Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Tuncay @ 1.00

Thanks to ToffeeDave who was the first to realise (or the first to comment on this site) about Tuncay becoming available on the game as a Forward priced at just £1million!

This opens up so many doors for fantasy managers. If you stick with the theory that all your players should return their value in points then Tuncay is now a no brainer & frees up plenty of cash elsewhere to strengthen your defence & midfield. This means that my inital tip for Week 4, Darren Bent, has been dropped from my team & I now have £9million to spend elsewhere - great stuff!

Also, thanks to Bradley who listed all the deadline transfer news...good work mate.


Teemu Tainio to Birmingham City (on loan)
Ivan Klasnic to Bolton (on loan Nantes striker)
Joe McKee to Burnley (Livingston striker)
David Nugent to Burnley (on loan w/ option to buy)
Johnny Heitinga to Everton (Atletico Madrid defender)
Ibrahima Sonko to Hull (on loan from Stoke)
Tal Ben-Haim to Pompey
Mike Williamson to Pompey (Watford defender)
Hassan Yebda to Pompey (on loan Benfica midfielder)
Niko Kranjcar to Spurs
Danny Collins to Stoke
James Collins to Villa
Richard Dunne to Villa (full, official confirmation still pending)

Grant Leadbitter to Ipswich (from Sunderland)
Carlos Edwards to Ipswich (from Sunderland)
Matt Richie to Notts County (on loan from Pompey)
Ben Watson to QPR (on loan from Wigan until January)

Daniel Cousin to Burnley (on loan)
David Bentley to Man City
Nicky Shorey to Pompey (on loan)
Anton Ferdinand/Alan Hutton swap (Spurs and Sunderland)
Martin Petrov to Spurs

Not alot to get too excited about. I'm pleased about the Kranjcar signing - I think we could see him taking set piece duties in Modric's absence. Sonko is now a budget option if he's going to get games for Hull, Klasnic could be an interesting option for Bolton & Heitinga is one to look at depending on the position and price he's listed at.

I'll keep an eye on Internationals over the next few days to see who's performing well and start previewing Forwards, Midfielders, Defenders & Keepers for Week 4 towards the end of this week.

Have you got Tuncay in? Who has this allowed you to upgrade? I'm thinking Pederson, Malouda, ...even Lampard if I make some other swaps, or get a better Keeper? So many choices now!


p.s. Is it selfish of me to hope Yahoo see the Tuncay price and correct it (think he was around £9million last season) before too many other managers realise? ;)


Anonymous said...

not at all :)

Doctor Teeth said...

What I really like about the "Tuncay situation" is that it should create some separation amongst all of our sides in the standings since some of us will eschew picking him up for the bargain basement price...this blog is fantastic but it does create a lot of overlap amongst managers so this situation possible presents an interesting fork in the road as we move forward.

Personally, I am going to use my new found funds to either upgrade my backline with more quality, offensive-minded options. I could potentially have a midfield that includes two high priced players such Taylor and Arshavin but I think I will only bring on one of them, keep the cheap quality MFs that I already have (Milijas, Gomez, etc. - you know the type) and stretch my defender budget.

I think the you are crazy as a manager to not have Glen Johnson on your team...essentially like having an offensive MF in your backline who will also get his fair share of six point CS boosts (if Reina and the Reds defenders ever get their acts together). What MF would you rather have than GJ for 11-13 million (depending on when you were able to buy him)?

Cannot believe the fall from grace of David Bentley...here I was thinking that he had been given a golden opportunity to regain his form of '07-08 with Modric going down and before you know it he is rumored to be leaving for Man City and Harry brings in Kranjcar. That is living deeeep in the doghouse at WHL (he was even before the drunk driving incident).

Anonymous said...

@AM My pleasure.

I snapped up Tuncay merely as a filler upgrade. I was already happy to replace Mokoena with Michael Brown, who seemed less likely to have his points total displayed in red. I assumed Tuncay's value would be changed when they fixed his position (originally listed as "_singular," whatever that means). When ToffeeDave pointed out Tuncay was available and still at 1.00, I replaced Brown with him. As filler goes, Tuncay would seem to have bigger than usual upside potential.


Jamie said...

thanks for the tip, tuncay is still at 1.00.
I used the extra cash to get lampard. I already had torres, drogba and gerrard. Is this smart. This is my team:

Givet Ricketts McCartney
Lampard Gerrard Mokoena Cattermole
Drogba Torres Tuncay

I chose Gordon, McCartney an Cattermole because they are cheap and are at home to hull. Givet and Ricketts also have good matchups.
Do you think I should drop Lampard and upgrade some other players? If so, then who shall I upgrade?

Kellz said...

I expect Sunderland vs Hull to be quite the competition with either side the victor. Hence my stay on Hunt who gets involved.

Tuncay @1mil helped me get back Torres at a pain stabbling high price of 19.02mil. However I might consider a change to either Lampard/Rooney. Depends on how I feel in 1 week. For now he stays.

Trying to think of another good secrete buy, but so far I haven't landed on anything solid :D

Ian Sanderson said...

As Tuncay appears to be saying in the photo
I'd already put him in (yes, for Bent) which enabled me to squeeze in Gerrard.
Must be the pick of the season.

Assistant Manager said...

Nice spot Ian, the shhhhh photo was on purpose! I think we have about 400-500 regular readers so hopefully the 500,000 managers not reading won't all spot the bargain :)

Anonymous said...

I have rooney at 16.37, drogba at 10.75 and torres at 15.76, is it work getting tuncay and selling one of these strikers even though I got them at there lowest price.

I also have glen Johnson at 11.01

Doctor Teeth said...

Very sweet to have those players at those discounts...unless you use the cash to pick up a stud like Gerrard or Lampard, I don't think I would trade any of those players away. They will consistently return great points for you at those valuations...at the end of the year, each of them could have points per game averages that are close to their prices (which, as AM always preaches, is the true sign of a quality fantasy player).

Of course, you could play devil's advocate and ask yourself if Rooney alone is as good of a value proposition as Tuncay plus, say, Matthew Taylor (in fact, the value almost works out exactly for that swap with Rooney's 16.37 million translating into Tuncay at 1 million and Taylor in the mid 15s).

Kellz said...

@AM: Nobody in my other groups have been talking about Tuncay at 1.00mil. But word spreads quickly and I would guess a lot of people will catch on especially after the next round of games. Whats exciting is given the m/u, he only needs 1 CW to repay his value and I can forsee some good value points out of him, hes an almost undroppable filler. Any game he plays, if he gets me 1pt or more I will be extremely happy, but when he scores a goal or a brace is when I release in my pants.

Currently running:
Given, Verm, Kyrialakos, (hidden), Nani, (hidden), Milijas, Gerrard, Drogba, Tuncay, and Torres.

Might drop Torres to upgrade to Lampard but the fixtures favor Liverpool more.

bean said...

"when i release in my pants" - nice.

do you think Kyrialakos will continue to start over Skrtel? is his jaw that cracked?

looks like Aurelio might be back for next week's Burnley match...

Kellz said...

Well he started and playedone game. The question is, does this long break give Skrtel time to recover? 6.5pts from a defender in a 3-2 scoreline is a great pick up. If he can produce that many points and he starts, hes a good bet for CS against burnley. But we'll have to wait and see

Kellz said...

@Bean: dude stop altering everyone to Tuncay at 1.00mil. Thats our not so secret SECRET!

Fidan said...

@ Kellz
I'm sure everyone (semi-interested) will find-out about Tuncay until kick-off. The question here is wether Yahoo notices (and fixes) it soon enough to leave some managers empty-handed...

For the moment I'm at:
Drogs,Torres,Tuncay (NOT hidden:D)

Suggestions??? Nani/Pedersen or Jordi/Taylor. Can't decide, still...

bean said...

@Kellz - yeah, just assumed it would be out since we have two weeks before week4. once anybody shuffles their lineup and tries finding that striker for 4.00, they'll see it. but I should keep my yapper shut, you're right.

would there be any reason to think that Tuncay wouldn't start? I guess even if he comes off the bench for 10 minutes of play he can find a cross or shot to earn his keep.

p.s. check out the sharapova pic on eurosport homepage, good form.

Kellz said...

@Bean: Mmmmmmmm

Fidan said...

@ Bean
It's says Sharapova takes on something :P...Yummi, yummi...!!!

MyChoice Editor said...

I too hope that Yahoo will fix the Tuncay glitch sooner rather than later, ho ho ho. Some people at Fantasist blog has already spreading the word.

Doctor Teeth said...

If Tuncay is still sitting at 1 mill right before the transfer deadline, it might make sense to revert to your prior striker choice (i.e. DBent, KJones) and then swap him out for Tuncay right after the deadline...that way, you still preserve the ridiculous valuation but you also get to see if he starts, you reap the benefit of a potential big day against a woeful Hull side, etc.

greginho said...

i am still torn. i have not made the switch because i have drogba & rooney since week 1 and last week picked up adebayor. i have him for +2.5. should i drop him with his difficult games coming up and pick up tuncay or keep him? i have had 125 and 106 points the last two weeks and am loath to mess with the team.
my midfield would be gerrard (whom i have had), milijas, jiminez and lennon or m taylor. i am not sure i want to make the move, though!

Anonymous said...

i traded Mok.. for Tuncay.. that was easy... : ))

Max said...

question!.. is Michael Turner a regular in Hull before he move to Sunderland?.. he's a good pick now, but just wondering how he fare last season..

and is anybody heard any news if sonko will play week5?


mehicoradio said...

I used the cash to drop Mok.

Right now i've decided to switch things up and take a chance on a couple players.

I brought in Johnson, another player, MTay and McCartney. Dropping Gerrard, Mok, Bent, Verm, and Wilko.

My problem is....will McCartney start? I want a Sunderland defender as they should get some insanely easy match-ups the next three weeks. MTay because he is way less owned then Gerrard.

Its not the Gerrard isn't worth it, but i just don't like having him and Torres in the same fantasy team.

nuwa said...

for week 5, i will go with

wilkinson, givet, vermaelen
nani, milijas, jordi, hunt
drogba, torres, tuncay

and still have 6.22 mil left...

what do you think guys??
who should i repace??
my MF or DF?

Conswaila said...

Hi Nuwa
I think you need to have gerrard or lampard in your team
Are some of your players at full price
Looking at this team, you should have more than 6.22 left

Anonymous said...



is it ok? comment plz


Anonymous said...

no body suggest for kuyt?

tuncay/drogba/kevin davies

if i let gerard or lampard, who should i replace with?


ToffeeDave said...

Ok here are my thoughts for new players. Lemme know what you think.

Howard--With Ever's new D can't imagine his cs rate not skyrocket

Dropping Verm or Baines for new boy Heitinga--I cant imagine him being the highest payed player on the toffees and not start. I think he is the right sides answer to Baines for the Blues and will rack up those cw, sc, etc. My only dilemna is should I keep Baines at 10.58 and also buy heitinga or should I lose baines for Heitinga?

Dave said...

@ ToffeeDave - Isn't Heitenga more of a centre back?? He will replace Lescott in the centre, partnering Distin, no?? That said, I still think he's an interesting pick....

Fidan said...

If I could just buy Baines from you for those 10.58...I'm jealous, believe me...!!!
I've played La Liga FF, and trust me, Heitinga finished the season with negative points in total (imagine that). So dropping Baines for Heitinga is like dropping Torres for Fuller (get the idea)...!!!
I say wait until the game with Fulham kicks-off and barn-door him if you still fancy him...
Verm for me is a season keeper. No CS yet and he still manages to get pts above his price every time...which Heitinga WILL NOT do...!!!

Good luck...!!!

greginho said...

i had heitinga from the first game and most of the season last year. he scored two goals early and eventually dropped down to 1 pt, which is the reason i kept him so long. i had expensive barca players to afford.
he played on the side for madrid. the la liga fantasy was not nearly as sophisticated, as the premier league, as far as points for players. this year they are on the exact same level. also, heitinga played on a putrid defensive team, with an average goalie. madric attacked at will and forced its defenders to try to hold back the other teams alone. he fouled, alot.

Gordon said...

I have
Bassong, Wilkinson, Verm
Gerrard, Lampard, Rodwell, Milijas
Drobga, Torres, Tungay

I think I will keep wilkinson at discount even though he has a tough upcoming fixtures and i don't have to fund to replace him.

With the extra fund from tungay and my desire to keep rodwell at discount, it allows me to get both Lampard and Gerrard.

My team is basically done for week 4/5 unless I drop lamp/rodwell and replace with 2 decent midfielders but I don't know which one yet. Thanks for all the tips guys.


HooRus said...

I saw Tuncay when they first added him at 1.00, but there was a glitch as his position listing (so there was no way to add him to my team). I figured they were just getting him on the board and would fix his price when they assigned his position, but I guess not.

Anonymous said...

Picked up Tuncay for the bargain price of 1. Dropped Tevez, Nani and Hunt and added Tuncay(for Tevez), Lamps and Jordi Gomez. My new lineup:
Vermaelan Bassong Wilkinson
Milijas, Gerrard, Lampard, Gomez
Drogba, Rooney, Tuncay

Good move or bad move?

Anonymous said...


Who's a better buy - Deco at 6.86, or Jordi at 6.95? For this week and beyond?


Anonymous said...

Ooops - Forgot to mention that I have Deco on discount - that's why he is 6.86.


greginho said...

dear micheal
jordi has this one decent game at home to WHU, but then a murderous schedule. i would never pick up deco, because i personally only pick up players that play everyday, but some people like him.
m. jarvis from wolves, and v. grella from blackburn are pretty good options with jarvis the better.
if you are not worried about a difficult schedule, i would pick up t. huddlestone for tot.!

Anonymous said...

here's what my team looks like right now.

bassong, wilkinson, sonko
lampard, gomez, nani, gerrard
rooney, drogba, tuncay

any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

I am looking for a filler in my defense for around 4.54 mil, any suggestions are welcome.


Mike B said...

@ Anon - The only one i can suggest is Sonko, he should get some matches now he's transfered. And he's only 3.32!

Anonymous said...

Mike B,

Thank you very much for your suggestion on Sonko. I was not sure if he will be getting any playing time after his transfer.

Max said...

i picked-up sonko too.. he's my 'hunch' player for week5.. :p..


Anonymous said...

Thanks Greginho.


Anonymous said...

I gave both vermaelen and w.bridge in my defence.. Is it wise to keep the both of them? I think not right? Who should is discard? p.s i got bridge at 7.48 (he is 9+ nw)

- Mark

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