Sunday, 27 September 2009

Week 6 - Sunday

Firstly, thanks to mehicoradio for his excellent investigation/comments regarding player point returns vs value...if you haven't read them then please head over to the comments section of Week 6 - Saturday - very good stuff :)

Now onto the one game for today...damn you Darren Bent! Have you seen how many times I have recommended the guy? EVERY WEEK! And how many times have I picked him up? Zero. It makes me annoyed, but what can you do? 5-2, what a game at the Stadium of Light, the Premier League is really treating us to some fantastic matches this season. Wolves can feel hard done by for sure, it was never a game worthy of a 3 goal defeat & I'm sure they'll bounce back vs Pompey next week.

I had Reid & Gordon who added 12 points to leave me on 113 for the week, which isn't too bad but I bet others had a far better week. I very nearly went with Sonko & Turner instead of Bassong & Nelsen, & the decision cost me around 15 points which is frustrating, but it's very rare to get it 100% right. I'm up to 2,200th but will drop down a few hundred places after the City game tomorrow seeing as I have no more players...I'm hoping for a 1-1 with 2 own goals :)

Now my barndoor team looks like this...


Verm  Heitinga  Hunch

Billy  O'Hara  Kightly  Hunch

Torres  Drogba  Hunch

I'm very happy with how it's looking & there's a very good chance that NOTHING changes (provided there are no injuries in the Champions League). My hunches are all from Man Utd, Arsenal &/or Spurs so if you fancy a guess at who they are then please comment below & if you get it right I might tell you :) I will say (again) that it's all about Man U, Arsenal, Wolves, Everton & Spurs players in Week 7.

How did you end up doing? Who have you got in the Man City game? Week 7 teams?



matt said...

hunch guesses- o'shea, bendter, and lennon

Assistant Manager said...

O'Shea is correct matt, but the others are wrong...I think i'll keep you guessing for a few days :) Whats your team mate?

Mike B said...

I had a pretty awful week. Dropped alot of players for hunches that didn't work out well at all.

What's done is done, and i'm supprised i didn't drop further down the league to be honest.

I scored 85 pts, and am down to 2,164th place overall with none playing tomorrow.

Doctor Teeth said...

Good evening Gents!

I had a decent week by most standards finishing with 97.5 points but I can't help but feel disappointed given the amount of managers that had Torres up front. My biggest mistake was dropping El Nino for Gerrard. I know, I know - hindsight is 20-20 and Gerrard did produce a solid 15.5 points. But still, I had BDed Torres like most managers and in the end my selection dilemma was either Torres/Defoe/some MF priced in the mid 7s (probably would havebeen Kieran Richardson)or Crouch/Benitez/Gerrard. I went with the latter of the two...just felt that Gerrard would shred Hull to pieces, Crouchy would surely start and continue his electric form and Chucho was my hunch. Gerrard was mostly anonymous in the game although his goal was a touch of world class skill. As we know all know, Harry looked like a genius starting Keano instead of Crouch and Benitez played ok (more than returned his value) but still did not find the back of the net.

Selecting a backline with Verms, Turner and Heitinga saved me from having a truly medicore week. GJohnson really disappointed me...I have selected him three times now this seasonand he has returned an aggregate of less than 20 points for me.

I'm salivating at the thought of picking up Rooney (for less than 18 million) for next weekend. I still am nervous about spending serious cabbage on Giggs notwithstanding his performance thus far this year. I have already picked up Billy and Kightly (will eh finally start for Wolves) for next weekend...wil likely hold on to Lennon and, unless I go 3-5-2, will have a pretty cheap/value midfield next weekend.

My darkhorse right now is Ebanks-Blake...need to see if he will regain his starting position for Wolves. Doyle has been playing great up front so who knows. Still, have to like the thought of picking up last year's leading scorer in the Championship for under 6 million.

Kellz said...

@AM: BD O'shea as well however can totally see him returing only 6.5pts with a CS or the dreaded 0.5pts if Sunderland get a goal :/

Verm, Bassong, O'Shea
Lennon, THudd -> could go Billy, O'Hara, Giggs -> could go Arsh
Torres, Drogba, Keane -> could go Crouch

Your midfield hunch is either Giggs or Arshavin. Seeing if Giggs plays midweek (doubtful) I can see him starting next week, he proved too well he is needed to orchastrate the attack. Arshavin is interesting because he hasn't done anything all season and against B'Burn could explode. Seeing as both Arsh and Giggs are 14mil i'd bet dollars to donuts its one of them.

Your forward hunch is interesting as I doubt its Berbatov who is useless, doubtful its Owen as he can't possibly start, not Bendtner like you said. Therefore I conclude its either Crouch, Rooney, RvP, Eduardo. Since your midfield has very cheap players I'd guess your forward is expensive leading me to believe its Rooney/RvP/Crouch.

Of course I could be waaaaaaay off ;D

Fidan said...

I bd o'SH too. MF is Jenas or Arshavin. FW Rooney or RvP...

Assistant Manager said...

Hey Kellz - you got both my hunches in your lists, fine detective work :)

Kellz said...

@AM: I think we are thinking the same thing on 4-5 players ;D

Kellz said...

Contemplating Thudd/Gomez/Jarvis/Knightly for my final midfield spot. Thoughts? 8.24mil all together to spend.

greginho said...

giggs, lennon and fabregas are the best picks for the high end of midfield. i don't want giggs to come in in the second half again, though

Kellz said...

Almost seems that Fergie might have had Giggs on the bench to rest him for the CL match against Wolfsberg. Any idea if he is slated to start midweek or possibly Saturday? If anything I think hes the top pick of the middies.

ToffeeDave said...

URGH...Accidentally dropped Tuncay :(. What a waste of weeks.
Verm, Baines, Gallas
Lennon, Dunn, Kightly, Billy, Jarvis
Drogba, Torres

Anonymous said...

Gordon's 3.5 points squeezed me just over 100 with only Diamante left to play.

Got Jensen back in goal for next week after giving him a rest last weekend (maybe OC should have one the same).

G. Johnson is definitely out and Giggs, Drogba, Torres, Heitinga and Vermaelen are almost surely keepers for next weekend.

Looking for a cheap third defender to fill GJ's spot -- might be Bassong or Sonko.

Or is it time to just say 'who's playing Hull or Pompey?'

Gordon said...

Verm, Hertinga, Baines
Bily, Hara, Mtay, milner
Drogba, Tuncay, Torres

is my midfield too weak? I already made so many changes between with kightly/lennon/reid. It will be so much easier to select my team if I drop tuncay. However, 3-4 weeks of wait will be wasted.

Anonymous said...

who is bily...


Adam from Portland said...

@Derek "Who is bily?"

"Diniyar Bilyaletdinov

Russian international Diniyar joined Everton from Lokomotiv Moscow for an undisclosed fee in August 2009.

The midfielder, who arrived aged 24, broke into Lokomotiv's first team in 2004, quickly forging a reputation for his direct running style and the leadership skills which would later be rewarded with the captain's armband.

The tall left-footer helped Lokomotiv to only their second Russian title in his debut season, earning the Russian Premier League's Young Player of the Year accolade.

Bilyaletdinov has also developed into a regular for the Russian national team since making his debut aged 20 and featured in every game of their memorable run to the semi-finals of Euro 2008, where they lost to eventual winners Spain.

Before that he played in 10 of Russia's 12 qualifying matches for the tournament, including two games against England. The first, at Wembley was won 3-0 by England for whom Phil Neville was a late substitute.

Dinyar's father, Rinat, was also a professional player with Lokomotiv Moscow and is now the club's reserve-team coach.

If you were wondering what the absolute perfect use of cut-n-paste, this guy could be the one.

I'm like calling him "DBilyD" better. You mileage may vary.

Fidan said...

Go on and call me crazy - I dropped Torres(15.6). But I really like the trinity of Drogs,RvP and Rooney...I hope it turns out to be a right decision...!!!

For now...!!!

I still have 3.5m left so it's no way the final team...Jenas is most likely to be swapped for someone from ManUre/Arsenal/Tottenham(probably Lennon)... Defence and FWs are NOT to be changed...!!!

Sitting on 102pts with Given still to go. I really need a CS to stay top of my private leagues...C'mon Shaaaay!!!


Remisheva said...

@Fidan : Right time to drop Torres :x I dropped him too .He has 2 tough game ahead, we don't know what gonna happen on this 2 game while we have a lot of attractive player for strike slot .Btw , clearly Rooney is preferred than Torres this week and next week also .

About Hunch : I Guest , DF is O'shea, MF is Lennon , ST is Rooney

Kellz said...

@Rem/Fidan: I gotta say I still have Torres at extreme 5+mil discount. I can't say I feel worried holding onto him against Chelsea as Liverpool play Sunderland after, then United then their season lightens up a bit. In any case I can see Torres still above 17+mil through this run and I would rather keep his discount. Hes one of 3 players I have faith in able to score on any opponent. Time and time again he has proven that.

However I can't blame your decision and it could turn out to be the right one. But I just have to stick to my guns and keep my hunch. I have a feeling Torres will tear Hilario up.

Dare to Devil said...

As a Man Utd fan, I am really pleased with Ryan Giggs so far this season. But for those who are contemplating picking him for YFF, I don't think he will continue notching up assists. That is his main source of points, he doesn't shoot much these days.

Anyway I could be wrong, I will still be happy if he continues his fine form of course ;)

Also, I would like to get a Tot striker. Any news on Defoe's injury? And with Keane & Crouch both on fire, who exactly will be preferred starting combo?

Max said...

what u guys think about the clash of Liv & Chelsea?.. i mean picking torres and drog this week7 when we know they gonna go head to head?.. somebody will outshine the other rite?..

really tempted to get rooney.. i might drop torres if someone can convince me roon really worth the swith.. current fw: drog, rvp, torres..


Anonymous said...

hi AM et al;

today is my birthday..huhu..
hope today i can get some gift@tips from you all.


currently i have 1.32.
feedback plz....


Eric said...

Looks like I'll be going with a similar value minded midfield this week. I am finally free of Tuncay, and don't regret the decision at all. Especially since there are so many great cheap options in midfield (as well as a few in defence). Fairly happy with my point return for this week. Sitting at 100.5 with Bridge still to feature.

Anyway, heres my lineup so far.

Given - Re-Snagged him @ 6.43 and will be sticking to him for a while.

Verm - Season keeper
Bassong - Returning his value but he may change
Heitinga - Looked decent, but also may change... have him at 7.27

O'Hara - Great value so far
Bili - Should start
Kightly - Value pick, seems to have great pace
Lennon - Could do well vs Rovers

Drogba - Duh
Torres - Have him @15.74, he stays
RVP/Rooney - on RVP for now but may switch it up

Only other change I see myself maybe making is Lennon --> Arshavin. Maybe a bit risky, but like others have said we all know he is capable, he's due... and has a favorable matchup. I guess we'll see won't we?

mehicoradio said...

damn, should of started with Goalkeepers, took me like 30 minutes to get them all done haha. I'll update it once Given gets his week 6 points. In the mean time the best picks look to be:

Key: (Price)
1. Friedel(10.98): 11.75
outside of week 1 and 6, he has been putting up 10+ numbers so far
2. Given(7.15): 10.67
Week 5 was the only he didn't get at least 5+
3. Foster(8.41): 10.25
Under 10 points weeks 3 and 5.
4. Jensen(6.53): 9.63
Been fairly consistent at getting nearly 10.
5. Sorensen(7.52): 9.00
Average is driven by his first 3 weeks, under 5 the past 3.
Best RoV (Avg/Current Price)
1. Given: 149.2%
2. Jensen: 147.5%
3. Foster: 121.9%
4. Sorensen: 119.7%
5. Friedel: 107%

Personally i would say from the match-ups it appears Foster could be a very good pick for this week. Sunderland hasn't been great on the road, and Man U has only conceded goals at home to City and Arsenal.

Also Jensen could be a great pick-up, Birmingham hasn't been scoring that much, and Burnley given up ONE GOAL at home so far.

If you fancy a low scoring game then Friedel and Given could be decent. I'd take a bet on at least a few shots for both teams, so its going to depend on if you trust the top 2 in average to make some saves.

Ruki said...

It is hard to drop discount Torres at 5+ when he is on form like this, not to mention he is a big game player.

I have mostly discount/cheap but good potential players in my team like Bassong, Heitinga, Bily, Ohara. But kinda make me worry about it due to the lack of flexibility. Hopefully next week my strikers got me some good point with Drog/Torres/Rooney or RVP ( premium striker for this slot). If Chelsea and Pool game turn into a stalemate it would be bad, but this isnt a sprint. Not to mention the shaky Pool defense vs non-Cech Chelsea line up could bring us another last year CL :D.

Anonymous said...

sigh, cant decide if i should drop tuncay. i can have tuncay, fabregas and w.phillips or rooney kightly and lennon. i need serious advice on whether tuncay will start games soon. i remember him scoring 2 goals for turkey

Brian said...

I have

Verm, Heit, Sonko
Gerrard, Lennon, Ohara, Bily
Tuncay , Drogs, Torres

I have 11.7 left to spend. Should I drop Tuncay/Gerrard and go with Rooney/Giggs?

Is Pulis really going to be stubborn about Tuncay? After spending all that money on him, shouldnt he be looking to play him in league matches by now???

Remedial Spastics said...

Steve Bob - good luck tonight. The chap below you has a couple of Man City defenders to go with 21 points the gap. Bet you'll be watching tonight!

I'm closing on you too...

nuwa said...

i got 95.5 with given and barry left to play...

for week 7, my lines up are;


what do you think guys??

Anonymous said...

Doubt Billy(4.73) & Knightly((5.43) will be on the bench for week 7.Any replacement?


GTR 34 said...

Delighted I had Bent in my team, but was so annoyed he let Jones take the 2nd pen.

32 pts is great, but he could have had around 40.

Having Saha and Bent more than made up for me dropping torres, so all in all a decent week.

Now onto Week 7.

Best of luck everyone.

Scott said...

Got 124.5 points and still managed to drop 199 places to 672nd place....obviously not good enough lol

made 6 major changes this week with only one big player instead of the 4 I had at the weekend.

Still I think Chelsea and Liverpoo could be a stalemate (I can only hope being a Chelsea fan with no proper keeper in goal as hilarious is... well hilarious). So out goes Torres and in comes Rodellega after destroying Chelsea's defence all game.

Out goes Lampard and Gerrard and in comes Cesc and Cahill. Out goes Micheal Brown and in comes Eboue (random goal due like he normally does especially against poor opposition in Blackburn). Out goes Mokoena and comes Figureoa for a hopeful clean sheet against Hull.

Out goes Craig Gordon with Sunderland due to get stuffed by Utd and in comes Rob Green against Fulham who will hopefully give him a lot of shots to save!! Bye Bye to Sonko even after his amazing 8.5 points after doing naff all against a rampant liverpoo and in comes bassong with hopefully a clean sheet bonus due against Bolton.

So team for week 6
vermelean heitenga sonko
lampard gerrard mokoena m.brown
drogab torres bentetiz

compared to new team for week 7
vermelean heitenga bassong figureoa
fabregas eboue cahill
drogba benetiz rodellega

got 0.07 left to spend

any comments on my team will be appreciated

rwlwhite said...

Just a little info if no one has mentioned it yet...Denilson is set to be out for up to 8 weeks with a small fracture of his back, and Bendtner will miss the midweek champions league match due to a "little car accident"

don't think the bendtner news will affect the game against blackburn as the arsenal website says he should be back, but keep an eye on it because eduardo could be a great pick against rovers if both those players miss out

On the plus side, walcott is due to play in a practice match this week to see if he has the fitness to start at the weekend. if he is fully fit i would expect a line up against rovers to look something like this

mannone (unless almunia shakes off his virus)

Clichy - Vermaelen - Gallas - Sagna

walcott - Song - Fabregas - Arshavin

Eduardo(or bendtner if fit) - Van Persie

Anonymous said...

re: mehicoradio - great analysis! One question is how to factor in the chance that certain players (Torres) have the ability to throw in a huge points game, so you can't completely ignore their highest score. I know, they also can throw in a clunker, but in this game you can buy Torres against a weak team and sell him against a good one. So the "average" is probably a better indicator of whom to consider after you've selected your studs-against-weak-teams players for a given week.

ben. said...

Verm Heit Sonko
O'Hara Theo Giggs Rodwell
Drogs Nando Rooney

Am not sure about my picks for sonko and rodwell. Really want to go for billy instead of rodwell but there arent any defenders cheap enough for me to buy :\ any advice??

N00B said...

Your Hunches -


Anonymous said...

what do u guys think about benitez for week 7 up front... and how about ballack against liverpool? I have gerrard & benayoun as well but i'm considering dropping one or both for the liv/chels game

Anonymous said...

You can't imagine my surprise. No, really, you can't. I went to the Yom Kippur fast with 68.5 points, and Bent, Given and Bridge still to play, and without knowing the Sunderland match results just until now, I was sure I was having a bad week. And then I turn on my computer, and there I have 100.5 points, not including Given and Bridge, and I went up 2754 places!!!
The bad thing is that I dropped Bent before the fast for Saha, knowing that I can't BD any player from the Sunderland-Wolves match. But I guess Saha is still a better bet, especially if you think about Sunderland's very (very very very) hard scheduel ahead of them.
I heard Benayoun is a doubt, so maybe I'll drop him anyway. I have to consider it more, though...


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