Saturday, 22 August 2009

Week 2 - My Team


Vermaelen Wilkinson Bassong

Ireland Milijas Gomez Fabregas

Drogba Adebayor Torres

So as you can see, my team is exactly as it was on Wednesday night. It is very rare I don't make changes on a Thursday or Friday, but this week I've been fairly happy with what I've had. Last minute changes were tempting (I very nearly swapped Adebayor to Tevez & Ireland to Arshavin), and of course I am scared that picking Fabregas over Arshavin could come back to haunt me, but if that happens I'll just have to deal with it.

Who did you decide on? Remember, the barndoor is now open, so read my Week 3 Preview here to make sure you can jump on players before their values shoot up.

Best of luck everyone!



Ian Sanderson said...

B. Foster
P. Evra J. Bosingwa S. Bassong M. Richards
N. Milijas L. Valencia W. Palacios
W. Rooney D. Drogba J. Defoe

Hoping to improve on my 198 points and up the League table.

Anonymous said...

Although I gained 186 on week 1 (which I choose to believe to be very good), I've changed my team a lot. Here's my final line-up:
Bosingwa, Vermaelen, Bridge
Fabregas, Noble, Palacios, Milijas
Drogba, Defoe, Bent

I'm very happy with my forwards, but I'm still warried about my midfield (it can go either fantastic or horrible).
I'm also warried about Bridge's question mark, but reports say he would be fine and I've decided not to replace him after all.

Good luck!

Rob said...

I stuck with my Friday team:

T. Howard
S. Bassong
A. Wilkinson
M. Richards

N. Milijas
Jordi Gómez
F. Fabregas
A. Arshavin
J. Rodwell

D. Drogba
E. Adebayor

I had to go with some Arsenal firepower, and Rodwell should play according to the Everton website, especially with Cahill even less likely to play. I think Howard is a good one for a while, and I hope Man City will do the business for their first game at home!

Anonymous said...





Didnt want to risk Fabregas so got Lampard instead. Also managed to squeeze in Rooney by putting in Mokoena.

rwlwhite said...

i've tried to go with a few players that others might not think of this week

Myhill - shipped a few goals, but Hull are looking for their first win, and at home to Bolton might be a good chance to keep a clean sheet and make some saves

McCartney - Good home match up to Blackburn, Sunderland look good at the moment too

Milijas - season keeper
Hunt - 2 goals in 2 games, much like Milijas, a lot of Hull's play goes through him, takes some set pieces too. Good match up, see above re: Myhill


I'm aware that Myhill is a risk, but this game is no fun if you just pick the same people as everyone else!

Anonymous said...

How about Fabs AND Arshavin doing nothing goal wise. All the wrong people scoring for Arsenal lol, and I told someone to drop Gallas, wrong on me, but hey thats the game :D Poor to drop Rooney 2 goals, but I dunno about BD against Arsenal, I hope they can kick United back to the ground

Anonymous said...

Ive been xperimenting alot & it NEVER pays off!!
i am using 2 fillers!..
and on top of dat ... ive gt 2 season keepers
i noe its bad but plzz help me wid my team...

~Myhill~1.33(M.P~1.33) He might be a filler but with hull playin at home 2 bolton.... u neva noe..

~The Bass~5.40(M.P~6.63)i bd'ed him,hes a keeper!
~The McCar~6.42(M.P~6.42)Playin Blkburn at home..
~The Verm~7.84(M.P~7.84)He's bound 2 flog ManU!

~The Moko-choko~1.13(MP~1.13) FILLER
~The Hunt-er~9.38(MP~9.67) lux promising..
~The-Nilson~10.79(MP~10.79)shud pruv gud gamble
~Ger-Arr~18.5(MP~21.86)I BD'ed him! hes a keeper!

~Edu-Arr~7.85(MP~7.85)has finaly found his form..
~Di-Drogs~11.99(MP~11.99)Hope he keeps his form
~Roo-Nei~18.05(MP~18.05)Hes on fire!101 & countin

plzz sugest if dis team is ok...
n most importantly!!....

Kellz said...

ouch your spelling/phonetics hurts my eyes and my head!

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