Friday, 11 September 2009

Late Change Of Heart

Right, it could prove an error or could prove very wise...but I'm considering dropping Tuncay and picking him up on the barndoor for Week 5 instead.

Not only does Tuncay have a very tough fixture, but team news I've seen this evening suggests he'll start on the bench. In addition, I've found myself with an annoyingly large amount of cash cash left over despite being happy with my team, so by slightly downgrading one of my defenders I could get a midfielder (e.g. Milijas) or striker (e.g. Benitez) pretty much guarenteed to play to replace Tuncay.

Do I have the guts to make this late change after being pretty settled on my team at 5pm today? Should I just stick? Not sure...what does everyone think?



rwlwhite said...

I'm the same. I've got rid of Tuncay, Givet and Nani, and put in Milijas (although I got rid of him last week so have taken a price hit), Sonko (he was my filler from before), and Eduardo (my pick to answer his critics and score at least one against City)

rwlwhite said...

BTW, I am aware that Eduardo 'may' not start, but Yahoo seems to think he will, and even if he doesn't he will come on as a sub for Bendtner at some point and at 7.55 I think he is a bargain. He seems to score in almost every game, whether it be a dodgy penalty, a scramble in front of goal, or a stunner. I saw him play a few games back and thought he looked fantastic, lots of energy, great vision, awesome shot! If only we could make space in the team by losing a striker (Bendtner preferably)

Fidan said...

You're lucky you can afford Milijas or Benitez. If I drop Tuncay I'll have to pick Sonko in and get O'Hara at the best...but I don't like the fact of selling RJohnson...!!!
So, I'll stick to my team...

For you, if you can afford Benitez, I say...what the heck...!!! Friday-rule doesn't apply if you are more than certain your pick won't start...!!!

Cheers and...Good Luck...!!!

Doctor Teeth said...

I've been advocating for the Tuncay barndoor approach for a few days now...I'm leaning towards it. Also thinking of dropping Torres and going with a front three of Drogs, Bent and Kuyt. I'm spending big on my backline this week with 3-4 studs as well.

I say that so long as you have no fewer than two out of Torres, Kuyt, Gerrard and GJohnson, you'll be in good shape.

A cheeky pick would be Frazier Campbell...seems poised to start in lieu of a jetlagged Kenwyne Jones. At under 4 million, could end up being my hunch (rather than Bent).

There are a ton of "value"/midpriced MFs...Miljas, Gomez, Jimenez, Rodwell/Dini, O'Hara, Stanislas, etc.

Sometimes you just fixate on a player and can't bring yourself to delete him from your side (and you know you'll throw something through a window when you see that he's scored a brace on Gamecast after you've dropped him). That guy is Matthew Taylor for me this week...really want to keep him on my team but he may not make the cut at the stroke of midnight.

There is too much overlap between out collective line-ups...gotta mix it up lads!

Mike B said...

@rwlwright - I too have Eduardo, and when critisised before about picking him i gave pretty much the same explanation. He looks so sharp, and can score at any time. bargain in my opinion. I'll be keeping him all season unless he gets injured.

I'm in two minds what to do this week, with Arshavin out and Bassong a dought i really don't know what to do.

The only thing i'm certain of at the moment is Drogs and Eduardo.

Mike B said...

Rwlwhite, not wright, my apologies dude =P

rwlwhite said...

no worries mike

Here is my prospective team for this week (i'm out early in the morning so this could be my final team)


Vermaelen - G Johnson - Sonko

Gerrard - S Hunt - Mokoena - Milijas

Drogba - Rooney - Eduardo

Mike B said...

Mine's looking like


Givet - Bassong/Johnson - Vermaelen

Rodwell - Gerard - Fabregas - Benayoun

Drogba - Eduardo - Hunch/Tuncay

So still a little deciding to be done, especially on the Tuncay affair, and whether to risk keeping Bassong on. There's not much of a discount to lose if i get rid.

Has anyone heard if Diamanti is likely to get any minutes on the pitch for the Hammers?

bean said...

@Mike B - not sure if he's certain to start, but Diamanti "scored two stunning free-kicks in a reserve match at Upton Park on tuesday" according to SkySports. Sounds like a great value if he does in fact start and has a chance at some free kicks. I know it was just a reserve match, but scoring twice from set pieces in a match sounds pretty damn good.

Anonymous said...

After messing with possible lineups by dropping Tuncay. I've think I am gonna stay with what I have had for about 9 days now. I'd have to drop MTAY with Tuncay and don't want to drop MTAY. Even if Tuncay gets subbed in around the 80th min he'll probably return his value. I also would have to severely downgrade MTAY to someone around 7 if I wanna upgrade Sonko and Tuncay and not sure about cheap strikers out there... I'll mess around with it tonight some more probably, though.

Douchebag United said...

Okay I've been looking for some help on my middie question all week and gotten no response, please help...

My current team:
Foster - Still riding that train hard to believe

Verm - Again riding that train
G Johnson - Just got on the train and not looking to get off this week
Nelsen - The captain, I like a CS from Blackburn this week although Ricketts is equally attractive

Gerrard - Duh
Lennon - This is my big question mark I have him at a pretty good discount but should I sell on him and upgrade? Although his performance in the interanationals and Lampard's comments are pretty much convincing me to stick and stay
Hunt - I like this guy as he averages more than his ticket price
Gomez - Same holds for this guy who averages more that his ticket price

Tuncay - I think he plays at least as a sub and puts up his value
Drogba - He's been great could see some how upgrading to Torres some how?
Bent - This week I believe in Bent although I could be convinced

chris m said...

AM (and nearly everyone else) I love this. I have been questioning the Tuncay mania since day one. Now everyone seems to be having second thoughts. Well, everyone, please stay with him, give up Torres, Drogba, Rooney, whoever you had and take him. I was so looking forward to what was going to happen.

That said. I have one question I would appreciate more input on. Does Rodwell start for Everton. Or does Fellaini or Bilyaletdinov (its Blini see my previous comment) start in his place. I think Moyes would be making a mistake to sit Rodwell, he has looked great the last 3 games regardless of the price.

In the same vein as Tuncay, please, all those above thinking of taking Eduardo, pick him, please. Bendnter will start instead of Arshavin. Eduardo will get his 20 minutes or so, and if he doesn't score you get bupkus.

With Bassong iffy if not out. Spurs are looking weaker in the middle. So unlike RWLWhite at the top of the thread I have added Nani, reading somewhere that Valencia starts on the bench making Nani a surer thing.

Since everyone is sharing, sort of, my pick of the week is Diaby for the gunners. When he had the OG he dropped 3+ pts. I think he is out to atone. My hunch is he will have a monster game. This is the kind of pick that if it works cements my reputation. If it fails, if Rossicky plays instead (who I will barn door immediately if he does) I look like a fool. No one has mentioned him at all. My gift. So we'll see. I need to get back my props here. I was #1 overall at the end of week 1. I am still 138 overall. I am feeling disrespected. But respect has to be earned.

So best of luck all. This may be the most challenging and exciting week of the year until the African Nations Cup screws everything up.

velvet underground allstars

Mike B said...

@ Bean - Yeah i read that too and it got me thinking, not sure if he'll start though. it's out of Tuncay, Benitez and him for my third striker.

I'm happy with my midfield and can live with my defense so i might drop Tuncay and go with my instints.

I might also be crying into my pint come Saturday evening.

Here goes nothing....

rwlwhite said...

Chris. Re: eduardo. I did say I am aware he may not start, but A: Bendtner is not a big game player (and I believe this is now a big game for Arsenal) and I think he will be either relatively subdued, or just rubbish as normal) - he is averaging just over 1point a game and he has started more than eduardo - go figure! and B: if Eduardo only gets his 20-30minutes, I can see those being a BIG 20-30 minutes however the match is going...if city are winning, arsenal will need to attack, same as if they are drawing, and if Arsenal are winning, he will want to make his mark and stamp his name alongside the others to say 'i played pretty well in that game as well, don't you know. I do see your point though, but, Eduardo stays!

Anonymous said...

I think the best option is to stick with Tuncay. Even the best strikers can go cold for any given game. So why not spend 1 pt on a striker who will play eventually? Looking at strikers under 8, none seem overly appealing to me. I am prob sticking with my lineup. Like I said 4 posts ago, even if Tuncay is comes in after the 80th min there is a good chance he'll return his value.

Mike B said...

Ok i'm done, i refuse to tinker any more haha.

My only doubt is if Benayoun will play.

I had spare cash as i don't fancy many premium midfielders, so decided against Tuncay in favour of Benitez. There's always the barn door.

bean said...

@chris m. - what's with all the Tuncay hate? i think there's so much hype merely because he acts as an enabler for 1.00 and has a much better chance of returning positive points than the original enabler Mok.. I would agree it would be kind of stupid to drop premium strikers at discount to fit him in, but if he plays even 15 minutes there's a good chance he can return a point.. second thoughts have mainly been out of the fear of fitness after returning from Bosnia.

and props for Diaby/Bendtner over Eduardo? you're kidding right? don't you remember Diaby from previous years? He'll put up a goal once or twice a year and the rest of the time return 2-3 points or get negative. Maybe he's a completely different player this year, and maybe I'm totally wrong and he'll score a brace against Citeh, but there's a strong chance he sits the bench and gets nothing. I kind of like the way Bendtner plays when Wenger puts him out on the wing in real life, but fantasy wise he's been worthless, especially when played there.

Eduardo has played every match, is averaging 9.17 points, only costs 7.55 and has a good chance of playing. Is that such a bad option?

As for Everton's midfield, it seems too much of a toss up who will play. Moyes was talking after the previous gameweek how a group of his players haven't been performing and he will rotate, but who's out and who's in? Seems like Fellaini hasn't been himself at the start of this season so maybe he sits? And he talks about how "his new boys will shine" which seems to indicate Bily/Dini/Blini(personally i like just Bily) will start. With Cahill, Pienaar, Fellaini, Bily, Neville, Osman, & Rodwell who knows..

I think it does feel a bit uncomfortable when a huge majority of managers have the same or very similar squads and all the hype and frenzy surrounding, so i gotta give props to anyone who goes against the grain and listens to their gut. I was finding myself trying completely different lineups just for the sake of not having what everyone else has, but it doesn't matter how many people pick a player, they will perform in real life however they will perform. But seems the key to this game is differentiating from the masses and making those risky big jumps when everyone else is drinking the various cups of Kool Aid.

Anyway, just my two cents. I don't have any of the above players at the moment.

chris m said...

Hey bean,

great great comment. I am beginning to think you are the smartest person here, really. Including me who barely nows his ass from his elbow.

I am so tempted by Eduardo. But my front three, all at their discounted inital prices are Torres/Drogba/Rooney and I am not ready to let any of them go, I really don't anticipate making a change there, baring injury or red card until Drogba leaves for the African Nations Cup.

And I got locked into Rodwell because of the discount. Everton's midfield, you are right, is a mess, it's like Chelsea's which will be even worse once Cole and Zhirkov come into play. So I am just hunching, that Rodwell get one more week.

As for Diaby. Its an absolute hunch. He has something to prove. With Nasri, Rossicky et al all out, I think he's a sure start, and he will come out with a purpose having made an ass out of himself in the last game. If he's worth anything he will have to play the game of his life. These are the kind of hunches you have to play to get ahead since most knowledgeable managers are mostly playing the same players. I absolutely agree with your comments above. What really makes this rewarding and fun is to go against the conventional wisdom and score with someone no one is looking at.

Thanks for seriously considering my comments and responding in kind. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Good luck
chris m

bean said...

yo chris m_

i think Moyes would be crazy not to play Rodwell the way he has been playing. Seems like he is one of the few that have been performing so far. Maybe it will be Pienaar,Neville,Rodwell,Bily? I could easily see Fellaini and Osman sitting and maybe Cahill up front?

Hunches are good. Though it's really tough to hold strong to them when you've had two weeks to mull it over. Sometimes I think quick gut feeling changes based on some info + matchups is the way to go. Rather than endlessly thinking it over too much..

I'm definitely keeping an eye on Eduardo & Fab for next week based on AM's Week5 preview of matchup. It will be interesting to see how things shuffle though once Walcott/Rosicky are back in the mix...

Good Luck.

p.s. at some point i had a lineup something like

just to be different, it was kind of interesting for a moment.. but then i undid my changes. we'll see what i end up pulling the trigger on. I've got a few hunches i might try out..

Anonymous said...

For me picking up Tuncay was just a filler swap anyway, so might as well keep him. I've already had to make adjustments because of Gordon's injury and because Kyrgiakos doesn't look likely to start. In week 2 I made the dreaded late Friday change (left side of the pond time) and deeply regretted it (hint: it involved Rooney :( ). Short of a player exploding like a Spinal Tap drummer, I'm leaving my team well enough alone.


Max said...

i hate these last minutes news.. how i wish i didn't open the internet today.. sigh..

anyway.. my lineup..

verma, wilko, [hunch]
lamp, stevieG, gomez, billy
drog, torres, tuncay

having headache about billy starting.. second n third choice would be rodwell and cattermole to replace him.. hopefully they didn't get much points than him..

tuncay stays.. since i dont have much cash to get other (worthy) replacement..

will BD fab & eduardo.. they definately coming in my week5 lineup..

lastly.. good luck all..


Max said...

change billy to rodwell (again).. damn.. anywy thats all for week4.. no more changes.. see u all tmorrow for the result discussions..


Assistant Manager said...

Douchebag - I'd keep your team as it is, looks good mate.

Bean & Chris - Really enjoyed reading your comments, some interesting points raised. The discussion on this site is constantly improving, I'm really pleased.

I've woken up this morning & I'm now thinking of keeping Tuncay and keeping my team as it was yesterday...I have just over 4 hours until deadline but I'm not expecting to make any last minute changes.


bean said...

a couple more players playing against their old club:
berbatov v. spurs
carrick v. spurs

bean said...

right before the buzzer, ended up with one change from previous gameweek's barndoor: jordi out, ballack in. i spent my tuncay money on the dickhead german.

Drog,Torres,and yes,Tuncay

prob very similar to a great deal of people, but decided on the 'just make 1 change approach' from previous week(BD); and that was Jordi to Ballack.

bean said...

Tuncay is like crack cocaine.. come on AM, do it,Tuncay,Tuncay for a pound. it'll make you feel good. :-)

Anonymous said...

would you rather play tuncay or mokoena? portsmouth has a favorable matchup.

Mike B said...

My final team as i have to go out now.


Givet, Vermaelen, Skrtyl

Gerard, Jiminez, Fabregas, Benayoun

Drogba, Eduardo, Benitez

I have made an effort to go for a bit of a different line up, we'll see how it pans out.

@ Chris M - I can see exactly why you haven't been tempted to change your front 3, there's no way i would either if i had those strikers. Unfortunatly i sold Rooney after the second week so i could free up cash for my midfield, and ended up with around 15 mill for either a striker/midfielder or 2 strikers. Eduardo seems to pick up a decent amount of points even when he's only on the pitch for 20 minutes and he's relatively cheap too hehe.

I was seriously considering Diaby earlier in the week, and i have a nasty feeling you may be correct to include him. I would have him now if i could afford him instead of Jiminez. He looked good up untill his disaster against Man U.

On another note, I had Billy, then Rodwell. Then Billy, then Rodwell again. Had no idea if either were even going to play, had only seen Rodwell once (although i was impressed)never seen billy. So in the end just went for Jiminez. I know he'll start, and with 2 others in my team probably gonna come off the bench ( Benayoun and Eduardo) i didn't want a third.

Aaaah my poor brain.

Good luck people!

mehicoradio said...

@Bean got a completely different team but still another person dropping Jordi for Ballack (I did the same, and expected to backfire but meh)

I kept Tuncay because he is just a filler and for me anything but negative points from him would be fine. Was the same with Mokoena

Bit of an off-topic post but did ESPN sign a deal with Burnley or the PL? Because its going to be three straight weeks of Burnley matches on, and i'm sure nothing going to bring in the casual U.S. fan more then watching pointless Chelsea v. Burnley, Liverpool v. Burnley and Sunderland v. Burnley *rolls eyes*

Sorry just had to rant about that for a moment

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