Thursday, 24 September 2009

Blog League Update

Firstly, RS requested an update on how the other blog league was doing so I've taken a snapshot of the top third of the tables as they currently stand (League 1 on the left, League 2 on the right). You probably won't be able to see much unless you click on the picture to view full size.

As we know, SteveBob FC leads League 2 AND the overall standings (congrats again Andy) whilst League 1 is led by Remedial Spastics. Special mention to ToffeeDave who's somehow managed to sneak in to both leagues...if there are any blog readers who were unable to grab a space in either league then I'm sure if you ask ToffeeDave nicely he'll drop out of one of the leagues to allow you in...? :o)

Moving on - the fall out from the Carling Cup has probably left us with more questions than answers. Will Billy play after another assist in Everton's 0-4 thrashing of Hull? How about the Yak & Jo - could they displace Saha? Is Crouch worth a punt after his hattrick vs Preston? Could Michel Owen be set to start vs Stoke after a goal & assist in his last 2 games? Will Tuncay play after his impressive full debut?

It's tough to know what Moyes will do, but it might be difficult for him to leave Billy out now & I'm sure Saha will be be back. I'm certain Crouch will play & he now represents a genuine alternative for any manager who wants to jump on Spurs but can't afford Defoe. My gut feeling is Owen will play from the bench again but I reckon Tuncay has a chance of a start with Beattie & Fuller both struggling fof fitness.

We'll await team news tomorrow...did the Carling Cup help you make decisions, or simply add to the confusion? I'm certainly more confused.


p.s. Are there any regular readers who failed to get a space in either Blog League? Please comment below & if there's enough interest then I'll consider creating a 3rd league.


Anonymous said...


I dont have a spot in either league!!


~ N00B

Anonymous said...

God day AM!

Before the carling cup Billy wasnt on my team. Now he is. Just like you i think Moyes will have trouble leaving him out. He was taken of in the 83rd minute, I think that increases the proba(billy)ty he'll play on saturday. My only alternative for that space is Palacios.

Being no 1 in the overall standings has dramaticly increased the preasure. It can only go down from here ;)



Anonymous said...

Hey AM -

Me too!!
Even i want in!!

Also -

Top 35 Total - 22217.5

Top 35 Total - 21392.5

Congrats to all those Blog League 2 Brats out there!!

- Sam

Bojan said...


I dont have a spot in either league!!


~ Bojan

RS said...

ToffeeDave - stick with us in L1. (I heard some L2 folks talking trash about you...)

Bojan said...

just an idea

Burnley lost away games against Chelsea(0-3) and Liverpool(0-4), and 90% of shots on goal(Chelsea had 14-essien 3, and L'Pool 15-yossi 7) was from midfield or defence...

Do you(everybody) expect something similar against Tottenham???

Ruki said...

So many choices and we can only have those slots.

I am having a dilema in my striker choice. I could somehow fit any of these Defoe/Crouch/Saha (BD Saha at 8 too)..etc.. along with discount Drogba and Torres, but I cant make up my mind!

Look like you guys have very quality and tough leagues going on here. Congratulation. I was a bit behind for week 1 ( didnt have proper infomation like now). Thanks again AM and regular contributors here!

Anonymous said...

I would join a league. Thanks.

Ian Sanderson said...

I purposely didn't enter your leagues but am regretting it now, so would enter my team into a 3rd league. (currently 588 pts)

My only dilemma this week is the gk, got rid of Foster at exactly the right time. Funds now mean it is a choice between Gordon, Robinson or Myhill. Gordon is favorite.

Keeping Tuncay!

Mike B said...

Wow!! I'd be knocking on the door of the top 10 in league 1!

This blog really has been an amazing asset for a first time player like myself. Very insightful indeed. Plus the added bonus of the contributors in the comments section also giving equaly good advice.

For me this blog has helped me grasp the basics and know what to look for, so i can make my own informed decisions on players. I'm still not too confident offerring out advice to others, but i'm getting there.

All in all, great stuff.

Mike B
Real Soni

Bojan said...

i need a tip:

i have 15 milions for 2 players in defence or midfield, and i'am thinking about:

Baines or G Johnson + Mokoena


two players from AM players list

Doctor Teeth said...

My two cents - rather than taking the chance that they will feature, BD Billy (and Kightly, for that matter - he showed great pace in the game at Old Trafford yesterday and certainly didn't look like a guy trying to regain his fitness) if it turns out that they start/play significant minutes this weekend. Still too up in the air for my taste.

Fidan said...

One thing I've noticed for some time in (if I dare to call it) OUR blog, but seriously it's YOURS AM (absolutely fantastic job you're doing in here), is that there are way more Questions than Answers. Many comments are left unanswered and that wasn't the case at the very beggining. I know there are too many people asking waaay to many questions on their picks and some of them posting a hundred of comments for the same gameweek. And, it is not logical to expect from AM to comment to all of them... I always tried to do my best, but in most of the cases TIME is the problem... I hope that Q&A thing gets back in track...


Fidan said...

@ AM - No, au contraire. This CC Round has lightened my choices. With Saha,Defoe,Pienaar and couple other of my hunches rested, I'm more than sure that they will feature heavily this weekend. In fact, the selection headache I got since Monday is about those two spots in my team still left to be confirmed (a DF and FW)...I still am very reluctant to drop Saha (10.5) for Defoe (they both have great and similar next 4-5 matches), and can't decide on my last spot in DF, Bassong or Richards (I'd pick RJohnson in a heartbeat but I have Parnaby too. Too many eggs...:D)... So it's either Saha/Richards, Defoe/Bassong or Benitez/BAE...!!! Tough decision indeed!!!

Good Luck to Everyone...!!!

Hasta la Vista...!!!

Anonymous said...

I would definitely join a league

Anonymous said...

I would like to join a league if the opportunity becomes available.

Afrikan said...

I'd like to join one of the leagues. Please advice.

Assistant Manager said...

See the latest blog post for details on the 3rd Blog League.


greginho said...

the question that AM put forth, about what the carling cup means to us, make me chuckle. i remember years past, where i picked some many players that did well in the carling cup. 2 of them were always Crouch and Baros at liverpool and Saha, when at man u and everton, arsenal had van persie and denilson a few years ago. i would pick these people and they would, either not play regurlarly, or worse, not perform that great against the, much tougher premier league opponents. i am not trying to talk people out of picking these people. i am just going down memory lane!

Anonymous said...


Would you consider having dropping one of your big forwards assuming you have Rooney, Torres, and Drogba. How about having both Defoe and Saha until Halloween barring injuries with one of Rooney, Torres, and Drogba? Except for Drogba if you have him at a discount, you can use the money for the midfield.

Defoe, Saha, Torres
Defoe, Saha, Drogba
Defoe, Saha, Rooney
Defoe, Saha, Tevez

You most likely will be going against

Drogba, Torres, Defoe
Drogba, Rooney, Defoe
Drogba, Rooney, Torres


ToffeeDave said...

Teehee top third in both leagues. Im gonna go and try win both!

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