Thursday, 3 September 2009

Week 4 - Keepers

Firstly a quick note on the news about Chelsea's transfer ban - it is a huge shock (and also quite funny) but I'm pretty sure they'll appeal to the Court of Arbitration and either have the ban reduced or simply end up with a fine. Everyone knows tapping up in football is rife and every club is guilty of it at some time or another - are FIFA going to start handing out similar bans to Europe's other top clubs? Unlikely, proving the punishment is too harsh. If I'm wrong and the ban stays in place until 2011 then they would be completely screwed as they would be stuck with an ageing squad!

Anyway, on to Player Picks for Week 4.

Seeing as we still have 9 days until the next round of fixtures I'm going to post Keeper, Defender, Midfield & Forward recommendations 1 day at a time. Just to change it up, we'll start with Keepers....

Gordon (Home to Hull) - As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I believe Sunderland will keep a clean sheet against Hull. They have a solid looking defence (especially with the signing of Michael Turner) and a tough tackling midfield. Gordon is good value at just over £4 million UNLESS it appears Fulop will steal his place back.

Robinson (Home to Wolves) - I sold Robbo at £1.69million before realising he had another nice fixture. I wouldn’t have kept him anyway as (I’ve mentioned previously) I don’t trust him to score positive points in consecutive weeks. If you have him at under £2million then perhaps keep him, but if you’re buying at current price then Gordon is the better pick in my opinion.

Myhill (Away to Sunderland) - As with Robbo, if you have him for under £2million then you may just want to stick with him. However, I fancy Sunderland to put 2 past a Turner-less Hull this weekend so personally he's not in my thoughts.

Reina (Home to Burnley) - If you find yourself with silly money left over thanks to Tuncay then Reina could be someone to waste it on at home to Burnley, but with far cheaper decent options in goal and a wealth of options out on pitch, I wouldn’t bother. Spend the extra on someone like Glen Johnson instead.

Given (Home to Arsenal) - I certainly don't recommend Given at his current price for a match up vs Arsenal, but if you've held on to him at £6million then even with some tough fixtures coming up he's probably worth keeping. I had planned to keep Given for the season, but as we all know I made the stupid mistake of selling him.

I think everyone should be picking their Keeper from these 5...but please comment on your personal preference. Expect Week 4 Defenders posted up tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

FIFA's move against Chelsea is a laughable as UEFA's singling out of Eduardo for diving (which is also rife as everyone knows). Looks like the Lords of Football are battling to see who has the biggest case of denial.

Anonymous said...

PS. I'm using my "Tuncay dividend" to sign up Glen Johnson and The Beast, and I expect to get double-digit points from each. :-)

bean said...

@billthegrunt - is "The Beast" Jensen?

I would add Jensen (8.35) as an option. Normally, picking a keeper from a promoted team playing at Anfield would be utter insanity, but he's producing no matter what the matchup. He still managed to put up 11 points in a 3-0 loss to Chelsea, making 11 saves. He's been averaging 10.88 after playing ManU and Chelsea, pretty good stuff. But can he keep it up?

I don't have the balls to consider him, but J.Hart (9.11) is averaging 11.50. Same with Sorensen, who is really pricey (10.36), but averaging 12.75.

It might be a little premature to really be relying too heavily on avg. points after only 4 games, but interesting to take a look at keepers price vs. avg. points (specifically the ones punching above their weight):

Given (9.17), 15.33 avg = +6.16
MyHill (3.84), 6.38 avg = +2.54
Jensen (8.35), 10.88 avg = +2.53
J.Hart (9.11), 11.50 avg = +2.39
Sorensen (10.36), 12.75 avg = +2.39
Foster (7.80), 10.13 avg = +2.33
Green (12.18),14.50 avg = +2.32
Hennessey (7.17), 8.13 avg = +0.96

and those are just current market prices....

Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity, what happened to Chris Kirkland? Martinez seems to have dropped him for Pollitt, who hasn't exactly been setting the world on fire. True, Kirkland got hammered by Man Utd., but Pollitt got thrashed by Blackpool in the Carling Cup. Plus, he looked shaky against Everton.

As for Chelsea, if FIFA now goes on to ban other clubs -- say Real Madrid -- then fine. However, if this move is a "one off," which it probably is, the Chelsea fans are rightly aggrieved. FIFA may think they're sending a signal, but the signal they're really sending is that they're arbitrary and ineffectual.


bean said...

@Bradley - FIFA have been sending that signal for too long already

Assistant Manager said...

Bradley - Kirkland has been injured (again)

Bean - When it comes to Keepers I agree I'm very wary of looking at average ratings at this early stage of the season. Burnley could easily be hit for 5 at Anfield and The Beast could end up with -9 for a cost of almost £9million. It certainly takes guts from Bill :)

Anonymous said...

P.S. Oh, and I've also selected Gordon, so I'm glad to see my choice validated by the AM. :) I too am having seller's remorse for Given. We'll see how the next couple rounds go for him.


Fidan said...

Thnx GOD for 6m-Given and for extra 6m-giving-Tuncay :D:D:D...!!!

Everybody - BEWARE...FabioAurelio is COMING and that could mean 2 things: 1.Maybe it's time to...RUN LIKE HELL from Insua and 2.He can/will steal some pts from GJohnson...!!! Just a thought (or two :D)!!!


Fidan said...

BTW, MY early team so far:


Now, I can sell Gerrard and upgrade McCartney to most likely Kyrgiakos(if he starts,of course) or ACole, upgrade Jordi to either Nani/Essien/Hunt and get MGP...!!!

Any thoughts...???

bean said...

@AM - with Jensen it seems even if he gets hit for 5, he'll most likely make a ton of saves. He got hit for 3 @Chelsea and still comes out with 11 points. But yeah, I'm not spending my money there, but he does represent value for your,uh...pound. But if you are willing to spend 8.35, might as well pony up the extra 0.82 and get Given

bean said...

@Fidan - I don't think Aurelio playing will take that much away from Johnson. It seems as though Insua had already been pretty well involved in the attack, so putting in Aurelio wouldn't really shift the play to the left side more so than before..imho.

Fidan said...

Insua lacks pace,that's a fact. So, going forward Aurelio is way a better option. So, when Aurelio is back I'm sure Rafa will try and balance his back-line when one of them goes forward. I too hope Glen keeps his production going, believe me...but as a fantasy manager, these things have to be taken in consideration...!!!

Kellz said...

Some thoughts:
- Jensen looks good with the points he producing from dismal scorelines, however Given @ 6.10mil is my keeper even home to Arsenal.
- After reading many articles concerning Chelsea's Transfer ban, it seems relatively unlikely they will get it over turned with an appeal. It seems FIFA has been collecting/analyzing this case for over 2 years and now lay down the verdict. Appeartenly the difference is that Chelsea coerced the player into signing before he was "of age" where as Madrid's "tapping" of players was completely legal, albiet annoying/under handed. Hence we will see no ban for the "Galactico's"
-I am going to take some risks this week, everybody seems to be latching onto Torres/Gerrard/Glen Johnson, however since dropping Torres 2 weeks ago it is unlikely I will field more than 2 Liverpool and will probably pick out some other options.

bean said...

@Fidan - fact? actually, i seem to think Insua is known for his pace and ability to push up and be involved in the attack. I think that's actually his strength that makes up for his lack of size. I would certainly agree that Aurelio is more of an attacking threat with a much more powerful shot and ability on free kicks, but he's pushing 30 and just coming back from injury. So I don't think Aurelio would win in a foot race...

anyway, I think my main point was just that I think Glen Johnson will continue to produce regardless of whether Aurelio or Insua are on the field.

ToffeeDave said...

I know im biased and all, but how has no one considered Howard in goal?!? Fulham have had a torrid time going forward this season and have only 1 goal to prove this point. Considering Everton have rid themselves of the plague lescott and now have Heitinga Baines Distin and Yobo at the back, I can't see a goal being scored by Fulham. But ok , so you think fulham will put one past howard, he will still make a few saves along with win points. Howard is my pick this week because of his sexy fixtures coming up (Blackburn, Portsmouth, Stoke, and Wolves) none of which are attacking powerhouses which will most likely be shut down.

ToffeeDave said...

I forgot to mention that I also really love Hart. If I could choose 2 keepers in a week I would also pick Hart. The kid can make alot of saves and Birmingham's defence seems alot more solid than the bottom 4-5 teams. I can see them frustrating Villa to maybe a 1-1 or 0-0 draw.

bean said...

@ToffeeDave - he's way too expensive for my tastes (9.33), he's averaging (-3.33) points, with (-10.00) total points. He's an amazing keeper and playing Fulham, but I need to see Everton over the course of a few more games proving that they've gotten their sh*t together.

But things are looking a lot better for the Toffees with that improved backline.

ToffeeDave said...

Ya I forgot I bought him at value hehe. I think I got him at 7 or so.

Jamie said...

Any thoughts on my team?

McCartney Givet G.Johnson
Gerrard Cattermole Petrov Gomez
Torres Drogba Tuncay

Anonymous said...

GOD!!>. can't some of you people just stick to the topic... ?!?!!!!! its about GK!!! NOT YOUR WHOLE TEAM!!!

speaking of teams!! stop trying to get Free Handouts!! make up your own mind!!! Take a RISK!!! go with who YOU want!! some of ya'll sound like the losers that call Dr. LAURA. cuz they can't do anything without somebody ELSE telling them what to do!!

come on guys, thats what this game is all about!!!! GOOD LUCK to all : ))))

bean said...

@Anonymous 10:52 - stop yelling!!!!!
but you're right.

Fidan said...

@Anonymous 10:52

Maybe you missed the POINT of this site...or you just can't GET it. It IS about HELPING each other on DECISIONS, picking one and not picking someone else,injuries,suspenssions...NOT helping to pick WHOLE team...!!!

Why did you visit it btw. Or...maybe you needed some HELP...!!!

Hey...and BTW...should I pick Gerrard or Lampard :D:D:D...!!!

@Bean - Plizzz don't dissappoint me :D...!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Jamie

Your team looks like everyone elses team

Anonymous said...

it was a long day at work.. i understand that people help each other.. : )))

what gets me is the same handful of people every day seem to ask about their whole team choice everyday!

however.. i use the info in here to pick up some value guys.. like to get them low! : ))

as for StevieG and Fat Frank?!? well, you should have them BOTH! thats what i have : )))

there, i am done.. and i will get off the SOAP box.. : )) since i am from texas.. i watch as much SKY SPORTS, EPL games Sat. Morning, Statistics, injuries.. and just good ole LUCK! this is my 3rd year.. and i find AM and some regs info very insighful.. thank you..

but it doesn't mean i have to like some of the other posters! : )))))

back to topic..

i had given wk 1.. sold him due to only one game that week.. i had to choose between PRobo or Myhill.. well, my hunch told me that Hull had the better schedule.. since i have him at such a discount... i am sticking with him, at 1.33.. its a bargin.. i just don't think its smart to spend more then 8-9 for a GK.. and i don't want to keep dropping and picking up based on match ups.. i will take a 20 point game with the risk of getting -6 the following week.. thats just the way i roll!! : )))))

Doctor Teeth said...

Toffee Dave...what is the vibe coming out of Goodison Park regarding Biyaletdinov? Is Moyes expected to start him and, if so, who is going to lose playing time? Pienaar? Cahill? Osman? Fellaini? Those four featured very regularly for the Toffees last year (but have been underachieving thus far this season)...the team certainly has a lot of talent to chose from in the midfield. And I have yet to even mention Arteta coming back from injury or the rising fortunes of Rodwell and Gosling.

I'm intrigued to pick him for my side given his current valuation but wonder if he will really see enough of the field to warrant his would think that he won't be riding the bench given the money spent on him but it seems a bit uncertain to me. I have to say, I'm not blown away by the little I have seen of him but he has a solid reputation and the endorsement of Hiddink, a great evaluator of talent.

Also - do you fancy Yakubu? Just looked up his stats and he has 72 goals over the last seven seasons (one of which he essentially missed in its entirety). Was shocked to learn that. Seems like most of our front lines are set for - geez - the remainder of the season (either drogba-torres-tuncay or drogba-rooney-tuncay) but he is an intriguing pick.

Doctor Teeth said...

I actually think it is ok to shell out decent money for a GK...I had Schwarzer for virtually all of last season at around 9 million and he was one of the best and most consistent value returns for me week in/week out. Definitely one of the keys to my winning my league last year. It is always very tempting to scrimp at GK so that you can afford to spend your money on the big guns up front...but strikers can often disappoint and if you subscribe to the "Tuncay approach" this season, you probably have enough free cash already and don't need to do that. Of course, if you have Tuncay and a super cheap GK, you can probably have Lamps and Gerrard on your side every week which will be tough to beat over the course of the entire season.

greginho said...

i too had schwarzer for 3/4 of the season and dominated after slipping down the table. i had for two years in a row, went with cheap keepers to get ronaldo and it didn't work. i didn't win my league, nor was i even competitive. i am going to hold on to given all season, unless man city revert back to last years team.

bean said...

schwarzerz rocks.

ToffeeDave said...

I ADOOOOOOORE YAKUBU!! I played Guardian's fantasy last year and Yakubu was my mainstay all year until his injury and consistently racked the points for me. Basically Yakubu if he was healthy last year would have scored 20+ and taken the title. Last year until he got injured he was averaging about a goal every 80 minutes or so the first maybe 6 games. When Saha showed up his production slowed down and I don't think they play together well. I also do not know what to make of Billy as of yet. I expect a Fellaini type season to be honest.

Dave said...

@ ToffeeDave re: Biyaletdinov - to clarify, by a "Fellaini type season" you mean a yellow card every second game, among the league leaders in fouls committed and may pop up with the odd goal while letting down YFF managers 3 out of 4 weeks?? LOL.

But seriously, for that price, he'd be worth a punt if he any good. A wide player, is he (ie: left winger)??

ToffeeDave said...

Ok to clarify I see him starting most epl games. Just like fel, and pop up with more than his fair share of goals with alot less fouls lol. He is a left footed winger who is quick. He likes to play the left but has admitted that if has to play on the right (he might) it would allow him more opportunity to cut in and shoot with his favoured right foot. So basically, if he's on the left he will be a Pienaar type point getter. If he starts on the right he will be a Arshavin type goal scorer. My personal thoughts are he will be on the right wing as Moyes is a big fan of Pienaar's form and will not break up the Pienaar/Baines partnership that has wreaked havoc on the epl. I see Heitinga and Billy being the new look of the right wing with Osman and Hibbert sitting the bench from now on. Now this is the big problem, with so many great midfielders at Everton's disposal and 3 more than capable strikers of scoring 15+ goals, everton's formation will be a tough choice every week and I see alot of squad rotation. Saha will get plenty of minutes as Moyes would have sold him for 9 mil. had he thought he wasn't gonna be a huge contribution up front. Look at this

Neville (captain will play 60 minutes minimum)
Arteta (90 minutes a games when healthy)
Now you have Billy, Pienaar, Cahill, Fellaini, Rodwell, Gosling and Osman. I cannot say who will start from those and I see alot of early substitutions this year.

Does this help or further frustrate you as I have done to myself?

ToffeeDave said...

After thinking about it for a couple minutes, I see Everton playing a 4-5-1 formation like this until Yakubu and Arteta are back.


That's the best I could do to try and show formation lol.

Doctor Teeth said...

Cahill has to be one of the biggest disappointments through the first few weeks of the season...he was a dominant fantasy (and real world) performer in the seocnd half of last season.

I think I will take a chance on Biyaletdinov for under 5 million...not far off of Tuncay in terms of him not really needing to do too much to return value (a SOT and a few succesful crosses and you've more than made back your money spent).

I actually think that there are a bunch of cheaper, "value" MFs this season (some who still have yet to prove themselves):


Personally, I'll put 2-3 of them in my MF and buttress them with a Lamps/Gerrard/MTay anchor rather than spending an extra 4-6 million on the Nanis, Pedersens and Denilsons of the world.

Anonymous said...

Guys, i'm in huge dilemma right now.. Really need your opinions.. I have three top strikers( rooney, drog, torres) all at low price.. Shld i grab tuncay and strengthen my midf consist of( lennon, duff(im droppin him), nani, fletch(refer duff)? Thx


mehicoradio said...

can i say i'm glad so many people are taking Gerrard? Hopefully he doesn't have a great return and MTay goes nuts.

Only because i have MTay due entirely to A) Match-up and B) less then 1% ownership

As for Goalkeepers i have to stay with Given even with the tough fixtures. The value i have him at is pretty good and if i drop him i don't see a sure fire choice in the price range

Anonymous said...

@ AM -

i noe that this is slightly off-topic but.. you asked me what i would do with the remaining 2$ if i went with GJ instead of MTay...

tell me which one is more prefarrable...


which one??

~ Sam

Max said...

u guys heard any news about bilyaletdinov status in everton?.. will he become a regular?.. a bit cheaper than rodwell, is he a better pick?


Anonymous said...

my teams currently looking like this..

Myhill - Hunch

Verma - Cheap
GJohn - On a rampage!
Sonko - Bargain (if he starts)

Gerrard - Got him at 18..Season-keeper even if injured
MTay - Takes all kick for Bolton ann match-up is too good
Mokoena - Filler
Brown - Same as above. :D

Drogs - On fire!!
Torres - Is hungry for goals
Tuncay - :D You know why!

*open to all suggestions
*have 3 fillers and am not regretting it
*hope all the big guns fire
*still cant decide b/w Myhill and Gordon a MHis my hunch and Gordo os being recommended by AM..
*please advice

~ Sam

Max said...


good team.. almost same like mine..

my only advice to u is to upgrade one of your filler in MF.. if money is tight, switch stevieG to lamp or myhill to robbo for cash.. since both has almost simmilar mathup and might get almost same points.. but that's only an advice.. use it as guide.. cheersssss...


Bojan said...

For AM and all others

i have only two questions... Gerrard or Torres, who will score more in you opinion? or both of them at full price?

Max said...


i have both torres and gerrard in my team.. but if u're only picking one.. go with torres and drop gerrard for lampard..

for me, i usually go for strong forwards (all 3).. 2 strong, 1 medium, and 1 filler MF.. and 2 medium, 1 filler defense.. use that as a guide.. :p


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