Saturday, 26 September 2009

Week 6 - My Team


Vermaelen  Bassong  Nelsen

Lennon  Benayoun  O'Hara  Reid

Drogba  Torres  Defoe

So the big news is I dropped Gerrard...& with the money I was able upgrade other players to Lennon, Benayoun & Defoe. It's a move I thought long & hard about as I really think Gerrard will do well today, but the balance I was able to strike by dropping him was too good to turn down.

I have a premium strikeforce that I'm sure a lot of people will have, which meant Saha was dropped. It could be a mistake, but at the end of the day I'm a Spurs fan so went with my loyalty & you don't get many better line-ups than Torres, Defoe, Drogba! I'm annoyed I haven't got any Everton players, but with the slight doubt over Pienaar (even though it's now been confirmed he starts) I decided to replace him with Yossi. Of course I reckon Lennon & Reid could both be in for good weeks.

Ryan Nelsen is there because I had 5.20 to spend & he was the only certain starter (with a home game) that I could afford. I couldn't quite stretch to Heitinga, with Sonko & Wilkinson the other options, but I've gone with the Blackburn skipper. Bassong should start & Gordon is a bargain that needs no explanation.

So that's it for Week 6...what team did you settle on?



mudwalkerz said...

Good luck AM and others

Im with


Verm/ Warnock/ Mensah!

O'Hara/ Benayoun/ SWP/ Lennon

Rooney/ Drogba/ Diamanti

pDax said...

wow mud! Mensah is rare!
Im with

Verm, Glen Johnson, RJohnson,
Hunt, Lennon, O'H, THudd, Reid,

Mike B said...

I've gone a bit different.


Verm - Baines - R Johnson

Lennon - Benayoun - Fabregas - Bowyer

Drogba - Benitez - Eduardo

Relying on Birmingham City, what was i thinking =P

Razesh said...

gomez,ohara,lennon,larsson<---hunch :)

Anonymous said...

Any good forwards for Week 7 other than Saha??

MU4ever said...

Wow, you and me have nearly the same squad except Nelsen'place. I've got A.Borre instead.

Leon said...





hopefully kuyt steals torres's points : )
and i got a feeling that benitez will score a goal tonight.

hope i dont regret dropping roo and gerrard

Razesh said...

turner up with +.4
baines down -1.??

Chris said...

Verm / G. Johnson / E. Insua
A lennon / A. Reid / S. Gerrard / M/ Brown
D. Drogba / Tuncay / C. Benitez

.02 to spare. anyone get closer to the 100 million ?

GTR 34 said...

Vermaelen, Heitinga, McCartney
Hunt, Lennon, O'Hara, Reid
Drogba, Saha, Bent

Wanted to keep Pienaar, but with all the 50/50 will he? Won't he? I decided on Reid.

This will be the MOST interesting week, and should really shake everything up a bit.

Best of luck. I'm sure we'll all cry or celebrate over a beer tonight.

Anonymous said...

Pienaar is starting 11 ?!Yak & Billy on the bench.....

leon said...

pienaar starts!..

and baines -1. oww... dropped price= more funds

Anonymous said...


Same team except for the fact that i went for BAE instead of Reid!!

Its risky but i cudnt care less!!

~ N00B

Anonymous said...

Vermaelen - Johnson (Glen) - Baines
Lennon - Rodwell - Benayoun - Mokoena
Benitez - Torres - Defoe

Gennadiy said...

I am in a minority with no Lennon.

Verm / M. Richards / Sonko
Gerrard / O'Hara / Rodwell / Jordi
Drogba / Rooney / Torres

Adam from Portland said...


Good Luck

rwlwhite said...





Anonymous said...


Vermaelen / Sonko / Heitinga

Rodwell / Gerrard / O'Hara / Gómez

Rooney / Drogba / Defoe

Thanks for the Blog, AM!


Rob said...

S. Given

T. Vermaelen M. Skrtel G. Johnson

S. Gerrard J. O'Hara J. Rodwell M. Ballack

D. Drogba Tuncay J. Defoe

I am hoping on getting a lot of point from defence this week.

Ballack has beem mouthing off about Chelsea and ManU being the only teams in with a chance, AND it's his birthday, so I expect a big game from him.

I also think this should be Tunchay's first game, so hopefully he can get at least 3 points to return his value :p

Anonymous said...

I've gone with
Given/ Vermaelen, Bassong, Richards/Gomez, Lennon, Benayoun, Ballack/ Drogba, Defoe, Bent. Am hoping Gerrard will play deeper as its a home game with Benayoun in the hole.
Best of luck everyone.

GTR 34 said...

I'm happy as I believed in Saha, and have just got 10pts for the goal. I cannot see anyone else with him.

Is someone else happy?

Did Baines get the assist?

Ruki said...

I didnt see it well but the ball was coming from right wing, and I saw report of Heitinga.

MLowrey said...

Heitinga assisted with a long ball from the back. Also those who may have taken a risk on Cahill, the little man has had at least two SOT's if not more and looks like he may score. Pienaar hasn't yet done much.
O'hara again seems to at minimum return his value.

Anonymous said...

I've gone with:


I didn't see the point of getting anyone from Everton if he wasn't Saha, and I was quite happy with my strikers. But Sunderland's schedual is gets really really (really really really) hard until the end of November, so I'll probably get Saha instead of Bent, and to afford it I'll drop Skrtel to Heitinga (I finally understand what everybody see in him).
O'Hara, Drogba, Lennon, Fab, Defoe and Vermaelen will all probably stay.
Given has a tough match away against Aston Villa, but I like him and I won't drop him. Bridge is in much more danger, and he'll have to play well in order to stay.
I'm considering dropping Benayoun, though I have him at a +3.5 discount. That also depends on his performance today.

Good luck every one!

MLowrey said...

Pienaar stretchered off, got hit to the knee and was subbed by Bilya. Prolly dropping him in favor om somebody else.

Mike B said...

Bily on for Pienaar! Now lets see what he can do.

Anonymous said...


I have this feeling that Benitez will get a brace today so wanted him in. Couldn't fit Heitinga in, was short .2, but just BDed him for Wilko.

Good Luck Everyone!

Bradley said...

Still no love from Pulis for Tuncay. He's going with a 4-5-1 with Kitson on top. The old "clog the midfield at home against ManUtd" trick. Then again, maybe Kellz's theory that Pulis's wife cheated on him with a Turkish pool boy is gaining credence.

GTR 34 said...

Good start for me.

Saha with a goal and a MWG, and Heitinga with a CS.

Let's see if this will keep going, as I know it was a VERY difficult week for picking.

ben. said...

cheers to saha's MWG! (:

Anonymous said...

Ballack on the bench.....

Anonymous said...

from ESPN Soccernet:
Heitinga: CS, assist, no fouls or bookings
Rodwell: Two fouls, yellow
Felliani: 2 SOT, 5 fouls!, yellow
Cahill: 3 SOT, 2 fouls
Rodwell: 2 fouls, yellow
Saha: match-winning goal, 1 SOT, 4 fouls drawn

O'Hara: one foul drawn, sounds like he might have bagged some late points on crosses

Anonymous said...


Geobfree said...

dropped BALLACK for PIENARR[bd] then dropprd for RODDY!!
dropped CROUCH for DEFOE-because I could afford him-hum think CROUCH is going to have aday.

now have DROGS BENT DEFOE just like everyone else- HO-HUM

Anonymous said...

Is hard for Liverpool defenders to get clean sheet pts nowadays.....

Anonymous said...

I expect myself to drop heavily soon because I had only O'Hara from the first match, but I hope I'll go up after the 15 and 17:30 matches.
The crewlest thing happened to me - Liverpool conceded, so now Skrtel won't have a CS. And he gets almost all of his points from CS! I just hope he won't get any YC like he's used to.


Kellz said...

@AM: Made the last minute decision to drop Gerrard aswell, it allowed me to have Reid/G.Johnson/Distin. However G.Johnson has no CS I hape he can put up some good phantom pts now. Overall happy with my selections.

Given, Verm, G.Johnson, Distin
Reid, Piennar, O'hara, Lennon
Torres, Drogba, Tuncay

Dunno why Pulis hates Tuncay, might be time to drop him for Defoe and cut my losses

ToffeeDave said...

What a bad week for me. Decided to cheap out my midfield and go heavy on "guaranteed clean sheets"
Verm, Baines, RJohn(yellow and no clean sheet), GJohn(game not over but has done nothing)
Lennon, Pienaar (4.5), Rodwell(0)
Drogba, Torres, Tuncay.

If im lucky I could hit 80+ this week thanks to masterclass performance by Torres. Pienaar is never going to be in my team again, even when he's in form he doesnt score more than 5 for me. Rawr I hope I get major phantoms from somewhere.

Doctor Teeth said...

Did someone say earlier this week that Robbie Keane was (over)due??

Kellz said...

I believe so ;D

GTR 34 said...

What an incredible day so far!!!!! Who picked Keane!!!!!!! - I know I dropped Torred, and in the process got screwed!!!! At leat I picked Saha for a goal to lessen the blow.

Again Giggs played well, and well, Chelsea look like losing.

This year is a lot harder and a lot more fun than last, so our decisions will be challenging all the way.

Do you agree?

Ruki said...

Lol so much for dropping Torres next game vs Chelsea... I cant bear to drop him now, given the discount I have. Gerrard is going though.

Ruki said...

There is a guy over Neal/Jeremy site got both Torres and Keane. He hit the jackpot this weekends.

Kellz said...

I too will hold onto Torres and Drogba, get Keane on the BD until I decide to drop him for another option, Rooney's price will drop thankfully so might send him into the mix. Not going for Gerrard/Lamps next week. Looking to keep Lennon as Spurs have some great matches coming up, keeping Distin, his production is good. Waiting to see what Arsenal does today. Hoping Walcott really is back and possibly see if Rosicky gets the start. If anything I don't think I can count on Fabs/Arsh for much.

ToffeeDave said...

WOWOWOWOWOWOW After further inspection I got flipping screwed. Here is my list of negatives.
Rodwell--yellow plus foul bringing hisd him for
Pienaar--goes off injured and only managed 4.5
points with what looks like an ACL injury...
Heitinga--Managed 12 points but I dropped him for RJohn as I thought he had a greater chance of a clean sheet.
Portsmouth-I was right they would push Everton to the edge and would score yet they didn't. Evey single one of my gambles didn't work out today.urgh.
All in all, Im boned.

Anonymous said...

If Keane scored four, he'll now be without a goal for the next 10 weeks. I know so, although me knowing so must mean he'll hit another hattrick next week (no, he won't).
On Yahoo they say Defoe was substituted to rest him, but what's worrying me is that on the official EPL website they say he got injured. Does anyone have any information about it?


Mike B said...

Boned is the word i was looking for. I have only the one goal so far from Drogba.

And Eduardo isn't even on the bench!!

I need heroics from Fabregas now to save me. :( Booo

Anonymous said...

@ SF>>The word is that Defoe broke his finger.

Kellz said...

If Defoe only broke his finger he won't be out against Bolton, however, if he was to be injured it would make Keane a much better bet. But I would almost put money down on Defoe next week.

If Piennar is ACL injured can we see a start from Billy? Hes a salivating 4.57mil. Can't not like that price. It would let me pick up some big fire power in my mid.

ToffeeDave said...

The ACL is a guess by me but he did get a knee injury and that's always what it is and knowing the Toffees luck with that garbage, hes out for 8 months(hopefully not haha). Billy is a surefire starter with Pienaar injured, my only problem is will he take set pieces from my 10.58 Leighton Baines?

Anonymous said...

@ Ruki -
Yeah , his name is vincent

Check out his team here,it rocks!

He's bound to get 200+ for sure!! Now THATS what we call a clean sweep!!

~ N00B

Kellz said...

@N00B: Not gonna get 200+ for sure. Ballack didn't play, Rodwell got 0pts, Lennon will probably be in the area of 6-9pts, Yossi didn't do much either. Although a frontline of 8 goals is flippin fantastic, won't breach 200 though, but great picks upfront.

N00B said...

@Kellz: Ok..
How was ur team thi week??

Anonymous said...

Wow, Skrtel with 0 points. Another YC. I'm not taking him ever again!
All in all, 47 points from six players, and that's bad. Defoe did get 11 without a goal, but Drogba got only 14 with one. And O'Hara, Benayoun, and obviously Lennon were disappointing... I still have Verm, Fab, Bent, Given and Bridge, but it doesn't look at all like a good week for me. I think about dropping Lennon, but I'm not sure. Any thoughts?


N00B said...

Everyone - points are in!!

And even vincent scored only 129.5 points with Given and Verma to go!!

I myself scored 112.5 points with Verma,Given,Turner to go!!

Sonko was my hunch and damn did he pay off ....
9.5 points w/o a CS and 6 goals against AND against 'Pool!!
He and Verma are keepers!

The core of my squad is slowly building.


Ruki said...

Seems nice that you got your core. I hope that means much less questions from you. Are you that Mr.Nobody over the live chat on Jeremy site? I noticed that you both are surprisingly similiar...

I got 112.5 as well, with Vae and Gordon to go.

Bradley said...

That sound you hear is my team plummeting down the standings. Looks like it's going to be an even bigger horror show than Week 3. Did Rooney seriously generate no stats? I don't mean just no points -- no stats at all. Apparently he spent the whole match in the technical area having a chat with SAF.

Bojan said...

109,00 - 701 points - 484 overall
still Gordon and Vermalen to go

Kellz said...

@N00B: I wasn't putting down your friends team, like I said "8 goals from your front 3 is flipping fantastic". I was correct he did not get 200+ pts "for sure". It was the only thing I was pointing out. Don't get so defensive.

I am doing steady with 80pts with Given, Verm, and A.Reid to go.

Bojan said...

my team was:

bean said...

Keane_ boy was i wrong. teeth was that you that called that? you were so right. i made an impulse buy for him on the barndoor. my thinking is that he in no way will repeat his performance, but he's got the confidence booster he has been waiting for for almost a year now. he's been on quite a dry run for such a long time (also with Pool and that whole debacle) and to break the duck with a 200lb. jackhammer, that's gotta give the guy the confidence he needs.

Bily_ picked him & tinga up on the BD. Rodwell kills me.
MyHill_killed me even more. i knew i was insane to keep him, just thought he would be up to make a bunch of saves but still let a few in like usual. boy was i wrong again.

picked up Giggs on the BD as well, should have listened to myself. if he can do that in the 35 min he played,should be able to do similar playing a full 90 next week (hopefully)

terrible week, some good barndoor shopping though.

Bojan said...

"Foster had such an easy afternoon, he could have sat in the United goalmouth with his pipe and slippers and still kept a clean sheet."

Razesh said...

anyone picked mannone
he is a having a monsterous day

mehicoradio said...

ugh this week sucked. The only upside is my chance choice R. Johnson got 5.50 despite no CS.

Right now at 56 points with Given and Verm to go. Going to need some luck to break 80 it seems :(.

And Torres can go **** himself.

Anonymous said...

CS from Vermaelen, an assist from Fab.
Another thought - how can Yossi get 9.5 points with two assists? O'Hara had 6.5 without an assist nor a goal. That's bad from Yossi, because no one can promise that he'll score or hand out assists against Chelsea. Is anyone else thinking about dropping him?


MLowrey said...


Benayoun was relatively quiet, speaking on fantasy terms at least. A few dribbles and dangerous passes here and there but no decent crosses, SOTs or interceptions. I feel he'll be ahead of Riera and Babel when Rafa picks his team, but he's still a hit or miss player. He is able to score the odd winning goal or a hattrick but rarely any phantom points. I BD'd him after the Burnley game realising it's a gamble and dropped him now in favor or Arshavin. I hope the little russian rapes Blackburn next week, he's long overdue a MoM performance.

Anonymous said...

If u got benayoun at a cheap price, i would advice not to sell him, because after chelsea they will play against sunderland.

ToffeeDave said...

Man with Given's price I was sure I would stick with him for the season, but now myhill is at a gorgeous 1 and considering I BDed Sonko thats only 5.?? for 3 players, leaving me to have a Billy(another 4.5) to have a beast of a midfield. Anyone else thinking of picking up Myhill since he seems to have an easy schedule.

chris m said...

As Bradley noted, I second-can someone tell me how Rooney could play nearly whole game and come away with 0 pts. WTF. Did anyone see this.

And can someone tell me how Sonko gets 9 pts on the losing end of a 6-1 ass kicking. I don't get that at all

There are things happening I just don't understand.

@ Bean-be careful with giggs, this is a CL week he'll might play and get rested.

Many thanks to Torres or I would be totally in the toilet this week.

Dave said...

Re: Sonko -> (5TW=2.5) + (1FW=0.5) + (1PI=0.5) + (3BS=6). Simple, he blocked a few shots and won some tackles.

ToffeeDave said...

If you wanna know why he got so many points, he was marking Torres. Everything was going through Torres until he got subbed off. Simply it was sonko doing all the tackling on Torres, but dont forget it was his terrible marking which allowed him 3 goals so his 9 points is deceiving. Torres would just cut inside, shoot and it would be a goal and I think sonko should have caught on after the first two.

Kellz said...

Someone and I talked about Sonko having a good return earlier last week, all that money spent on G.Johnson for 2pts when I could spend 4x less for Sonko and 9.5pts. Anytime you have a weak defender against a strong attacker its a gamble, play that out again Sonko could just have easily gotten a YC and some fouls on Torres, but I think Torres was too quick for Sonko to even touch him lol

Torres the most expensive player now, he's staying in my team for sure, plus he put up a brace against Chelsea at Chelsea last year. Possibly a Season keeper for me (I love the Reds). will have my 3rd striker as an option to rotate then Drogba after the ACN.

Anonymous said...

89 points with Gordon and Diamante left to play and Vermaelen's points (7 ???) still to be counted.

Obviously feeling great about dropping The Beast for this round. He should be fitter and cheaper for the easier matches ahead. How can Glen Johnson score just two FF points when Liverpool score 6 goals? He's history. Initially kicked myself when Giggs didn't start but grateful for his 13 in a sub's role. Otherwise my MF (Rodwell, O'Hara, Lennon) was abysmal. There will be changes made with the funds freed up from dropping Johnson.

Anonymous said...





Max said...

got 72pts with gordon & bridge yet to play.. and verma & fab points still not added..

bad desicion last week..
my hunch fletcher, ballack & saha.. fletch only got 2pts, ballack 0pts due to injury.. saha was my hunch but instead i drop him for defoe and that cost me less 6pts..

jrod is merely a filler and i've guessed whats coming to me.. 0pts for being sidelined..

sonko is superb for a losing team.. i'm keeping him for another week.. probably 2 more weeks..

other players that i almost got but didn't..
Heiti (12pts), saha (17.5pts), agbonlahor (11pts), o'hara (6.5pts)..


Kellz said...

@GuyScreaming@Everyone: Well if you'd stop yelling at everyone I might give my 2 cents.

(1) Yossi tough match-up away, he won't get another hatrick this season, I would suppose the money is better spent.
(2) Hutton didn't start this week and he won't start next week. Go for Bassong
(3) Myhill for a buck is always a risk but in this case you might pull it off.
(4) Tevez has kind of been the guy behind the guy, making the the play or initiating it, so I don't think he's going to score next week.

Otherwise looks good :D

N00B said...


DO NOT drop any Pool middies or strikers for nxt week!!

In case you forgot,Cech got a RED!! :D

That means Hilario will be guarding the sticks!!

So all Nando/Yossi/StevieG have to do is - cross the D and jus slot it in!!

Im sticking to both StevieG and Nando for next week!!

Also - Gomez is back on my radar!!and Rodwell out of it!!

Im luving my Week7 team-
It's gonna stay like this,barring any injuries or drop of form in the CL


Might switch Giggs/Moko/Keane to Hunt/Gomez/Theo

Waitin for Verma's points...
108.5 with Given/Verma/Turner to go..

Anonymous said...

Fulham-Arsenal points have come!
I had Vermaelen&Fab
Vermaelen - he had matches without CS this season in which he got about the same amount of points. And still, 9.5 is pretty good for a defender I have just above 6mil.
Fab - well, 12 points is also good, although it seems like he only gets phantom points when he doesn't score. Last week he scored and got only 4 phantoms, while this week without his assist he had 8! Never the less, I'm keeping him against Blackburn. They've beaten AV, but they tend to lose away from home. And Arsenal are better than AV, no doubt.
So that means that when the points get in, I'll have 68.5 for this week, with Given, Bridge and Bent to go, which is poor but at least not as poor as week 3 (66). I've dropped about 3500 (!!!) stages in the standing, and now I'm misserable. I thought about making a lot of changes in my team, but then I saw that I'd done only 2 changes in my team after week 3, and got 108.5 points on week 4 and 117 on week 5. And I've already done two changes yesterday.
But I'm still doubting Lennon, Benayoun, and Bridge (but that really depends on his performance tomorrow). I'm also not that sure about Defoe, and not only because of his slight injury. But he'll probably stay at least against Bolton.

Any more thoughts about Lennon and Yossi?


Anonymous said...

ey guys wats "phantom points" ???

Anonymous said...

Phantom points are points outside the usual goals and assists, like tackles won, passes intercepted and successful crosses.

Those phantom categories are unique to Yahoo FF, AFAIK.

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