it when you have Gerrard.

Thanks for your comments on my team. I agree on Gomez but he'll stay purely because I can't afford anyone better to replace him! I'm confident on Torres, I'll keep an eye on fabregas & Ireland is now sort of a hunch, but we shall see.

Good luck!

Assistant Manager said...

Wow...Lawrence & Lamps for Taylor & Elmander - I really really can't recommend that switch! Taylor could be good but Elmander has shown nothing...Bolton aren't much better than Hull really.

There are so many good options this week, Bolton just aren't a team I can get excited about. Keep Lampard, they have Burnley at home next week!

Douchebag United said...

McCartney or Richards? Any thoughts here?

Anonymous said...

I could get rid of Lawrence, Lamps, and Wilkinson and go with Taylor, Torres and Sonko? Idk, I'll have to think about it...

Spurs Fan from the States

Fidan said...

I'm sooo sad for not barndooring Gerrard for Lamps. Glad I got Torres though. You know how much I envy you for having Wilk for around 4 bucks and Bass also cheap. I'm kinda on and off with City players. They have so many options in the final third, it's hard to pick the RIGHT ONE. I'd have no-doubt gone with Robinho but there's no space for him, and with Tevez probably back I think he'll play more on the wing which diminishes his value. I'm about to sell on Lamps (not decided yet)...

So here I am so far...
Milijas,Fabs,Lamps,Cresswell (I know, I know...I hate it too)


Suggestions are welcomed...!!!
See you

ToffeeDave said...

How has no one even mentioned everton!?!? My team had a terrible week 1 which translates into fantastic value for the season. Thanks to the 6-1, I can now have Howard (7.76) for the season. Baines got 7 points with almost no forward action and at 10.8 could very well be another season keeper for me. Finally we get to Osman and Jo. Osman always has great games and scores goals on lower end teams and Jo hasnt scored in a few games for everton and now that it's the 3rd game, hes gonna score if not score twice vs burnley as he is a 1 in 3 goalscorer

Assistant Manager said...

Hi Dave - I'd just finished writing a post about them. I'd missed Osman out though, he's done well for me in the past.

Kellz said...

Tinkering with Rodwell as a filler since I have the left over cash for him at 3.55mil. Baines can be worked into my lineup. My biggest question is Robinho or K2. Robinho I think is the better pick, but he was subbed at the 68th min for Tevez who did nothing. And K2 only had 1 SOT which resulted in a goal. If my asumptions are right, Citeh will start K2 and Tevez up front with SWP and Robinho playing an advanced wing role, leaving a big possibility of Tevez out scoring both at a much cheaper price.

On the Everton front I think Jo will start with Saha to replace him 60+ min. I am avoding that option now

Anonymous said...

My team:
Vermaelen, Dunne, Richards
Gerrard, Noble, Milijas,Rodwell
Drogba, Adebayor, Bent
Available 0.3

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Hey All,

I've got 8.7 on either a 3rd striker or 5th midfielder.

At the momement i'm thinking Eduardo but he could be a sub or McCarthy as he could put in 2 against Sunderland.For my Mid i'm thinking Felanni....

Kellz: I'd take Robinho, if i could squeeze him in my line up i would, i just have a feeling he's primed primed for a brace this weekend!

Any chance someone could make up my ever changing mind for me?!


Kellz said...

Thanks starky:

operating with:

Given, Vermaelen, Wilk, (Richards/McCartney), Fabregas, Milijas, Gomez, (Hunt/Nani/Fellaini),
Drogba, Torres, Robinho

I'd say with Cahill taking Fellaini's "slot" position in the UEFA game I'd look else where, I just have a feeling Burnley/Everton could go either way. If Fellaini looks to slot in behind Jo/Saha i'd say go for it (as will I).
I have the cash so I am think Hunt or possibly Nani if fit. United looked very poor attacking wise, Nani gives great energy from the wing.
What about McFadden for Birmingham/Stoke? Home game and proven goal scorer, I'd say worth a punt?

Anonymous said...

Considering Rodwell as a filler to in order to start both Lamps and Gerrard. This would require dropping Arshavin, but looking at the sched Liv has it easy until the Chelski game (Villa, @Bolton, Burnley, @WHU, Hull).That's 5 games where both Gerrard and Torres will prob gain value. Either I hop on the Torres or Gerrard bandwagon. Though I hate dropping Arshavin...

Chelsea's sched til Liv is: @Fulham, Burnley, @Stoke, Tot, @Wigan. Though Chelsea will prob lose to my Spurs, lol (realistically, doubt that will happen).

And just for kicks, Arsenal's sched in that time span is: Pompey, (champ league game vs Celtic), @Man U, @Man City, Wigan, @Fulham.

And as long as I am talking schedules, even though I barndoored Given, I might want Timmy Howard, Everton have an amazing sched for like 10 games. Maybe Feliani too...

Spurs Fan from the States

Anonymous said...


bosingwa, vermaelen, wilko
deco, milijas, fabregas, (empty)
drogba, Adebayor, rodallega

funds available : 3.92
thinking of changing bosingwa for bassong.. for extra cash..
drop deco for someone else..
drop rodallega for someone else..
rodwell as filler (if no changes)..

i drop rooney, gomez and nani for the cash and got fabregas..

please advice.. :p


Anonymous said...

any advice on this other filler midfield.. (AM suggested Mokoena since he's a sure start for Portsmouth)..

Michael Brown (wigan)
Richard Cresswell (Stoke)
Hayden Mullins (Portsmouth)

all 3 have all started the previous 2 match..

Anonymous said...

Max, your midfield is stronger, now again I think you could drop Rodallega and possibly Bosingwa. You could move in McCartney or Richards to free more money. Rodwel is a great filler choice IF he starts, possibly able to make more than his price. Foster will probably do fine, but maybe another attacking midfielder would be best for you. Fellaini, Cahill, and Hunt come to mind.

Good luck buddy!


Anonymous said...

now I am got
myhill 1.93
s.bassong 5,56 w.bridge 8.75 M.Richards 6.48

N.Milijas 5.54 W.Palacios 6.66 A.Arshavin 15.65
L.Osman 10.74

Drogba 10.76 Kuyt 11.88 Torres 15.76

Could anyone give me some suggestions?

Anonymous said...

thanks Kellz.. i was doing some changes before i read your advice.. and all your suggestions was already in my team :p..

my latest lineup (probably will keep this if no injury news tommorow)..

verma, wilko, richards
milijas, fab, hunt, cresswell
drog, adebyor, bent

-bosingwa dropped for richards (i think Mcity probability of clean sheet r higher than chelsea)..
-deco dropped for extra cash.. Hunt's in..
-cresswell for filler over mokoena since stoke would probably will have better game this week..
-rodallega dropped.. hunch on bent that he'll perform this week..

last question.. which one u prefer?.. milijas or gomez?..

Max.. :p

Ash in Oz said...

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the comments, loving the information. Tapped into Neil and Jeremy last year, but happy to find an even better blog this year in Assistant Manager :)

It's killing me being in Oz football wise at the moment as most games are on late saturday and sunday night, so after a few pints on a Sat night I find myself watching the big screen in a British pub with blured vision, while trying to focus with one eye closed! This being the case, regardless of my state in the early hours of Sunday morning, it is impossible for me to Barn Door players, which I am sure might affect me through the course of the season.

Trying to make a couple of tough decisions and had some questions for AM and anybody else interested in helping me out!

Current team:

Bassong Richards Vermaelen
Gomez Milijas Fellaini Arshavin
Torres Bendtner Drogba

1) How can Richards not be considered a must have for everyone? Considering Price/Opposition?

2) Howard/Drogba or Given/Tevez

3) Also considering switching Rodwell for Fellaini to allow cash for Adebayor?

Any suggestions? All the best from the other side of the world! Cheers, Ash

Assistant Manager said...

Thanks for all the comments guys, and BIG thanks to the regulars who are helping out other managers. It's literally impossible for me to reply to all the comments now as there are so many in the various different threads.

I will says Milijas is better than Gomez this week.

Out of
Michael Brown (wigan)
Richard Cresswell (Stoke)
Hayden Mullins (Portsmouth)

I'd go Mullins, but to be honest, as we all know, they're all rubbish! :)

Anonymous said...

I need an advice:
I have two open midfield spots, which I kept for Essien and Zhirkov, but then I found out that Zhirkov probably won't play. I dropped Milijas before (His value didn't go that high, I have Given and Bridge which he plays against, and I'm not sure how Wolves will look against City), so I don't want to get him back before next week, but I think I won't have any choice.
Right now I think about two options, and I'm asking you to help me decide:
Rodwell&S. Hunt - both on great form and without tough matches, I'm not sure that Rodwell will open
Milijas&Mascherano - the first gets points but plays against a defender and the keeper of mine, and the second doesn't get that many points
Please help!

Assistant Manager said...

Milijas will get points no matter what as everything goes through him, he'll take all corners & free kicks, I'd get him. And I would not be looking at Mascherano, there are better options at around 7.00-8.00

Can you afford Milijas & Fellaini?

Anonymous said...

No, I can't

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'll take Milijas and Palacios?

Rob said...

What do you guys think of this?

I am tempted to drop Arshavin for Torres, which would mean getting rid of Howard, although Howard seems like a keeper at this price. Arshavin at home to Pompy sounds like a dream, but he didn't do much in his first game...


T. Howard

S. Bassong
A. Wilkinson
M. Richards

N. Milijas
Jordi Gómez
F. Fabregas
A. Arshavin
J. Rodwell

D. Drogba
E. Adebayor

Darren said...

thoughts on my team?
given (6.08)
bassong (5.51) verma (6.02) wilkinson (4.78)
milijas (5.54) gomez (5.54) gerrard (18.99) ireland/cahill
drogba (10.76) rooney (16.37) roddalega/bent

ireland and roddalega or cahill and bent??

Rob said...

I would go for bent and ireland.

Anonymous said...

Advice wanted please!

Team as it stands..

Verm Givet Richards
Milijas Gomez Arshavin Fellaini
Drogba Adebayor RVP

Should i swap RVP and Givet for Torres and a better defender (Wilkinson maybe)


Swap RVP for Bent and upgrade Fellaini in the midfield?

Thanks in advance


Anonymous said...

what do you think of my team for week 2?

Given (8.64)

I am wondering if I need a better midfielder such as lampard or gerrard. Do you think I need one and how would I got about getting them. I only have 0.01 points. Thanks very much for all the info already given, it has helped alot

Assistant Manager said...

Rob - Watch out for Rodwell, he's doubtful

Craig - I like your team as it is, I'd leave it mate.

@5:28pm - As it is your team is okay but agreed the midfield is a touch weak. I think you need an Arsenal midfielder, which would probably mean dropping Rooney. You'd probably need to do the same to get Gerrard or Lamps.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your help, I have adjusted my team and this is it now:
Given (8.64)

I dropped Rooney for Eduardo? Not sure if he will play a full game becuase of bendtner and van persie. I had to get rid of Ireland to get Fabregas but I also got Palacios instead of boateng. Do you think this is a better team, can I make any improvements?

Nujra said...

any thoughts on this team? 0.86 in the bank





Afrikan said...

Please advice. Below is my squad for this weeknd games:

Vermaelean/ Bassong/ G. Johnson
Fabs/ Milijas/ Nani/ Rodwell
Drogba/ Bent/ Ade

Anonymous said...

this is my team :-


plz tell me if this team is bad ....
and if it IS bad..
plz suggest a new team..

Anonymous said...

AM, what do you think of Lamp & Creswell for Arshavin & Rodwell?

chris m said...

I don't know why I have the 0 after me ID?

Since I am top of the table in ATM group 2 and briefly top the leaderboard for the whole of Yahoo EPL, I feel the need to be more diligent in my team selections, so I am reading all of this stuff. Largely so I can pretend that I know what the hell I am doing. Which I don't.

A few comments on this week. First, I had some extra points for players that disappeared. I was going to make a defensive change, there was 1.96 available, and a few hours later, poof, gone. I was thinking about dumping Paintsal for Rafael but it doesn't look like he's fit yet

Regarding the above. I was also thinking about swapping Given for Howard, but with Lescott benched, Everton has a hole in the middle and it looks iffy no, so staying with Given.

I wanted to go with Torres, instead of Rooney, but Torres is sure as hell to get hurt. I think he's going to be the new Michael Owen. Just a question of when.

So I am standing pat this week. Probably a mistake, but nothing is leaping out at me. I am hoping to get more of of Modric.

chris m
velvet underground allstars.

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