Monday, 28 September 2009

Injury Update 28/09/09

From Football365...
Javier Mascherano and Yossi Benayoun are out of Liverpool's Champions League squad to face Fiorentina in the Group E clash in Italy.

Midfielder Mascherano, who only came on as a late substitute for Steven Gerrard in Saturday's 6-1 hammering of Hull, is suffering from sickness, while Benayoun picked up a leg injury in the same match. Neither travelled.

Theo Walcott was declared fit by Arsene Wenger on Friday but still didn't make it onto the bench for the Fulham game, but he can expect to be involved for Arsenal against Olympiakos on Tuesday night, with various newspapers suggesting the England winger has been knocking on the manager's door.

"He has a chance to be in the squad but not to be starting. He has played only 45 minutes since June," said Wenger, who will be without Manuel Almunia and Denilson once again for the Champions League clash against the Greek side at the Emirates.

Nicklas Bendtner has also been ruled out of that game after his minor car crash on Sunday.

Wenger said: "Nicklas did not practice because he had a car accident yesterday. Fortunately there was no real long-term damage, but he was bruised and we thought it better he did not train. He should be back for Sunday's game [against Blackburn]."

More worrying for Arsenal fans is that Denilson has been ruled out for two months with a fracture to his back, just two weeks after Wenger said it was "a question of days" before the Brazilian would be fit.

Over to Chelsea, and the Evening Standard claims today that early scans for Ashley Cole (knee) and John Obi Mikel (ankle) have shown no serious damage, though they could both be rested for Wednesday's clash with Apoel with an eye on Sunday's home game with Liverpool.

Michael Ballack could travel to Cyprus after recovering from a calf strain while Joe Cole will return to the squad after missing out on the trip to Wigan with a cold.

You may have noted that Jermain Defoe left the White Hart Lane pitch early on Saturday with a hand injury but he is expected back on Saturday against Bolton, with Harry Redknapp saying: "He dislocated his finger and they couldn't get it back in. He did it when he went through on goal and fell over. It was painful for him."

Everton are anxiously waiting on news of Steven Pienaar's knee injury after he was stretchered from the field after a challenge from fellow South African Aaron Mokoena on Saturday.

Club physio Mick Rathbone told the club's official website on Sunday evening: "It's still too early to say. We had a look yesterday but we're letting it settle for a day or two. I will assess him again in the morning."

Everton are of course already missing knee injury victims Phil Neville, Phil Jagielka, Mikel Arteta and Victor Anichebe.

Also waiting on scan results are Fulham, who lost Damien Duff to a calf injury just nine minutes into their defeat to Arsenal on Saturday night. Boss Roy Hodgson described it as a "freak situation".

Still top of the injury table are Birmingham but they are now at least down to just eight absentees after Stephen Carr and Gregory Vignal returned to the fray against Bolton.
It still doesn't sound like Wenger is willing to risk Walcott from the start just yet, so that has sent him tumbling down my 'recommended picks' list for Week 7. I imagine Pienaar will be missing for a week or 2 so that makes Billy an unbelievably pick at home to Stoke for UNDER £5m!

Any inside news regarding injuries at your club?



RedDevilDave said...

So Hunt a cosiderable replacement for Theo??
OR Kightly??


ben. said...

what about Jarvis?

Anonymous said...

Is Adebayor completed three-match suspension?


Naning said...

A starting Billy means less value in Baines(less kicks), and more value in Cahill(more crosses for him to head into goal).

Now onto my team:

I dropped Torres as I couldn't fit him into the team. I have decided on not letting Tuncay go. I am still confident he will prove worth the slot.

My midfield is a mess however. Don't feel Cesc or any other 12+ is worth a spot. Picking up Jarvis, Kightly or Gomez would leave me with 10£$€ unused which sucks.

So what to do about the midfield? Mine is just too damn cheap.

Dare to Devil said...

Naning: I had the same problem as well. Drop Theo to pick up Billy. That means my midfield consist of Hunt, O'Hara, Billy & Lennon. Very cheap indeed with 4.74 left.

I felt that there aren't much choices for midfield this week. A lot will depend on your choice of striker, so choose wisely ;)

Anonymous said...

Having the same problem,

Presently stands as,

Billy, Milner, Walcott

I've got 7 mill left, plus I'm going to drop Baines (I've got heitinga already) so thats going to free up even more cash! Plus up front I've got Drogs, tunc, Van persie. Which I don't wanna touch. Tunc's has gotta start soon!
I've been thinking about the evra foster option, but i don't think sunderland are an easy pushover, and I don't see a clean sheet there.
Fabs or Arseshavin' ?
Could Lamps rise to the occasion?
Same for Gerrard?
Or is that a game to avoid at all cost?

Ruki said...

Glad to see that i am not the only one worrying about cheap line up :D

My midfield is really cheap too, and the defensive line as well. Kinda funny since they are not fillers but great potentials.

Anonymous said...

Right now I'm on (did not save the team yet - have 0.18 left):
Vermaelen - Alexander - Baines
O'Hara - Bilyaletdinov - Jarvis - Gomez
Saha - Rooney - Van Persie
Have Mannone and Torres on discounts, but probably will drop both. Not sure on Torres, but Man U and Arsenal have great match-ups coming up. Yeah, and I've got same problem - cheap midfield, but I think it's good enough for this week. Defence looks solid with Verm and Baines both keepers, and Alexander looking like a really good option home to B'ham. Went with ultra cheap Myhill since I think he won't score negative home to Wigan, and so will repay his value + want to spend big on attack.
Only decisions I need to make before the deadline are Rooney/Torres and RvP + Jordi/ Arshavin + Doyle
Any suggestions? Thanks in advance and good luck making your choices ;)

Ruki said...

I said this on live chat, but I think Torres isnt worth the risk unless you have him on high discount. Better play safe and got Rooney on home game instead.
Like Naning or someone else has stated, Baines value is going to drop if Bily is playing, losing set pieces and such. Not hugely I dont think,but dropping nevertheless.

masterP said...

Unlike most of you here my midfield is very expensive and i am relying mainly on them for this week...

Here my current and unsaved team:

verms, sonko,bassong,
gerrard,giggs, fabregas,lennon
drogs, tuncay,doyle

still sticking to tuncay and sonko...

and yes im remain amazed how sonko managed to get 9.5 pts despite the huge defeat at anfield

gunner 4 lyfe!!!

Naning said...

I have decided to go with one of those:

O'Hara, Billy, Geovanni, Lampard
O'Hara, Billy, Jordi, Gerrard
O'Hara, Billy, Lennon, Cesc

And believe me. Deciding only between those 3 lineups is a huge step.

Dare to Devil said...

Naning: I like the 3rd one only because I don't fancy Gerrard or Lamps who will be facing each other.

For my last forward spot, I am having trouble deciding between Saha & Defoe. Any suggestions guys?

Anonymous said...

My week 6 team;
SeaBass, Verm, Hetinga
Gerrard, Lennon, O'Hara, Rodwell
Torres, Drogba, Tuncay
Netted me 105.5 with Given still to come.

I have swapped out Rodwell for Bily...
The only other change I'm considering is Gerrard & Tuncay out for Kightly and a good striker like Saha. Seems a waste to let go of Tuncay now though!
@Dare to Devil: I'd take Saha over Defoe.
@Naning: I'd take the third line

Anonymous said...

reallly dont know what to do wif my team..plz help..

shay given

still have 4.17..any advice?

ToffeeDave said...

I don't know why people are saying Baines value will drop cause Billy will take set pieces. Baines will still take free kicks but Billy will take corners and some free kicks in danger positions(like heitinga did against portsmouth). If you have baines at 10 you should keep him as him and Verm are gonna be beasts this year, at least until Arteta comes back but even then baines will still bomb forward on the wings. As it turns out, by accidentally selling Tuncay I got a pretty decent lineup out of it

Myhill (fantastic value at only 1)
Verm, Baines, Secret
Billy, Kightly, Geovanni, Lennon
Drogba, Torres, Rooney

Ruki said...

It is just simple logical sense that Baines value would drop. Losing set pieces wont make him score more with free kicks. By all means it does not mean make him a worse player, it is just that he wont get those phantom points and chances for assist from set pieces. Simple as that.

bean said...

I can't believe people are still holding Tuncay

Anonymous said...

You can't imagine my surprise. No, really, you can't. I went to the Yom Kippur fast with 68.5 points, and Bent, Given and Bridge still to play, and without knowing the Sunderland match results just until now, I was sure I was having a bad week. And then I turn on my computer, and there I have 100.5 points, not including Given and Bridge, and I went up 2754 places!!!
The bad thing is that I dropped Bent before the fast for Saha, knowing that I can't BD any player from the Sunderland-Wolves match. But I guess Saha is still a better bet, especially if you think about Sunderland's very (very very very) hard scheduel ahead of them.
I heard Benayoun is a doubt, so maybe I'll drop him anyway. I have to consider it more, though...


Anonymous said...

Breaking news:
Don't put all of your money on it, because it's not really a very reliable source, but the Israeli sports website "One" says the whole thing about Benayoun not traveling to Italy because of an injury is a mistake - he just flew there without the other Liverpool players because their flight was during Yom Kippur.
I hope that I helped.


Naning said...

@ToffeeDave - Baines value will drop. Right now, he's easily a season keeper even at 13.79. Everton are lethal at corners and free kicks meaning he picks up lots of SC's and assists from set pieces. However, with Billy on the pitch he won't be worth the 13.79 he's currently at. Of course, he will still be going forward, and from what I saw in the Euro League Baines and Billy kicked ass down the left flank.

Naning said...

Oh, forgot to add. Baines is on my team for next weekend so I haven't lost all faith ;)

Douchebag United said...

Can anyone convince me that I should hold on to Tuncay? Please, I might just pull the trigger this week. I was on front of the bandwagon but I'm starting to drift off. Is it me or are the Middies just not performing as of yet...

I was counting on Lennon and Reid this week not bad but I could have gone for cheaper option and done just as well. I certainly haven't take the plunge yet.

JB said...

hey guys,

just wondering why everyone is so high on billy and kightly... kightly has played 2 games and hasn't really produced fantastic stats... plus he didn't start the last match. is that because he is returning from injury and mccarthy is gradually getting him back into the groove? i know billy has been out for a while, but he too hasn't scored good fantasy stats in the 2 games that he has played. are you all high on him because pienaar is out? would be great if you all could enlighten me as i am clearly not on the same wave length. thanks a bunch!

Kayoti FC said...

JB...... thatz the same questions i have, how come evrybody is so high on Kighty? i knw he did well in the championship but this is a big league now. wht do yu all see i dnt? please advise.

greginho said...

i think everyone sees in kightly a cheap midfielder who will score many goals, get lots of assists and many crosses. everyone is hoping he will do what he did in the coca cola championship with 8 goals and 19 assists. he was the first player i picked on my first team, until he was out injured. i have been waiting for him too, but not willing to pick him up.

for billy everyone saw his 3 assists in 2 UEFA cup games and is ready to get him before he skyrockets. it doesn't help that toffeedave keeps get us all pump about him either. i went with him this week instead of Jarvis that was 2 points versus 10 points.

Eric said...

Toffee is a propaganda machine! lol

Max said...

bridge got me 3pts.. and i'm at exactly 100pts.. lol..

anyway am disapointed bout walcott news.. but it said he will miss Olympiakos on tuesday rite.. does this mean he will play the ars-blackburn game?.. i got him on discount and actually my hunch for week7, until today..


Max said...

opps.. i read the report wrong.. theo not gonna miss the olympiakos match but will play in that game.. hehe.. in that case, definately will keep him for the blackburn game.. if he don't go limping again this tuesday..


P. Bateman said...

my team for next round at the moment:


Vermaelen Gallas Baines

Lucas O'Hara Arshavin Bily

Tuncay Torres V.Persie

Sticking with Robinson due to getting him at 1.68 and the defence seems very strong. Lucas is playing well now and picking up half decent points as well, at 5.22 I'm gonna stick with him until Aquilani is fit as I believe he's due a couple of big weeks. Anyone know if Arshavin is likely to start, seems likely now due to Denilson's injury, but you never know who'll start in Arsenal's midfield. There's no way I can drop Tuncay now, he'll surely start against Everton and begin getting decent points.

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