Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Useful Resources

There are a couple of websites I simply couldn't do without when picking my Yahoo Fantasy Football team.

Premier League Suspension List - Extremely handy to check out who's been a naughty boy and therefore missing a few games:

Physio Room - Another essential site for all fantasy football managers, detailing each Premier League team's current injury situation and how long each player is expected to be out for:


Anonymous said...

Cheers AM, thanks for all your advice and hard work, much appreciated. I just joined your group, number 51! All the best for this season, hope you can improve on your best of 79th. Phil

Assistant Manager said...

Hi Phil - cheers for signing up, good luck for the new season! What's your best placed finish, or is this your first season playing Yahoo's game?

Anonymous said...

Have played for the last 4 years, improving each year - finished just under 8,000th last season. Hoping to do even better this coming season - your advice will certainly help me! Phil

Anonymous said...

i played the game last season & finished in top 900
i also believed in price=points formula

Assistant Manager said...

@8:01pm - price=points formula has always worked for me, glad there's another believer :)

Ian Sanderson said...

I've played for the last 3 season finishing in the top 1000 (just) each time.
I have the Physio Room and FA Suspended List in my Favourites as well as looking at the price=points.
Neil and Jeremy have been a great help although both their teams did rubbish last season, lol.
Good Luck.

Assistant Manager said...

Hi Ian - good to hear, maybe Top 500 for you this year?

The reason I started the Blog was because I'd beaten both Neal & Jeremey in the Beat The Blogger's Leagues for the past 2 season so thought I might have something to add to their views this year! :)

Good luck to you too.

Anonymous said...

Finish top 9000 in my first season last year. Hope to do even better this year. Thanks for the great blog!

Dave said...

Just a warning to not regard Physio Room as an always-reliable source of injury news. As many seasoned YFF players know, their injury table is often not updated regularly and their estimated return dates for players can be off. So it's best to check multiple sources for injury reports, like actual club sites and other match previews. Just an FYI to help YFF managers :)

Looking forward to your column, Asst Mgr...

Assistant Manager said...

Thanks Dave - I use Physio Room as it gives you an overview of who is injured, so it's good as a snapshot of injuries. However, I agree the dates aren't always 100% accurate. I'll then look in to these more closely on BBC Sport/Sky Sports websites & Official Club sites.

Hope you enjoy the blog!

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