Thursday, 17 September 2009

Injury Update 17-09-09

Injury update from Football365 (now updated with Arsenal news in bold)...
Mixed news for Arsenal fans as Robin Van Persie will return for Saturday's clash with Wigan after recovering from a knee problem, but Denilson will be missing "for a few weeks" with a back problem.

Manuel Almunia is still struggling with a chest infection so Vito Mannone continues in goal, while Andrey Arshavin has a 10% chance of making the game after struggling with a groin injury.

Theo Walcott (back), Samir Nasri (leg), Lukasz Fabianski, Johan Djourou (both knee) and Carlos Vela (ankle) all still remain on the injury list.

There's very little news coming out of Manchester ahead of the big clash, though there was a minor scare for City fans on Wednesday afternoon when it emerged that Micah Richards had suffered a bout of tonsillitis. But his symptoms have since eased and he is expected to play along with Stephen Ireland, who is recovering well from the lower leg injury he picked up against Arsenal.

The only team that can challenge the Gunners on the injury list front are Birmingham, and they have been rocked by the news that James McFadden and Franck Queudrue have both been ruled out for a month. McFadden tore a thigh muscle and Queudrue picked up a hamstring injury in Sunday's defeat to Aston Villa.

There is some good news for Blues fans though, with Scott Dann and Liam Ridgewell (broken leg) both close to a return, and Stephen Carr expected to face Hull this weekend after recovering from a thigh injury, though Gregory Vignal will miss out.

Birmingham are still missing Cameron Jerome and Martin Taylor with long-term injuries, though David Murphy is back in training - though he will need reserve games before a first-team return.

Across the Midlands, there's good news for Wolves, who could have Michael Kightly (broken foot), Sylvan Ebanks-Blake (hamstring), Jody Craddock (hamstring) and Kevin Foley (knee) back in their squad for this Sunday's clash with Fulham.

"Jody, Kevin, Kightly and Sylvan all could return for Sunday," said boss Mick McCarthy, who ruled out Chris Iwelumo because he felt some discomfort in his foot after returning to training this week.

Fulham are ringing the changes for their Europa League game against CSKA Moscow, with Roy Hodgson citing slight injuries for Clint Dempsey, Paul Konchesky, Damien Duff and Mark Schwarzer and illness for Danny Murphy. But all are expected to recover in time for that game at Wolves.
Really pleased to hear about Kightly's return, he's an exciting player to watch & could be a good points scorer. However, after such a long layoff there's a risk he could be on the bench so I'll maybe look to get him in once he's back to full match fitness.

In terms of Arsenal news, I expect Rosicky to feature from the start with Denilson out again but their team looks really thin with so many certainly makes the Wigan game look less straightforward.

UPDATE: Adebayor has a 3 match ban -



Doctor Teeth said...

AM - agreed re: Kightly (upon whom I have a documented fantasy crush)...sure to appear in my MF eventually but not this week. Wolves play at Sunderland next weekend which could be a difficult debut for him. I wonder whether McCarthy will have him come off of the bench at the outset. Also, don't forget about the soon-to-be-fit Sylvain Ebanks-Blake who last year was the leading goal scorer in the Championship and at times looked like he could score at will.

Who will be the odd man out in Everton's backline (until Jagielka returns and further muddles the situation)? I'm assuming that Yobo and Hibbert will take a seat in deference to Distin and Heitinga but is that what folks think (ToffeeDave)? AM, your point re: Heitinga taking Neville's place in MF is an interesting one but you have to believe that Biyaletdinov is poised to fill that role (in fact, could the Russian be set for a starting debut with the captain's injury?).

Tangent/slightly off-subject: For those of you who don't have enough fantasy footie in their lives, espnsoccernet has a very good Champions League game with some interesting twists compared to the Yahoo game that we all know and love (differing points for a goal depending on whether you're a defender, midfielder or striker; teams capture the upside/downside of player value fluctuations in their allotted budgets, etc.). Let me know if anyone is interested in joining a mini-league (with only week of the group stages having passed).

Great job as usual AM.

Assistant Manager said...

Hi DT - Yeah it would be really good if ToffeeDave could clarify the situation as he sees it with all the new arrivals/injuries, hopefully he'll oblige!

I'm afraid I don't have time to take part in the Champions League game, wish I did...I'm sure plenty of people on here would be interested.


Anonymous said...

@ DT -
I'm interested and ma gonna sign up RIGHT NOW!!
Whats the mini-league name??

Assistant Manager said...

I don't mind putting a post up to advertise the Champions League mini-league to blog readers if it would help?

Anonymous said...

I have a little Dilemma goin on here. Its about Benayoun. I picked him before the burnley game and we all now what he did. Now I have him at huge discount. Pool is playin west ham. Not an easy game, and more so its not 100% he'll play. But the week after pool plays hull at anfield. I'd love to have him for that game....soo do you recon he'll play against west ham? Considering his latest performances he should right ? :)

BTW. Are both the Blog Leagues still full? I'd like to join one.


Assistant Manager said...

Hi Andy, there may be a space in Blog League 2

Group ID#: 10006
Password: yahoo


Anonymous said...

Myhill+Fab or Howard+ Gomez.
I have Howard on Discount, and expect him to start producing reasonably soon (as their backline gets settled), and want to think long term here, but getting Fab this week might be the thing to do...

Anonymous said...

Kightly OR Diaby??

Anonymous said...

Please help AM

Sonko/O'Hara/FLamps/Torres (1.5 discount)

or another combo...

Mike B said...

Just read that Bily might get a start tonight for Everton. I think i may have to watch that game tonight now!

I can feel alot of disasterous Friday changes coming on tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

My concern is Fabregas. After a spectacular opening match, he's been flat ever since. However, having your original plan not work out is less painful than having a last-minute change make things worse. I might use some spare cash to upgrade a defender, but barring any late injury news, I should probably leave things alone.


Dare to Devil said...

Brad: I had Fab in my original line up too. But after reading bout his rather unspectacular performance in the CL, I chicken out & switch to MTAY.

What are the chances of him playing the full 90 anyway? Hope this won't backfire on me

Kellz said...

The last 14 league meetings between West Ham and Liverpool have ended: Liverpool - 10 wins (including 3-0 win away @Hammers last season), 3 draws and West Ham - 1 win.

Just saying, Torres at 17.42 is still a very possible option.

For me its between a couple of options, Torres/RvP or downgrading to Gabby to afford MTAY/BFAY. Which is interesting given my distaste for Gabby and his ability to score me 2.5pts everytime I have picked him up.

ToffeeDave said...

To D.T. and A.M. (i want my own section in this blog eventually :D) and everyone else out there trynig to decide with everton picks. The backline as it stands is Hibbert, Yobo, Distin, Baines. I dont see any of these being dropped to be honest unless we pick up Neil, then Hibbert will have to take his seat. Heitinga I see as moving into midfield as a kind of shield for the back 4 connecting play. This may surprise you, but I have a strong feeling that Everton will switch to a rotation policy in midfield. With maybe Heitinga, Osman, Fellaini, Cahill, Rodwell, Billy, Pienaar and soon Arteta, you can only imagine it changes from game to game and on form. Fellaini has become an impact player so I dont think he will get 10+ epl games of 90 minutes. Billy will soon be a regular starter as Everton don't spend 10 million and not use it so he is my favourite pick to play weekly. Cahill has been, in my opinion(also my favourite Toffee due to the name on the back of my Jersey), has been awful. Yes he scored against Fulham as I thought he would, but if you watched the game, what else did he do? It was like playing a game of "Where's Waldo?". I fear he will finally get a reality check and see the matchfrom the bench a few times. My favoured midfield with the 4-5-1 is: Osman, Heitinga, Cahill, , Pienaar, Billy. Ill update you guys on this when Arteta comes back because that will change the dynamics sooo much.

Anonymous said...

I have Heitinga at the minute, but I reckon Billy could score more points. Both are around the same price. So should I change the Heitman, for Billy?

My instinct is Billy, but seeing that my instincts have sucked so far this season, I'm tempted to stick!

ToffeeDave said...

Sorry also I want to add and a little less fantasy related...If you look at the midfield I posted and swap Osman out for Arteta when he is healthy again, and even Heitinga for Yakubu if they play a 4-4-2, Everton will be one of the scariest attacking teams if they click with one of the strongest back lines in England. Neil, Jagielka, Distin, Baines
Cahill, Billy, Arteta, Pienaar
Saha Yakubu
Subs: Rodwell, Fellaini, Osman, Heitinga, Gosling, Baxter

Neil, Jagielka, Distin, Baines
Cahill, Billy, Arteta, Rodwell, Pienaar
Subs: Saha, Fellaini, Osman, Heitinga, Baxter, Gosling.

Im sorry but I do not see how this team cannot break into the top 4 this year and yes I know im biased. Last year we were on a bad stretch until November and managed 5th and this year we look far more threatening and defensively sound. Does anyone else agree with me or what? My prediction is this.
2.Man Utd.
4.Man City
10.West Ham

Dare to Devil said...

Kellz: Gabby burned me more times than I care to remember. I will definitely stay away from him...

ToffeeDave said...

TOFFES SIGNED NEIL. I must admit this is the happiest I've been after a signing. Another shrewd piece of business by Moyes. Im so excited, Europa league champs anyone?

ToffeeDave said...

So sorry Blog followers for all of these posts, but HOLY SHITE!! Billy is taking all the freekicks and corners for Everton and is delivering them PERFECTLY. Im afraid I might actually have to drop Baines after this...but Billy has been a BEAST. Everyone who does not have him should because im so damn impressed right now.

Mike B said...

Well Bily is putting in some absolutely wicked balls from the left. You got yourself a good little player there ToffeDave!

Kellz said...

Moyes has stated Billy has had a hard time adjusting to the pace of the Premier League and that a European match was the perfect spot to give him his start. However I am still skepticle he will get a start this weekend. But it is against Blackburn who don't pose the greatest threat of pace. ToffeDave whats the skinny?

Assistant Manager said...

Thanks Toffee Dave, although I have to ask, where are Spurs in your predicted Top 10...?


ToffeeDave said...

They are 17. haha just kidding I knew I forgot someone so I simply threw west ham in at 10th. But I dont see spurs making it into europe this year. EPL is a marathon not a race.

Kellz said...

Ouch, puts 19th Everton (1-3-0) to finish above 4th Spurs (4-0-1). Guess ToffeDave thinks Spurs just ran out of breathe. Personally I predict a higher finish from Spurs ;D but hey this is from a Liverpool fan!

Naning said...

Those Billy news are wonderful. I will probably keep him in my team, meaning G.Johnson will stay as well.

Now question time. Which midfielder would you suggest at 11.54? Pienaar, Valencia, Duff, MGP, Hunt, Milner?

Mike B said...

Bily's taking all the corners and free kicks by the looks of it. Might be worth a barn door this week i think if he takes a few away from Baines.

Naning said...

And as soon as I get in front of the TV they sub billy :/

Mike B said...

Great news, Bily's just been subbed. Sweet left foot, I hope Moyes is saving him for the weekend.

Yakubu is on, this'll give him some decent time on the pitch before the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Toffee Dave

"EPL is a marathon not a race"

You mean EPL is a marathon not a sprint.

I'd say Spurs are 5th or something.

1. Chelsky
2. Manure
3. Liverpool
4. Everton
5. Spurs
6. Arsenal
7. Man City
8. Villa
9. Sunderland
10. Hull (why not? Only if Jozy starts regularly).

I'd be curious if Man City does well, because in most sports, if you just shell out money there is no team chemistry and too many egos and those teams will usually collapse down the stretch (also interested in Real Madrid and any other club that spends excessive amounts of money).

I am sticking with Torres this week, I think he'll go off and get a least a goal if not a brace (hopefully assisted by Gerrard).

Kellz said...

@Nanning: Out of those I would pick Hunt, hes performing and scoring well above his price even without assists/goals and he plays at home in a very winnable match. Second is Piennar.

But consider Duff vs a Wolves side that probably won't keep too many clean sheets. However at 10.40mil hes too expensive for me to consider.

As for the Manchester Derby, the only player of midfield I would like from United is Nani. He didn't play much vs Spurs and played 90 vs Besiktas, however he will definately start in my opinion. Plus United have 5 full days of recovery.

You don't always have to spend the whole 100mil. In fact sometimes that leads you away from more points. If the matchup is favorable and the player will play its okay to still have 3-5mil left in the bank.


mudwalkerz said...

hah.. yet another brainbreaker..
first there was Fab/BFAY/Taylor
now there is O'Hara/Bili/Kightly.. or maybe even the Diamanti dude from WHU?

Assistant Manager said...

Billy off, and looks like he's picked up a knock too, commentators are saying he's had an ice pack put on an injury & BBC are reporting a slight groin strain.

mudwalkerz said...

btw they're talking about an icepack on Bili his groin.. minor injury? might save him for the barndoor and choose someone "safer" to start for now.

Naning said...

@Kellz - I was leaning towards Hunt as well. Good matchup, and as mentioned before, everything goes through him.

mudwalkerz said...

AM beat me to it ;)

Mike B said...

Ha you both beat me to it ;)

Kellz said...

@Naning: Thats a good pick. I have had Hunt since he was put in the game, and hes producing well even in defeat. I suppose you already have Rosicky as well? If not, hes another good option below 11mil.

Kellz said...

Could we also be seeing Billy off to rest him for this weekend? Its unconfirmed injury and maybe just precautionary to ice. Anyone actually watching? Did it look like an injury sub? We'll have 1 day to find out :D

Naning said...

Yes, I BD'd Rosicky as soon as he got on the pitch last week. And as he was subbed in the 70th minute I feel he has a good chance of starting this weekend. Depending on how the Billy-injury turns out I might have a rather cheap, but oh so deadly midfield.

Btw. Everton are looking lethal tonight. Please, let this be the turn for them.

Assistant Manager said...

Kellz - Billy was limping so I'll look out for news on the injury and post it up when I find it.

Guys - just a note...I'm might not have time to put up another "Player Picks" post for Week 5, plus I can tell all the readers know who the good options are & I summed them all up here.

However, I'll still post any injury news up tomorrow as well as Predicted Line-Ups & a Week 6 Preview.

I'm off, good night!


chris m said...

Hey guys, its only Thursday and we are in a complete tizzy already. We are, imho, getting to intense.

That said.

Toffee Dave-great piece on Everton. I said something similar last week, they have way too many mid-fielders. They are going to be like Chelsea, especially when Zhirkov and Cole get back. One will never know who is going to start. My advice is to stay away. Now I have to think about who to swap for Rodwell.

Kellz-Nani??? He absolutely burned me last week. I thought he would start for sure and he sat. I think in a big derby game Giggs will be in and Nani will still sit.

ManU will look like this I think

Giggs Fletcher Carrick Anderson

Maybe. Only things I am certain of about ManU's midfield is that you won't see Valencia starting up front aside Rooney again. And you won't see that twat thug Scholes out there.

So coming into tomorrow, I need to replace Diaby/Rodwell with who the hell knows. I don't have a clue. My head is spinning reading all this stuff. ARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!

chris m
velvet underground allstars

chris m said...

Me again. Further screwing up the Everton situation I just read they signed Lucas Neill. Way too many choices there now. Who the hell do think they are Man City?

chris m

Anonymous said...

O'Hara/BFAY or Bilya/MTay ??

Anonymous said...

Nando/Bilya OR Sicky/BFAY ??

Doctor Teeth said...

Gents - as per the posts above, if anyone would like to join a Champions League fantasy league, go to:

Once you have created a team, go to to "join league" option and join the Boston Champions League. The pass word is: Sing Fong (I'm a Spurs fan but that's my favorite meatpie shop across the street from Anfield). Be sure to read the rules since, as I alluded to above, they differ somewhat from the Prem league. You will note that my team (Cockfosters United) has one week's of games under my belt so I obviously have an advantage in terms of the standings (I luckily picked Grafite in week one!) but I am more than willing to subtract those points from my final score at the end of the season to compare apples to apples against thee other teams.

All of this goes without saying that your primary priority should be our beloved Yahoo fantasy league (and AM's excellent blog)...I think you'll really enjoy the CL league as well, however.

Salivating over Biyaletdinov's performance today. If he pans out, think about all of the quality, mid-priced MFs that there are this year (some of who we have yet to see):


I don't recall this type of quality atunder 7 million or so in past years...I had Modric on my side all last year for under 6 million which was amazing but other than that I can't recall this large of a stable of quality, cheap MFs to choose from.

Over and ut - I will post this again tomorrow in case this post gets lost in the shuffle.

Doctor Teeth said...

Incidentally, give me a break with this nonsense re: Spurs finishing out of the Top 10...we will be in the thick of things come spring 2010.


Anonymous said...

PhysioRoom now says Saha out for the weekend (3 days). That couldn't be for the red card, could it?

Anonymous said...

Last injury note for Saha in PR is for a hammy on the 11th. ???

ToffeeDave said...

To be honest D.T., after maybe Man U. Chelski and maaaaaaybe Liverpool, the next 4-5 spots will be made up of Man C. Arsenal, Tottenham, Everton, Sunderland and Villa. You can pick the order any way you want but that's who it will be.

Mike B said...

Wow so much to choose from this week.

I've gone from

Verm, Sonko, Heiti
Lamps, Benayoun, Young, Fabs, Rosicky
Drogs, Benitez


Verm, Heiti, Cuellar
Fabs, Benayoun, Rosicky, Bily
Drogs, Benitez, RVP

and that's just in the last 5 minutes...

I have Benayoun at discount and am willing to give him another week, i have a feeling he'll start.

Rosicky looked great, and i'll hang on to him even if he only gets 45 minutes.

Fabs i'm not sure on, same with Young. Neither have looked anything special so far.

If Benitez starts he's a bargain in my eyes.

I wanted Eduardo but he looked a bit ropey coming off on Wednesday night, so have made room for RVP..... by hoping that Bily is fit and starts :S

This is by no means my final decision, i've buggered around with it so much this week that i don't know whether i'm coming or going. Us newbies eh, forever tinkering.

I could still get Yakubu in for RVP and upgrade Bily. I'll be supprised if i have any hair left by deadline time on Saturday!

Am i the only one really, i mean REALLY struggling with my selction this week?

ToffeeDave said...

One of the toughest weeks to make choices from. Billy just had 3 assists in a romp of those greeks so I would suggest him without doubt.

Kellz said...

But what of his limping off at 52min and then ice pack? Precautionary of Moyes or possibly injury to sideline him?

@Chris: Yes Nani, unless I am way out of the park here, can't see him not start. It would be stupid to play Anderson over Nani. So this could mean Nani in center and Giggs out wide. Nani played 90 min in the center for Arsenal. And subbed in for Anderson in the center against Spurs

If anything my last spot for mid goes to Billy if hes 100% declared to start.

Anonymous said...

@Mike B: I'm having a terrible time too. Part of the problem is that Arsenal and Aston Villa have the most obvious match-ups, but neither Fabregas nor Young has been performing well of late. Plus, in the latter case Milner could just as easily be the one who produces the points (reminds me of the Torres vs. Kuyt debates I've had). The midfield has me flummoxed.

@everyone: According to Martin Tyler, only Yossi Benayoun has scored a hat-trick each in the Premier League, Champions League, and FA Cup. (He also mentions that Robert Earnshaw has scored one each in the Premier League, Championship, League One, League Two, FA Cup, League Cup, and as a Welsh international. Wow.)


timmyg said...

are people still thinking that Heitinga will start? It seems like everyone is on the Bili bandwagon.

Anonymous said...

Heitinga(replace Neville or on the bench?) or Sonko/Wilkin
Cohen or Rosicky(<60mins game)
Eduardo(already play 90mins in CL) or Ghilas/Maierhofer/Paterson
RVPersie(fighting for fitness) or Rooney?


bean said...

I know there are some good value picks from Everton, but what is everyone getting so excited about? I know they looked great today in their Europa League match, but it was at home against AEK Athens. Maybe Bilya looked really good, but for me, i feel like games in Europe and games in the EPL tend to be two different worlds. It seems to work both ways too, teams look great in european match and then look totally different in league play, then another team looks terrible in their european match and turn around a play great in their league match. just sayin....

Max said...

guys.. need advice..

should i go
rosicky/kitson or o'hara/eduardo?

am really tempted to get rosicky into my team but considering the lack of $ i can only get kitson as forward.. but in the other hand, if i get o'hara in there, i can pull in eduardo.. though still in doubt of his fitness for the weekend game.. any advice..


J. Dunn said...

It seems like there is some overthinking going on here. When in doubt, go with the sure thing. BFAY and MTay over Cesc because they're sure to go 90 and they take all the kicks for their teams. Even if they play badly, they may be gifted a penalty and they'll probably get some phantom points from kicks. Rooney over RVP because he's on form and sure to play and be in the middle of whatever ManU do offensively. Hunt over Nani or Sicky for similar reasons.

I also don't get the excitement over Sicky, Heitinga, Billy, Benayoun, etc. They've got to play to score points. Take Hunt or O'Hara or Jordi or Distin or Wilko and bank your points and move on. Losing slots to DNP(manager's decision) just kills your week.

I mean, I guess you can gamble with one spot on your team, especially if you aren't using any filler, but it seems like when I do I tend to regret it. Every once in awhile you'll either guess right or kick yourself for not acting on a risky hunch, but you tend to forget about all the other times when you end up with a hole in your lineup. This is a marathon too, and just boringly grinding out points at a lot of positions every week is a big part of doing well. You have to get lucky too, and get some hunches right, but you ought to be picking between alternative players who are overwhelmingly likely to feature and be at the fulcrum of their team's attack, not between sure things and guys who might feature if all the pieces fall into play properly.

Anonymous said...

verm sonko wilko
ohara hunt gerrard jarvis
drogba rooney johnson

still have 3.5...any thoughts guys?

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