Friday, 17 July 2009

Join My Blog League!

Yahoo Fantasy Football 09/10 season is open for business, so get your team registered! Yahoo don't seem to have made many (any?) obvious changes, cosmetically or to the scoring system, but I will keep any eye out.

Once you have registered your team, please feel free to join the league I have set up for readers of this blog, the YFF ASSISTANT BLOG 09/10 LEAGUE. The details to register are below:-

Group ID#: 223
Password: yahoo

We currently have 54 team in the league - not sure what the limit is (last year it was 50 for private leagues, obviously it's been increased) but if it reaches it's maximum please let me know & i'll happily create a 2nd league.


greginho said...

what about ryan babel, especially if alonso goes, he is only 4.80?

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