Monday, 28 September 2009

100th Post - The Blog Cup

My 100th post & a nice little surprise for you - The Blog Cup.

At points throughout the season we will have weekends where the Top Weekly Scores go through to the "next round". It's a knockout so once you're out, you're out!

All 300 teams in the Blog Leagues have a place in the Blog Cup...unfortunately I can't run more than 3 leagues so if you didn't get a space then you're going to miss out - sorry :(

I've outlined the The Blog Cup schedule below:-

1st Round - Week 7 - Top 200 teams based on weekly scores in the Blog Leagues go through to 2nd round

2nd Round - Week 12 - Top 100 teams based on weekly scores from the remaining 200 teams go through to 3rd round

3rd Round - Week 16 - Top 60 teams based on weekly scores from the remaining 100 teams go through to 4th round

4th Round - Week 20 - Top 40 weekly scores from the remaining 60 teams go through to 5th round

5th Round - Week 24 - Top 20 teams based on weekly scores from the remaining 40 teams go through to quarter finals

Quarter Finals - Week 28 - Top 10 teams based on weekly scores from the remaining 20 teams go through to semi finals

Semi Finals - Week 32 - Top 2 teams based on weekly scores from the remaining 10 teams go through to the final

Final - Week 34 - Top weekly score from the 2 finalists wins.

Prize - The winner of the cup will win a replica football shirt of their favourite Premier League team. I'll think of a prize for the runner up too.

As people will probably change their team name throughout the season I'll be tracking teams by their Yahoo IDs.

In the event of any of the above weeks/rounds being an international break week (ZERO Premiership games) then the round will be moved to the following weekend.

It is always the Top 200 teams who go through, with one exception. In the event of teams being tied on weekly points at the cut off (e.g. Round 1- if the 200th, 201st & 202nd teams are all tied on the same weekly total) then all 3 teams would go through to the next round.

It's going to be a completely manual process for me to run & it's probably going to take a fair bit of admin effort, but it's something I want to do...I think it makes things interesting as it's nothing to do with Overall Position, it's purely based on your weekly score in the selected week, so it gives players not doing too well the chance to have 1 off weekends where they score big whilst a top player has a bad week...fantasy giant killing! And the prize adds some spice :)

I hope people think it's a good idea... I'll make it clear on the lead up to each round whether it's a Cup Weekend.  

Round 1 is THIS WEEKEND!!! The teams with the top 200 weekly scores in the blog leagues will go through to Round 2. Everyone else will be knocked out.

Please let me have your feedback



Naning said...

Awesome. I'm looking forward to my Everton shirt :)

Assistant Manager said...

Cheers Naning - how embarrassing would it be if I'm knocked out in the 1st round... :)

RedDevilDave said...

IF i win.,

I live in India

So how do i get my ManYoo jersey??

Do we HAVE to start this weekend??

Why dont you jus let this weekend be a warmup so that everyone is familiarised with the way the *BC* progresses.

It's jus my opinion as teams that missed the BD would slag behind and get knocked out!!

and CHEERS on the HUNDREDTH Post!!


Anonymous said...

Exellent! Well done Assistant Manager!

Love this blog!

I'm "The Orphans" just behind you in group 1, I'm breathing right down your Gregory Peck.

ToffeeDave said...

What a fantastic idea and you will be knocked out AM, its just your luck(I dare you to recommend Bent again). I also suggest that no one who follows Manure, Chelski, Gooners or the redshite should win anything :D. jk gl to all. DO you want me to record a mini podcast and post it up somewhere for you to hear it? Im recording music soon so it would be an easy opportunity to fit it in.

Assistant Manager said...

Glad people are liking the idea

RDD - I will post the shirt to whoever wins, no matter which country they're in. The Cup starts this weekend, it was going to be the following weekend but I noticed there were no games that weekend.

ToffeeDave - Confident as always I see :D I'm not planning on having a podcast at the moment mate, but if you want to record one I'll definitely take a listen & there's nothing stopping you from posting it in the comments section for people to listen to.

The Orphans - Good luck :)


Doctor Teeth said...

Awesome idea - I'm pumped!

Anonymous said...

Missed out on joining the Blog group... :(

Mike B said...

Brilliant idea AM. I'm totally looking forward to this weekends matches even more now!!

chris m said...

Excellent. But AM I am worried that you are going to end up working too hard. You are putting in a lot of time and effort already. For which we all thank you. I am just a little concerned that you are going to get overwhelmed by all this.

chris m

Douchebag United said...

This almost forces my hand to sell Tuncay, although as long as you make your other picks work than it isn't going to be too hard to make up for his lack of production. Of course this would be the week that he starts and scores a goal...

Guy said...

Excellent idea even if I'll probably be knocked out next week. Could you post the weekly score from week 6 for 200th place in as a guide to how people fared this week and how we'll need to do next week.
I think this may lead me to drop Tuncay since I can't afford another zero when there's such pressure on!
Shame you're only offering a premier league replica shirt...

greginho said...

that is a really cool idea AM, but now the pressure is on. i never went through each of my players every week to see if the are worthy. usually by monday i have my team set and i check for injuries. it has been working fine, but now i will be looking at each and every pick closely, thanks for the presure.

i think one possible result might be less posting of teams and less recommending of players, as people look out for their own teams first.

Anonymous said...

@Guy -

Dude!! Be content with wat you get!!

Why dont you write a blog as good as this one or even better,get 1000hits AND 100 posts AND gift the winner of YOUR Blog Cup a CL Final Ball!!

How does that sound??

Just stfu as it gets on my nerves when people as greedy as u , open their big fat mouths in public!!

Mr.Xyz(Cos i might get screwed for abusive language :P)

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Can't wait to see if any minnows make it to the semis.

Assistant Manager said...

Hi guys - thanks for the positive feedback. Just to let you know you would've need 85 points to have got through if the first round had been Week 6.


GTR 34 said...

Top idea AM

Evens the playing field out for those who are not in the leading pack. Thanks:::))))

CH said...

great idea!!!
cheer for you!

Anonymous said...

AM Great Idea!!!!!

I love it, but I betcha I get knocked out this week. This will probably make people more secretive in posting teams during weeks of the cup.

HooRus said...

As if writing a web log ins't enough, and offering a prize on top of it. Just another bonus for us readers. Thank you.

Mike B said...

I don't think the secretive posting will make much difference, we pretty much all put out teams with a slight difference to them regardless of who others play. As my 85 point week has just proven haha.

AM himself recommends Bent every week and never picks him hehe, the ideas will be bounced around between us as usual.

I think it's a great idea, adds a bit of spice to the blog and gives us underdogs a chance at glory.

If i win my premier league replica shirt will be of my dads beloved Hammers, as My beloved Owls won't be in the premiership untill next season (wishfull thinking, i know).

Good work AM.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet the contest doesn't affect recommendations one bit. The pundits on this blog will still have their say.

ToffeeDave said...

I agree with bill although I will be keeping probably a midfielder and defender secret to try and give me that edge.

greginho said...

who will it be oshea and petrov?

ToffeeDave said...

Your way off and if someone guesses them Ill b surprised.

Benji said...

whats the group id for the third one so I can join....or are they full?

shadowgex said...

hey im new to fantasy sports and had a question - what do you guys mean by the "barndoor" and "barndoor teams"? ive seen people mention it a lot, but I don't understand what it means or its significance.

ToffeeDave said...

shadowgex, the term barndoor is simply the window shortly after a game is finished/before they update prices, when you buy a player for the price that week before they shoot up 5 mil. for scoring a hat trick, a la Torres or Keane last week.

Max said...

great idea AM.. and congrats on your 100th post.. ppl will be more competetitive and secretive of their teams now.. me too.. i'll be posting my team with secret hunches from now on.. cheerssss.. :p


Adam from Portland said...

A strategy to score high for one week is a little different than than the one you have when thinking of a whole season. It requires some changes.

trudat said...

I have a Tuncay question. Namely - should I keep him? Is it worth it? Is Pulis really not going to play him?

I ask because, like many others, I Have Drogs and Torres. I can fit Rooney in with a few changes here and there (getting rid of Stevie G), but I dont want to if Tuncay is finally going to start playing, thus returning his value for the patient managers out there.

ToffeeDave said...

trudat I accidentally got rid of him and now my team looks like alot more balanced. I think it's preference and to be honest, I wish I didnt click save.


reallly dont know what to do wif my team..plz help..

shay given

still have 4.23..any advice?
thanks A bunch

Geobfree said...

Good Grief!
Half my team is injured and I wasn,t available to bd anyone.Great idea, bad timing for me.

Anonymous said...

Just need to know:

Tuncay @ 1 + Fab
Rooney and Mokoena

Only decision I am making with my team this week is between those two... I can't really justify any other premium picks that I don't already have (Drogs + Nando). Any help would be appreciated


nuwa said...

this is the 1st time i play yahoo fantasy football. my total points is so low. only 480. the first two weeks i just managed to get 47 marks each week. then start week 3 i managed to get 100++ each week. thanks to this blog. thus i will join the blog leagues next season. i am form malaysia

Stevie G's XI said...

I picked Petrov for last nights game. Finally one of my hunches worked! 28.5 points plus Given last night put me onto 137 points for the week and up to 2nd in AM's league and into the top 150 overall.

This blog has helped me so much this season as i have never been in the top 5000 let alone top 150!

Thanks for all the great advice AM and all the regular posters. Looking forward to the knockout as well!

Davey Wolf said...

Great idea AM. I reckon this could be a bad week for me as I refuse to get rid of Drog and Torres. I'm hoping they'll both step up and it'll be a 2-2 thriller but I have a worrying feeling.

Fingers crossed I don't get knocked out!

ps. What do folks think about Arsh for this weekend?


masterP said...

grear idea AM BUT sadly im in none of your leagues and with 600 pts already!! anyways thanks for your your help so far this season!!!.... great blog!!!

mehicoradio said...

with my luck i'll get knocked out week 1.

The upside is if my hunch pick does well, i'll get a good advantage on most people in the blog leagues and overall (they player has never been over 2% ownership).

OS said...

Really glad to see this come about - something we'd been toying with in my private league but never quite managed to get going.
Great stuff - great blog - thanks for all your work!

Ian Sanderson said...


Pleased it didn't start last week - would've been out.
Keeping faith with Tuncay.

Naning said...

Would be hilarious if Tuncay got the start and scored 2 next week.

rwlwhite said...

"Assistant Manager said...
Hi guys - thanks for the positive feedback. Just to let you know you would've need 85 points to have got through if the first round had been Week 6."

Wow, I got 85 points exactly! Although I hope I do better next week as I'd hate to miss out in the first week.

I think this week is actually a good one to start because there are some tough games (Chelsea v Liverpool for one) in which main players could either end up with 2 or 30 points, so the people who choose non-mainstream players and do well could be the people at the top this week!

Fidan said...

Anyone visited PL official website yet. Darren Bent is awarded only one goal, the second one is considered OWN GOAL by Mancienne. And I checked through some other sources (;skysports.comwere it is also considered own goal. I know there is little-to-no chance for Yahoo to fix it, but it would be great if they did.


Assistant Manager said...

Hey Fidan - I just wrote about this exact thing in my latest post - spooky!

AM :)

JYDean said...

Congrats AM for the 100th post! ToffeeDave, any new update regarding Pienaar's injury? BTW, my team name is Rooney Is The Reason We Rox in YFF2. All the best guys. :D

greginho said...

yes it was rooney in the last game who got them the win with two assists coming off of the bench!

kiNz said...

great!! good. i will do my best to go through to Round 2 and so on to win Arsenal football shirt. ^^

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to be the one to post the 50th comment on this page!!

:P :D

Anonymous said...

waiting for my arsenal jersey!

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