Monday, 27 July 2009

Rule Change & Scoring

The offical blog has revealed that Yahoo have made one rule change for this season...and it's a very welcome one:

Goalkeepers and defenders are now eligible for a clean sheet if they play 75 or more minutes, instead of the full 90.

The rule from last season where you lost your clean sheet if your defender was subbed in the 89th minute was was hated by everyone, so it's a definite improvement.

Additionally, I often find from discussions with fellow managers in my private league that many of them don't actually know the exact scoring system for Yahoo. I've posted this below as a point of reference (click on the image for larger version):

One final note - it seems Jeremy Spitzberg & Neal Thurman who ran the offical blog have left Yahoo. I'd like to thank them both - I always enjoyed reading & they were the inspiration for this blog. Best of luck guys.

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