Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Week 6 - Player Picks

With just 3 days to go until the deadline I still have loads of decisions to make, but here are the players I feel should be in consideration for Week 6:

Gordon - The value pick for the week at under £3m. I actually think Sunderland are a very decent side despite their defeat to Burnley. They face a Wolves side who are struggling to score goals away from home so I think think Gordon has a good chance of a clean sheet here.

Given - He was outstanding vs Man Utd, yet conceded 4 goals, a blessing for Given-less managers as his value has now dropped below £6.5m. If you can afford to get him in then you should & I imagine you'll be keeping him for some time to come.

These are the only 2 keepers I'm looking at this week. Friedel, Reina, Hart & Howard are also good choice if you're holding them at decent discounts, but none are advised at their current price when you have the 2 choices above. I've left out Foster due to the rumours that Kuszczak could replace him vs Stoke. 

Vermaelen - Will not be leaving my team this season & I don't need to explain why.

G Johnson - I spent the big bucks on Glen Johnson in Week 4 when Liverpool hosted Burnely & it did not pay off, as he returned only 7 points. I blame Benitez for substituting him before 75 minutes, but this experience would not put me off having Johnson in again at home to Hull if I had the cash. He'll pick up a load of attacking points & has a great chance of a clean sheet. 

McCartney - He's been returning good points this season & has a decent fixture at home to Wolves. I think he represents value at just over £6m.

Bridge - Under £8m & will get forward to join attacks as I expect Man City to bounce back at home to a struggling West Ham. Not a bad option but...  

Richards - ...if I was going to pick a Man City defender this weekend it would be Micah Richards. He's cheaper, looks dangerous from set pieces & has the same clean sheet chance as Bridge.

R Johnson - Continues to give managers an excellent points return, still under £8m & a nice fixture at home to Bolton.

Bassong - If he's recovered from his head injury then his home fixture vs Burnley makes him very nearly a no brainer.

Hutton - If Bassong doesnt recover then Hutton should start at right back, & that would make him a very good outside bet to score well that not many others would pick up. Keep an eye on this one.

Heitinga - Good fixture & cheap so if he's likely to start he's a solid pick...however, whilst I think Everton will win I also think Portsmouth will score so maybe no clean sheet.

Skrtel - Good value, good fixture, good option. 

Wilkinson - Should be back from illness & even in a tough fixture he has a good chance of returning his £5m value for Stoke vs Man U.

Sonko - Very handy filler who will cause Liverpool problems from set pieces & also to allows you the cash to spend elsewhere.

Gerrard - There's been some heated discussion on the blog regarding how to construct your midfield. Do you go for the big name £20m man & use cheaper guys to fill the remaining spots, or do you spread it across more balanced £8m-£12m players? It's something i'll be taking in to consideration for future weeks, but this week I have to recommend Gerrard at home to Hull despite his price. He only returned 5 points at West Ham so I expect to see him on the scoresheet this time around.

Reid - Look in fantastic form since losing 9kgs over the summer, his left foot is as good as anyone in the league & he's been handed all set piece duties so far this season. All this combined with a pretty handy fixture means he's somebody I'm seriously considering this week.

Lennon - Started the season really well but has been quiet in the past 2 games (albeit vs Man U & Chelsea). He'll be wanting to get bang into form vs Burnley at with his value below £12m you could do a lot worse.

O'Hara - I recommended him to the blog 2 weeks ago & he's since returned over 20 points in 2 games at a cost of £4m for a Pompey side in utter turmoil. Even at his current price he's good value as he's taking set pieces & shooting on a regular basis.

Benayoun - Only recommended if you picked him up at discount before his hattrick. If you did you should be keeping him.

Pienaar - In fantastic form for the Toffees & has the dream fixture of Portsmouth. He's creating & looks like he'll score plenty this year, so he's right up there with Lennon & Reid as the best midrange Midfielder for Week 6.

Billy - He'll probably get a game in the Carling Cup tonight & that means his groin injury has healed. Whether he'd be handed a start at Portsmouth after the way Everton played vs Blackburn is questionable, but if there's a chance then he has to be considered at his bargain price.

Wright-Phillips - Probably a touch expensive but he could do very well at home to West Ham as he continues as a very attacking right winger in the absense of Adebayor & Robinho. COuld be a good option if you're looking to do something different.

Huddlestone - Represents good value due to his fixture & as always will shoot on sight with some set pieces thrown in.

Palacios - Always a yellow card risk but has been getting forward a lot more than he did at Wigan & could be worth a punt.

Rodwell - Value pick with a great fixture - he's my alternative if Billy is unlikely to start.

Torres - I pick him in Week 4 & he gets 2 points in a home game vs Burnley. So I drop him in the tougher away game at West Ham & of course it's 2 goals & 25 points. He's back now & he better repay me vs Hull...looking at the way Hull are playing he could be in for a hattrick and I expect 95% of blog readers to have Torres in this week.

Drogba - In unbelievable form & it looks likely he'll be back to face Wigan. Even if he isn't ready I'll be keeping him at a £6m discount & I suggest everyone does the same.

Defoe - My inital Top Pick for Week 6 but I'm finding it difficult to squeeze him in. I'm sure he'll fire at home to Burnley so I'll probably have to try, but I'll have to make some major sacrifices in other areas to manage it.

Saha - My fall back option if I can't find a way of getting Defoe in & not a bad one at that. He has the fixture, he's in goalscoring form & I have him at £8m - the only worry is him pulling up in the warm-up again! Yak & Jo were also in great form tonight, but I still expect Saha to start.

Bent - Another strike last weekend & he has a nice fixture. If Andy Reid continues supplying the same quality crosses & through-balls then Bent will continue to score goals for Sunderland. He's a really good pick this weekend.

Bellamy - Similar to Wright Phillips...he's a touch expensive, but a good option that could seperate you from a lot of other managers if he does well. Likes scoring against his old clubs too.

Benitez - Just starting to find his feet in the Premiership & should start again this weekend. Still very cheap & you don't get many easier games nowadays than Bolton at home.

Crouch - Added after his hattrick...he'll surely start vs Burnley & represents very good value if you can't afford Defoe/Saha etc.

Obviously things could change if there are injuries tonight, but I feel I have most bases covered.

Anyone you think I've missed this week?



Anonymous said...

So it's Bassong OR Hutton? Isn't King down, so they both have to play even if Bassong is fit?

Sorry I'm not very informed with Totts.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling about west ham at man city, it wont be the expected city goalfest.

Also think Kuyt is more attractive than Torres. Liverpool will win well, and with CL always on the agenda if they are doing well Johnson will be dragged off early.

No love for Krankjaer or however he spells it?

Anonymous said...

I have a very big dilemma on the back and it would be great if you helped me - the price is not the problem, I just need another opinion about ne picking Richards or Bridge.
Bridge is more consistent about his points.
Richards can have weeks when he scores or gets an assist and blasts with points. More likely to get a yellow card though.
They'll both get the same CS (I hope so).

I'll be glad to read what you think, AM, and everybody else as well.


Assistant Manager said...

1. Its possible Dawson might play (he's playing tonight) so then it could then be Corluka, Bassong, Dawson, Assout Hutton.

2. No mention of Kranjcar as I'm not sure he'll start but if he did then he's a decent choice.

3. SF - As I wrote in my post I'd go for Richards due to the price difference, but it's up to you to make that call.


Kellz said...

Spurs have a great 4 game schedule coming up Burnley, @Bolton, @Pompey, Stoke. Therefore Defoe becomes a really great option. However I cannot fit him in unless I drop Gerrard/Tuncay. Just can't see my self drop just yet, we'll have to see on Thursday. But certainly my top BD option for striker. But Bassong (if healthy), Lennon, and possibly THudd will stay in my team for atleast 4 weeks.

Bradley said...

Wow, Everton are demolishing Hull at the KC. So far the Yak, Jo, Gosling, and Osman have scored. Blini's next, I'm sure of it. ;)

As of the 51' mark, ManCity finally managed to get an equalizer at home against what appears to be Fulham's reserve squad (or perhaps guys they picked up in the parking lot).

As of roughly the same point, a watered-down ManUtd at home hasn't put anything past Wolves.

bean said...

i've mentioned in previous posts, but I think Giggs is worth a look. He's not in the squad for Carling, has played 5 of 6 league matches, decent matchup (even though it's away and Stoke are stingy with the goals at home) and leads the midfielders with 14.80 average points. Take a look at his stats, 26 successful crosses!

Bosingwa caught my eye against Spurs, seemed really lively. He's been pretty disappointing so far this year and maybe it was more due to a weakness with Spurs, but someone to consider as a player potentially gaining better form.

Diamanti has looked dangerous, though the Hammers are away to Citeh.

as a wildcard, Richardson or Malbranque home to Wolves? haven't really done shit this year, but know they are capable.

billthegrunt said...

That must be an old pic of BFAR. He looks like his life jacket just deployed.

Jamie said...

A few questions. This is my line up:

Vermaelen Richards Hutton/Bassong
Gerrard Lennon Fletcher Diaby
Drogba Tuncay Defoe

Are fletcher and diaby good choices at about 7 each. I have about 3 spare cash and would not change anything except these two positions. I have a really good feeling about Arsenal scoring lots and want one midfielder, is diaby the best option or would eboue or someone else be a better choice?

bean said...

Crouchy with a brace

Bradley said...

Crouchy with a hat-trick.

Assistant Manager said...

As I mentioned in my post I'm struggling to afford Defoe...Crouch is now an option I'm considering as surely Harry will start him on vs Burnley!?

Stephen said...

What about Jenas AM? Will he be starting regularly now? Not that expensive and considering him especially with an easy fixture.

Assistant Manager said...

Im not sure Stephen...with Hudd, Palacios, Lennon, Kranjcar & Keane (filling in for Modric on the left) it's tough to say he'll definitely start.

mudwalkerz said...

how about crouch and keane up front? Defoe rested.. and loads frustrated :D
I feel loads of possibilities this weekend and many manager might end up with one or more players starting on the bench?
an earlier post about G. Johnson got me thinking.. downgraded him.. and upgraded another in midfield.

Sulldaddy said...

SO I have a dilemna...I currently have A Young in MF and Yak at forward.
Im debating on swapping them for defoe and lennon/pienaar.

leaning towards the Tottenham duo but which MF is better for this weekend and upcoming schedule as I'll probably keep due to the fairly easy upcoming weeks.

greginho said...

is the reason that mtay is not up there because you think, birmingham is that tough at home? that might be true, their 3 shutouts have come against stoke, pompey and hull, though.
remember that bolton has, in the last 3 games, put 2, 3, 1 past liverpool, pompey and stoke. they are rolling with tamir cohen chipping in as well.
i see the game against birm. being 1-1 and mtay with a penalty goal.

mudwalkerz said...

so I end up playing without Given, G. Johnson, Gerard, MTaylor, A. Young, Lamps, Torres, Defoe, Saha...
anyone thinks Im doomed this weekend? ;)

Assistant Manager said...

MTay isn't there because it's very unlikely Bolton will have a 3rd penalty in 3 games - they hadn't had one for 2 years before the one given in Week 4...if you take his penalty points away he would've scored around 4-6 points in each of the past 2 games. There are lots of better value options this week.

greginho said...

that is definitely true, but you can say that about a lot of players. gerrard was having a terrible game in, i think it was week 2, and wasn't getting any points, he scored at the very end and got 10.5 points.

all of the top midfielders do that and mtay has outscored over the last 3 or 4 games, gerrard lampard, fabregas, young, lennon (by .5 points), hunt, reid, etc. i think every midfielder, i haven't looked at giggs, benayoun, or some others, but the point is made.
he just keeps getting them, through phantom or goals.

i think he will finish 3rd, with lennon 2nd and gerrard 1st at the end of the season!

bean said...

Bily and Tinga with assists in Carling Cup, but playing almost the full 90 tonight, possibly sitting at the weekend? with a Europa match at BATE Borisov in Belarus next thursday, maybe they're saved for that match?

Kellz said...

Dunno if Moyes thinks Bily is ready for first team action as a starter. However this game is against Derby-like Pompey, so who knows. I would assume Heitinga keeps his place and Bily might pop in as a 70+ min sub. But thats my opinion. Better we ask ToffeeDave!

ToffeeDave said...

Just got in and saw my Blues demolished an opponent 3rd game running with 4-0 win against Hull. I know I said that we might concede a goal and make it hard for ourselves to win this next game vs pompey, but I dont see it now. I genuinely could see us pump 5 past Portsmouth if an average-at-best Villa side could chuck in 3. Billy and Pienaar along with Baines are staying in my team and I think Saha has a great chance of a hat trick this week. About Billy starting, I feel Moyes(In whom we trust) does not want to throw him into the deep end, but I dont think he has a choice. What does he have, 5 assists in 2 games? and especially when we are clicking offensively I would be shocked if Billy didn't start. I think this is the lineup on saturday
Heitinga, Yobo, Distin, Baines
Osman, Cahill, Billy, Pienaar, Fellaini/Rodwell

If we play with 2 strikers, which we probably wont, it will be Fellaini and rodwell taking the seat for Yakubu

P.S. Im so excited for us to catch those top spots and finally make it into the champs league this year and end our run with a trophy this season. We just look waaay too dangerous.

ToffeeDave said...

Sorry some corrections. Moyes has no choice but to start Billy not A choice. I forgot to add the reasoning that Moyes has never simply just thrown new signings into the team without them having a few weeks training, which Billy has had, so prepare for him to be unleashed.

Anonymous said...


First, the blogs and comments on this board have been very helpful all season, it is appreciated.

What does everyone see happening with Tuncay going forward? He started yesterday in the Carling Cup, but has yet to record a point in fantasy. Is he going to continue with this 10 min sub appearance or actually begin starting sometime soon?

I'm in a bind where I want to replace Milijas in the midfield. I have 7.2 empty points to use along with Milijas at 5.64. The choice is either simply dropping Milijas and picking up someone like Reid or Pienaar in the midfield, in which case I keep Tuncay up top at 1.00. Or I can replace Milijas with a cheaper option (probably Sonko or Rodwell) and go after a 10 point player at any position by dropping Tuncay.

bean said...

Bruce is talking up Mensah and DaSilva, could be worth a look in the sub 6 price range for defenders, if there's clear indication they will start.

Anonymous said...

I'm holding on to Tuncay as I think he will produce his value once Pulis thinks he is ready to go. I'm not sure if he starts this weekend, but I wouldn't be surprised if he does.

Anyone have any suggestions on this I currently have O'hara who is everyone's favorite underdog right now but Bily from Everton is making me curious. Should I hold on O'hara at no discount or go for Bily?

Anonymous said...

Great board - very helpful fellas!

Any thoughts on Tim Cahill you Toffee fans? Seems like he has yet to break out, granted he's not playing in the striker spot this season like he did for parts of last season. I'm finally thinking of dropping my boy Lamps to Cahill and taking the extra cash and upgrading my lackluster D.


Kellz said...

@Anonymous #1: Drop Milijas, he has slumped in his performance and is rarely used in away games, add in Lennon or Piennar.

@Anonymous #2: O'hara or Billy? tough call. One hand O'Hara is a sure starter for Pompey, where as Billy is up in the air as a starter for Everton. I just can't see Billy starting just yet, this week its a toss up, but check thurs/friday for updates, if Billy looks to start choose him, if not stick with O'Hara.

Kellz said...

@Neal: Dropping Lampard would be useful, its just not in the cards for him early season, he has yet to produce those big numbers he did last season. Although Cahill is not my midfielder of choice as a replacement, if anything go for Piennar or Lennon, even MTAY offers a better value for the money. However if its your hunch take it 100%. As far as upgrading defense goes, you can't look farther than Hutton/Bassong/McCartney/Heiti/Ruchards/Bridge/Distin.

Hope it helps. good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kellz - Lovely day in Portland we're having, huh? ;) Yeah I'm hoping to catch up to you one of these weeks so I'm changing things up a bit. Figure most people will go with Piennar over Cahill, so maybe I'll make some points up there if I am lucky.

Thanks Man!

Doctor Teeth said...

So...if (and I mean IF) I decide to drop Tuncay, this is what I am thinking of for my line-up this coming weekend (btw - I really only care about beating other teams in my private league so I will never shy away from posting my full line-up in this forum):

Verms MRichards MTurner GJohnson
Lennon O'Hara Pienaar
Drogs Torres Benitez

Ah yes, the rarely chosen 4-3-3!!

Toughest calls for me, aside from Tuncay, would be dropping Given and MTay from my side. As for Given (who I was sure I would not drop the entire season before his price dropped back down to essentially his opening day price), I now own him at less than a half million discount to the prevailing marketplace price for him so my thought is to just BD him after this week...I'm willing to take the risk that he has a slightly better week than Gordon in return for the extra cash to pick up some higher priced players. In addition, my hunch is that West Ham will score at least one goal this weekend...Zola is a proud manager and he will have Carlton Cole and Co. chomping at the bit after not winning a game since the first game of the season. As for MTay, I love the guy and, as I have said many times, he finished in the top five in fantasy points last season and is a dynamic, multi-faceted player who gets tons of phantom points and is involved in everything for the Trotters (he would be a full fledged England international were he not playing during the Gerrard/Lampard era - kind of like Arteta with Spain). My inclination to drop him is due to the fact that I only have him at a discount of around 1.25 million and Bolton has 4-5 really tough games coming up. He is also really lucky to have picked up the points he has accumulated the last two weeks (as AM said, but for PKs he would be a huge disappointment).

All of my defenders get forward as offensive threats and all have a very good chance at a CS this weekend.

I really think Chucho is going to explode this weekend...but for some amazing GK displays by Myhill last week, he would have easily had a brace. Great price for a guy who looks set to start every weekend given the injury woes of Birmingham City.

ToffeeDave said...

I would not suggest picking up Cahill until Arteta returns. Nearly everything Cahill did was as a direct result of Arteta and I feel it will be the same this year.

Anonymous said...

Who's this Piennar you're talking about?

Anonymous said...

Bowyer or Huddlestone or Palacios or Billy as a budget MF?


Bradley said...

Sounds like Drogba's going to be rested this weekend to make sure he'll be in full fighting form at home against Liverpool on the 4th:


Eric said...

Hmmm really having a hard time settling on a final lineup this week. Was already tempted to drop Tuncay... and the news on Drogba doesn't help. If that is the case (and Tuncay sits again) I'll be left with only Torres providing up front.
Lots to think about still, but what do you all think of this?
I'm toying with dropping Given, Heitinga and Bili - and replacing them with Gordon, R.Johnson and Piennaar. (Wasn't fully sure on Heitinga, and unsure whether Bili will get the nod vs Pompey.) Will BD Given back in next week, hopefully at his current price. Would leave me with:

Vermaelen, Richards, R.Johnson
O'Hara, Gerrard, Lennon, Piennaar
Drogba, Torres, Tuncay

Eric said...

Alternatives to R.Johnson could be Distin, Bassong, Hutton, Skrtyl etc.

Douchebag United said...

Not sure how accurate that information is Bradley. I feel like I read that a day ago and then I heard conflicting reports later that day that he would be fine against Wigan.

Are there any further reports? I know YA did a great job of updating this situation.

FootSteps said...


Will Saha's spot in the team be threatened by Yakubu considering Moyes subbed off the Yak at the half time?

Bradley said...

Let's hope Ancelloti has in fact changed his mind. Presumably there'll be the dreaded "late fitness test." At a 6.00 discount, you're pretty much stuck having to eat the 0.00 points for a one-week layoff.

ToffeeDave said...

Yakubu was subbed off at half due to thigh tightness and it was just precautionary. Don't worry the yak still needs a few weeks before Moyes is remotely comfortable playing him again

ToffeeDave said...

As a lone striker again that is, because Saha is in the form of his life and Yakubu is just finishing his rehab.

Anonymous said...

my team:

is that ok with rooney n cana???

Anonymous said...

Any feedback on Zhirkov's hour in their Cup tie?

Kellz said...

Don't expect zhirkov to feature thus week, neither joe cole, however good chance to see drogba atleast 30min.

Anonymous said...

Am right now on Crouch/Bily.
Should i go Defoe/Moko??

Assistant Manager said...

Bradley - the Times Drogba article is a couple of days old, Chelsea have since announced that Drogba should be back for the Wigan game.


Anonymous said...

@ AM -
Am right now on Crouch/Bily.
Should i go Defoe/Moko??

RS said...

AM - who is top of the second league you are running. I'm in the first, and can see who's in that, but it would be nice to know what is going on in the other league.

Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

@ RS -

Steve Bob FC ** is on top of the 2nd League AS WELL AS the OVERALL standings =D
Shows how much quality is present in the 2nd League,Doesnt it?? ;D

~ N00B

RS said...

Jesus - tough league!

RS (League 1) said...

AM - is it possible to have some competition between leagues 1 and 2? Maybe the toal points added up from both? Get some rivalry going...

Come on League 1 - we can smash those dirty League 2 scum!

Bojan said...

just an idea

Burnley lost away games against Chelsea(0-3) and Liverpool(0-4), and 90% of shots on goal(Chelsea had 14-essien 3, and L'Pool 15-yossi 7) was from midfield or defence...

Do you(everybody) expect something similar against Tottenham???

Bojan said...

i need a tip:

i have 15 milions for 2 players in defence or midfield, and i'am thinking about:

Baines or G Johnson + Mokoena


two players from AM players list

Anonymous said...


C. Gordon
o Sunderland
o Sell at 2.65(market price 2.65)


M. Richards
o Man City
o Sell at 6.92(market price 6.92)
T. Vermaelen
o Arsenal
o Sell at 7.38(market price 11.73)
Roger Johnson
o Birmingham
o Sell at 6.97(market price 7.65)


Y. Benayoun
o Liverpool
o Sell at 8.67(market price 12.24)
M. Taylor
o Bolton
o Sell at 15.13(market price 16.24)
A. Lennon
o Tottenham
o Sell at 11.50(market price 11.50)
S. Pienaar
o Everton
o Sell at 11.92(market price 11.92)


D. Drogba
o Chelsea
o Sell at 10.76(market price 16.46)
C. Benitez
o Birmingham
o Sell at 6.18(market price 7.38)
C. Tevez
o Man City
o Sell at 9.49(market price 9.49)">

I don't have the two guns from pool but want to do something different. Is this too much of a risk?

Anonymous said...

I can pick 2 from defoe/crouch/bent/tevez/benitez/bellamy and can't decide who?? would need to swap given for gordon to get a couple of them, worth it?

Anonymous said...

refer to above
team will be:
bassong, verm, sonko
gerrard, lennon, ohara, rodwell(possible change)
Torres, then 2 from the above message

What you reckon?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon-

Your team is EXACTLY similar to mine if you have Given,Billy for Rodwell,and Saha and Crouch

BUT if your willing to sacrifice Given at SUCH a discount , then go in for Defoe/Bent

Anonymous said...

Please need any advice.
Sonko-THud-Defoe or Heitinga-Gomez-Bent

Anonymous said...

got a funny feeling defoe may be rested. set on bent and torres now so between crouch/defoe/beitez/tevez still need some more advice!!??

Rob said...

I would love to hear you comments on my team:

C. Gordon

I. Sonko
T. Vermaelen
M. Skrtel

N. Milijas
Jordi Gómez
S. Gerrard
F. Lampard

D. Drogba
F. Torres

I am not sure if I should drop Lampard to get rid of Tunchay, or keep my eggs in that one basket?

Anonymous said...

Here my team: Given
Vermalen Bassong Sonko
Gerard Lennon Palacios Moekena
Torres Bent Eduardo
i have a feeling that Torres is going to be rested though should I drop him?

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