Sunday, 13 September 2009

Week 4 - Saturday


Again, Week 4 has not been great for me. 1 goal and NO clean sheets...I'm very surprised I managed to muster 84 points from that but I guess the 4 assists probably helped. I just haven't quite got into the groove so far this season - I'm recommending players and then not picking them up myself, but I guess that's just the way it goes.

Luckily Drogba, Gomez & O'Hara all returned close to double their value which almost made up for the disappointment of losing Glen Johnson's clean sheet for being subbed before 75 mins and losing Robbo's & Givet's clean sheet to a completely pointless consolation goal a few minute from full time - if they had all gone my way my week would have been far better. Torres, MGP & Belhadj were all very disappointing, while Gerrard is proving to be a fantasy beast this season & I can honestly see me keeping him for the whole year if he keep this going.

I don't know about you, but because I didn't really think about Benayoun this week his amazing 45 point performance doesn't annoy me. It's the players I seriously considered but didn't pick that really hurt, and this week its been Darren Bent (my initial "Top Pick" in my Week 4 Preview) scoring twice, not keeping David Dunn (I had him in my team until Thursday) & picking MGP instead of Matt Taylor. They aren't big deals but they cost me easily 35 points and it's different between an average 80 point week and a very good 110 point week.

I'm up to 3000th but because the Man U points aren't in yet (and I have no players left to play) I expect to fall significantly...never mind the 2 games still to go this weekend. Add to this the fact Spurs wilted under the pressure yesterday & we have Chelsea next weekend, it's safe to say I'm feeling pretty glum today!

However, no time to dwell...I've done some barndooring and I'm actually pretty happy with my team so far. I'll finish the bd'ing after this afternoon's games and post my team up in my Sunday Analysis, but I can reveal so far that I'm really hitting Arsenal & Villa players. I've recommended Van Persie as my Top Pick in my Week 5 Preview and he'll be in my team (dropping Torres), as well as an Arsenal midfielder (not sure who yet), a Villa midfielder (probably Ashley Young), and I'll be keeping Gerrard, Drogba & Tuncay. Everyone else is still open to change - thanks to Tuncay (can you believe he's sky rocketed to over £7 million!!!?) & the fact I'm probably going with Myhill in goal I have A LOT of money money to play'll be quite fun picking a side for Week 5 :)

How did you Week 4 go? Who are have you barndoored for Week 5 so far?



Anonymous said...

I got 116 points so I´m happy but it could have been more, as always. I had Benayoun since I figured he would play behind Torres with Mascherano gone, really happy about that. On the other hand my last move was to give richards the boot, bringing in W brown (!?). I must have been drunk. I also sold K2, had him from week one, to get Torres money. I guess Torres screwed alot of teams this week.

Bent was a nice pick, Gomez 13 also good. But of course Yossi was the golden one.

I´ve barndoored Robbie Van Persie, I truly hate him but I think he going to score a lot of points these next weeks. I also picked Rosicky, not sure about him though...


Mike B said...

I fielded

Givet - Skrtyl - Verm
Gerrard - Benayoun - Fabregas - Jiminez
Drogs - Eduardo - Benitez

Got 117.5 with Benitez still to go.

I'm pissed at dropping Tuncay but i guess it could well be a blessing in disguise, i was struggling to find something to do with the extra money anyway. All i'm worried about with that is now not having any options for when Drogba goes on leave for the African Nations, it'll be hard to find another forward for 10 mill or whatever i have him for.

My only barndoor action has been Jiminez for Rosicky.

I'm actually considerring just leaving my team as is. I might swap Benitez and may even sswap Benayoun becasue as others have sai, i don't know if he'll even get a game next week due to Rafa's crazyness.

Gerard always destroys the Hammers so i'll definately keep him. I'm happy with my Arsenal Trio to stay for next weekend too. I'm keeping the faith in Eduardo and Verm is a season keeper, although that Tuncay money would have gone a long way to getting RVP.

I don't know why Jiminez didn't play yesterday so i lost points with that, should've kept Rodwell. And i just saw that Benitez isn't starting so more points are ineviably dropped. This could have been an amazing week.

I saw Diamanti on match of the day yesterday, 2 free kicks scored in a reserves match, hit the bar from a long range effort yesterday, keep an eye on him cos he's cheap and looks class, he might be in my team next week.

Anonymous said...

Hey everybody, hetinga and some of the new additions are in.


Max said...

new boys have been added into the system.. what u guys think of these players?..

johnny heitinga (everton)
ivan klasnic (bolton)
hassan yebda (portsmouth)


Anonymous said...

I followed Nantes the season he played for them. He was really disapointing. He only scored a couple of times.
Wouldn't get too excited about him.

Jon said...

Why is there no love for T.Cohen?? he scored in the last 2 games, is reasonably priced and has a home game against Stoke in the weekend..

Fidan said...

This has been the worst bd week for me. I missed on lots of players, some of their prices skyrocketing, but of all of them I regret most for not bd Reid, arghhh...and RvP...or even O'Hara...and to add salt to injury I dropped Gomez. I'm really thinking to jump off the Tuncay bwagon. I really like Saha (if he still keeps his spot) and RvP, with my only problem on wether to drop Torres at 15...or not??? Any suggestions...!!!

Got 92 pts, with RJohnson pts to come (he lost his CS in 85')...crazy, crazy week...!!!

J. Dunn said...

Good week, finally. 106pts and jumped way up in the standings even though Tuncay and B. McCarthy didn't play.

So far for next week I'm on: Given, Verm, Givet, Heitinga, O'Hara, Jordi, Gerrard, Young, Drogs, Tuncay, Rooney

Might go off of Heitinga if he doesn't play today, and I'm still waffling on Young. I could switch him out for Taylor or Cesc or something. Otherwise, I like what I've got long-term now, and I'll likely just be rotating expensive guys in and out of the Gerrard/Young/Rooney slots based on matchups and price for the next few weeks, until injuries or a 2-game-week make me break it up.

Mike B said...

Was just reading about Wenger not rushing back Rosicky, i think i may remove him now even though i got him on the barn door. I had too many non starters this week in Benitez, Eduardo and Jiminez to risk another midfielder coming on for 10 minutes at the end.

I don't fancy any of the new guys just added, i'm eagarly awaiting the Everton match to check out Billy/Blini. He might get the nod for Rosicky.

Dare to Devil said...

Hmm...a mediocre week for me, got 88.50 with no players left.

For Week 5, I am planning to add another premium middie, most probably Ash Young but can stretch for Fabregas.

Their matchups look tasty but problem is both of them aren't that impressive so far fantasy wise. What do you guys think?

Also, what's happening with people jumping off the Milijas wagon to O'Hara? Can someone enlighten me on this guy O'Hara?

Assistant Manager said...

D2D - O'Hara is on loan at Portsmouth from Tottenham. He has a very good left foot & looking at yesterday's game he'll be taking all corners & free kicks, which means he should easily return his value every week. I have at £4million and he'll probably be staying to allow me fill other positions with better players.

Anonymous said...

Hey all...

Should i drop Hunt,Gomez,or Dunne??



Anonymous said...

@ AM -

BFAY or MTay??

-John Emmanuel King

Anonymous said...

I have Gordon at 4.17 .. should i keep him??

Anonymous said...

Or should i go with Myhill??

Dare to Devil said...

Thanks for the clarification AM, will seriously look into replacing Milijas with O'Hara.

What do you think about MTaylor, Fab & Ash Young for Week 5? I am having trouble picking 1 of them.

Keith: Personally, I would drop Dunne

Anonymous said...

Givet or Heitinga

~ Maddy(Madeline)

(Aint there no gals out here other than me??)

Dare to Devil said...

JEK: I am having the same problem too.

BFAY is averaging a mere 6.75 per game. I thought about picking him but his points average so far makes me worry.

MTay looks great but has quite a tough fixture home to Stoke.

Another alternative I would consider is Fabregas. Arsenal have been losing 2 games in a row now, they will respond by destroying Wigan. But then again, you'll never know...hahaha

Anonymous said...

@ D2D -

Thanks ... and even i'm in great deal of confusion as to pick whom... right now i have MTay BD'ed... but i still have LOTS n LOTS of $$ to play roun wid.. plz help AM...


@ JEK -

Cool name man.. :P.... (take it lightyly..)..
read the above...


@ Anon-5:00 -

Go for Myhill and upgrade your team.... if your happy with your team.. stick with Gordo..


@ Maddy -

First time im seeing a babe "checkin out" a fantasy soccer blog.. :P .. i repeat a SOCCER BLOG!!...

i would wait till the everton match is over and see how well Heiti fares.. if it good play i MIGHT put him in... cause Gael is a player who continuously puches 'bove his weight...


~ Keith

mehicoradio said...

Neville just got carted off and Heiti been subbed in now.

my question is which group seems better, i can't really dedicde between these choices:




Anonymous said...

@ mehico -

AM says RvP will have a blast!.. you can go for him..

i have BD'ed Rooney as i'm jus sure that he's gonna shine against Citeh... it's my gut pick of the week... but i ALSO have RvP :D

hope that helped you.. :P

~ Sam

Douchebag United said...

I'm liking my average points per game strategy it really paid off this week...

In that vein which combo is better?

Lennon/Queudrue both better value per unit


Fabregas/Sonko probably better match ups.

I was pleasantly surprised with Lennon's score this week and I'm leaning towards keeping him in my line up...

ToffeeDave said...

AM I wish I had your week. My Toffees lose again dropping to 1-0-3 and I had -12 points to contend with from belhadj and myhill along with the 0 from tuncay. Thank God I went with both Cahill and Baines giving me a goal and an assist along with whatever phantom points. Oh Baines got a yellow so thats even worse. Im gonna finish at roughly 70 points this week with -12 and a 0 performer.

Mike Lowrey said...

Dave what do reckon are Yak's chances of getting back into first team contention fitness wise etc by the beginning of October (@home vs Stoke & Wolves)?

ToffeeDave said...

He's already in my team haha. It was so refreshing to see, he came on as a substitute around the 80th minute and we had more chances/looked more threatening than we did all game. Yak is in another class of strikers a la Drogba, Adebayor, Torres where on their day they simply can't be marked. He had an average 10 minutes and Fulham still looked terrified of him.

Anonymous said...

I had a good week, 103.5 points with Rodwell to come (I can't believe he really started!).
On BD I've done the following changes:

Richards instead of Bosingwa - I've had with Bosingwa, he doesn't get any points without CS, and Richards is much more offensive and much cheaper.

O'Hara instead of Rodwell - absolutely a better filler.

Benayoun instead of Milijas - I dropped Milijas after considering for 3 weeks, and that's it. Benayoun isn't final yet. If he doesn't start on mid-week I'll surely keep him, because Benitez is known for his rotation, but he'll start against WH anyway, and never forget the 'Playing-Against-Former-Club' sindrum.

I've decided to keep: Given, Verm, Lampard, S. Hunt, Drogba and Defoe.

I think I'll keep Bent too until October, when he has back-to-back meeting with Liverpool and ManU.

My biggest hesitation is about wether to keep Skrtel - if anyone has a better option I would be glad to hear it.

Have a nice week!

Dare to Devil said...

ToffeeDave, what do you think of Heitinga? Will he be in the 1st team?

Eric said...

Not a great week for me... but I ended up right around 80pts, which is what I seem to be averaging over the last few anyway. Torres was disappointing but I think I may hold onto him at 15. Have a lot of options for Week 5. Here's where I'm at early on.

Vermaelen (Season Keeper), Distin, Dunne?
Hunt, O'Hara, M.Tay, Young
Drogba, Torres, Tuncay

I've still got 5.74 to spend. I'm fairly happy with that however I would like to slide a certain Arsenal player into the fold. Am hesitant to switch out Hunt, but he could be the one to go to make room for Cesc (or maybe Lennon?). I screwed up and played with my lineup before, so I lost my slight discount on M.Tay.

Do you think Taylor will keep it rolling against Stoke? (Could swap him instead of Hunt maybe)

Any other solid options in place of Dunne on the back line?

Was also giving Liam Lawrence a look. Any advice?

chris m said...

Just watched the Everton/Fulham game. Blini didn't get in, Heitanga only for 15 minutes because Neville got hurt. I am irked because I had Cahill for awhile then dropped him for Nani, who sat. I kept Rodwell who didn't look as good as in the past couple.

Big consideration this week is the CL fixtures, who plays, who gets hurts, and who might get rested next week.

My major dilemma and I think many of you share this, is what to do with the midfield. There are two sure bets-Lampard and Gerrard, then maybe Fabregas and Ash Young, but then after that there are a big series of question marks. There are some one offs, like Benayoun but I don't think he is a long term hold.

Then there is the question of who starts? For the big clubs there are just too many options, thus I get stuck with Nani sitting this week. Outside of of three players above, its now just about impossible to figure out who starts for Chelsea, ManU, Liverpool, Arsenal, and soon Everton, and Man City. For that reason someone like Gomez for Wigan, who I stupidly dropped for Diaby this week, now look like solid long term picks. And then too, many of the surer starters for the big are worth nothng as fantasy players, Mascherano, Fletcher, Ballack, Essien who seems to be backing up Mikel now, even Gareth Barry, and Steve Ireland, aren't putting up points.

So I finished with 85 or so. I would have been 30+ that if I stayed with my first hunches and kept Cahill and Gomez. This leaves me irked. This week I get screwed by Nani and Torres, who both screwed a lot of other people.

My solution to the midfield problem is to put my $ up front and stick with Drogba/Rooney/Torres. I have BD'ed Rossicky who I hope doesn't get hurt, I would have stuck with Modric. Hell they play alike, look alike, have the same body. And both get hurt all the time. I put Gomez back dumping Milijas. Which leaves me trying to figure out what to do with Diaby and Rodwell.

Let's try to have a little discussion of my perceived midfield issues. I think its a problem for many of us.

chris m
velvet underground allstars (falling fast down the table)

Razesh said...

@ chris
nani & torres made my week @#$%...giggs keeps eating up nani's minute & points...nani has to go...i wish i had hunt earlier

i kick myself dropping ronney on the 2nd matchday...since then he is hot...i believe united should buy a quality middi next january....may be ****...till then everything in united will go through rooney

returning to ur midfield...
stick to gomez,ohara,hunt,lennon....any news on arteta...his value is dropping rapidly

Anonymous said...

Just back from a weekend away fom the Internet. Only 81.5 points, but I'm happy that my GK, Jensen, returned more than his market value despite Burnley being hammered by Liverpool. If 8.5 points is a bad day for The Beast, then I think he's worth hanging on to for a while.

Frank Lampard, however, needs to shape up and fast!

Anonymous said...

my team for week 4:

got 163.50 point

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