Friday, 25 September 2009

Everton Injury News
David Moyes is waiting to see if the Yak can travel to Portsmouth tomorrow as he faces a late fitness test on a thigh strain.

The Nigerian striker scored on his return to the starting line-up against Hull on Wednesday, but was withdrawn to protect the thigh injury which he picked up last week.

"We're waiting on Yak to see if he can travel with us," said the Blues boss. "Apart from that I'm hoping that everybody else will be ok.

"Steven Pienaar and Joseph Yobo will have fitness tests, so I won't be able to make a decision on those two until probably the last minute."
Don't you just hate it when this happens? Pienaar was all set for a place in my side, but I don't think I can risk spending £11m on him it if it's going to be a last minute decision from Moyes.

Well & truely back to the drawing board for me...



Anonymous said...

any news on BILLY ?

Assistant Manager said...

I don't think Billy had any problems on Wednesday, so if Pienaar isn't going to start you'd imagine he'd take his place. Both choices are a risk in my opinion so I'm probably going to look elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Hunt or Crouch???

Dave said...

Ahh, the dreaded late fitness test :/ Man, I hate to hear managers say that. I'll be watching the Everton club site and supporter forums for any news. But I practise a general YFF rule: if in doubt, leave him out! LOL No need to risk a $10M midfield no-show with several other good options in the same price range.

Doctor Teeth said...


This is madness. Thought I would have a mellow Friday for a change but looks like it will be a long, drawn-out selection headache. Richards and Pienaar have really made a mess of my side.

A propos of nothing, I thought this was an interesting tidbit...arguably my most reliable, season-long performer for me last year was Mark Schwarzer. Just blew up week in/week out and was my GK for most of last season. While most managers in my private league eschew spending on the higher side for a GK (I have never subscribed to that managing approach - GK should never be viewed as a black hole position for fantasy points), I carried him for most of last season and he was a huge part of my winning my league. I can remember one 30+ point week for him (thanks in part to a saved PK). Without checking his points on YFF, anyone here care to hazard a guess as to how many points Schwarzer has this year? DONUT. ZERO. Could not believe that when I saw it.

I cannot think I'm actually thinking of selecting Andy Reid for this weekend...those are words I never thought I'd be typing.

Enjoy the struggles today, lads.

Bojan said...


mok + glen johnson/baines
carragher/belhadj + hutton???

Anonymous said...

Is Eduardo likely to start?
I am deciding between Eduardo and crouch.

Anonymous said...

@ DT -

Whom would you choose? Crouch OR Hunt??

Assistant Manager said...

Dave - You've hit the nail on the head mate, there's no way i'm putting close to £12m on Pienaar if he's a doubt. The "if in doubt, leave him out" rule has worked for me for years...even if Pienaar does start & score 30 points it's not a decision I'll regret making.

DT - Friday Selection Headache indeed. I actually don't know what to do with my team now, I feel like I'm back to square one...


Anonymous said...

@ AM -

I have a proposal to make,

Why dont you start a Q & A Forum??

Where we can post ALL our questions and SOMONE can help us!

I miss the earlier times when EACH n EVERY question would be answered.

I know that it's hard for you to answer all the questions,so why dont you start the forum and post a list of un-answered questions.

This would help in solving everyone's problems.


- N00B

Anonymous said...

A.M - Do you have Billy in your squad??

mudwalkerz said...

Yes, I must say Ive thought a forum might be more appropriate as well.. I think some important posts are missed when a new blog item is posted from AM. Make no mistake.. we surely appreciate all your new posts ;)

Also to people posting anonymous still.. you can easily put your name on top with chosing the name/url option. You fill in your name and leave the url blank..

On the football news side.. team news from bbc sport will give a few more a headache I suppose.

"Everton full-back Lucas Neill is pushing for his debut following his arrival on a free transfer.

But Russian midfielder Diniyar Bilyaletdinov is struggling to overcome a groin strain."

Anonymous said...

@ N00B - Cool idea mate! That really would help solve all our probs.Let's jus hope it goes thru.

Thats an AYE from me!!
Lets see how many support this novel idea! :)

AM - Please consider it!!

~ Sam

Michael said...

That makes Rodwell a no brainer , what with both Blini AND Piennar doubtful.


Its an Aye from me to. :)

That makes 3 Ayes and 0 Nays so far

[Michael] Jackson :P said...

I go for an AYE!!

Thats 4 and counting!

Michael said...

@ Jackson -

Is your name really Michael Jackson?? :P

If not , please remove the Michael part as its moi!!

Jackson said...

@Michael -

i was jk.....
My name aint Michael Jackson
its jus simple n sweet - Jackson :)

sorry .............. again!

Doctor Teeth said...

Was just reminded that Burnley-Spurs shipped an aggregate of ten goals lsat year in their Carling Cup matches. True, it's a brand new season but I would be hesitant to pick a Spurs defender in hopes of a clean sheet this week...history and current injury woes weigh on the side of a high-scoring affair (wish it was more clear cut who Harry will play up front). I could see something along this lines of a 4-2 Spurs victory.

I've noticed folks complaining on this blog about their questions not being addressed/responded to...honestly, speaing for AM, with the growing popularity of this forum, that's just becoming impossible. Lots of questions do not provide adequate context (i.e. it is difficult to respond to queries as to which pair of players are better choices without the context of existing discounts for those players and/or what other players you have on your team). AM does a great job of laying down a foundation of information for managers to make educated decisions about their sides...this blog, in my opinion, isn't here to make decisions FOR other managers.

Also, and I'm only speaking for myself, I am much more willing to provide advice to managers who regularly post interesting insights/information on this blog...for it to work and be valuable tool, this blog needs to be a give-and-take forum.

Dave said...

To Noob & others re: a Q & A forum - maybe an interesting idea, but can you specify waht you mean by questions? The point of this blog is to discuss YFF players, collect injury news, talk strategy, analyze match-ups, celebrate good weeks and commiserate over bad picks. It is meant to be a dialogue, an interchange of opinions and ideas from dedicated and advanced YFF players.

So, what I am saying, and I don't mean to speak on behalf of AM, is that if these 'questions' you want answered involve "who should I pick, X or Y" or "who is better" or "what do you think of my team", I'm not sure this blog is intended for that. As its popularity grows, it is impossible to answer every person who asks these types of things. Ultimately each YFF manager must make their final selection decisions based on their gut, their own rationale, their information, whatever. Use the good info here to shape your team. To be blunt, there are several forums out there where you can have people "rate my team" and the like.

I come to this great blog for the in-depth discussion over players, YFF and the EPL, not to have someone validate my picks.

Sorry if this is speaking out of turn, it's just my opinion.

mudwalkerz said...

and as for stats from Portsmouth and Everton from last year...
"• Pompey won both meetings against Everton last season and each game saw three goals."

Ok the seasons are different, but still.. something to .. think about.. or maybe better not ;)

friday.. the day you best leave your team alone.. and let yourself get confused by the way too many different inputs from different sources.

Assistant Manager said...

Hi guys thanks for all the feedback, good suggestion N00B :)

Doctor Teeth has nailed it though...questions like "Crouch or Hunt?" are difficult to answer because I don't have the's a personal decision. I am laying the foundations for people to have informed dicussions/debate & it's working well in my opinion, but not all questions can be answered.

If you look at the top right of the blog I've added a chat box...lets see how that works for now!


mudwalkerz said...

and I agree.. this forum should be to spread news and discussion.. the rate my team posts have to go.. they just fill up space.

Dave said...

New on Drogba, what we've been hearing all week - he is fit to play according to Carlo.,19528,11095_5582198,00.html

"Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti has calmed fears that Didier Drogba would miss Saturday's trip to Wigan by stating the striker is fit to play."

Ruki said...

Yes I agree with Doctor Teeth. I rarely ask question here, but I got a great information and ideas by reading other people comment. Guys you need to remember this game is only fun when you pick and decide most of the things on your own. It is understandable that we all have difficulty to pick the good choices from now and then, but see AM himself got that same problem as well, and guess what, he just goes with hunches, judgement on his own, and that is what we all need to do as well.

So just in summary, this blog has given us a lot of useful ideas and information, and please for the majority of the times, pick your team based on your own decision. AM and contributors here of course are going to help as usual, but dont expect every single things to be answered, especially every little change in your lineup.

Assistant Manager said...

Teeth, Ruki, Dave & Mud - you've all got it spot on, I'm glad you can see what I'm trying to achieve with this blog :)

The chat box should help those who want to ask lots of little questions & help each other in that way.


Ruki said...

I have a suggestion though, credit the originality is from Neal and Jeremy blog. That is a live chat on game day. I have enjoyed their chat overthere, but it is quite limited on the number of people can chat freely, and I think it would be great if we could have similiar things here. I enjoy people comment and such during match day, and of course if this only fit in your schedule and pleasure :p

Assistant Manager said...

Hi Ruki - I go to see Spurs play most weekends so unfortunately I can't run a matchday chat. Instead, I post "My Team" up just after the deadline & everyone uses the comments section of that post to dicuss the matchday going ons! We've been getting hundreds of excellent comments a week so at the moment I'm reluctant to change it, but I've takne you feedback on board.

Ruki said...

Ah I see, it is great to be a british eh :D I would love to go to Pool game every week. No problem, I was posting random stuff during match time last week here as well. So no big deal.

mudwalkerz said...

No Gomez mentioned in starting line up for Wigan.. if people are still hanging on to him.

Anonymous said...

Hey AM.

You wrote that if pienaar doesnt play billy may take his place. Thats true but billy is first and foremost a left sided midfielder isnt he? And pienaar is right?. what makes you think they wouldnt start pienaar on the right and billy on the left? They usually play 5 midfielders right? from right: Pienaar, Cahill,Rodwell,Fellaini, Billy?

just a thought...


mudwalkerz said...

Bili is struggling.. better to keep him for BD.
If Pienaar wouldnt start (I doubt it somehow though.. but as some others suggested maybe better be on the safe side with that kind of input money)..might be possible Neill goes for leftback.. and Baines left in the midfield?

rwlwhite said...

almunia or torres


vermaelen or nugent

Ha! Only kidding guys. I agree, this shouldnt be a place for people to just come on and have us select their team for them because they can't choose between 2 rotated squad players for lower league teams. I personally come on this blog to read quality updates of information on transfers/injuries/interesting titbits and to read peoples opinions on who they think might blow the league away on any given matchday. as for my team, i use injury information, fixtures and form to choose my team, and more often than not, choose players who others don't choose, because if everyone goes for the same players no one team will be better than any others. In previous years I haven't read people's blogs or opinions (besides Jeremy and Neal last year on Yahoo) but using this forum this year I suddenly find myself sitting in 4420th position overall (having been as high as 1500th or something) and top of my friend's league for the first time!

Good Work from our host, and may there be more to come, but please don't spoil it by simply asking us to pick your team for you!

Ruki said...

Interesting bit of news, Portsmouth could go into administration if they dont have 5-6 millions soon. ( from soccernet)
This is a major blow on morale for players, as if it is not low enough.

However, in the same news, it seems like Portsmouth players are quite determined to overcome the crisis, or at least for the upcoming match (asking for extra training etc etc). Make me wonder whether the very recent in form Everton could come out on top tomorrow.

mudwalkerz said...

"Portsmouth chief executive Peter Storrie could quit the club in the next week, the BBC understands.
BBC Radio 5 live reports that Storrie is losing faith in whether new owner Sulaiman Al Fahim has the finances to take the club forward."

ToffeeDave said...

Andy you got it totally wrong. Pienaar is not going to move to the right wing to accomodate Billy, the left side partnership is too strong(Baines/Pienaar). Also, Fellaini won't even start as he is an impact player now and Osman will not be dropped for him. The midfield could be this.
Osman, Rodwell, Cahill, Pienaar
We played 442 against Hull in midweek and with 3 class strikers Moyes will not be benching 2 of them a week. I could see Saha and Jo playing up front but you never know. As for the Pienaar injury, I dont think he is going to be benched. He sat all week, didn't even sub in the Carling cup match and with him being so effective going forward, Moyes will play him. My only worry with this now, is will Pienaar be as effective? If he has taken a dead leg or something and is still feeling it this late, I wonder if it will decrease his productivity. HUGE gamble week for me as I am uncertain of 7 of my 11 players.

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