Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Injury Update 08-09-09

My favourite football related website Football365 have started an excellent daily injury update, the first of which I've quoted below. I may well post it up here every couple of days as it's really useful for fantasy managers, but remember to visits the site itself as it's full of superb football news, opinion & humour...
The headline news this afternoon is that Carlos Tevez has been ruled out of Manchester City's meeting with Arsenal at the weekend with a knee injury sustained on international duty.

"Our doctor has spoken to the Argentine medical people and the feeling is that he is out for the weekend so he will not play against Arsenal," City boss Mark Hughes confirmed. "The hope is that he will be okay for the derby, but we will have to determine that when he comes back."

Robinho is also a doubt but Hughes has "hope he will be an option for the weekend".

Meanwhile, The Independent reckons that Rio Ferdinand could make his comeback for Manchester United this weekend at Tottenham. Ferdinand hasn't played since the international friendly with Holland in August.

Aston Villa full-back Luke Young is also expected to make his comeback soon having missed the start of the season following the death of his brother.

Michael Kightly is back in training with Wolves although Jody Craddock is sidelined with a hamstring strain.

Kightly is yet to kick a ball for Mick McCarthy's side this season after battling back from hip surgery and a broken metatarsal.

The 23-year-old is now back in full training, although McCarthy has hinted he will not return to action this weekend against Blackburn Rovers, when Craddock will also be unavailable.

It sounds as if Joe Cole's return isn't that far away though. The Chelsea midfielder played 60 minutes in a behind-closed-doors friendly last week at the club's training ground. He played at the top of a midfield diamond directly behind two strikers - an indication of where Carlo Ancelotti sees his future?

There was a bit of a hullabaloo about Theo Walcott on Monday after Arsenal updated the injury news section of their website to state that 'Theo Walcott is expected to return soon after the international break.' The Daily Telegraph says that he may even feature this weekend at City. More likely is the Mail's claim that Walcott is 'targeting a return for Arsenal against Wigan on Saturday week'.

Arsene Wenger is expected to appear in front of the press on Thursday to provide a proper update and either confirm or deny reports that Johan Djourou is out for six months.


Anonymous said...

@AM Thanks for the "heads up" on Football365.

In other news...

First, Lens complain about Chelsea
Next, Le Havre complain about Man Utd
Now, Rennes complains about Man City

I'm noticing a pattern. So how long will it take France to work its way down to Jarrow Roofing Boldon Community Association FC?


Anonymous said...

@ AM -

awesome site man... thnx 4 d advice....


Whats with the PIC??

HONESTLY------ EWWWWWWWWW... am grossed-out.. *puke*

anyways.... how come the regular buzz of activity in this blog is missing??
i used to see many,many posts in a few hours...
but these days there is an approx: of 5-10 comments per day!
why is that??
did some1 find a better blogger?? ... :P ,.... jus kidding... it seems that they've been busy with their personal life..thats imo..

~ Sam

PS- from today im gonna call myself..........
CES {CrazyEyedSam}..

Max said...

thanks for the site AM.. really a good read..

anyway, can u guys locate these players for me?.. heard great deal bout them, but i could'nt search them in YFF.. probably not added yet or spelling error, but just to make sure..

1. Johnny Heitinga
2. Ivan Klasnic
3. Hassan Yebda


bean said...

someone posted on jeremy/neal blog that Aurelio is injured AGAIN in a freak jersey malfunction...guess Insua is still a solid bet

Fidan said...

@ Bean
Hahahahaha...you've bean framed :D...You got my feet cold too... I read the news too, just now and at the end of the article it says
"EDIT: For those of who who still don't get it, THIS IS A BIT OF FUN TO WILE AWAY THE BOREDOM OF THE INTERNATIONAL BREAK. Get over it."
By Jaimie Kanwar

You got the full article on http://www.liverpool-kop.com/2009/09/breaking-news-fabio-aurelio-injured.html

Thus, everyone thinking of Insua, well...think AGAIN...!!!

However, I read something Rafa said (TRUE one), that he might use Aurelio in the middle with Mascherano and leave Lucas in the bench with either Benayoun or Riera on the left flank. And Aurelio isn't unfamiliar with the center position, cuz he played there before many times during Rafa reign...That leaves Insua's spot SOLID, still...!!!

@ Max - those guys you mentioned are not added to the system yet, so be patient...or be a patient :P:D...!!!

@ CrazyEyedSam - YNWA

Cheers and good luck...!!!

bean said...

@Fidan - thought that seemed a bit far fetched.. ha, ha! gave me a little excitement for a few minutes. though i still wasn't considering insua because i've got johnson already..

Anonymous said...

I gave both vermaelen and w.bridge in my defence.. Is it wise to keep the both of them? I think not right? Who should is discard? p.s i got bridge at 7.48 (he is 9+ nw)

- Mark

ToffeeDave said...

WOW England 5-1. Im almost tempted to pick up lennon. He seems like a beast this year.

mehicoradio said...

Curtis Davies had shoulder surgery and is likely out for at least 4 months. From ESPN.

Anonymous said...

@ Fidan -

whats "YNWA" ???

~ CrazyEyed-Sam

Anonymous said...

You never walk alone?

Anonymous said...

so does that mean he's with me or he's against me..??

~ CrazyEyed-Sam

Fidan said...

What do you think???
We're with you my friend, with you...!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Fidan -
thanx a lot matey.. :D .. i appreciate it..
and also lux like my comment made an impact as there are a LIL' bit more comments.. but im jus still wondering "WHERE THE HELL IS EVERYONE?!?"...
i even advertised it in the Fantasist (:P)..
but STILL no1 seems to b visiting... :(
and there are only 3 days 2 go..
do u remumbah old tyms when we used to have LONG debates on whom to pick and whom not to...
these days they jus post their questions and chek after 2-3 days...

and sometimes they even go to the extent of copying others teams...

so AM... i know you are more experienced but why dont u make it a rule that they should hide at least 3-4 players from their team.. so that others dont copy....



the blank places prevent others from copying teams....

Bak 2 YFF--

Do y'all think Fabregas is gonna be the focal point of the Arsenal team eben though he's recovering 4m an injury an with Arshavin gone.. he could easily grab the lime light...

On the other hand -- MTay is takin all the free kicks for BW... but its gonna be a dog fight b/w the 2 teams as both are yet to open their accounts...

So i would like your opinions BOTh from the realistic view AND the YFF Points scoring view...

So.... think im gonna sign off after the opinons are shredded out... and i will see y'all on Sat(Pre-match to check all the updates) as i dont see myself wasting time sittin in 4nt of d comp (instead of studyin for my assesment tests.... which im apparently not doing... :P) whenNO-ONE (other than the likes of Fidan,DocTeeth,Kellz,bean,Max,Bradley,etc.,etc.,)
seem to be visiting the site.....

~ CrazyEyed-Sam

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