Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Injury Update 23/09/09

As always, an update from Football365....
It's hardly been reported anywhere, but the Daily Telegraph online claims that Owen Hargreaves returned to Carrington today to step up his recovery from double knee surgery. The midfielder is earmarked for a Manchester United return in early November, and we're sure that Fabio Capello will be monitoring his progress very closely indeed.

If ever a team didn't want to lose two players in one night it was Burnley, who could travel to Tottenham this weekend without The Beast Brian Jensen and striker Martin Paterson, who both made early exits from the Clarets' defeat to Barnsley on Tuesday night.

"We will look to get that [Paterson's knee] scanned as soon as possible to ascertain if there is any lasting damage," said boss Owen Coyle after the game. "Your initial thoughts are he hurt himself, but we won't know until we get it scanned.

"Brian seems to have got a dead leg and hopefully both will be all right, but we won't really know that situation until tomorrow (Wed)."

Burnley have already lost Chris McCann to long-term injury this season.

So Arsenal have taken one name off their injured list with Carlos Vela's return from an ankle injury in Tuesday night's win over West Brom, and Andrey Arshavin is pencilled in to return against Fulham this Saturday evening.

Birmingham were boosted by the 90 minutes completed by Liam Ridgwell just five months after suffering a double leg break but, as we're getting used to saying on this page, the bad news for Blues is that Stuart Parnaby picked up a dead leg in that defeat to Sunderland.

But Alex McLeish seems certain that he will have Stephen Carr and Seb Larsson back in action for this weekend's clash with Bolton and there's an 'outside chance' that Gregory Vignal will also return.

Portsmouth have also been boosted by striker Aruna Dindane completing almost 70 minutes in his first game since being put on a strict fitness regime to get him back into shape following a knee injury.

West Ham had no such luck as they went down 3-1 to Bolton but they had an injury list of Matthew Upson, Valon Behrami, Danny Gabiddon, Luis Jiminez, Junior Stanislas and Guillermo Franco, who could all make a return on Monday against Manchester City.

We end with good news for Blackburn - Gael Givet's knee is not as badly injured as previously thought and he should only miss this weekend's game with Aston Villa to allow the swelling to subside

I'm fairly sure a dead leg won't keep The Beast out of this Saturday's game, but if it does restrict his movement in anyway then it could be party time for Defoe & Co. Another bunch of Carling Cup games tonight & then we should have a better idea regarding injury news for the weekend.

Sorry for the short post but I'm busy today...I'll try & add my Week 6 Player Picks post up tonight or tomorrow morning.



Anonymous said...

looks like tuncay played and played well - though not scored.. has anyone seen the match?

Assistant Manager said...

He played well, won a penalty & got 2 assists...but it was against Blackpool :)

Joking aside, he'll be an excellent guy to have @ 1.00 once he starts playing regularly, there's never been any question about that. Its just some people have decided there are other strikers they want more.


Max said...

i did something.. and hopefully wont regret it..

drop tuncay, stevie n lampard this week.. upload saha, torres (from agbonlahor), fletcher, ballack n richards (from heiti).. with brown and sonko as fillers..

heiti or sonko?
billy & rodwell status..
gordon or fulop?
mtay vs fletcher/ballack/fab..


Macgill said...

Given Gomez's matchup against Chelsea, I've been contemplating moving him for Palacios against Burnley. I have Gomez slightly discounted and have been happy with his performance all year even against tough competition but I have a feeling Palacios could get a lot of points this weekend. Any suggestions or thoughts on this?

Anonymous said...

I am going to drop lampard, Gerrard, sonko, rodwell, hertinga, and/or Drobga

Sonko => G.johnson
Hertinga => warnock
Lampard => M.Tay
Gerrard => lennon
Drogba => Edurado
rodwell => bily
This is going to be a big move for me. I have kept lampard and gerrard for a while, it's time for me to move on. Even if they both could produce 15pts+ this weekm i believe my balanced team will give me for assurance and produce more points overall.

Verm, G.johnson, warnock
lennon, bily, hara, Mtay
Tuncay, eduardo, torres

I hope my decision is correct


Fidan said...

All you Tuncay "owners" give a big smile :):):)... Looks like Fuller is out for some time and with Beattie kinda out of fitness excpect Tuncay to be much more involved in EPL... Looks like he and Kitson are the only two FIT strikers Potters have. Maybe your luck fairy might be smiling at you...!!! Btw, I don't regret selling him, AT ALL. Now I have Drogs/Torres/Defoe(Saha,Bent,Benitez,Diamanti) and it looks perfect to me...

Good luck...

mudwalkerz said...

Ild say mostly good decisions.. but maybe hold your breath on drogs still? Also Bily..Rodwell.. might be difficult to predict who gets to start.. and how about Saha? There is 3 strikers there.. eventually the Yak is going to get his chance.. and Jo isnt exactly out of the picture completely either .. or is he? Saha, a sure starter? I won't bet on it..especially after not barndooring him.. but Toffeedave will shine his evertonian light on us, Im sure ;)

mudwalkerz said...

Mixed News On Injury Front (from Burnley website)
Posted on: Wed 23 Sep 2009

Clarets goalkeeper Brian Jensen could be fit to face Tottenham on Saturday but striker Martin Paterson is facing surgery on the knee injury he sustained in Tuesday night's Carling Cup defeat at Barnsley.

Both players were stretchered off during the first half at Oakwell, where Burnley went on to lose 3-2.

And boss Owen Coyle revealed that medical checks had revealed contrasting fortunes for the two players, who have been ever-presents in the Barclays Premier League so far.

"We have had mixed news on the two lads," Coyle confirmed.

Anonymous said...

for week 6, i am going with:


any comment guys??

Kellz said...

@Max: If you bought Saha at his current price thats 12.5mil, I would suggest upgrading the extrat 0.5mil to get Defoe. I just have a feeling that Pompey will strike someone hard, like others have said. Defoe is in a great matchup at home to Burnley (possibly Beast-less).
-Also its more advisable to only keep 1 filler, both Sonko and Brown will net you low pts.
-MTAY is a great choice, he is returning close to his value even without scoring, however I also like Fabregas this week. If I had to make a decision, Fabregas seems like the safer pick, better matchup.
-Take Gordon and Heiti, not sure if Billy will start so Rodwell could keep his place, Everton is better left to ToffeeDave :D

@Gordon: Drogba's injury was a severe cramp and he will be back to training on Thursday, meaning he will be on the team for Wigan, however he might only feature some part of that game, not worth it to drop him, so if you haven't already, don't.
-Warnock is too expensive for just a 7.5pt pick up with a CS against Pompey. Down grade your defense to keeping either Johnson or Warnock, however I suggest Verm/Bass/McCartney/Heiti/Richards/ or Hutton/R.Johnson all really well priced around 6-7mil.
-Only drop Lampard, hes underproducing and you can spend the cash on Lennon. Keep Gerrard atleast one more week, hes home to Hull and even without a score can get major points as he takes most of the kicks for Liverpool. If you really want MTAY, drop Johnson and Warnock and pick defenders from the list I made for you.
-Otherwise looks good and balanced to me :D

@Anonymous 4:43PM: Missing a major gold mine with Liverpool, I don't think Yossi will have another stroll but worth to keep him 1 more week, if you bought Saha full price drop for Defoe, Gareth Barry doesn't really spark major points and he eats up a lot of cash, more for Lennon/MTAY.
-Givet will definately be out for this week, hes not that expensive probably not worth keeping him. Theres some great pickups to be had this week read above to see my cheap defender picks.
-Otherwise looks good :D

greginho said...

that is a great midfield, only because we share it. i didn't think anyone else would have the guts to not pick up gerrard at a decent price against hull. i have been waiting for 5 games to be able to get lennon, his bad shedule and my love affair with gerrard kept me from doing it.
i am an arsenal fan so i like eduardo in there. if you are not sure, diamanti and benitez are good replacements.

Dare to Devil said...

Kellz: I have Gerrard in my team. But it seems like he has been playing deeper to accomodate Kuyt & Yossi. I wonder if this is affecting his point production...

Kellz said...

@DaretoDevil: Most definately could be, however, hes still been a huge treat and really should have had a goal last week but it was tapped by Kuyt. At home to Hull I expect Gerrard to produce

billthegrunt said...

Dead leg? Sounds serious. That's a "charley horse" in Yank, ain't it?

Anonymous said...

my name is monkey the luffy..

any thoughts for my team?
verm heitinga bridge
ohara pienaar lennon reid
drogba torres benitez

hmm...thinking to change my midfield:
ohara pienaar gerrard rodwell

which one is better guys?
owhhhh pain in the ass

billthegrunt said...

I'm worried that Burnley might just prop Jensen up in front of net if he's only 75% b/c they have no one else. Is it better to pass on him this week? I have him for 7.97 and could probably pick him up again for the easier fixtures at about the same price.

Doctor Teeth said...

You know who is really - and I mean REALLY - due to have a good game? Robbie Keane (that's spoken as a Spurs fan and a YFF fanatic). At times this (young) season he has really looked like he has lost his striker's touch but he has a proven goal socring pedigree (has averaged better than a goal per every three games played for the past seven seasons) and the Burnley match-up could be the game he breaks through with a brace. Given that he is only 2 million less than Defoe (and around the same price as Lennon), I imagine there will be few managers willing to risk selecting him on their sides this weekend but I have a hunch that he could be the player to bag the points instead of his shorter team mates.

billthegrunt said...

@Teeth: Well if height's a consideration there's only one choice, and he's cheaper than all of them. :-)

Anonymous said...

What is with all of these managers fawning over Heitinga? He was far from a stand-out performer for Atletico Madrid and is not really a threat going forward.

Doctor Teeth said...

@billthegrunt: True but Harry doesn't seem to want to start the beanstock...although admittedly he did last game and he may stick with a three man frontline (as opposed to starting Kranjcar in the MF).

ToffeeDave said...

People are fawning over Heitinga because he can fill in Neville's role when needed and did at the end of last game when Hibbert came on(one of those defenders playing as a midfielder). Im on the fence right now about swapping Billy for Rodwell. I just have a feeling he is gonna score on of those beautiful long range efforts this week. Pienaar should be in everyone's midfield along with Lennon this week but hey.

Raul said...

Hei guys,
My team for week 6
S.Given 6.44
T.Vermaelen 6.05, J.Heitinga 5.87, R.Dunne 8.72
A.Lennon 11.50, F.Malouda 11.56, J.O'Hara 6.59, J.Milner 11.91
D.Drogba 10.66, F.Torres 19.50, Tuncay 1.00

Any thoughts?

mudwalkerz said...

Bili in the squad for tonight... but I still think it might take a while though for him to grab a regular starting spot.. as you can read between the lines from Toffeedave his message as well.

mudwalkerz said...

and Saha is likely to start tonight according to everton website also.. which even more makes me think.. someone else might get a chance this weekend.. TDave, your opinion?
anyway sticking with mr hairdryer myself ;)

Anonymous said...

@ ToffeeDave -

Have Saha at 8. Is it worth it to keep him??
Will he start?? If not , should i get in Pienaar instead of him?

~ N00B

Anonymous said...

Re: Kellz
Appreciate your advises and i will take extra consideration on Drogba. I want to close the gap, I am currently sitting at 7700th. Therefore, I need to take risks. I hope he will sub in late in the liverpool game and get low FS pts, then I might able to pick him up again at a bit cheaper price. Even if he did good, I can still pick him up with a minor adjustment in defense.

for warnock, johnson
I really like to have lennon, hara, Mtay, bily/rodwell in mid this week. Therefore, I have a huge funding to spending on premium defender.

Re: greginho
I am a Gunners fan as well. I like eduardo too, he is able to return pts whether he start/sub. It's still a good investment at his current value especially if he's scoring and RVP get injuried.

Again, thank you for all the advise


greginho said...

here's hoping we get 75 points from that midfield!

bean said...

@Dr.Teeth - re:Keane- i'm actually a closet Spurs fan, but I feel Keane just has really looked like the weakest link out there. So you're probably right, that it's about time for him to score a goal or two, or have a breakout game, but I just have been really disappointed with his game. Seems like his touch is really off and continually wanders out of position. I just found myself yelling at him many times in the Chelsea match and others before. I hope he turns it around, but my feeling is he's having trouble finding his form again and/or he's having trouble finding how/where he fits into this great squad 'Arry has put together. I feel like it would be more effective to play a 4-4-2 with Keane/Defoe up front in a more natural striker pairing with Kranjcar/Palacios/Huddlestone/Lennon in the midfield. But who am I to question a manager like Harry Redknapp?

bean said...

looks like the Yak is having quite a match against Hull. a shot, goal, and assist so far in the first half. I guess it probably means he won't be starting at the weekend though.

Max said...


thanks for the input.. but too bad i got saha at discounts (10.51).. switching him to defoe (13.09) will mean i have to remove someone.. my way to doing this is to downgrade given (6.44) to gordon (2.65) and hopefully the extra cash will allow me to upgrade sonko or brown to heiti or rodwell..

but, physioroom reported fulop will be back in 4 days (meaning this weekend).. hows gordon starting gonna be in your guys opinion?..


Max said...

forgot to mention my week 6 team.. currently been tweaking around these 2 lineups..

before team..
verma, richards, sonko
fab, fletcher, ballack, brown
drog, saha, torres

after team.. and advices from kellz..
verma, richards, sonko
fab, fletcher, ballack, rodwell
drog, defoe, torres

.money left : $1.07
.got fletch, ballack and saha at discounts
.worried gordon will be benched when fulop recover

any advice?..


Anonymous said...

Can anyone let me know what is going on with Bassong? this site says "if he recovers from his head injury" On the Yahoo injury report he is listed twice. The first is "questionable Knee" the second two lines under says "Leg"

Is he just broken completely down one side? What do you think the chances are of making the starting lineup?

thanks for any advice..


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