Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Week 7 - Player Picks

Arsenal, Man U, Everton, Spurs, Wolves, Wigan, Burnley...there are so many good options with great fixtures for Week 7 that it's been very tough to narrow down a list. Here are 45 or so picks to get you thinking in what must be one of the most difficult weeks to make your mind up..

Mannone - What a difference he's made to Arsenal...he seems to make so many more saves than Almunia ever did. Obviously he's too expensive at £15m but if you have him pre-update then hang on as the Arse face Blackburn.

Foster - Should've got some confidence back after the shocker he had vs Man City & a home game for the Champions makes him good value as Sunderland don't seem to travel too well.

Jensen - The Beast has a good fixture at home, we know he makes saves & his value has dropped down to a very affordable level. Could be a great pick.

Given - Tough fixture but if you've made him your season keeper than hang on to him as (like Jensen) he'll always makes saves to get you points.

Hennersey - Pompey at home...and he only costs £4m. Wolves will know they need to win these games & the home fans will be right behind them. Pompey are in desperate trouble and I can see a 3-0 Wolves win.

Myhill - Costs 1.00 but he plays for rancid Hull. Purchase at your peril.

Baines - May lose some set pieces to Billy so don't pay full price, but if you have him at around £10m then he'll keep giving you a great points return, home or away.

Vermaelen - Season keeper for anyone who has him for around £6-£7m, & a great fixture

Mears/Carslie - Both around £7m, both returning their value, both with a good home fixture for Burnley, both good choices.

Alexander - See above, but is cheaper & takes penalties.

O'Shea - Home fixture for the Champions, scored last weekend & tends to get a couple in a row on the few occasions he does get a goal.

Distin - Been really impressed with him since he joined Everton, despite his cost he's scoring well & has a decent fixtures at home to a Stoke side who are frankly rubbish away from the Britania.

Roger Johnson - Keeps on racking up points without cleans sheets, still cheap & not the worst fixture.

Heitinga - I actually think he's looked pretty ropey so far but he's going to get games, he's being given a few freekicks & he has a good fixture. If you have him at his old price of £5.5m then he's one of the best defensive picks this weekend.

Bassong - Bolton away has never been a fun place to go for Tottenham but if you're looking for a defender for under £6m, a definite starter with a chance of a win/clean sheet then SeBass is an option.

Mancienne - Cheap with a home game vs Pompey.

Sonko - Cheap with a home game & scoring surprisingly well.

Fabregas - Cesc usually thrives in games like this at home & even though he's a touch pricey, I'm recommending neither Gerrard or Lampard this week, so it's possible you'll have the spare funds. I honestly think Arsenal could hammer 5 past Blackburn so he's a great option.

Giggs - We'll see if he's rested tonight, but if he is then it's likely he'll get a start vs Sunderland. At 36 he's in the form of his life, thrashing out assists all over the place & is on my radar for sure.

Arshavin - He's not scored well so far this season but he was elecric last night in the Champions League & he could break out for the same reason as Fabregas. He's a risk at over £14m but if you fancy his chances then I think it could pay off in Week 7.

Lennon - Didn't get going vs Burnley but I expect him to terrify Bolton with his pace on the counter attack & score well.

Billy - Surely he'll get a start vs Stoke? It's been confirmed that Pienaar's knee injury isn't as bad as first feared but I doubt he'll be risked when you have someone with Bill's ability to replace him. At under £5m he's the bargain of the season so far.

O'Hara - Still taking all set pieces, still scoring well. I'm very glad I grabbed him at under £5m weeks ago as the money I'm able to spend elsewhere is great AND he keeps returning over his value. Still a good buy at just over £6m

Jarvis - The Milijas love-in is well & truely over & Jarvis is now getting all set pieces for Wolves. Great fixture for him & still well priced. Someone I'm seriously considering.

N'Zogbia - Outstanding vs Chelsea (17 points) & now has a chance to continue his form at Hull. At £9m he's a good outside bet that not many others will pick up & the way Hull are playing means he has a chance of another bumper week.

Cahill - Was back to his dangerous best vs Pompey, constantly arriving late in the box & winning everything in the air. With Billy swinging in the crosses he could be good for a goal so £11m seems like value to me.

Petrov - Only if you barndoored him at before his performance vs West Ham...and only if you're sure he'll keep his place. He should.

Kightly - If he starts then he's a decent bet but it's tough to be sure. I may wait a week to see how he performs vs Pompey but he is a player I rate highly so he may sneak in for Week 7.

Hunt - Always worth a look in a home game, but beware Jimmy Bullard's imminent return in future weeks as he's likely to take a lot of his set pieces away.

Rosicky/Walcott - If they play then they represent fantastic picks & value but it's so difficult to be sure that i'll probably stay away. If you take the risk with one of them it could pay off hugely given their fixture.

Van Persie - Could well be in my team. Great fixture & he's starting to find the net on a regular basis. He's burned me so many times but I keep coming back for more.

Rooney - With his value dropping below £18m he's very hard not to pick up vs Sunderland...there just aren't enough spaces in my team!

Torres - Very very tough fixture but he's in world class form so don't let that put you off keeping him. Don't pay his current price though.

Drogba - Again like Torres he has a tough fixture but I don't think many defences can cope with him at the moment. No way should he be leaving anyone's team.

Saha - Scoring goals for fun now & will be missing the Europa Cup game so will be nice & rested for the weekend. SOme people will be holding him for around £9m but even at £12m he's worth a punt.

Rodallega - If he can do what he did to Chelsea last weekend, imagine what could he do to Hull?

Crouch - He'll definitely start vs Bolton as he's such a massive help defensively as well as offensively. He'll have a massive point to prove so he's my pick of the Spurs strikers & costs only £9m.

Doyle - Scoring goals & at home to Portsmouth. Say no more.

Berbatov - If you think United will win well then he's a good outside pick as an alternative to Rooney.

Nugent - Scored twice on his home debut & there's no reason he can't bag a goal vs Birmingham. Another great value pick.

Carlton Cole/Diamanti - West Ham are no where near as bad as their league position suggests & I think they'll beat Fulham this weekend. Hardly anyone will have these 2 players so going with either could prove a masterstroke.

Eduardo - Always good for a goal at the Emirates, whether starting or coming on a sub. Cheap too!

So those are the player I'm considering this weekend & there really are some fantastic options/difficult choices to make...I'm leaning towards value midfield picks and top £££ strikers at the moment but it's still a bit up in the air.

A reminder that The Blog Cup starts this Weekend for all members of the 3 Blog Leagues. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, please click here. Remember, The Blog Cup is just a bit of fun so don't sacrifice long term strategy for it (unless you really want to!!).

Also, remember we have the Facebook Group which is continuing to grow in numbers & helpes me put faces to names & have some additional chat.

How's your team looking? Did you miss anyone on the barndoor which really annoyed you? Have I missed anyone in my list above?



RS said...

I'm not sure I see guaranteed starts for either Billy or Kightly.

Liverpool Echo:

Moyes is prepared to let Bilyaletdinov spend a certain amount of time on the bench to study the way the English game is played – once he is up to speed, his manager is expecting the Russia international to prove a big hit.

“I will be looking for the right opportunities and moments to use him,” said Moyes, who initially wanted to sign Bilyaletdinov during the January transfer window. “I want to bring him on and I want to get him into the side because we need him.

Kightly may get his first full game, but it's a risk.

Assistant Manager said...

Hi RS - Andy Gray & Martin Tyler were speaking to Moyes before the Portsmouth game. He said he'd been very tempted to start Billy that day, but in the end he decided it would be better to give him his full league debut in a home game. I'm therefore confident he'll start if Pienaar remains out but will of course keep an eye on team news.

Agree Kightly is a risk but again he has a chance.


RS said...

AM - good info. That may sway me. Have got them both in my team, with finger over the confirm button, but will wait until Sat 11:59. It's either Billy and Kightly or Lennon and Moke. It's a toughy!

Stephen said...

So many options this week! I dont know where to start!! Currently got Drogba (10.66), Torres (16.6) and Saha (8.7) up front but desperately want to get Rooney or RVP in. The question is who to drop though...

Drogba - Huge Discount

Torres - Potential season keeper for that price

Saha - Some easy games coming up and should be fresh.

Why cant yahoo let us play 3-2-5??

Midfield currently consists of O'Hara, Lennon, Jarvis and Cesc. Really liking the N'Zogbia call though! Does anyone know who takes free kicks/corners for Wigan? I can see Hull getting another spanking this weekend!!

Only Verm is a confirmed starter in my defence and not decided on a keeper yet either. So many decisions left to make!!

Great idea about the Blog cup AM, i'm liking that a lot!


mehicoradio said...

@Stephen, i'd honestly keep the 3 you have, all have been pretty consistent so far in putting up good points (Torres in particular)

for the kick takers at Wigan, from what i'm reading, it appears Rodallega and Gomez mostly. N'Zogbia is listed as 2nd for corners and indirects.

Anonymous said...

kindly pliz take a look to my players...

verm, sonko, heitinga, o'shea
brown, fab, moko
drog, RVP, rooney

whether i have to swith RVP/rooney to saha, i can have better player at mid...
what about that..

STFC said...

AM - You said in your blog that Crouch is definitely a starter this coming weekend. Am I in the clouds with Defoe and his injured finger? I thought he was going to be ok for the weekend?

Reason Im asking is for those of us who got Keane at a discount. We all know hes not likely to score 4 again, but he takes penalties and you cant knock a guy who just scored 4 goals.

Assistant Manager said...

STFC - Harry Redknapp quoted this morning: "Peter will get the opportunity to play plenty of games this year. Next is another game away to Bolton — a big, strong team. Set plays, we have got to go there and be prepared for that. Against Burnley we went with a small team, next week I will pick a bigger team.”

Ruki said...

Sir Alex Ferguson just lit a fire under Rooney's butts by saying he is not quite up there with Messi/Kaka but still could go up that level. I expect him to perform this weekends, knowing his personality.

greginho said...

i am curious to hear why mtay and cohen were not on the team. i dropped mtay for giggs, not because the match-up was bad. man u's match-up is a little easier and giggs has been returning more points. tottenham only has 1 shutout at home to burnley last week and traditionally doesn't travel well. i dropped cohen the previous week and missed out on his third goal.
just curious if you know something i don't!

Anonymous said...

IMO RVP is a bit slow. Eduardo always looks a bit more dangerous it's only the position that gives RVP more chances. Who would you choose between Arshavin vs Cesc?


Anonymous said...

AM -

Keane/Given (both BD'ed) or Roo/Myhill ??

Anonymous said...

Anyone feel the Adebayor is going to start where he left off?

Hinrik said...

Week 7 team for me:

Vermaelen Heitinga O´Shea
O´Hara Fabregas Arshavin Jenas
R. Keane Saha Nugent

Assistant Manager said...

greginho - I just don't fancy Bolton players, I feel there are many many far better options, but go with them if you like them mate

3:18pm - I'd probably take a risk on Myhill to get Rooney.

3:25pm - Adebayor might still be banned, depends on the FA hearing regarding his celebration tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hinrik...I can say one thing for certain: no one else will ahve that team this weekend. Good luck.

Stephen said...

@Mehicoradio - Thanks for the reply. Rooney and RVP seem like a safer option somehow because they take the odd corner and free kick (+ Rooney is on pens). I cant see Torres or Saha putting up good points if they don't score.

Thanks for the link too, i'll check that out!

shadowgex said...

still trying to figure out what to do about benayoun and ballack (got both at about 8.6M)

any ideas for week 7?

Anonymous said...

Is Matt Taylor playing this weekend?

Sam said...

AM -


I do hope Roo puts 2 in and Myhill gets a couple o' saves!!

Here's my team -


Here's the team i'm contemplating -


Which one would you prefer??
I don't wanna drop Stevie!I got him at 18 and im gonna keep him the whole season!!
Should i wait one more match and see,
and wat wit Pool playing Cech-less Chelsea!!

So ...
Which one should i go for??
Wats your personal opinion??

Also,this team has struck my mind,

Blini-StevieG-HUNCH(Under 4 $$)

SO..(sorry again)....
Which of the three??

Doctor Teeth said...

Anyone care to offer an opinion as to why Vidic - one of the true blue chip fanatsy players of last season - has been such a disappointment thus far? I know a run of a dozen or so clean sheets in a row (a la Van der Sar last year) does wonders for a player's fanatsy points but still his fantasy output has been staggeringly bad for a team that is top of the table.

Guy said...

Sam - there aren't many hunches available at under 4 but given the strong forward line I'd probably go for the third team. I've been trying to go for more overall balance but it hasn't really been working because I keep missing the really big scorers and Rooney must be in with a good chance of being that this week.
Are you wedded to 4-3-3? Why not go 3-4-3 and swap Bassong for O'Hara?

Anonymous said...

AM - re Bent - does a "bigger" team mean using Crouch at Bent's expense, or at the expense of a smaller midfielder and going with Crouch-Keane-Bent across the front? Didn't they use this formation a couple of weeks ago?

Anonymous said...

When did Bent start playing for Spurs again?? :P

He's in Sunderland!!

Get a life!!

mudwalkerz said...

Lucas Neill played 90 min for Everton reserves.. at right back.

Anonymous said...

re Bent - should say Defoe? good question, though.

greginho said...

thanks AM for answering, i am not going to pick mtay or cohen up this week, but i wanted to know why!

Anonymous said...

I've just traded out Gerrard and Tuncay for Kightly and Rooney.
Hope that doesn't come back to bite me...

Jamie said...

As a Man City fan I had to put at least a few of them in my team so I have Given and Tevez, he has been quiet so far this season until his 26 point haul at West Ham and I got him in the barndoor, even with K2 coming back I still think he will start.
Vermaelen Bassong Carr
Fabregas Thomas Huddleston Billy
Drogba Rooney Tevez

bojan said...

this is my week 7 team:

V. Mannone(7.73)

Bojan said...

for Torres keepers:
i don't think he will return his value against Chelsea, and he has very hard next few matches(Chelsea A,Sunderland A,Man Utd H,Fulham A) plus internacionals and Champions league must win games

Bojan said...

any ideas about my team, some suggestions? How to swap Mok for Alexander or Gomez?

Fidan said...

@Bojan - I think you should drop Vidic (too many eggs in same basket;)). I'm sure he's your co-patriot, but he sucks this year, really. Get someone from Everton,Burnley,Birmingham and GET Jordi Gomez for Moko... I think you got a solid team, btw...(but, hey, this is coming from a Kosovar, so take this words with a pinch of salt ;))

Good luck

Douchebag United said...

Bojan -

You could buy Maciene for 5 units less than Vidic and afford Alexander easily...

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Defoe in the list?
He got 11 points last week within half of a match. And Bolton's defence seems misserable. What's wrong with him?


bean said...

looks like Giggs is in the starting lineup against Wolfsburg.

xeem said...

Giggs is playing against Wolfsburg tonight as a starter.

Does this mean he will rest on the weekend? Best to avoid?

I have him on my team, but I guess I could change it up.

Pls advise.

Douchebag United said...

Need to start the climb up the ranks please advise on whether I should go with team one or two

Team one - Holding on to Tuncay hope!




Or Team two looking for a hero...





Please help, I need to push forward!

Bojan said...


Je, Vidic je moj koliko i tvoj, ali ga volim... Mislim da ću ga prominit, ali svejedno mislim da ce dat gol

I'am from Croatia so Vidic is mine as much as he is yours :)

I will change him and Mok for Alexander and Gomez, but i have a hunch that he will get CS and goal

Bojan said...


my team's name for this week is:
Jose Mourinho 120 HLGWL
7th in the blog league 3
and I'am 933th overall with 714,00 points

what is your score?

greginho said...

giggs played the whole game and got a goal and an assist. do i drop him?

Anonymous said...

I'm dropping Giggs. Surprised he played the entire match but it was a tight game and they needed him. Sure enough, he sets up the winning goal.

greginho said...

if he comes in the 68 minute and set up 2 goals for fletcher we will be mad billthegrunt.

mudwalkerz said...

Not sure this really matters to anyone.. but nevertheless.. from Burnley website.

Impressive Caldwell Stakes A Claim
Posted on: Wed 30 Sep 2009

Steven Caldwell is ready to give manager Owen Coyle a selection dilemma after making a successful comeback in the reserves.

The Clarets skipper sailed through a 60-minute run-out on Wednesday night as the second string beat Hull City 2-1 at the Crown Ground thanks to two goals from Steven Thompson.

And Caldwell hopes he has now done enough to be involved against Birmingham City in the Barclays Premier League at Turf Moor on Saturday.

Kellz said...

For me its Giggs/Arshavin/Lennon so it'll have to wait until team predictions are out to make a judgement on whether Giggs will actually start. Hes had an incredible run of form for 36 and based on his current form he deserves PFA player of the Year, not like last year where they gifted it to him for seniority.

Arsh/Lennon are the sure starters so we'll see if I follow the "if in doubt leave him out" rule. Piennar started like I bet he would but returned a paltry 4.5pts so maybe its just not worth it to gamble on Giggs

Gordon said...

Dropping These players

Torres => Rooney/RVP
Sonko => Baines
MTay => Cesc
Reid => Milner
Lennon => Billy

Verm, hertinga, baines
Billy, Hara, Cesc, Milner
Drobga, *TUNCAY*, Rooney

I like the idea of dropping Torres at discount. I most likely grabbing cesc or arshavin unless if Wenger announce Rosicky will be starting. I dont' like to pick 2 defenses from the same team but I don't want to drop hertinga. Thank you for all the updates/new guys.


mudwalkerz said...

So Neil playing 90 for reserves at right back for Everton..could mean.. less certainty for Heiti?
And Caldwell back for Burnley means the same for either Carlisle or Bikey?
Other thoughts.. when I saw Portsmouth play last weekend I think they are due to win very soon now sometime. Ild say this weekend.. but wolves didnt play bad at all against Sunderland either. Suspect a really tight game. 1-2 for Portsmouth though.
Any other thoughts or predictions?

mudwalkerz said...

Stearman also in line for a spot again for Wolves.

Anonymous said...

Been contemplating dropping Gerard all week (and will be for the rest of the week) but am leaning against it. Even though he has been "under performing" he is still ranked 3rd overall in points (albeit only 4 ahead of Rooney) but still says something. If I drop Gerrard, I'd also drop my striker I have at the moment who is cheap but a hunch this week and pick up Rooney and some midfielder around 10. I just really don't like the middie choices at the price level. I also feel like my team is not balanced at all. I'll be agonizing over this decision, or lack of, for the rest of the week.

Thanks AM for the great posts.

Fidan said...

@ Bojan - I have 708pts (1182 overall). Team's name is Cincilatori 008... ;)... And btw, I dislike-to-hate Vidic ;)...!!!

Good Luck...!!!

Bradley said...

@Douchebag United: Coincidentally, I'm trying to decide between two line-ups remarkably similar to yours. I'm leaning toward the second one right now. Yep, I just might be leaping off the Tuncay train. Holding Tuncay was based on two premises:

1) He would pay off big once he started. Hasn't happened yet. He got a little desperation time
action at the end of the ManUtd match but that's it. I'm getting sick of trying to read Pulis' mind.

2) The money freed up would help fund higher-priced midfielders. Sadly, for whatever reasons, the premium midfielders aren't returning their value right now.

Last week was my worst one so far this season ("beating" Week 3 by 0.5 points). Although Tuncay's 0 points was less of an issue for me than Rooney, Skrtel, and Rodwell all doing likewise, I'm ready to try mixing things up a bit by going for a premium front line. My one concern is that although midfielders can pick up phantom points, strikers tend to be all-or-nothing. Pick the wrong one and you're screwed.

Given my current standing (just dropped from 5680 to 12008), take my opinion with a grain of salt.

Douchebag United said...

@ Bradley thanks for commiserating. I want to believe in the Tuncay theory because I truly think it is a solid foundation, but it is difficult to watch others climb ahead who don't have the discount.

I understand the quandry but luckily I haven't been suffering quite as much as you have. The last two weeks I have been hovering at just under 100 points a week and I know I can do better (although I feel if I just had selected Torres over Gerrard than I would have topped the 100 point plateau easily.)

My problem is my main competitors have Torres and I feel like I have to make hay while the sun shines in these next four weeks while Liverpool faces their tougher schedule stretch since I don't have Torres at a discount.

I truthfully don't trust Arsenal all that much but they seem to being playing well again. I could definitely go for a cheaper striker than Van Persie and not have but that front line looks pretty imposing. The nice thing about RVP is that he has been scoring a lot of phantom points this season and he truly hasn't blown up in a game yet. If I go with line up two that is what I would be banking on.

I know people must be sick of the whole Tuncay debate but do others have any insight regarding this situation. At this point I would be happier with Moks than Tuncs...

Bradley said...

@Douchebag United: I don't trust Arsenal either. Every time I've picked one of their strikers or midfielders for a favorable match-up, the goals have wound up coming from last-minute substitutes or bouncing in off defenders. Good for real world fans, but very bad for fantasy managers. I'm also considering RvP, who's making me less queasy than Fabregas or Arshavin.

mudwalkerz said...

Ok, all locked and loaded for the weekend. Hope my hunches pay off better than they did last week. Made a boatload of changes again.
Eventhough i suspect Portsmouth and Everton to do well I jumped off both Ohara and Heiti bandwagon.
Verm and Rooney are prolly season keepers. The for now still obvious Drogs. Giving Lennon another shot and Diamanti another go as well.. and the rest are all just guys I hope to do well this weekend :D

Max said...

taking a big risk this week by dropping all the big players and uploading most of arsenal players in my team..

questions: which one worth the punt in MF?
1. o'hara or kightly..
2. rosicky or walcott..


Mark said...

Darn.. Giggsy scored and assisted again.. He shud be a premium pick this week shouldnt he? But my only question is will fergie start him since he played the full game against wolfsburg?

bean said...

still hopin bily will have his day.
interested in kightly.

@teeth-yeah, vidic is the polar opposite of himself last year. remember how money ManU defemders were last year?

@kellz_i wish giggs didn't play the full 90 this week, would make the decision easier. i'm likin' arshavin this week.. could go back to bein' a flop though. i think if there's some sort of indication giggs will start, i'm in. it's unreal how well he's playin. i think it's because it's his final year and he wants to go out with a bang. i don't see his form weakening, unless he gets injured.

@Bradley/Douche_i think tuncay is filler, even when he's healthy. i think you could get myhill or mok for a buck, if you need to spend elsewhere. i just never found i got that much of a stronger team with tuncay to make it worth the zeroes. at least mok puts up 1.5 or so. but if he starts and plays well out of the gates, the select few who decided to stay with him reap the rewards.

i'm able to fit drogba, torres, rooney up front at the moment, and still be happy with the rest of the team. i don't have the guts for myhill anymore. those double digit negative weeks hurt, especially last week!

sitting with o'hara/arshavin/bily/kightly

had two bad weeks in a row, hoping for a lucky week..

Anonymous said...

who have d information about pienaar injuries?
will billy start?
how bout scholes, if he perform it could be hunch... any comment.

Max said...

i've locked my team (internet is so bad, scared i might missed saving it).. anyway my lineup..

verma, sonko, bass
fab, billy, o'hara, secret hunch
drog, rvp, roon

might do a late changes if any new injury comes up..


Anonymous said...

i have 7 points remaing should i go with jarvis or stick with billy?

Anonymous said...

at the moment my team is:

verm sonko bassong
arshavin kightly jimenez mok
torres rooney van p

is it worth sacraficing my midfield like that to have those 3 up front?

Anonymous said...

ok it one of these 2 teams!!

verm sonko bassong
arshaving bily scholes brown
vanp torres roon


verm sonko bassong
arshaving cahill brown scholes
vanp torres saha

which one!!??

Anonymous said...

sorry.. i know this might sound stupid.. i couldn't find gomez in the player list... any reason??

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