Sunday, 13 September 2009

Week 4 - Sunday

Week 4 is over & I end it with 84 points (446.50 in total), in a disappointing 5931st place in the overall standings. As I mentioned yesterday I had no players today but I'm sure plenty of you did...

Agbonlahor's late winner robbed Birmingham of what would've been a deserved point in a pretty dull game, but he only returned 10 points after picking up a stupid booking. Apart from that there weren't many points about in the game other than clean sheet points, with Friedel & Warnock doing well. I've actually picked Warnock up on the barndoor for £8million & I'm pleased I did as he's now jumped up to almost £11 million.

Everton somehow threw away 3 points at Fulham. I only watched the first half but they were hammering Fulham & fully deserved their lead - not sure how they lost from that position...ToffeeDave?? Cahill scored a trademark header and could now go on a bit of a run (he tends to do that) while Konchesky & Duff notched for Fulham - Duff would've been a great pick with 22 points, sorry I didn't mention him in my Week 4 Analysis.

So that's Week 4 done & dusted. My early barndoor Week 5 team is picked and I've made loads of changes.


Vermaelen  Warnock  Heitinga

Gerrard  Rosicky  O'Hara  A.Young

Drogba   Tuncay  Van Persie 

I'm actually really pleased with how it looks at the moment. I expect Arsenal & Villa to win and both have a chance of clean sheets so I'm very heavy on these 2 teams. As you can see I have a really strong defence, which is a bit costly...but I had the spare cash! Warnock has the best fixture vs Pompey and will bomb down left flank, Vermaelen is a no brainer & Heitinga is a player I've always liked and could get his full debut at home to Blackburn.

I dropped Gomez which could prove a mistake, but with a really tough match up away at Arsenal there simply wasn't any room for him in my team. Torres is also gone for Van Persie, O'Hara will stay because he takes all set pieces and cost me £4million, whilst Young, Drogba, Gerrard & Tuncay will all almost certainly stay. Myhill is a bargain with a decent fixture so he'll stay too.

The doubts I have are Heitinga & Rosicky, and I may change the new Everton signing to Sonko and switch Rosicky to Denilson/Walcott depending on starting status. This isn't certain yet & I plenty of time to think about it.

So that's it for Week 4 - how are you Week 5 teams looking?




ToffeeDave said...

Mate dont even ask me how they gave that to Fulham. Maybe it had something with Neville almost breaking his leg but I dont know. Yakubu is back though so I can see us putting 3 past Blackburn. What do you think of Lennon this week as I have Ayoung, MTaylor and Lennon in my lineup

Assistant Manager said...

Yeah I really fancy an Everton win next weekend mate, but unfortunately can't fit the Yak in. As for your midfield I'd probably lose Lennon with a game away at Chelsea. Yesterday was a reality check for Spurs & next weekend will probably be even tougher, so I reckon you could spend the money better elsewhere.

Dare to Devil said...

AYoung is averaging about 6 points per game. For that kind of money, I would be expecting a player to have an average of double figures.

I think Fab will be a better pick, with Arsenal desperately needing a result to silent their critics. Having said that, BFAY will probably end up with a brace in Week 5....

Mike B said...

Due to the Tuncay fiasco i feel at somewhat of a disadvantage now hehe, well that'll be my excuse from now on anyway =P

I really really want to upgrade Eduardo to RVP but it'll only happen if i get rid of Gerard, and that aint happenin.

So far week 5 is looking pretty much the same as this week, i might pick up Myhill and get in the Yak, if he is indeed back. I firmly believe he will be doing some destroying when fit.

My main worry is Benayoun and if he'll start next weekend. I was lucky enough to have him this weekend, i was gonna drop him straight after but then alas... he scores a hat trick and now i don't know what to do with him.


Verm - Skrtyl/Richards - Sonko

Gerard - Fabregas - Benayoun/Jordi - Rosicky

Drogba - Eduardo - Benitez/Yakubu

What do you wise folk think? I have choices in 4 positions here. I'm mainly worried about who will start as i had a load of non starters getting in only 10 minutes at the end this week, and 1 that didn't even play!

mudwalkerz said...

Pretty glad with Warnock..he got me to a final 102 points this week..and somewhere around 25th in the league.
After some dissapointing weeks dropped Milijas and jumped on the O'Hara bandwagon.
'downgraded' G. Johnson to upgrade Nani and considering one of the 3 that pretty much everyone is trying to figure out who is going to have the biggest week.. Fab, Young or Taylor.

Assistant Manager said...

D2D - I just have a feeling about can't get an easier fixture than Portsmouth at home at the moment & even though he's pricey I expect him to get 15 to 20 points & make it worthwhile.

Mike - Looks good, although maybe try to fit 1 Villa player in somewhere?

Mud - I went with Belhadj instead of Warnock this didnt go well!

ToffeeDave said...

After some fidgetting around with maybe 1-2 changes still to come, this is my line up

Verm Baines Heitinga
MTAY, Fab, Young, Hunt
Drogs Tuncay Yak

I'd say that is a pretty damn impressive lineup

Mike B said...

That's a lovely one Toffee!

I'm especially liking that midfield you have there!

I've decided i'm with you on Yakubu, i want to get him while he's reasonably priced so this may be the week.

Enjorlas said...

Everton has been a frustrating play all year. I purged my mid-priced Everton players (Fellaini, Rodwell / Jo) for O'Hara, Dempsey, and Benayoun and it paid off to say the least!. Next week I might get back on the Everton train. Regardless, I have stuck with a 7.76 Howard all season and I expect him to finally pay off with some double digit weeks for the next two months.

Mike B said...

@ AM - i've taken heed of the Villa advice and plumped (for now) for a 3-5-2 with a midfield of...

Gerard - Rosicky - Fabregas - Benayoun - Milner

I had to drop a striker for this but i like the look of it. I really like Yakubu up front, and i wish Benitez would get a start so i can have a proper look him so i might revert to 3-4-3 and pop one of those in last minute. I think you're right though, at least one Villa player is needed at home against Pompey.

ToffeeDave said...

I said last week to pick up Villa defenders and never did but now im regretting it, they have Portsmouth and Blackburn to play which will be 2 great chances at Cs points. Also, I agree Howard should start returning alot of points soon with his defense finally being settled. Heitinga looked a little chicken with its head cut off to start but once he settled after 5 minutes he was laying perfect passes into the path of Blues players. I see Heitinga being one of those beloved defenders who are actually midfielders as he will be taking Neville's spot if he is injured and probably pushing Rodwell to the bench if he is not. If anyone saw the game you would know what Im talkin about

Hinrik said...

My team is:

Vermaelaen G.Johnson M. Turner
Miijas J. Gomez Milner A. Young
Kuyt Drogba Tuncay

I have been doing well for several seasons, but now I´m only nr.14315. :(

Anonymous said...

The only changes I have made are swapping Milijas for O'Hara and upgrading Sonko to Roger Johnson. Though I could switch to a 3-5-2 and drop Torres for BFAY, but Young only scores big when he bags a goal. I'd rather have Torres against West Ham. I think Young has a greater chance of being a bust this week then scoring big. But if I do that 3-5-2, then I can further upgrade Ro-Jo to someone around 9 points, but that would leave me with Drogs and Tuncay up front...

Anonymous said...

What was with Saha this week? Not even on the bench?

Fidan said...

I dare to say that I DROPPED TUNCAY...and I know I might well be the only one to have done that...!!! But really folks, the only line that is clicking at the moment is forward line, so why gut it with Tuncay, who besides the fact that is not starting has a terrible matchups. I hope it pays off.

So, as I mentioned before I just SUCKED with barndooring this week. My team so far looks like this:


I still have some spare money left. It is far from complete team...Benayoun could well be dropped for Milner/Walcott(if fit) and Eduardo for Yak(if he starts)...!!!

I finished with 98pts. Not bad, but I have a premonition that this bd-week will hurt me bad. Only time will tell...!!!

Good luck to everyone...!!!

greginho said...

don't forget burnley had two shutouts in their two home games against man u and everton. the have sunderland who only have one away goal to bolton.

i dropped gerrard for taylor. west ham has two shut outs of three games and all were away games. the are tight at the back and in the middle. the last two years liverpool has had trouble with them, if i remember correctly. i think i remember a 0-0 game at liverpool. i had to watch it because it was the only game on that day, when i lived in the states. i love gerrard, but this move allows me to pick up rosicky and a secret player who has only played two games.
i was the one who said taylor will be outscoring lampard. i was the first one to jump on the lennon wagon too. now i just can't wait for lennon to get to his easy schedule.

ToffeeDave said...

Saha was injured hence Moyes told him to stay home with his family.

Anonymous said...

My team for next week:

Verm, Givet, Heitanga
Gerrard, A Young, Ohara, Gomez
Torres, Drogba, Tuncay

I have like 3.5 left. Any ideas where I can upgrade. I have Torres, Drogba, Gerrard, Givet, Verm and Howard at pretty significant discounts, so I'm torn whether to drop them or not. Torres especially, since I know the moment I do he will go off.

Anonymous said...

MTay or BFAY??

Mike B said...

@ Anon - Short and straight to the point i suppose.

Who is BFAY anyway?

Still not got to grips with all the short names

Anonymous said...

@ Anon:7:49-
I suggest you drop Howard for Myhill and upgrade Gael to Warnock and RvP for 'Nando..

thats jus my idea.. :D

as for the rest of your team .... it lux like its a gud one...

Best of Luck


@ Anon:9:35-
Its upto you really... both can have a blast next week...if u need the funds somewhere else .. then go with BFAY..
or if you dont need no extra $$ .. go with MTay


I have Dunne/Taylor/O'Hara..
Should i go for.. Warnock/Young/Rodwell


i wish i listened to Neal and stayed with Warnock!! :(
i had BD'ed him... but decided to go for Dunne!!
>:( ...
i am jus 0.08 away from Warnock!!.. :( i wish the price drops!! c'mon... its .08$!!!!

so whom should i go for??


~ Keith

Anonymous said...

@ Mike B -

Here's the list of all the short names i noe at the moment..

BFAY - Blog Favourite Ashley Young
BFFL - Blog Favourite Frank Lampard
MTay - Mark Taylor
StevieG - Gerrard
Nando/El Nino - Torres
Drogs - Drogba
RvP - van Persie
K2/Ade - Adebayor
Verm - Vermaelen
Heiti - Heitinga
Dini/Billy/Blini - Diniyar Bilyaletdinov =D
GlenJo - Glen Johnson
Mr Q - Queudrue
Chucho - Benitez
Csec - Fabregas
Sicky - Rosicky
SeaBass - Bassong
Yayga - Rodallega
Moko - Mokoena
Roo - Rooney
JRod - Rodwell

thats all i can think of..

~ Keith

Max said...

my week5..

verm, sonko, distin
lamp, stevieG, fab, sidwell
drog, tuncay, eduardo

drop torres for eduardo..
wilko for distin..
billy & gomez for fab & sidwell..

distin might be switch to heitinga

billy might come in again since he didn't play week4 therefore might play week5.. sidwell dropped..

any thoughts..?


Anonymous said...


@ Max -

Go for Yakubu instead of Eduardo!! ..
Get Ashley Young/O'Hara for Cesc/Sidwell...!
Try getting in Warnock or Dunne for Sonko or Distin....
otherwise a gud team..


~ Keith

Mike B said...

@ Keith - You are a star =D

I'm sure that's gonna help alot more out than just me aswell, thanks for taking the time to do that dude!

@ Max - I would find a replacement for Sidwell, he's a bit of a yellow card machine from what i've seen.

I'm a big fan of Eduardo and he'll be in my team, but i can't really advise anyone to pick him up as he only seems to be on the pitch for a maximum of 30 minutes. He normally scores well though.

I'm definatelty on Fabregas for this week and i've somehow managed to scrape together the cash for Milner.

This is likely my team now...


Verm - Givet - Heiti

Gerard - Yossi - Fab - Sicky - Milner

Drogs - Eduardo

I'm liking my attack and midfield

Not liking my defense and goaly, but without the Tuncay money, beggars can't be choosers hehe.

Anonymous said...


@ Mike B -

Thanx a lot matey!! ... BTW... Yak - Yakubu..

i suggest you go for this team..


or you can bring in Sonko for Drogs and upgrade O'Hara to RvP or Kuyt as i expect Kuyt to perform again!! he was my bet this week and it payed off!!


~ Keith

Mike B said...

@ Keith - Well i have Drogs at a big discount and he has been a beast this year, he's probably the only player in my team i won't get rid of untill i have to.

And Benyoun was my hunch and boy did it pay off, so i have a huge discount on him at the moment! I also believe Rafa might actually start him again at the weekend, i read this earlier -

Benitez said: “Yossi had been away on international duty in midweek and done a lot of travelling, but he wanted to play.

“Over the seasons he has shown his value coming off the bench, but now he is showing how important he can be with movement and passing ability from the start.”

I'll hang on to him for another weekend to see unless it becomes apparent that he won't start.

I might bring in Sonko for Givet and Upgrade Eduardo to Yakubu. That's my main headache at the moment.

Well done on the Kuyt pick, he did indeed have a good game!!

Anonymous said...


@ Mike B -

Even i had Drogs at 10!... i sold him cos hell be returning from the Africa Nations Cup mid-week and he would definately play a full 90 there..
So most likely he would come in for the last 15-20 minutes....


I'd rather use thode 10 $$ to get Warnock who's virtually assured of the CS points!..
Even at 10 something Warnock is a really good point scorer ...


And shall we have a friendly bet as to see whether Yossi plays 60+ minutes?? :D...
Are you up for it??
Knowing Rafa's crazyness he's BOUND to sub Yossi!


Sicky AND Milner are too much of bargains...
Bring in Hunt for Milner.. Hunt is involved in every play that Hull start... so your bound to get above his current value..

And if i were you ... I would wait till Sicky is confirmed to play as i heard that Arsene does not want to push Sicky at the moment..


Bring in O'Hara for Sicky and this should help you getting Warnock


You can try getting Gordon for the remaining funds...


This is jus my opinion..

Best of Luck..


~ Keith

Mike B said...

Sound advice there Keith, it makes sense what you say. And your gentlemans bet is accepted, i'm gonna stick with Benayoun for one more week.

I'm not ready to get rid of Drogs yet, however Rosicky is another thing for me. I barn doored him just to make sure i had him cheap, i may swap him on Saturday morning last minute if i don't think he's gonna play some part.

Milner is the only Villa midfielder i can afford, he's not cheap still but i prefer him to Sidwell. I'd like Ashley Young but i'd have to lose Fab for him and that's not happening.

Plus there's the fact that i want to keep my team different from the majority. I tried that last week and ended up with 121.5 points.

So this week i'll end up with 50 points no doubt, but that's the way it goes.

Lol my team will probably be completely different by Saturday morning anyway! Apart from Benayoun of course =P

Naning said...

A few headaching decisions this week.

Warnock vs Baines
With no CS Warnock will be a waste. Baines however will score no matter what. Might play both in a 4-3-3 formation.

BFAY - Fabregas - MTAY (2 of those)
Have a feeling Villa will destroy Pompey, so I really don't want to drop BFAY. Same with Arsenal. They will score 3 or 4 goals as they bounce back against Wigan. However, those two players might as well end up with 5 points whereas MTAY feels more like a consistent performer.

Rosicky ?
If he plays, he's a real bargain. If he doesn't... well you get my point.

Eduardo - Yak
Eduardo is bound to start sooner or later. And when he does, he is sure going to score. It might be this weekend seing how he won't play in the Champions League.

My last midfield spot.
Could be anything from Hunt to Billy depending on all the other decisions. Might be Baines as well.

This is the most confusing week this far as I have so many players I want to fit in. But it's simply impossible. Knowing me, I'll make all the wrong decisions ending up with 50 pts.

Assistant Manager said...

I'm the same Naning - there are approximately 25 players I'm looking at to fill 11 positions!

Anonymous said...

Hey AM .. What is your real name?? Why is it Assistant Manager.. Dontcha think we should be allowed to know your name.. ??

:D... Please tell....

:: Anonymous Blogger ::

ToffeeDave said...

That sounds sketchy as hell. Anyway I'm so proud of my team the only thing that might change is the fact I have 2 Everton defenders. But Baines and Heitinga look like point machines. Heitinga committed a foul, won a foul, won a tackle and intercepted 2 ALL IN THE SPAN OF 10 MINUTES. Funny how he almost outscored Neville in his position within ten minutes. I can see a good 10+ with cs points weekly with this bloke so long as he stays in the midfield against Blackburn

Assistant Manager said...

@3.04pm - It's easier to stay anonymous for now. None of my mates know I write this blog and if they find out I risk everyone in my private league reading this & coming up with a very similar team to me. I'm currently winning my private league and we all put a fair amount of cash in as a prize for 1st & 2nd place...I've won it 4 years in a row so don't want to risk losing my title this year!!

AM ;)

Geobfree said...

wasn't able to barn door for week 5 so if you will i liked to discuse week 4 a little belated.
I decided that I had to have CESC and a POOL exposer so I went cheap with POOL by selecting BENNEY & KUYT {stepped in it}, also transferred JONES fot BENT already had DROGS, if ROBO & GIVET could have cleaned I would of had a personal record. "I could have been somebody"

Jeremy Spitzberg said...

If the AM doesn't mind, here is our list of nicknames.

And I'm leaning Myhill/Warnock over Given(or Jensen)/Sonko. And Gabby comes in to replace K2.

Just my $0.02.

Fantasy Premier League

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