Monday, 7 September 2009

Week 4 - Long Haulers

A very useful article from The Fantasist on the Official Blog listing all the players with long haul flights this weekend.

Manchester City are sweating on the fitness of Robinho, who has a thigh injury, and Carlos Tevez, who has a twisted right knee. Both are doubtful for Saturday's game at home to Arsenal. The Fantasist thinks the injuries, in conjunction with the long trip back to England from South America, mean neither will play.

There is no shortage of long-haul trips back to England after midweek qualifiers - here are the players who were involved in North and South America at the weekend, and who could be involved again on Wednesday.

Christian Benitez (Birmingham/Ecuador)*
Giovanny Espinoza (Birmingham/Ecuador)*
Jlloyd Samuel (Bolton/T+T)
Tim Howard (Everton/USA)*
Clint Dempsey (Fulham/USA)*
Jozy Altidore (Hull City/USA)
Javier Mascherano (Liverpool/Argentina)
Lucas Leiva (Liverpool/Brazil)
Antonio Valencia (Man Utd/Ecuador)
Kenwyne Jones (Sunderland/T+T)
Hugo Rodallega (Wigan/Colombia)
Hendry Thomas (Wigan/Honduras)
Maynor Figueroa (Wigan/Honduras)
Jason Scotland (Wigan/T+T)
Jonathan Spector (West Ham/USA)
Segundo Castillo (Wolves/Ecuador)

The Fantasist would not expect any of the players with Premier League games on Saturday to start after playing late on Wednesday night the other side of the Atlantic.

The starred (*) players' clubs are in action on Sunday, and Birmingham boss Alex McLeish has already said he expects Benitez to start against Aston Villa.

Very good work indeed.



Anonymous said...

Good post, was actually gonna post all the CONCACAF players on your week 4 strikers pictures. Though he did leave a couple off.

Giovani Dos Santos (Spurs/Mexico)- Doubt he'll play but he has looked really good for Mexico since the Gold Cup. I watched Mexico/Costa Rica after the US game and Dos Santos had a goal (nice strike about 20+ yards out) and at least 1 assist, not sure if he assisted the other goal int he 3-0 win in Costa Rica.

Wilson Palacios (Honduras/Spurs)- He didn't play in the 4-1 win against T and T, but he might have had yellow card suspension.

Bobby Zamora (Fulham/T and T)- Don't think he was called for this round

Jason Scotland (Wigan/T and T)- Is on T and T Squad but don't think he plays for Wigan.

Like I said in the striker post, I'd pick Bent if I was debating between Sunderland Strikers, since Jones is the T and T captain and will most definitley play.

That's all it looks like from COCACAF that he missed. He probably got CONEMBOL pretty well, since they are more high profile players.


Go USA and go Spurs!

bean said...

It's not a long haul, but traveling after a mid week match:
Tuncay Sanli (Stoke/Turkey) - playing in Bosnia wednesday

Bryan said...

What about players from Asia?

mehicoradio said...

while not really much of a pick this week but forgetting about Robinho with team brazil. Also he has picked up an injury, and won't be started on Wednesday.

Ian Sanderson said...

Am I the only one thinking the Tuncay situation has spoilt the game a little.
If most people have him then we'll basically be playing with 10 men.
If others in my group haven't spotted the anomaly and the price increases I'll feel I have an unfair advantage despite doing nothing wrong.
Can anyone explain why his price is 1 ???
(sorry this is off thread topic)

mehicoradio said...

Oops on my previous comment, missed in the article haha. thats what i get for skimming

@Ian, it might spoil it a bit. It really depends on what happens as it is it feels a little bit like it because it feels like everyone is fielding almost the same team.

I think it could also be a good thing if in the coming weeks we see a lot more variety in picks compared to this week. At least i hope so.

As to why its at 1, good question.

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