Monday, 14 September 2009

Injury Update 14-09-09

Update from Football365...
The good news for Liverpool fans is that Javier Mascherano will be fit to face Debrecen in the Champions League on Wednesday despite missing Saturday's 4-0 win over Burnley to stay in Argentina for a scan on a pelvic injury

"He went to South America with a slight problem, and played the game. Afterwards he needed to check it out, so we decided he should do it over there, and miss our game at the weekend," Benitez explained. "But it is not serious, it is only a minor thing and he will be fit to play in the Champions League this week."

Across Stanley Park, there is bad news for Everton as captain Phil Neville will definitely miss their next two games against AEK Athens and Blackburn with the badly-gashed knee he suffered in a studs-up challenge from Fulham midfielder Dickson Etuhu. He will undergo a precautionary scan at a Cheshire hospital this afternoon to ensure he sustained no ligament or bone damage and described himself as "very, very sore" on Monday morning.

Stoke City are waiting for news on the injuries suffered by James Beattie and Thomas Sorensen in their defeat to Chelsea, with Beattie going over on his ankle and Sorensen picking up a back injury which forced him off the pitch.

The team with the longest injury list is Birmingham, and James McFadden was added to the list on Sunday when he limped off at half-time of their derby clash with Aston Villa with a thigh muscle strain. Franck Queudrue is also struggling with a hamstring problem while central defensive partner Roger Johnson suffered a gash in his shin.

The Blues were already missing Stephen Carr, Gregory Vignal, Cameron Jerome, Marcus Bent, Martin Taylor, David Murphy and Liam Ridgewell.


Mike B said...

With McFadden out this could mean Cucho Benitez finally gets a start?

He's looked great coming off the bench for Birmingham.

Hmmmmm that's got me thinking...

Anonymous said...


@ Mike B -

So you gonna drop Edu for Chucho???

That's a bit of a bargain... aint it??

Why dont you get The Yak?!?!?!


Oh c'mon!
Enough with the different team ideology !
Stick to people who ACTUALLY PERFORM!!..


It's upto you in the end...
So dont take me seriously man...
I jus wanted to shout-out the point... =D


~ Keith

ToffeeDave said...

With Neville out Heitinga is gonna get serious minutes and probably in midfield. If not new boy Billy will and Heitinga moved over to the right side of defense.

Doctor Teeth said...

Questions to the congregation:

So, agree with AM re: loading up on Arsenal and Aston Villa players this weekend. Was out at the pub and missed the opportunity to BD Warnock which has me fuming b/c he gets forward more than any of the other Villa defenders...I see him having a big game at home against woeful Pompey.

I have yet to ask about my line-up this season but feel compelled to do so since I am really torn over whether to feature RVP (who I did BD) this weekend...doing so would have a ripple effect through the rest of my team. Namely, it would be tough for me to field both RVP and Fabregas and so I guess I am ultimately wondering which player to choose. Here are the possibilites for the time being:

Turner Vermaelen Dunne
Young O'Hara Fabregas Gomez MTay
Drogba Tuncay


Turner Vermaelen Dunne
Young O'Hara MTay Gomez
Drogba Tuncay RVP

Would appreciate any constructive comments.

Actually, as I'm typing this, I realize I could also do:

Vermaelen Turner Dunne
MTay O'Hara Young Fabregas
Drogba Tuncay Eduardo


Happy monday (also a great Madchester band).

ToffeeDave said...

Just read Neville might have ligament damage on the back of his knee along with the cut he suffered and bruising. HEITINGA PICK HIM UP!!!! Im tellin you he will get massive minutes.

Assistant Manager said...

Doctor Teeth - I'm loving the 3rd team you've posted for the following reason...if Van Persie gets 90 mins in the Champions League I may think about dropping him down to Eduardo and upgrading Rosicky to basically its very very similar to the team I may end up with :)

ToffeeDave - the Neville news means Heitinga is definitely staying in my team this week.


Assistant Manager said...

Mike - I expect Benitez to start and he's greedy so even if he doesnt score he'll get plenty of "shots on target" points.

Razesh said...

there are some players who never performs for you..RVP is one of them for me....anyhow i had BDed him best of luck everyone :)

Mike B said...

Well Keith the way i see it is it's alot more fun to pick up players that 80% of the league don't already have.

I never suggested dropping Eduardo for Chucho, Eduardo will be in my team untill he's injured, he's a better finisher than RVP, has an awesome left foot, heads well and poaches goals. As someone else said on here, he wont be playing mid week due to his ban, so will be fresh for the weekend. I think he'll get some decent minutes in.

If i were to include Benitez it would be along side Eduardo and Drogba, switching to a 3-4-3 and leaving out a midfielder. Have you seen anything of Benitez when he's been on? He looks excellent in my opinion.

@ Docotor teeth - I like the look of the last team there also, i'm gonna be fielding Fab and Eduardo for the reasons given above.

AM - yes i agree with Benitez, i'm looking forward to seeing him start if he does like i expect him to.

bean said...

Neville's injury could also make Rodwell more interesting

Anonymous said...

Tentative Week 5 lineup:

Vermaelen / G. Johnson / Heitinga
Fabregas / O'Hara / M. Taylor / Rosicky
Drogba / Tuncay / Saha

Lampard, Givet and Wilkinson are out.

This lineup leaves me with exactly 0.00 available funds, but could swap out Saha for Yakubu or Chucho or even Tevez if he's fit.(!!!)

The "Jensen experiment" continues ... The Beast is tied with Given for second-most fantasy points on the season (52, Sorenson leads with 53.5). But Jensen has 19.5 points in last 2 weeks vs. Given's 18. Can't wait to see how Jensen will do against a mid-table side like Sunderland, with the likelihood of fewer saves, but the greater chance of a win and/or clean sheet.

Now that Tuncay is fairly valued you could argue there's no filler in this side, at least on paper.

bean said...

"I am far from my ideal performing level but think I can be helpful to the team in my current shape.
"I am back and all right in terms of football skills but the crucial thing is that my body needs to get used to the enormous weekly workload."
Does this mean he will still just be coming off the bench for a few weeks?

@billthegrunt - props for your Jensen experiment. he's a great pick. for a keeper to put up 8.5 in a 4-0 loss is pretty impressive. i'm surprised you've been the only one talking him up considering he's outperforming Given at the same price and a team that loses games. It's kind of funny to think that he might not produce as well if Burnley win a game.

bean said...

eduardo's ban overturned today

Assistant Manager said...

Just posted about it 10 mins ago bean :)

Jamie said...

AM, Warnock/Hunt or Heitinga/Lennon

I know Lennon has a tough matchup but he does get alot of fouls won points and i have a feeling he will do well. He got 8.5 points in a 3-1 defeat to Man U so...

Naning said...

@Bean - I am 100% sure Rosicky won't play in the Champions League this week, and he won't play in both PL and CL for a while. However, he might get a chance to start against Wigan.

His case is similar to Eduardos, but I think Eduardo is almost a sure starter next weekend.

ToffeeDave - Give us some info about Billys status. When will we see him on the pitch?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bean.

As a replacement for Rosicky, Jordi Gomez could be one of the few bright lights v. Arsenal. There's also Deco and Diaby to consider. I've pretty much given up on Milijas.

Jensen is just a very intriguing FF player. If you could pencil in at least 8 points a week from your GK over an entire season, would you do it? The only question is how long he can last physically with so little support from his back line?

Eric said...

Looks like this week is going to be a fun one! So many options... especially in the Midfield. Just have to find a way to cut my list of, oh I don't know 30 players down to a solid 11. Would ove to pick up Yakubu up front, but I am very hesitant to drop Torres at his discounted price. So far I've managed to squeeze M.Tay, Fabs and Young into my lineup. It looks as though plenty of others are having similar thoughts haha

It sure does look great on paper... hopefully I don't mess with it just for the sake of being different.

My main question mark is with my back line (again). I've got Vermaelen, Heitinga along with Distin. It looks like Heiting will surely stay after the Neville injury. I like Distin, but am weary of fielding 2 Everton defenders. Can't quite fit in Warnock, and JUST short on getting Dunne. I remember a couple seasons ago Shorey was a fairly consistent pick for me. Good option? Maybe someone from Sunderland?

timmyg said...

i've got heitinga and warnock on.

deciding on young/o'hara or taylor/o'hara. wouldn't mind switching in rodwell for o'hara.

i'm worried about BFAY's performance the past few weeks, although pompey might give us a good chance to squeeze a lot of him.

could also go with milner and try to get a mid-tier midfielder too.

any thoughts?

Max said...

questions.. for week5 :

1.heitinga or warnock

2.eduardo or benitez

3.o'hara or diaby/milijas/billy/rodwell/palacios/fletcher


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